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  1. Well over 1k comments now and in the top 10 of Most Read stories on BBC News online. I’ve never seen that before. Certainly getting the game some media coverage.
  2. Well over 600 comments thus far on the BBC HYS, so it’s definitely a talking point, and a record for a BBC rugby league HYS I’d imagine.
  3. Just finished The OA on Netflix and have now moved on to Luke Cage.
  4. I do at lunchtime, but unfortunately, I don't think it would go down too well at other times.
  5. Work colleagues who just don't STFU. I'm trapped sitting in front of a computer and can't escape the constant ###### that comes out of their mouths.
  6. The final episode of the series was very good. I'm looking forward to seeing SamuraiWorld!
  7. I work in an office. People go to the printer to collect their prints, pick up other people's prints, then spend ten minutes wandering around asking everyone "is this yours?". Just leave someone else's there FFS. Really, really annoys me.
  8. The seasons are screwed. I was walking around London in a t-shirt in December last year, but was in a coat in London four weeks ago.
  9. At this precise moment in time I'm sitting in the Royal Albert Hall.
  10. I'm very hopeful that they will be good. There are only six episodes so hopefully that will make a difference. I'm also really looking forward to the return of Twin Peaks next year.
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