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  1. Some really good positive news coming out of Avignon/France, somehow the French Elite league needs to be part of the pyramid system, on a par with league 1 and open to any ambitious non French European teams,
  2. Coventry Bears 20th Season

    Lets hope they get large numbers through the turnstiles, we really need Coventry and Hemel to succeed,
  3. whoever the new boss is I hope he or she reverses the decision to deny Manchester entry into league 1,
  4. IMO its not the right time for PSG yet, France needs 4 solid professional clubs,with 3/4s of their team French, once this is achieved then maybe have another bash at Paris,
  5. Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    ok, I stand corrected, there is a big road sign as you enter Redcar that says welcome to Redcar in the Tees Valley in the North Riding of Yorkshire,
  6. many fans want a national stadium for league, Odsal would fit the bill, also develop it so as to allow speedway back in, I read somewhere that their is interest in reforming the Bradford dukes, the extra income from speedway would be a plus, also grants from sport England and the lottery could be accessed to help with the development, just look at what UK athletics have done in Birmingham ,even sports like hockey have their own national stadium,
  7. Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    Middlesbrough and Redcar were lost to Cleveland but both are now back in North Yorkshire, Hull was lost to Humberside but is now back in the East Riding, Sheffield and South Yorks pinched large areas of North Derbyshire, I will always consider Manchester an Liverpool Lancashire cities,
  8. Birmingham 2022 and 9s

    this could be a great opportunity to showcase the 9s version of the sport, get talking to the games federation asap, then target the Mediterranean games and the university games,
  9. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    yes, rugby league could succeed un Wales, with the right finances and a modern stadium in Cardiff I have no doubt, we missed a trick years ago when Gateshead got the nod ahead of Cardiff/Swansea bids,
  10. what are Rays pick ?, any big surprises,
  11. whichever ground they move into, they need to part own it at the very least,
  12. super league

    what was super league set up to be, it was to make the game more professional and promote the game, to expand the geographical footprint, domestically and internationally to have a truly international European league, not have the old division 1 with a rebranded name, their are some exciting and interesting times ahead for league, lets be positive about the future,
  13. Correct me if I am wrong but have UK Athletics done something similar at the Alexander stadium in Birmingham, left London ,moved to Brum and built an new stand with offices, it looks a decent stadium now,
  14. Maybe its time to have the elite league as part of the pyramid ,
  15. Can an international club comp work?

    if our rivals in union can do it then there is no reason why we cant,