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  1. I hope this is not the case, the national media is London obsessed, so if we want to get the same exposure as union and other major sports then we have to have more teams below the m62 corridor, the more I read the threads on this forum the more frustrated I become with the insular attitude, no ambition, no planning, no idea,
  2. money talks, if their is enough on the table then a breakaway is very possible, and I bet Wasps/Coventry would be involved, however I think we are getting far to ahead of ourselves, correct me if I am wrong but didn't something similar happen in Oz,
  3. someone said in a thread some time ago, the heartlands are our biggest strength but also our biggest weekness,,couldn't agree more, bring back Richard Lewis, a man with a vision for the sport ,
  4. I always thought it was thought it was a European league, are the governing body not called super league Europe, wasn't the idea in the first place to spread the footprint of the game as well as professionalize the sport, obviously you cant bombard the league with overseas teams, but a whole new system needs to be devised
  5. Conferences are the way forward , east for yorks/north east west for lancs/chesh/cumb alliance for others, P&R still in play,
  6. Apart from the first two seasons Catalan have always been in a tricky situation, as the only French team in the league the pressure for them to succeed has been high, so bringing in southern hemisphere players has been a necessity as it takes years to develop quality players,even longer for a whole team, I do not support any particular team and support the game in general, the sport has to grow or stagnation will kick in , a genuine 6 nation championship should be the target for the sport, this may be years down the line but certainly possible, imagine USA/CANADA/GB/FRANCE/AUS/NZ in a championship, (maybe a pipe dream) we need to help these countries,tv interest surely would rise, in time they could have their own leagues but like a 6 nations this is a long way down the line. 2 French teams in SL permanently until they can develop a pro league of their own, if a 3rd or 4th team show interest then play off s between them can happen, North America is tricky, but again a similar thing could be done like the French in time, maybe just one team to start with, I do not believe having the top 2 French teams in the championship is good for the future of the sport, for North America if it succeeds then money from TV could go into the pot, I
  7. probably more than Leagues heartlands, Bath Gloucester Leicester Northampton Wasps/Coventry
  8. I said something similar to this a couple of weeks a go,conferences are the way forward, the people who follow league need to decide what they want for the sport, if they are happy to stay as mainly a regional m62 sport then that is ok, but then they can not complain about the lack of nationwide coverage in the media, or big name sponsors showing no interest,
  9. I was thinking sky might have a rugby channel, us in the summer, them in the winter, and where we clash in the cross over period, share,
  10. I for one hope they don't bottle it and go up, a French derby in SL would be cool. although Catalans may go the other way,
  11. unfortunately all sports are fill ins around football with the possible exception of cricket,golf and dare I say it union, maybe a combined rugby channel is a good thing ?
  12. The reason I name Swansea is this, in the world cup Wales got 7,000 and 9,000 gates at the vetch field,Jonathan Davies said at the time Swansea should have been given a SLE license, no disrespect to any small town in South Wales as I also come from a small town, but a team in a small town hardly attracts in great numbers fans from other rival towns, however cities do attract fans from other towns, a prime example is Sheff Wed who have good support from Worksop in Notts, Chesterfield in Derbys aswell as Rotherham and lots of other smaller towns, Swansea s population is 200,000 plus, they have in the past shown interest in league,Glamorgan ccc now play almost all their matches at Cardiff now so their is an opening for a summer sport in the city, I firmly believe a super league club would not just survive but become a force in the game,
  13. I for one hope the Ironmen survive and prosper, also I would like to see a 2nd or 3rd Southern Welsh team in the league creating local derbies and so more interest, all teams need a local rival, I am sure a professional team could be a success in Wales, the RFL imo made a mistake some years ago when Gateshead where given the nod ahead of Cardiff and Swansea, interest was high after the world cup and the Welsh team got good crowds, opportunity missed, Swansea should be the target to establish a top club in south Wales,
  14. neither, conferences are the way to go, 5 teams in each league including cross conference game east for yorks and n east. west for lancs,Cumbria and Cheshire, and southern for anywhere else national or international the best team from the lower leagues plays the bottom team in the conference according to what geographical area is applicable, this allows any ambitious club an opening,