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  1. Yes, they should, but working side by side helping each other in order that the development of the game is preserved. Not aiding the game at grass roots level is suicide
  2. Its not a threat, just a deal maker. Why wouldn't you want your domestic comp to survive? All that hard work swept under the carpet? I can't for the life of me see that this is a threat
  3. I would ensure that as part of acceptance, the RFL must insist that the USARL domestic comp is not left to rot and is looked after with sponsorship deals?
  4. Good stuff happening down in Wales
  5. Maybe for the next 2 years, the magic weekend should be nines. Make a sense as it'll give us time to prepare and get used to the concept
  6. Strike While the BBC Iron is Hot

    Dunno, but the Toronto Siddal game will be televised
  7. The more the merrier for me. I can't see how expanding from the so called heartlands can be a negative thing. As with dividing the money out, it's up to the RFL to get their finger out and sell the sport to potential sponsors
  8. Good stuff. Good luck to you all there in Llanelli, I hope it all bears well, You're a credit to the sport on a cynical note, your quote- "hopefully it won’t be long before the RFL takes notice as there are teams all over the UK that want to help develop the sport outside of the so-called heartlands". I wouldn't hold your breath on that one.
  9. Denmark Win 2016 RLDF Grant

    Only reiterating what it states in the third paragraph of the story bud.
  10. Obituary Thread 2016

    Michael Nicholson, ITN war correspondent reporter. I remember his reports of the Falklands war vividly.
  11. Denmark Win 2016 RLDF Grant

    I know it's better than nothing, and any funding is welcome, but 2000 euros? About 1900 quid. Seems a very small amount to train several new coaches. Good luck to them though
  12. New Laws

    Interesting. If the RFL are introducing changes, i'd like to see the return of the tap forward play the ball. It made defences get back on side more quickly.
  13. 1pm til 3 - At the local with the old man 3pm - Dinner - Turkey, Roast spuds, carrots and turnip, sprouts, dollop of mash, parsnips, peas, cabbage, gravy. Nothing for pudding as usually can't move
  14. Toulouse - Good news.

    Can't argue with that. Great stuff
  15. Yes. I'd love to see a French SL Derby game in front of a packed house
  16. #onegametogether conference kicks off today. Hope to hear some real positives. Here's a few quotes from the conference on Twitter
  17. Who says size doesn't matter?
  18. Yep, it really does feel like the game is being run by a Labour Club esque Committee at times.
  19. Rant thread

    I get these types all the time. Just feel like telling 'em to #### off and get a grip. Some ppl can be real ar##ho##
  20. Jason Moore quoting on Twitter about the USA sporting money market RLWC Jason Moore: "it's a huge market. It represents probably 44 per cent of the world sports market money" #onegametogethee Collier: "If we're going to make a leap for the game we have to get into some of these new markets. We have to virtually double our income'
  21. Close but no cigar. I really hope i'm wrong though. Bennett needs to inspire the team, but there;s more life in a tramps vest
  22. Eorl Crabtree

    Came across as a nice bloke. A good player, had he had more agression, would have been a great player imo. Happy retirement Eorl
  23. Pretty much my thoughts, but also, our defence has to be tight and strong too
  24. Wasps grand strategy... for Rugby League

    If anybody thinks that wasps have a vested interest in RL, then they're seriously kidding themselves. On rugby terms, Wasps are only interested in Wasps and paying for what overheads it costs them to keep their stadium operational. I'm all for spreading the game southwards, but for them to want the magic weekend is non negotiable for me. They want the RL coin, that's all.
  25. Lets hope they knock 7 bells out of each other