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  1. with all the doom and gloom being posted by some on overseas teams playing in UK leagues, here is something positive, the sun newspaper carried the story of Belgrade entering the challenge cup next year with the ambition pf applying for league 1 the following year, a national southern based newspaper publishing a positive story about the game, this has to be a really good thing,
  2. It takes time to develop top class players, how on earth can Toronto achieve this in just 2 years, I am sure in time home grown players will make the break through, as far as an atlantic league goes, its all ifs and buts at the moment, we have one established Canadian team , no one knows if league will get established in North America, League has been stagnating for some time, interest in the heatlands has dwindled their is so much competition out there in the leisure industry, new regions need to be tapped, we have missed an opportunity again with Toulouse spending another year in the championship, next year,
  3. completely agree and I am of Yorkshire descent,
  4. Toulouse should have been in SLE right from the very start, the plan was for 2 French teams originally,i personally think they have been treated very poorly with a very insular minded attitude from many people, for all those that say there isn't enough quality players for 14 teams, then how is that Toronto and Toulouse have beaten super league sides, 14 teams should be in the league and maybe 16 in 3 or 4 years time,
  5. owls

    New league structure revealed

    a golden opportunity to do something different has been missed, interest in French league has been given a boost with Cats Wembley victory, a 2nd French side in SL should have been the next step, but no, revert back to a system from years ago which was hardly a massive success, as for loop games, ask the Scottish football fans how much they like playing the same teams over and over again in the premier league after the split,
  6. owls

    New league structure revealed

    bitterly disappointed, at the very least 2nd bottom of SL should play 2nd from top of the championship ,in a play off,
  7. I am all for expansion but this...…………………. no, no and no again
  8. owls

    Qualifiers Predictions after R2

    good result for Toulouse today, really want them to go up this year, what a year for French rugby that would be,
  9. whatever the new league system is Toulouse need to be in the top tier, we must not miss the opportunity a truly international league is a must if league is to prosper In the future,
  10. owls

    Vive la France

    fantastic, great result for the game,
  11. not really, the league would not be below league 1 it would be on a par or in between the championship and league 1, if any team that wins the league doesn't wish to be promoted then that's their choice, travelling wise its a better option for any team from Serbia.Italy,Spain etc.
  12. I agree, if we have a P&R pyramid system then the French elite league should be part of it, this would be ideal for any continental teams with ambition,
  13. owls

    New Grounds.

    think I have mentioned this before on a different thread, Lansdowne Road had a very similar situation regarding one of their terraces, they found a way round the problem , building technology is improving massively and I am certain something could be done in the future without losing any capacity, but as someone has already said , its all about the cost. however with the 2 new stands Headingley will look great when finished,
  14. owls

    West Wales Raiders

    I seem to remember Doncaster and Huyton being whipping boys some years ago, hope they keep plugging away developing young players and getting some investment,
  15. they have not been plucked from anywhere, Newcastle and Manchester are sport mad cities, Newcastle and Coventry already have established clubs with decent lower league support, Wasps have shown interest in making Coventry a real power, Newcastle owners have stated super league ambition,