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  1. Drop kicked conversion

    A drop kick at goal would have made more sense...could have scored 2 points then only needed a drop goal/penalty Exactly no need to wait 30secs for time off... just run back a bit quick attempt at drop goal and then run back for the restart...
  2. This feels like a warning shot to play mind games so refs go easy on them... I didn't see the game but can imagine the dirty spoiling tactics Wigan resort to like they did in the second half on good friday
  3. Drop kicked conversion

    Drop kick conversion is quicker and is better than the silly rule that you can forgo an attempt at goal....
  4. It helps thunder when they play the night before and sell thousands of tickets.... same with the skolars before CC. More should be done with local development though!
  5. One Club Men

    I think this thread should include a minimum number of matches... Wellens, Cunningham, Bennett, Magennis all from recent times...
  6. One Club Men

    Didn't yeaman play at York?
  7. One Club Men

    Which one club men have retired and then played golf or boxed proffessionally..
  8. One Club Men

    Andy farell??? Hmmm Saracens?
  9. RLWC 2021 Venues

    They would have sold it out if they had actually told people the game was on. There wasn't even any advertising in the local rag! No posters no nothing just an expectation of fans turning up. This should have sold out! If you can't sell out a game for the world's best team full of the world's best players they don't deserve to host another category A game!
  10. It's a shame no one could see it... might have got you some extra supporters for future games... now Bradford have rolled out of time you will continue to be small time... For the record I am not a Bradford fan but a fan of RL and in this instance Bradford trying to televise division 3 games is what RL needs to get TO at all levels out there. Sky only focus on SL and it's only the furore around Toulouse Toronto and now Bradford that division 3 is on the radar... BBC even left this division out at one point! The Welsh derby should be huge at any level, again this should be pushed as an event and stop the short term thinking that is killing our sport!
  11. RLWC 2021 Venues

    St Helens shouldn't get a game due to their complete lack of marketing the event and ultimately getting a poor attendance for an australia game last time.
  12. Commonly Misunderstood Rules

    You can't blame commentators for talking a game up and trying to create talking points for debate. It's like an interviewer asking awkward questions about controversial decisions to try and provoke a response. It's all done to dramatise the game
  13. Outside of Cumbria people have internet Tv's and internet on mobile phones tablets and an array of 21st century technology... this type of mentality shows why RL in Cumbria had been left in the 20th century...
  14. It was Leigh before this... Leigh went fully pro signed a lot of ex SL players and bullied the games... They were everyone's favourite team to hate... They got found out in the 8s and couldn't bully n more and won promotion fair and square... I can't see Toronto winning promotion this year as they are not good enough to beat the bottom SL clubs with the current tactics. They will struggle against the other 3 that end up in the champ top 4 as well