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  1. And that's the problem, too much too soon for me.
  2. Sorry, but agreed, despite the claims I can't see many signs of this expansive rugby. We had 2 kickable penalties in the first half which we turned down. Hindsight easy, but the difference in winning or losing. Last season, when we were playing much better, we only beat them twice by 2 and 4 points. These derbies are renowned as tight matches, inferior sides raise their games. Some game management and planning wouldn't go amiss at the moment, though like many others on here, I can't see where our next win is gonna come from. We concede over 20 points too easily, making winning too difficult for this team, currently caught between JK's "processes" and MD "expansive rugby"....
  3. Farrell Lillycrop Hallett
  4. I noted too a lack of intensity in the warm up, no big gee ups and we miss Keegan demanding more. Even Dom seems to have lost that fire. For me, the Bradford shambles signaled the end of the chance of top 4, and we look so so far behind those teams. We'll even struggle to finish higher than Fax or Sheffield. This year has seen a big change in that we're not just losing but getting hammered. As a fan of only 8 years (yes LuckyDog!!) the spirit always saw us regularly win games against better teams (last year Leigh & London H), but did anyone turn up really expecting to win yesterday?? It's not often I've felt that. MD is making mistakes (Dane M at 13??), but JK made plenty too. What JK and KH gave us in organisation and spirit are what's needed urgently or the seasons done before the summer.
  5. Tom Lillycrop Brad Day James Brown
  6. Fantastic performance, million miles better than the Bradford debacle. Oldham have had a sound start to season, but we made them look very ordinary. 1. Walker. Superb kicking in first half turned the screw, making that HT score look unpassable. 2. Brown. The old JB back today, strong and clever with it. 3. Lillycrop. His drive was unrelentless.
  7. Just from periscope, so very difficult to gauge Walker Smeaton Leak
  8. Struggling today after a performance with little positives. Scott Lillycrop Manning
  9. After last year, and our current inconsistencies, I'm looking at every game as massive. If we're to stay top 4, we really have to win these games, and especially not be overrawed by the Bulls, despite their current plight. We should have won there last year, but made crucial errors at crucial times to let them off the hook. I hope we manage the ball better this year. A big opportunity for MD and his team to lay down a marker on Sunday and show the other sides we're up for top 4 again. A close 22-26 to Bulldogs.
  10. Macauley Hallett - big shoes to fill, but a powerful strong lad, match winner today. Tom Lillycrop - his aggression in the second half got us on a roll. Dom Brambani - took full advantage of the forwards rolling down the hill to turn the screw on Swinton with some great kicking. Its hard to omit Dave Scott though, he could win it every week!
  11. When I saw Fozzard starting at 7 alongside Brown, I felt we had a real chance to dominate this. And only one Leigh player too. We never looked like scoring last week, but today near the line, looked like being able to score every type of try. We need to back it up next week now, and not make every second week a must win game - after losing the previous week! Not getting carried away though, we won't play a team with as bad a goal line defence as them today. But we can only beat what is put in front of us, and it was a powerful, smart and clinical performance.
  12. Brad Day, back in his proper position and a right handful. Cain Southernwood, stepped up today and grew in confidence. Joel Farrell, fantastic debut, tackled everything and ran with a real threat. Difficult again, Dom, Tom Holmes, McCauley, Sam S, all worth mentioning
  13. Forget
  14. Well beaten by a stronger team today, outmuscled down the middle today (doesn't happen often), but I agree with earlier posts, that we start with the wrong 2 in JB and TL, much better impact players. They were much quicker down the flanks, and I've never seen Hardman have a bad game. Their number 9 looked quality too second half. Not many positives for me, but we won't play many better sides than that again. It makes next Sunday another must win game, just like last week was.
  15. A pretty dispiriting afternoon, being well and truly beaten by a rival. 1. Dave Scott - kept going, reliable as ever. 2. Shaun Ainscough - showed plenty of fight. 3. Dom Brambani - flash of skill in an otherwise dire attacking performance.