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  1. A team in the West Midlands conurbation/Coventry imo would bring far more to league than a Scottish club, however I am not keen on the idea Wasps being involved, this is about money not the sport, any possible pro team should involve the existing Bears,
  2. spot on, best post on this thread,
  3. the RL governing body should push for the sport to be included in the games, the exposure it would receive worldwide could only be a big plus for the game, if Liverpool are the hosts then maybe a 40,000 athletics stadium could be turned into a combined national Rugby /Athletics stadium, Birmingham and Cardiff are also interested,
  4. Swansea population 200.000 +, not much summer cricket anymore, pulled in good crowds when Wales played there, a good opening for a summer sport,
  5. While I understand some of the concerns of fans regarding overseas teams , wasn't the whole idea of super league to eventually be ant international league,
  6. Toulouse need to establish themselves in super league before a 3rd French team should try to enter the pyramid system. however Marseille and Lyon would be a good cities to have in , maybe even Paris further down the line, and I still like the idea of conferences, 3 to start with,
  7. More positive news a possible south Wales derby,good luck to them, I would love to see a team based in the city of Swansea. with Glamorgan ccc playing all there matches in Cardiff and Colwyn Bay now it has left an opening for a summer sport in that area, they had some good crowds in the past when hosting internationals,a super league team imo would be a success,
  8. Always thought 12 teams in a league was too small although I can understand why it went back to 12, 14 is a good number to start with eventually expanding to 16 if finances and players allow in 2 conferences,
  9. No, but I hope they shake things up a bit,
  10. more positive news for league, i think its important for any new club to have a local rival to play against,
  11. I think there is a European multi sports event called the mediterranean games, southern european countries plus North Africa,
  12. While it is a very sad that Bradford have been liquidated, the new club what ever it is called should start at the bottom,
  13. Excellent news, having a team carrying the Manchester name has to be a good thing for RL,
  14. When Don Valley was demolished didnt Sheffield city council upgrade Woodburn Road athletics stadium as its replacement, it has a grandstand and floodlights, for one year surely this would be a better option,
  15. I would like to see Italy,Spain and North America targeted,