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  1. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Harrison - great attacking display Leak - got us back in front foot in second half. Chandler - fronted up their big pack and scored a wonder try.
  2. Maher

    Surprise Surprise All 3 of the alledged guaranteed season long loans played last night. I admire Cas for what they've done this season, but it leaves a sour taste that we seem to have just been used to get these players match ready. None of whom have really deserved a place over the existing squad. Dont like the system and hope we can opt out as soon as possible.
  3. Bulldogs V Beagles MOM

    Leaky - took lots of responsibility today. Ainy - brought the ball out today with real aggression. Scotty - safe as houses again and a great show of kicking.
  4. Bulls v Bulldogs MOM

    Great to win there after a shocking first 15 minutes! Leaky - always involved, did he go off? Harrison - took his tries superb, a complete performance. Rowey - his introduction took us up a notch
  5. Batley V Oldham MOM

    Cowling Manning Farrell i normally go for the creative players, but for the last 60 minutes,we created a battle for ourselves where the above 3 always come to the fore. 2 opportunities to take a drop goal in the last 5 minutes turned down too???? frustrated, but we are a 5th/6th placed team after all.
  6. Ref for Sunday

    I'm a long time football supporter, so have seen behaviour at its very worst, but was shocked at some of the language from Rochdale supporters today. As I mentioned on another thread, their tactics mystify me. Look decent with ball in hand, have a couple of giant aggressive forwards, have they not beaten Bradford and Halifax too?. But defensive kicking when losing, regularly sitting down for a rest, sly digs in the tackle.....I don't get it. and why wasn't Crookes given an 8 point try? It was in the far side, but didn't he ground the ball then get a whack?
  7. Rochdave V Batley MOM

    Poor stuff today. They really dragged us down into a scrap. How many times did we knock on too??? Rochdale at times looked decent when they throw the ball around, especially first 20, but their tactics just betray it, just like the league game here. The constant time offs don't help them either. Don't understand them. 1. Patch - perfect kicking and always involved with ball in hand. 2. Ainy - battled hard, great go forward. 3. Sam Smeaton - went about his job and pushed us forward, kept his head too.
  8. MOM Batley v Swinton

    I've bemoaned all season the fact that Dane has been wasted at 13 too many times. Not many better in his proper position in this league. We've underachieved this year with this squad. We might not have made top 4, as we're punching above our weight, but no way should we have been on the end of some of those heavy defeats to the top 5 sides.
  9. MOM Batley v Swinton

    Crookes- us throwing the ball about involved him more and he ran with power and pace today. Scotty - safe as houses when it mattered, but looked a threat in attack too. Farrell - aggressive, all action
  10. MOM Dogs v Rams part four

    Walker - agree, he was at the heart of everything and kicked beautifully. Brown - after a false start, sin bin!!, unstoppable. Mannng - controlled aggression, in that mood, a right handful.
  11. Dual reg

    In hindsight it worked with the Giants, both Mullally and Johnson part of the grand final year, but then forgot the rules the year after. But we just seem to get Cas players match ready and lose them, Minikin last year being a prime example. He was immense for us, then in crucial fixtures was dragged back. It didn't matter in the end, but for me it left a sour taste.
  12. Dogs v Rams Heavy woollen derby Part 4

    If we've turned the corner as was pronounced 3 weeks ago, then a win on Sunday is nailed on. As a sceptic and after another heavy defeat to a good side, I'm not so sure. And Bradford will be expecting to break their duck next Sunday too.....
  13. Fev v Dogs

    The cynic in me says anything but a heavy defeat is a step in the right direction, after some abject defeats against superior sides, on paper at least....
  14. MOM Rochdale v Batley

    As they say, a win is a win. Only one team looked like winning in the last 20, they were still kicking for touch when losing in the last 10!! Walker - classy performance, cool head. Lillycrop - aggressive, made great breaks. Leak - lots of minutes today, made it difficult for coach to leave him off.
  15. MOM Batley v Sheffield

    Fantastic performance, albeit against a shockingly poor side. I'll reserve judgement on turning the corner until we've visited Featherstone in a fortnight and matched up, but confidence has to be sky high. Full credit today. Rettie - aggression, power, great tries. Dom - will to win, guile, leadership. Patch - pure presence, experience, kicking.