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  1. Hull KR players expressed the same concerns last year... they looked just fine winning promotion this year! Salford look like the most likely to go down next year with Toulouse and Toronto front runners for promotion!
  2. I think you need to do some research... RL historically didnt have P&R!
  3. If saints win I can't wait for the threads declaring Cas the real champions and that life's not fair! TBF Bradford Saints Warrington and Wigan have all walked the league only to be beat in the play offs..... I want Saints to win but I am hoping for a fair result. Saints have had bad decisions go against them in the last couple of years. One was a bounced ball that clearly wasn't a try. Last year a video ref decision where the ball clearly crossed the line. Hopefully at 10 o clock we are not talking about refs decisions but how well either (or hopefully both) teams have played!
  4. Right score...wrong way round... if the league form is anything to go by...
  5. Saints was 7.47 mill TO which was down from around 7.8... with an operating profit. That is without winning any prize money, being in any finals or competing in WCS
  6. Catalan v Widnes

    Surely Hull need to win also?!?
  7. Cas have nothing to play for for weeks until the playoffs start, Leeds also. The year were 4 clubs could finish top on the last day was good.
  8. Sky tv efl deal

    More people watched the championship football (2cnd tier)than watched top flight spanish football last year!
  9. If wigan wins then wakeys season is over!
  10. There Are Enough Players

    Under liecensing expansion clubs were permitted more overseas players.
  11. Didnt they lead England for a large spell last year...and without escare?
  12. Is it time to lose the video ref?

    I was watching Portuguese football, they went to the square in the air and disallowed a goal for offside. As pioneers why would we abandon this? As usual instead of a few tweaks there is call for wholesale change! Back in the day pre digital if your Tele was fuzzy (like snow) did you retune or did you throw your tv out?
  13. Then surely adding other teams will reduce English clubs and make the game more competitive? If the lower leagues could get a tv deal they would.... the issue is that the cost of producing the content cant be recuped!
  14. Correct standard for league1? That should be easy enough? Apparently the NCL is of a higher standard? Not every team needs to be in SL!!