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  1. Should Bennett Stay?

    If the players are saying he’s great and they want him to continue, then that’s surely a good indicator that he should stay.
  2. Should Bennett Stay?

    I don’t think he will, but I hope he stays. Even if just to next season’s tests against the kiwis.
  3. Agreed. But, I’m glad I’ll get the chance to see England lift the cup in person when we win the 2021 final in England 😀
  4. It is ambitious and the only way to get close to that is going to be in the way of non rugby League fans attending games. That’s why I think it’s a mistake not having a NZ test match in London next year.
  5. 2018 Series v NZ

    Personally, I would have liked to see a game at Wembley, with some sort of promotion around the 2013 WC game between to two. At least there’s plenty of notice though.
  6. BBC News

    I’m just listening to the podcast and that made me laugh!
  7. Media Watch World Cup

    There are quite a few articles open for comments on the BBC rugby league section on the BBC Sport website. Get your comments in.
  8. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. The BBC keep opening up articles for comment, so I’ll keep commenting. Just need the BBC to pick up on stories as mentioned above.
  9. I’ve being doing my bit defending this WC on the BBC HYS articles on the BBC rugby league website, and these sort of stories make me glad that I do.
  10. That was a great read. And yes, that’s exactly the sort of story that should be out there.
  11. I didn’t think they’d have the stomach for it, but yes, their forwards were excellent. Why didn’t Bennett play Percival and Hall and Watkins and McGillvary?
  12. It’s another reason why I want England to win the WC.
  13. 2021 world cup should be 14 teams

    Obviously, I don’t want the World Cup to stop. However, it sometimes seems like that’s what most people want. There’s always an issue, whether it’s “England are rubbish”, there’s too many heritage players/teams, low crowds, dodgy refs etc. However, I won’t sidetrack this thread any longer, and I’ll crawl back under my rock, safe in the knowledge that the game is in good hands with such wonderful “supporters”.
  14. 2021 world cup should be 14 teams

    Fair enough. I’m not actually moaning though.