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  1. If there was a move back to licensing they would get one, if there was straight promotion they would get it as they would sign a squad of SL players like Leigh did... I cant see a way they would not be put in SL/progression stopped...otherwise why let them in league1 in the first place!
  2. Toronto want to be in SL ASAP and getting a SL squad together now will help them achieve It! For the players who join now, they should be playing SL teams next year in the middle 8s, so only 14 months in a lower league!
  3. The press would say he's English player who has been representing Scotland and they would be right! Like when they said the same about Chase playing against NZ!
  4. Salford in 96 beating Wigan who had won around 48 consecutive games over 10 years meaning that the challenge cup would be going to a destination outside wigan for the first time since 87. What's more impressive is Salford were second tier part timers against the biggest club in the country.. . In contrast Hudds have lost 8 in a row and struggling in SL against a team who had dual reg Wigan players!
  5. There is promotion between amateur leagues but you hit glass ceilings... Firstly moving from reginql to the northern (national pfft) leagues and then to the semi pros... If you want to be a national league club you can skip promotions and do it via box ticking, same at semi pro level... However if you want to be a pro club you have to play through the semi pro league? It doesn't make sense or Is rational. Catalan were the last club to start at fully pro level, were supported by protected from relegation for 2 years and are now the richest club in the league! So what does the RFL do? They don't follow this successful model and instead undermine the good work they are doing in tier 2!!
  6. He's English and spat his dummy out. Good that he's stayed with Scotland but if he played for GB no one would recognise/acnowledge him as Scottish!
  7. I agree...but they should have a timeframe attached and dropped back down a tier if they dont meet it... They have the resources to draw with NZ so they should focus more on home development, imagine if that draw was played in SCOTLAND with SCOTTISH people in attendance! That would have done more for development than any amount of cash!!
  8. So why can't a team go straight into SL if they have a viable plan? Why put semi pro clubs straight into league1? Why not let them play against amateurs and run up large scorelines? It is no different to full time Toronto and Toulouse playing semi pro clubs.. You are arguing both?!?!
  9. Out of interest do you know if they have a league back up and running and how many teams... I was under the presumption Aberdeen qualified for CC as they were the ONLY Scottish team... happy to be corrected on this
  10. Which is why they won't beat the All Blacks... He also wouldnt have played as he refused to play for England, the lions would have been England with Brough and therefore he wouldnt have played. Also saying an Englishman is representing Scotland in a team so call it British is madness. You could just call it England
  11. They lost the domestic league after qualifying. They should have their membership under review and a deadline to have things back in place with a threat of being emitted from future comps... It's the only way to get away from heritage squads with no domestic leagues!
  12. The problem is that in RL the reason heritage players play for other countries is that they are not good enough to play for England/Aus and therefore wouldnt be good enough to play for the lions. Brough is Scotland's best player and captain he would not get into a lions squad which would cause outrage in Scotland (if they had any fans)
  13. It isn't because the team has heritage players it is based on the minimal criteria to play top tier international Rugby. The rules state minimum teams playing a domestic season Scotland dont qualify to play in tier 1 comps and should not be in world cups/ 6 nations/ 4 nations etc until they get their house in order and restore the minimum requirements!
  14. Exactly... they started at the bottom and were planted into a league a lot higher. It would be no different to take any club and put them straight in SL or the championship. They was not made to play up the system but other clubs are expected to?