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  1. It was shown on German TV at ARD's "sportschau" today at 6pm. They did even mention that the Kiwi's currently prepare for the 4 nations final against Australia. Unfortunately they just said "rugby". Anyhow some kind of promo in Germany.
  2. What happened to NRL Deutschland fundraiser which were initiated last year? Haven't seen any adds recently. The build up to the match was on facebook NRL Deutschland only. Adds in local/regional newspaper might increase crowd figures. The people I met enjoyed the entertaining game. So I'd assume some of them and others would attend Deutschland games in the future if they're aware of.
  3. I think what also needs to be mentioned is the crowd. I guess there were approx. 300-400 people and the atmoshere were brilliant. Compared to matches I attended a few years ago (vs Serbia and Italy) it is a massive step forward. Seems like RL in Germany is making progress. Hope to see more internationals in the future and at some point a club competition.
  4. I've just read the fixtures of Elites 1/2 season. What happened to Toulon XIII and Castres XIII start ups? I'd have thought that their aim is to compete at Elite level but they still seem to compete at National level?
  5. Well, I used my amazon fire stick and installed DAZN. It is quite interesting. Pretty much all major football leagues (England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, …) are available live and as catch up. Then also NFL, NBA, MMA, Motorsports and other sports too. Rugby Union (Aviva and TOP14) will be added beginning of next season. Monthly costs are at 9,99 EURO. Given the price and the content I think they will attract a lot of people as none of these sports or leagues are available at major tv networks. I dropped an email to DAZN and asked if it is intended to expand the RL coverage with Super League. I was told that this isn’t the case but they keep the proposal. For the NRL coverage 1 game each round is in German language. Jan Lüdecke and Manuel Wilhelm (former German RU international) are the commentators. I have just seen the cowboys v warriors match and these 2 lads have done a decent job given their RU background. So I personally think this is good for RL in Germany.
  6. I live in Germany and I heard about DAZN on this forum here. This channel is absolutely unknown in Germany and as far as I know only available as IPTV. That means you have to have some kind of smart tv or tv box (roku, apple, etc.). I haven't seen any advertising (newspaper, tv, etc.) either.
  7. Interesting, the page is now blocked in Germany. Perhaps it has something to do with DAZN.
  8. which I think is pretty likely
  9. As said I hope Wigan/Leeds do much better. It's best for fans, supporters, competition, and WCS
  10. sure when an underdog hammers the champion it's fun. but today....boah
  11. but that's what's gonna happen after another 3:0 white wash. No one's interested in one sided games like today
  12. Goodbye Saints! Goodbye WCS? I hope Wigan/Leeds do much better....
  13. Saints are really poor. Another 3:0 whitewash and the WCS ends this year for good. I don't understand why Saints have been chosen ahead of the Giants to claim that spot. The Giants would probably perform much better against this weakened Roosters squad
  14. Great. I wasn't aware of that stream. Thanks. Any stream recommendation for Super Leage coverage?