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  1. I think there is a European multi sports event called the mediterranean games, southern european countries plus North Africa,
  2. While it is a very sad that Bradford have been liquidated, the new club what ever it is called should start at the bottom,
  3. Excellent news, having a team carrying the Manchester name has to be a good thing for RL,
  4. When Don Valley was demolished didnt Sheffield city council upgrade Woodburn Road athletics stadium as its replacement, it has a grandstand and floodlights, for one year surely this would be a better option,
  5. I would like to see Italy,Spain and North America targeted,
  6. The Commonwealth games would be an excellent target for League to aim for, maybe the World Student games too if it still exists, if Baseball and rounders can be accepted with only 3 countries taking the game seriously, USA ,Japan and Cuba then surely League has a chance,
  7. Surely it would be good for RL to have a team carrying the Manchester name, a big city well known throughout Europe, as a summer sport its competition would be Lancashire CCC not Utd and City, i for one hope they achieve their ambition, ice hockey teams have established themselves in Sheffield, Coventry Nottingham etc, successfull sports teams attract crowds.
  8. This looks good, add Manchester and Nottingham in aswell.
  9. Dave T, you make some valid points, just plonking any new club in will not work, but heres my two penneth for what its worth, Toulouse should have been in from the start instead of Paris, Paris would have stood a better chance of surviving if 1 or 2 French teams where already established, For a Welsh team to survive in SL, it must be based in either Swansea or Cardiff, small towns outside the heartlands will always stuggle, (hope Wrexham prove me wrong) to support top level clubs, Gateshead imo would have made it if they had been give a genuine chance, attendances where ok, London.......i have no idea, but the name is important to the area it is from for example, London Harringey Hawks London Brentford Bees London Enfield Eagles etc etc
  10. I am not particularly a fan of Rugby Union and only ocasionally watch a 6 nations match or world cup match, but i will not knock what they do, 5 nations expanded to include Italy tri nations expanded to include Argentina celtic league expanded to include 2 italian clubs super 15 expanded to include non SA/NZ/AUS teams with further expansion planned, what does league do, force a potential huge boost to the game in the name of Tolouse to start at the bottom of an Engish semi pro league which has so little media interest, which many hope will fail, if we want RL to get the same amount of publicity and praise as the other code, ambitious expansion is required, I have said in a previous post about the south wales scorpions relocating to Swansea, the city has little 1st class cricket now and there is a big gap for a summer sport to replace Glamorgan ccc,
  11. Have to agree with this comment a larger town is needed for a permanent base, Swansea would be ideal, Glamorgan dont play as much cricket in Swansea these days so it could be the main summer sport in the city,
  12. yes, what is the new system, ? i have been away for quite a while and not up to date with any changes,
  13. I quite like the idea of championship 1 north and south, i worry that teams such as south wales scorpions getting hammered week in week out by the established northern teams might just lose heart and fold,(hope i am wrong) the Sheffield area could be the boundary line either above or below, maybe stick with the current system one more season to see if the non northern teams can close the gap, anyone got an update on the possability of a Manchester team in championship 1.
  14. Surely all stands/terracing should be covered in this era, even Yorkshire ccc have plans to cover the large terrace and the northern enclosure, with our weather being so unpredictable protection from wind and rain is a necessity whether they are home fans or away.
  15. What was super league set up for,? 1 to make the sport more professional both in playing terms and image to the media and public, 2 to expand the geographical footprint of the sport at the top level in the UK, 3 to grow more in continental Europe, and also help the French national team. the league was suppose to have 2 French teams at the start and hopefully more in the future, Toulouse in my opinion have been treated poorly, No other countries are ready for ESL yet, not Canada,Italy or Spain, hopefully they will get there in the future, Richard Lewis would be scratching his head in frustration, Toulouse should be in asap,