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  1. What a finish though. Unbelievable
  2. Agreed. A fantastic season that I don't want to end. I will have to get back into football again..... Highlight has to be the first game of the season, winning at the Shay and that park in Sheffield, also big shouts to the performance on good Friday at Dewsbury, beating London in the must win game and of course, Swinton away. We turned up at Oldham expecting to walk over them, and were well and truly spanked. The second half at Odsal was a real disappointment too. I was on holiday for the Swinton, Featherstone and London defeats.. I can pick em you know.
  3. I came away today pretty frustrated. Never thought we gave ourselves a real chance, despite Leigh never hitting their straps. Agreed about the atmosphere and lots of spare seats. I thought JK would be unhappy with our mistakes and our failure to complete too many sets, but again, the high standards we have set this season make us maybe over critical. After all, Leigh are a pretty powerful team!
  4. I can't see them matching last weeks first half intensity. They were unstoppable, though admittedly Giants were woeful in defence. I just hope we stand up to them like we usually do, get under their skin and get their fans moaning about off side! Looking forward to it, let's hope JK, Dom and the boys are too, I'm sure they will be.
  5. Does anybody know how many tickets we've been given? I was reading their forum and they're expecting over 11k there!!
  6. I never saw a programme seller anywhere last night. Does anybody have a spare one I could purchase? Happy to meet up at either of last 2 games. Cheers in advance.
  7. Yes, a tough day for the Bulldogs. 2 injuries in first half and the heat gave us added problems too. Lots of missed tackles in the first half (like Fev yesterday) but they kept going. It's the pace of their forwards that exposed us many times, never mind their quick wide men. After about 30 minutes, I did fear for us, but we kept getting a foothold and some possession when we needed it. I though Leek was the outstanding player today, a real shift in difficult circumstances. But every player can hold their heads up after that. I liked Sam Smeatons competitive edge too! It's going to be a tough 7 weeks, I just hope Pat and Ainy aren't too badly injured. Onto London next week. I hear their main man might be due a timely ban?
  8. Yes, I reckon we might struggle after 8 games, but In our mini league, there's not many better scrum halves than Dom B. is there smarter forward than James Brown?? On their day, is there a quicker dummy half than James Davey? For a part time, brave, proper team, I fancy us to give some teams a proper scare.
  9. I reckon about 600 Bulldogs over there?!? Great turn out.
  10. What a performance! In my view, our best of the season. To play 80 minutes in that heat against full time athletes says everything about the character of that team and coaching staff. And we did play for 80 minutes. The flying start, ball protection (the key for me) kicking game, forward power, BRAINS (Dom - what a player!) and sheer doggedness not to be beaten left me a very proud supporter. I had a feeling JK would get a performance out of them after last week, and we didn't disappoint. We're not there yet, next week will be as tough a game as they come as our mindset most of the season has been to play everybody at their level of performance - and make a tight game of it!! Well done Batley, 1-17.
  11. I really doubt that Daryl Powell would help us out to the detriment of his former club.
  12. Haha, I'm always shouting 'go on Joel'
  13. A tough win that, I always thought that yesterday and Swinton could be our toughest games with the mindset of the players and coach. No one doubts our ability to match up to Fev and London at home. Anyway, playing more forwards than backs, we looked pretty sound defensively, but lacked the cutting edge of a Minikin or Alex Brown. Hope Alex B back next week and Ainscough in the centres to attack at home down the hill. We deserved the win no doubt, though their fans would disagree and blame the ref. Aiye for them dragged them through the game, a great player. For us, Dave Scott almost faultless as usual (he allowed at 40/20), Rettie ran hard, Leek and Davey took the fight forwards. As usual Joel & Breth tackled anything that moved, and thought Mariano had his best game. Onto today, come on Leigh!
  14. JK certainly is seething.! All game Cobb worried me with his erratic decision making and I always sensed a need to give the crowd something. I was more astounded by the up grading of a scrum to a penalty to give them a simple 2 points????. For me, they were the crucial points. For their try, I think Dom should have just booted it into the stand and not give the ref the opportunity. We should play the ref as well as the conditions. Anyway on the game, we more than matched them and had their crowd on their own backs. A couple of loose carries though and Dave Scott kicking dead and we were well on the back foot. Even then we scored that late try to equalise. We should have won, but always felt a sinking feeling. But what a great season so far, and a fantastic courageous team we have. Matching the top 2 4 times, doubles over Halifax and Sheffield, only just beaten by a Rhinos topped up Fev side. If we keep going, with the other fixtures around us (Bulls next 2 are Halifax & Leigh) we can and will make top 4.
  15. Fantastic performance for 75 minutes (first 5 as usual slow start!). Such a great team effort, it's hard to pick out any individuals. Great to see us in Yere's face all game, not letting him get into his stride, stopping his off loads. I'd pick Dave Scott as Mom, can't remember a mistake (in poor conditions) and carried the ball with his usual determination. Mentions to Breth & Chandler. Terrific work ethic. And Keegan led as usual. Great ground for amateur rugby on a Saturday afternoon, totally inadequate for the professional game.