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  1. yipyee

    RFL makes loss

    An owned stadia would have overheads equal or greater than the hire costs... They could however have played the semis of CC at odsal
  2. I would have bottom of SL vs top of championship as MPG that way a team would have to be better than the one it was replacing, it would stop the yoyo and the players from the relegated team signing for the promoted one!
  3. yipyee

    Visiting Fans

    Huddersfield away and Wigan away are 2 nailed on away games for me... Good parking, food and drink readily available decent toilets #modernstadia
  4. yipyee

    Visiting Fans

    The away club gets a fee for selling away tickets...Hull used to add this fee onto away tickets! Junior tickets are free for away games from ST and will also skew the stats. Interestingly the away ticket for kids isnt valid at catalan so their income deals from sales must work differently...
  5. yipyee


    Erm all clubs full time and expansion clubs?
  6. This happens in business. What you do is save dome dosh from the busy periods to get you through the quiet times. . .. Removing league 1 is a backwards move and shouldn't be allowed
  7. Fans from said clubs don't bother with internationals so will certainly not bother with roses. FYI I am a fan of one of those clubs and wouldnt watch a roses game. What's odd is the last England games down south there were a lot of fans from down there at the game. The odd thing is an abandonment of these fans. Oh and the last games I remember France were competitive against England. Even leading one for a long stretch. If we don't play them regularly then A ) they won't get any better and B ) their best players will only want to play in world cups Also when the Aussies say there's no point playing internationals as they always win we moan. Can we therefore say the same to Wales and France??? Internationals is the way forward and Wales and France are the obvious contenders, further down the line maybe US and Canada?
  8. Not for a long time and fans don't associate with a long ago made up concept. The cricket could be called Manchester or Salford etc and would still be the nearest top flight club and therefore be supported! RL would be asking fans to pretend to be from Lancashire and pretend to care about a rep team that the players wouldnt even be from to properly represent with heart!
  9. No i am comparing it to lancashire rl
  10. Because Lancashire is an actual team that play week in week out. I know people who support Liverpool football who arnt from Liverpool. But Liverpool is an actual team that's been around a hundred years plus. Liverpool make millions from soccer but good luck creating a Mickey mouse Liverpool rugby team!
  11. yipyee

    Fewer than 17 players

    Well of teams stopped ploughing every penny into a first 20 squad this wouldnt happen! Clubs should organically grow from whatever position they find themselves in. This facade that every club should be in SL is a joke and medium to bottom clubs should just try to be the best they can be where they are!
  12. Where are the Lancashire fans from? Bet it's not Warrington, Widnes and st helens!! Also Lancashire cricket are a proper side who play regularly in a counties championship and have built up a support over many years... You want to make up an event and hope people turn up! You would need Kevin Costner for that to happen!
  13. Stupid concept.. should be north vs south or east vs west. It's like saying if you are not from these 2 counties we don't care about you so go away! Modern people class themselves as from Cheshire Merseyside Manchester etc rugby league needs to move away from trying to freeze time and drag everybody backwards. It's ok if you are old and can relate to the past but it's doing nothing to expand and capture the imagination of the future of the game!! (I.e anybody under 40!)
  14. yipyee


    Isn't this what the clubs wanted?? New teams to play up from the bottom like rangers in Scotland?? Didn't see the clubs moaning about their free trips to France and Canada effectively reducing playing costs in each of the last 2 seasons!