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  1. I agree with all of this!! My comment on NFL expansion is that after their failed attempts in the 80s they are now having a different approach. 10 years ago they played 1 road game in London and have slowly built this up. They got Sky on board and over the last 10 years the games and coverage has increased year on year. We are now at a point where sainsburys are selling replica merchandise! Not to mention the sports shops. 10 years ago you would have had to import any NFL gear! There is talk of an NFL London team playing at spurs new ground in the future. So what have they done... Well they only played one game and slowly increased to make sure tickets were hard to come by they then released season tickets for all 4 games so they now have a fan base of committed ST holders. They are not currently trying to get all fans to support one team but the game as a whole. They also haven't relocated a club and hoped it worked out and expecting a club to produce their own players. Ok RL would have a different remit for expansion but food for thought.. do we really need a full round of fixtures all at the same venue on the same weekend?
  2. It depends on if it's a day out for regular fans or an expansion tool. Me personally it should be both. Like any tournament legacy should feature as part of the bidding process along with ticket sales to locals at a set minimum costing. I would also have 2 venues per year and incorporate the big bash. Split the SL and championship fixtures across both over the 2 days!
  3. Clearly there is some incentive to play at Anfield as there is little to no community game in the city that would benefit! Nou camp would not be my number one pin in a map either... I am sure I read Valencia is the hub for the Spanish game with most clubs around this area... also didn't Spain play here for internationals? The mestalla is a fine old 50k stadium right in the city centre with plenty of bars and restaurants in the surrounding streets good rail and air links and a good tram system that will get you about and to the beach! What's most important is that magic has a real chance of a legacy here and a semi pro or even pro club could spring up with instant competition with their Catalonia rivals up the coast! Magic is a good concept but it has relied too much on the regular fans to attend. This clearly has had a knock on effect on the CC final. The NFL have a different approach to expansion that has took 10 years and is still only halfway there.. but it is bloody effective!
  4. yipyee

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    Didn't Bradford have a board room split, illegally sign a player and had to pay a lot in compensation and sold their ground (or was it lease) to build a useless hospitality stand. This was after loosing money playing away from home at valley parade while their tesco supermarket deal fell through alienating Morrison's who are based in Bradford... it then took a lot of money to get the ground safety cert back. They then sold Season tickets for 79 quid and had to get the begging buckets out. They then were relegated and overspent in the hope of immediately gaining promotion, when this didn't happen a local takeaway owner took over but had to get payday loans to pay the players (or was that the next owners). Bradford was a catalogue of errors and mismanagement and had nothing to do with a salary cap. They failed to invest in infrastructure and took advantage in a spell when everyone else was investing off the pitch. On another note Interestingly the union head guy has said that union clubs need to invest in facilties more and not just players wages. There needs to be a balance but overall a SC is no good for anyone and is a race to the bottom!
  5. yipyee

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    RL is trying to have a communist approach by having a salary cap.. stop the big getting bigger rich getting richer etc... The SC is an actual problem when you have 5-7 clubs who could outspend the cap! By trying to be more competitive within the SL it's actually become less competitive in the bigger world. Stars are leaving for union / NRL This wouldnt happen if the pay was more in RL!!
  6. Catalans should vomit to 1 game a year in Barcelona the Catalonia capital. Like the NFL have done it takes time to build but certainly worth it! How many NFL hats coats shirts et do you see knocking around 10 years after their second expansion push?? This could be the start of a beautiful friendship! I visited the camp in the summer and didn't realise they have a professional handball , basket ball and ice hockey teams! All play in indoor arenas next door to the stadium! They clearly are looking at a full sports complex. Also they are looking to modernize their stadia and will start on the little stadium.
  7. yipyee


    So can Toronto refuse to be on sky then? How and why is this possible or have you made it up? Surely toronto got sky money this season for the televised championship games???
  8. yipyee

    New Grounds.

    Wouldn't be the only spot in the ground you would get wet.....
  9. Barcelona's average attendance is 65k which is under two thirds... this means for quite a few games they only half fill the stadium. This doesn't get over reported or no one complains about attendance or atmosphere. I reckon 30k will be a great attendance but any Claims saying anything less than 99k is a failure or play it in the smaller venue is way off the Mark, especially in comparison to Barcelona's attendances!!
  10. Typically RL to downscale an event
  11. yipyee

    Hayne to Super League?

    but can he pee into his own mouth?
  12. And still they can raise a competitive national side 😁
  13. I reckon I could have a good bash at the goal kicker job. It's always from in front of the sticks and you can't get touched by defenders! Had plenty of kicking practice in rugby. The punters job is a little harder but again for a rugby player would be a relatively simple transition. I also always felt Jason Robinson would have run rings around NFL defenders as the are more spread out.