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  1. I think the problems run deeper than which competition some of the players play in. I don’t know what these problems are. The SL players definitely play too many games per season.
  2. It’s always easy to criticise and not so easy to praise, but I honestly cannot find any positives for GB from any of the four games. I don’t know where GB, or England, goes from here.
  3. If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.
  4. My original point does not mention anything about rugby players talking to the referee (although I was under the impression it’s only the captain who should enter into a dialogue with the ref). That’s why I used the word criticise.
  5. The difference is that referees don’t lambast players or coaches who make mistakes.
  6. I’ve stopped going to certain games with my family due to the aggressiveness of some fans and the language used. Also, any professional player or coach who criticises a referee, should be encouraged to enrol on a refereeing course and ref a real game to see if they are any better.
  7. I’ve watched it a number of times, and personally, I think it’s great. I’ve read that there are alternative versions and may not necessarily be a stand alone video.
  8. Apparently, this story made the back page of the Daily Mirror!
  9. NZ have been very good. England have looked not very good. The laying on at the PTB has spoiled the game for me.
  10. I always try and comment positively on the HYS, but there are the usual trolls who try and de-rail the topics. In terms of the number of comments, it doesn’t help when an article isn’t opened up to comments as soon as it’s posted (often opened the next day). Also, some of the articles that are opened to HYS aren’t really massive talking points.
  11. England need a real speedster. Johnstone would make a real impact in this sort of game.
  12. It’s nice to see players leading with the knees penalised. It’s really crept in.
  13. I don’t know why we persist with International England games in the North. The appetite is obviously not there. ?
  14. I’ve been there twice to watch rugby league games, and personally, didnt particularly enjoy the stadium.
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