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  1. One has to be concerned the Europeanleagues are being used to grow a North American league (not bad news for international RL) bad news for English RL with the French Potentially surpassing us by 2022...
  2. We have 2 leagues of 12 why turn that into 2 leagues of 10 and condem 4 clubs to the semi-pro ranks?!? Rochdale, Oldham Swinton etc would be down with the Cumbrian clubs and would NEVER return! They would have to replace a pro club which aint gonna happen!
  3. Just shows how you can build an event if you stick to it...if this was ran by the rfl they would have give up on it after 3 years....or only announced they were playing an hour before KO
  4. Lets just hope these guys dont introduce blocking...it already goes on to some extent!!
  5. The tackler wont be padded up though so the tqckles wont be as hard! Like a boxer....they can punch harder because of the gloves... Also whilst the game is stop start it lasts 3-4 hours. The backs are fit and sprit training includes cardio! These guys should adapt easily!
  6. Yes but do their buffy table have good pork pies... Leigh must have great pork pies as they also appear to get the lions share of internationals!
  7. Catalan And yes they are an expansion club Yes they did what English clubs wouldn't and 3 clubs merged Yes they went from semi-pro to full time Yes they built an academy from scratch Yes they built up a following from an average attendance of 300 Yes they got a TV deal Yes they fought against the naysayers and proved them wrong time and time again! The latest shoot down was 'they dont provide players for the superleague pool' As we are witnessing the French are like NZ players used to be as in every clubs got one!
  8. They have 2 americans AND the whole point of the trials is yo sign local talent. Big money or no big money, at least Toronto will make it onto the screens....sky has the rights to championship but choose not to show it because its dross... Tolouse Toronto etc means televised games. With televised games gives exposure. As the TV audience grows sponsorship will to the point where a TV contract is valuable! Lets face it Toronto us a recognised city worldwide... Castleford and Wakefield no one has a clue where they are unless you follow RL! You could add widnes and St Helens to that too!
  9. Its worrying that the regime is one by one undoing all the work from Lewis's sucsessful stewardship! If this isnt addressed we will be back in the year 2000 broke with a handful of clubs and the collapse of the sport!
  10. They are, Look at Union though.. Ireland have 4 provincial clubs, Wales have merged semi-pro clubs and Scotland / Italy have 2 clubs each. Scotland and Italy struggle to be competitive with just 2 each...however allows the cream to be fully pro to feed the national team! Scotland are competitive internationally with just 2 pro teams!
  11. They have signed local talent They are showing every game live on tv.. So wrong on both accounts!
  12. So a tv deal in the americas would be all for 1 club? A deal in France split between 3 And the UK deal split 16 ways... Dont think thats very fair! Also we have 24 teams split into 2 leagues why reduce it?!?!
  13. DW Stadium I'll get my coat.....