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  1. Does anyone have any stats for all the players from that SOO game? Some "interesting" comments underneath the article.
  2. As someone who watches Sky Sports through Now TV it means nothing, as I have no choice but to subscribe to all sports channels.
  3. Fantastic news. Just need England to win the thing now.
  4. As already pointed out, it's an article of mixed messages. It would be nice to see more indepth articles on the BBC that don't always have a negative.
  5. I think part of the problem is (and it's why I seldom join in in some of the topics in this part of the message board) that no matter what's said, no one with an opposing view is ever likely to change their mind because of what someone else has said (or typed).
  6. The season needs to start with a shout and not with a whimper. I like the idea of the opening games being a double header on a Saturday.
  7. Miguel Ferrer. Twin Peaks is back this year too.
  8. Will rugby league ever be seen as fashionable? Will we see people walking around wearing rugby league merchandise (like NFL stuff for example)?
  9. Just finished The OA on Netflix and have now moved on to Luke Cage.
  10. To stop saying "thank you" when someone hasn't done anything for me to thank them for.
  11. Does anyone know if there are plans to show games in UHD?
  12. I quite liked the slow motion of the players when they were emerging from the dressing rooms.
  13. I seem to remember an angle graphic for kicks at goal.
  14. That is excellent.
  15. I'm not sure what (if anything) he'll be required to do, but surely inviting him to big games and throwing him some England jerseys won't go amiss?