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  1. Just wondering if any of our French based posters can feedback the level of interest in the forthcoming SL season? In particular, the media coverage, local interest and season ticket sales etc at TO?
  2. Now, this is the game that i am really looking forward to!
  3. The audience in the stands need to get their @rses back in there too imo
  4. Who'd have thought it. 2 French teams in major finals? Good luck to all involved this weekend and hope our game wins out and gets the positive exposure it deserves. Let's hope it also gives a huge shot in the arm fornthe game in France. I for one can't wait to get my fix
  5. Is this governing body a replacement of the USARL or will it be another country with 2 bodies running the game? Crazy if so.
  6. Good news On a side note, does anyone know how the Bristol Sonics are doing? I believe they reformed the club in july this year? Cheers
  7. I'd go as far as to add Montpellier to that too. They showed up in numbers in 2013
  8. 'All Saints Liverpool ' stitched onto the pagoda. Interesting who they are?
  9. I wouldn't do it for a gold pig. Too much abuse these days. Do they get addressed as sir still, or has that long gone?
  10. Rodney Litchfield - Wigan born actor R.I.P https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodney_Litchfield
  11. Barge pole do not touch. RL does not need this bloke.
  12. When Toronto start producing home grown talent and a grass roots league., then maybe ill get exited about expansionism
  13. The loss of Hemel Stage is a blow to Southern RL.
  14. I get these types all the time. Just feel like telling 'em to #### off and get a grip. Some ppl can be real ar##ho##
  15. Not really a fan of scotch, although I do like Glenmorangie every now and then. Feckin Irish Whiskey is surprisingly good. I buy it online as I've not seen it in the shops anywhere in the UK Can't beat Jameson's for me.
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