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  1. Well I guess most fans would have been entertained by the end of the second half and would be happy to See another!
  2. SL lost the 8s and came up with a different system to continue to contest extra games. They could do it again at short notice without too much consultation.
  3. Thats a one eyed view indeed. You don't need to bring in mercenaries and you don't need to pay players for being in league1 You don't need to bin off other teams within the club... Reserve teams women teams and unders teams are all part of the pro teams make ups (or aspiring to have) In fact very little would change, NCL is a national comp as is league1 If anything the greater exposure should see an increase in sponsorship and fans. I would say the step up from north west counties to NCL is far bigger than the step up to league1. A lot of your post is more reflective of this step than the step to league1 Now I don't understand why NCL clubs do not want (ambition) to raise the bar on the clubs progression. Why generate players for the pro leagues, generate players for your own club at a higher level! If the NCL clubs are that good then prove it!
  4. Depends who finishes bottom.. It's funny old game RL is Also the same happened in the championship last year did it not??
  5. Toulouse have the greater legacy, local players and a ready made derby. I think however we may see 2 sides being promoted and an expansion to 14
  6. It's a different sport they should stop comparing them constantly. Rugby derived from soccer but the comparisons aren't constant. It's ridiculous. Do union forums (I don't go on them) constantly compare throw ins and how much better union ones are as they are a contest ?? It's daft. Also we seem to want to be constant innovators instead of for once looking at what others do and see if it can apply and improved upon!
  7. What ever your on about it's not RL so that says a lot about your direction of debate
  8. So RL fans don't watch other sports?? That would explain a lot ?
  9. Where do Leeds go now: THE CHAMPIONSHIP
  10. The key is player development. It doesn't matter where the teams are if the player development isn't expanded then you can't expand the league without reducing the quality.
  11. Ahh so Toronto will have a team to dual reg players to. I hope this means they will develop the game and not just end up as another talent drain. It's not just in Canada either, it's a sorry state of affairs when wakey in a heartland of the game is looking externally to replace an injured player...
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