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  1. Walker - agree, he was at the heart of everything and kicked beautifully. Brown - after a false start, sin bin!!, unstoppable. Mannng - controlled aggression, in that mood, a right handful.
  2. In hindsight it worked with the Giants, both Mullally and Johnson part of the grand final year, but then forgot the rules the year after. But we just seem to get Cas players match ready and lose them, Minikin last year being a prime example. He was immense for us, then in crucial fixtures was dragged back. It didn't matter in the end, but for me it left a sour taste.
  3. If we've turned the corner as was pronounced 3 weeks ago, then a win on Sunday is nailed on. As a sceptic and after another heavy defeat to a good side, I'm not so sure. And Bradford will be expecting to break their duck next Sunday too.....
  4. The cynic in me says anything but a heavy defeat is a step in the right direction, after some abject defeats against superior sides, on paper at least....
  5. As they say, a win is a win. Only one team looked like winning in the last 20, they were still kicking for touch when losing in the last 10!! Walker - classy performance, cool head. Lillycrop - aggressive, made great breaks. Leak - lots of minutes today, made it difficult for coach to leave him off.
  6. Fantastic performance, albeit against a shockingly poor side. I'll reserve judgement on turning the corner until we've visited Featherstone in a fortnight and matched up, but confidence has to be sky high. Full credit today. Rettie - aggression, power, great tries. Dom - will to win, guile, leadership. Patch - pure presence, experience, kicking.
  7. Brown - led from the front, coach must have noticed too as he had far more minutes than usual. Good to have his strength and a football brain back in the pack. Ainscough - superb effort and determination. Rettie - great try, hard yards and well up for it!
  8. Sorry Phildog, but Plate Final? No chance. We're miles behind the top 5, and won't beat Dewsbury & Bradford again this year. i don't understand a coach who espouses expansive rugby but plays an aggressive line runner like Brad Day at 13....or Dane M there recently. We need a ball handling battering Ram there. I don't understand a coach that plays an impact player like Tom from the start. i don't understand why we don't play simple stuff, take the penalties, build the score anymore. As another poster said earlier, the last seven years steady building work is in grave danger of being blown away in 5 months.
  9. 2-0 down. Dom in the bin. Very kickable penalty for 2 points. Chance to waste a few seconds. Get back level in a chess battle. What we did or didn't do for me sums up our current season. Last year, these players knew how to win a game. yes, I'm still frustrated back at my B&B in Blackpool...
  10. As bad as I've seen for ages. Game management, nous and leadership gone completely. We've got leaders and managers in the squad too.....????
  11. Are tickets on sale at Batley this week? I guess you can pay cash on the day though??
  12. I'll be going as usual, but little promotion by the club can't have helped those poor sales figures.
  13. Dispiriting news about JB, loved his attitude, will to win, and class at loose forward, yes he has a great football brain. Do I travel 240 miles round trip tomorrow? Came last week, fully expecting nothing, and after 20 minutes knew we didn't have it in us to win that one. I could count on one hand the games ive been to expecting nowt ( usually at Leigh) but i fear for tomorow. Would love to be proved wrong, but just can't see anything but a hiding.
  14. I was watching the game, conscious of this poll, and was struggling big time. Farrell Scott Brambani
  15. We were never in the game, and blues ox, is right that Halifax never reached top gear, and scored when they needed to. I honestly can't see where our next win is coming from as we are a shadow of the powerful side of last year. Confidence is shot to pieces, energy levels look well down, and our tackling in some phases was embarrassing.