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  1. Plus South Shields which adjoins Newcastle with another 100.000,
  2. I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would want to see Coventry disappear from the league, a large city not in the heartlands that is slowly developing as a club, what other sport would do that,
  3. Genuinely hope its a fantastic game that goes down to the last 5 mins with Toulouse just sneaking it, sorry Fev.
  4. Sheffield an expansion club are still hanging in there despite being shafted years a go , if it wasnt for them i wouldnt have gotten in to the sport.
  5. It will be disgusting if Coventry are forced out, a club based in a big city with much potential , Shame Shame Shame
  6. Fantastic achievement by the Dragons, Lets hope Toulouse can seal promotion and make it a French double.
  7. When the next contract is up for negotiations and the money offered is even less then do we cut from 10 to 8, of course not, making the league smaller is not the answer, clubs should cut their cloth accordingly as they should now,
  8. I agree, the same teams playing each other over and over again is hardly a spectacle, 14 teams and stick with it, and stop relying on Sky money,
  9. Promotion by the play offs is a relatively new thing, imo league winners should go up. lets agree to disagree,
  10. I perfectly understand, dont be so patronising, the play offs for promotion are artificial, a team could win every match in the league and win the title by 20 clear points, but have one bad game in the GF and lose it all,
  11. good post, although i would prefer the league winners to be promoted rather than a GF winner.
  12. The new owners of Sky dont have the same interest in League as the Murdochs . may be they dont see a regional sport as good value for money,
  13. Yes without a doubt, they will be back in Super League,
  14. And that is the saddest thing that many do think like that, , after all it is supposed to be SL Europe not a rebranded division 1, Toulouse have been shafted from day 1,
  15. Going from 14 to 12 achieved nothing so why will going from 12 to 10 be any different, local derbies were something to look forward too but when you play them 4 or 5 times a season they become just another fixture,
  16. probably looking for a way of blocking Toulouse again,
  17. the question was countries you would like to see play league, nothing wrong with the thread,
  18. Would love to see Germany get involved. they are pretty good at most of the sports they compete in and i am sure they would be good at it, Union is starting to grow there with talk of a team in the pro 14 league, would be cool if we could get in there b4 Union gets established,
  19. Agree 100%. anything to get rid of loop fixtures, ask the Scottish football supporters what they think of loop fixtures and playing the same teams 4 times a year, 14 is the way to go, clubs should top spending what they dont have,
  20. I remember when channel 4 first started broadcasting, the 2 sports they started off with were British Basketball and the NFL, I watched both and was quite impressed with what i saw even though i was no fan of either sport, with back up channels such as more 4 and E4 ,I wonder what they could do with the great game,
  21. Would like to have had Nottingham in league 1 giving Coventry a Midland derby, do they have league 1 ambitions, or are they happy with where they are, Valencia and Belgrade should join the French pyramid system first,
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