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  1. agree 100%, 2 French teams should have been in right from the very start, also would have liked Cardiff to be given a chance,
  2. Cardiff would be my first choice as cup final hosts, although I am not a big fan of football I actually enjoyed the FA Cup final when it was played there, always seems a great atmosphere there too, my 2nd choice would be Newcastle, I believe plans are in place to extend the Gallowgate stand taking the capacity to 60.000 plus, unfortunately Wembleys capacity is too large for us to fill these days and it doesn't look good having thousands of empty seats in our showcase final,
  3. Pathetic, the governing body needs to take a long hard look at it self,
  4. probably not, and definitely not if it is just a rugby stadium, a multi sport stadium could be an option, with sports such as speedway and stock car racing having it as their national stadium/headquarters, grants from sport England and the lottery could be obtained by the governing bodies,
  5. The RFL need to do everything they can to get this league firmly and permanently established,
  6. owls

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    Had a feeling that this would happen when sky went down the dedicated sports channel route, it could be a positive thing ,League being the summer sport and Union in the winter, obviously their will be a period when both codes play at the same time , but it might just get some more union fans watching our great game, the more national exposure the better,
  7. Super League was not set up to be a rebranded division 1 and all English league, and if Toulouse hadn't been treated so badly we would have had 2 established French teams,
  8. bigger they are the harder they hit,
  9. owls

    Six Nations in Northern Hemisphere

    a six nations every 2 years would be ideal, if the insular Aussies are not interested then forget them, a regular international tournament is the way to go and if it really takes off then go to a a yearly one, England ,France ,NZ. Tonga, PNG and Fiji to start with, then whoever finishes bottom of the league has to have a play off against the next highest ranked nation to fill the 6th spot,
  10. title above says it all, what a great advert for international rugby, good stadium great atmosphere, we need to get the Aussies over asap,
  11. owls

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    I remember when channel 4 first broadcasted,it showed the British basketball league, initially it did give basketball a bit of a boost in the UK until they pulled the plug, if they were to show interest in League and give it a fixed permanent spot of 1 live match a week and a review/preview slot as well maybe just maybe more interest around the country could be built up, every time you turn on the tv there is a documentary about a London based situation be it heathrow, the Battersea dogs home ,the m25, London fire brigade etc, this just might be an opportunity to have something different from a different part of the country,
  12. Eagles are the team that got me watching league when they played at Saltergate, the stadium issue has always been a problem never having a proper permanent home which has hindered them in building up a fan base, I still think its possible for the eagles to grow and become the established summer sport in the city, although I have read that Yorkshire ccc may be returning to Sheffield,
  13. with all the doom and gloom being posted by some on overseas teams playing in UK leagues, here is something positive, the sun newspaper carried the story of Belgrade entering the challenge cup next year with the ambition pf applying for league 1 the following year, a national southern based newspaper publishing a positive story about the game, this has to be a really good thing,
  14. It takes time to develop top class players, how on earth can Toronto achieve this in just 2 years, I am sure in time home grown players will make the break through, as far as an atlantic league goes, its all ifs and buts at the moment, we have one established Canadian team , no one knows if league will get established in North America, League has been stagnating for some time, interest in the heatlands has dwindled their is so much competition out there in the leisure industry, new regions need to be tapped, we have missed an opportunity again with Toulouse spending another year in the championship, next year,