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  1. Stadium's.

    Which non league/conference team has the best stadium ?. are there any pics available,
  2. I for one would love to see a top class team in Coventry/West Midlands, being one of my target areas in the UK, however I am not sure the Wasps connection is the way to go, my main concern is that they would be used as a summer stadium filler, hopefully my concern is unfounded and it would be a genuine go at firmly establishing Coventry as a league big boy, hopefully the Bears would be involved ,
  3. I will be amazed if any tv company has much interest in a SL2, the 10 big boys in SL will demand and probably get even more out of the money pot,
  4. 10 team leagues and a rebranded championship , no, no and no again, how can retreating to an even smaller league be good for the game,
  5. A lot of what you say makes sense , my conference idea was a few years down the line if and when the player pool had grown and clubs firmly established, in union the pro 14 have accepted two Springbok teams, and from what I have read there are plans for a Canadian, US , German and Spanish team to enter in future, the southern hemisphere league accepted an Argentinian and Japanese team into their league with a Pacific team on the agenda also, I look on with envy, may be just may be we can learn something from them,
  6. What was super league set up to be, not a rebadged division 1 with the same teams, yes expansion has struggled but we should never give up on it, ice hockey and basketball have achieved it, no reason we cant, we will never get the attention the game deserves if we stay in the so called heartlands, not money not tv exposure or written print, we cant compare with football but we can certainly challenge other sports, Toulouse should have been at the top table some time ago but all we seem to do is put obstacles in their way, if North America is a success and only time will tell then conferences have to be the way to go, UK conference east, UK conference west, French/euro conference, and possible southern England, North American conference, for now the French elite league should be absorbed into the pyramid, UK Cities to be targeted, Newcastle, Coventry ,London, Bristol and Manchester, retreating to the m62 corridor is not the answer, that is just stagnation,
  7. Headingley redevelopment

    Landsdowne road in Dublin had a similar situation to Headingley regarding one side, they found a way round the problem,
  8. and too far away for away fans to travel,
  9. mergers

    Another major problem with mergers is where do you have the stadium, the stadium itself has to be in a neutral place halfway between the 2 towns,
  10. Some really good positive news coming out of Avignon/France, somehow the French Elite league needs to be part of the pyramid system, on a par with league 1 and open to any ambitious non French European teams,
  11. Coventry Bears 20th Season

    Lets hope they get large numbers through the turnstiles, we really need Coventry and Hemel to succeed,
  12. whoever the new boss is I hope he or she reverses the decision to deny Manchester entry into league 1,
  13. IMO its not the right time for PSG yet, France needs 4 solid professional clubs,with 3/4s of their team French, once this is achieved then maybe have another bash at Paris,
  14. Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    ok, I stand corrected, there is a big road sign as you enter Redcar that says welcome to Redcar in the Tees Valley in the North Riding of Yorkshire,
  15. many fans want a national stadium for league, Odsal would fit the bill, also develop it so as to allow speedway back in, I read somewhere that their is interest in reforming the Bradford dukes, the extra income from speedway would be a plus, also grants from sport England and the lottery could be accessed to help with the development, just look at what UK athletics have done in Birmingham ,even sports like hockey have their own national stadium,