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  1. No the Scottish and Welsh bodies should be paying into GB otherwise it's a sham that's pulling resources away from England.
  2. All the lads at st helwns pritty sure roets and gay are as well. They were in the scorpions original team with flower? A lot of this side is a product of the good work the original crusaders did and is a fragment of what could have been achieved!
  3. Well that's ridiculous it should be the rules that the home team has to have a qualified ref as back up for this type of eventuality... pritty sure thats the case with union!
  4. This was part of liecensing that the RL world was up in arms about. It does favour the big clubs who currently get larger incomes. It also forces teams to strip amateur clubs of young players just to make the numbers up.
  5. The big clubs are there or there about. A couple have rich backers with plans... The rest are holding SL back. A couple of P&R between the right clubs will sort things out!
  6. What a game on Saturday! Let's see what Toulouse are made of in effect their first sudden death game since the choke in the play off final!
  7. London may sound good....but then playing on a field with a few seats is hardly living the cosmopolitan dream! I disagree about small town names.... Everton are known around the world, as are Chelsea Tottenham Wimbledon, milwall , West ham etc and they are just suburbs of a city! Is Arsenal even a place?!?!? Wigan is world renowned for rugby and they too are a smallish town!! Toulouse are not far off SL and Toronto should have a good scrap next year in the championship if allowed! Playing against historic teams like Fev, Leigh and Widnes will also look good in their quest for SL.
  8. What would Amazon pay to stream the games?? With Amazon you can also buy separate episodes as well as full series... There is potential here... the issue here though is production.. however RL likes to break the mould!
  9. Why's it not an option.... Scuse me Mr Perez, we want to stay at the Hilton... thanks anyway... Mr Hilton, can we please have a special rate for 15 twin rooms and closed off special access to the pool and gym?
  10. KRs fixtures look favourable. Realistically they should go up!
  11. I would happily pay for an upgrade to a different hotel. They have had a long time to sort out visa issues and the only issues would have been for naughty boys.....their own fault really.
  12. It's a pity that South Wales have effectively folded. West Wales could have added a team separately, Manchester are building for league1 and a French side rumoured. Added a Montreal team this would have taken the tally to 20. 2 leagues of ten. A league2? Or 2 even leagues everyone in your league home and away everyone in tother league once. Both league champions promoted with them playing off in a final for the league1 trophy.
  13. Don't be fooled on thinking that a big away following is drawing big crouds. On their own there isn't much in the attendances of a lot of league1 clubs north or south.
  14. People moaning no advantage in SL of finishing top.. People moaning in league 1 that the top team has an advantage pfft cant please RL fans!!!
  15. Surely the argument for games in Scotland was legacy and therefore attracting Scottish folk?!?!? Also why is there a myth that ex pats will watch their national team if they are in town? I worked with 2 Aussies who thought rugby and cricket was rubbish and they only liked baseball!!