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  1. yipyee

    ‘League 1 South’

    It will still be there?
  2. yipyee

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Maybe people are watching RL in different ways.....
  3. yipyee

    ‘League 1 South’

    Sounds like the current league1 set up. Will be interesting to see if southern clubs prefer to remain in L1...
  4. yipyee

    ‘League 1 South’

    Cross conference game if 2x8 would give 23 games if they have a magic weekend
  5. yipyee

    What is left to play for?

    Don't mean to derail the thread but the structures tag line was #everyminutematters
  6. yipyee

    What is left to play for?

    If there is 14 clubs in champ next year is anyone getting relegated??
  7. Professional championship clubs haven't fielded a full quota of 17 this season, Hull and Saints registering coaches to play in a game in pro SL in years gone by. It's year one and a lot of learning will have been done. Let's hope the club is here in 2 years time and if people want to judge , judge then after 3 years, Looking from afar the RFL haven't done enough in support of a new club, or is that the Welsh RL? Either way the rules around a doctor etc should have been made clear. If any group of people anywhere want to play TGG the relevant board should be as supportive as possible, I can't believe the stories you hear at all levels of boards being obstructive and trying to prevent people enjoying TGG!
  8. And you think the same doesn't happen at other clubs??? Cleaners on 40k a year spring to mind Wags working for virgin organising make up party's etc....
  9. How much would Amazon or BT pay for the sport, how much would BBC, ITV pay for it or a bundle of games? How much would Eurosport pay for Europe only coverage, Tv rights in other countries like USA Canada Aus, Norway France? There's more to life than Sky who should pay RL a premium for staying loyal!
  10. yipyee

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Don't think so as they could have got rid of line outs scrums etc but as they wasn't professional had no reason to make the game better on the spectators eye and therefore increase revenue. Top level union has actually improved because of tv as they can get away with less in the ruck and opposition can look to target certain things. There are some interesting you tube vids of teams trying to bend the rules by not creating rucks etc that after a few games the ref/ opposition penalised/ got wise to anyways.
  11. yipyee

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    RU have turned around the flow of players so they now flow in the opposite direction... RL should be looking to again flip the flow or at least halt it. Your talk is defeatist...
  12. This won't work as it will skew the P&R in both leagues, Cross division games only work when the divisions are regional and therefore on a par with each other. The game needs to realise that to grow some of the middle size clubs need to be in the championship with bigger clubs making up the top division. The big clubs need to allow big players in that might push them down the pecking order. What we see over the years is expansion is only good when the expansion clubs are in a 'development' league and the top 2 leagues remain as is. What is required is more clubs at every level from expansion areas without the clique pressurising the clubs to remain small... One discision of note is to let Catalans in over Toulouse who had a good team good coach and plenty of potential. Catalan have grown into one of the best SL clubs off the field and junior set up etc... but notable is that the ground and crowd is still smaller than the bigger SL clubs and the potential for sponsorship and off field support is smaller than the big clubs. Imagine what Toulouse can be capable of if they ever get into the SL and have 2 years free from relegation threat!
  13. It's not their last chance as I can't see London winning. And Leeds have to play Toronto.
  14. ?????? TO not Toronto. Also Crusaders lost the play off final and was not ready on or off the pitch, they had good crowds and this would have continued with another push for SL. Instead they lost a final got let in anyway and had a very poor season, collapsed and relocated.
  15. Yaha set to join Agen. What needs to be done to prevent the loss of other players?