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  1. I would be astounded if we beat Toronto (as would the rest of RL world ) but if we could run them closer than anyone else has that would be an amazing result and do us proud. But just as important is that we approach it in the right spirit and turn round this reputation that we now have (undeservedly) of being moaners.
  2. Thanks for your report Moscow and this line in particular; " I’ve been to many of the biggest sporting events in the world – Wimbledon, the Open Championship, Premier League football and Test Match cricket and I’ve never felt more welcome than I was on Saturday evening in Toronto." I remember Bearman and others reporting on this board what a great time they had and the same amazing welcome you experienced. Some Super League clubs may be hesitant about TW but lots of their supporters will be keen to get on that plane when they hear what a great time visiting fans have there.
  3. An All Black "Growing up idolising the likes of Andrew Johns and Allan Langer" With the hype surrounding the final Lions/AB game the timing of the release of this story is perfect
  4. Thanks. Great footage of the splashathon and it was interesting to see the the variety of people involved from the interviews. I still can't believe Societe Generale are one of the team sponsors. Having connections like that make me think this venture might have legs.
  5. Castleford's Steve Gill says "They paid a price but that doesn't stop them from doing it again and somewhere along the line someone might have to fight the battle we've had to fight. I think there needs to be a bigger, more robust action from higher to help clubs that find themselves in this position. "We felt like they were trying to bully us from day one and we were adamant that we were not going to let it happen. We said all along that we are not a selling club. "Would they have taken on a Leeds Rhinos or a Wigan?" http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/40343681 This looks like round one
  6. Don't get too dragged down by the naysayers, they are just expressing their concerns.You can't please all of the people all of the time. But the fact you have 273 "likes" from 215 posts (and Canabull a similar ratio) is testament to the goodwill towards your positivity and the TWP. You won't find anything like those ratios for even the most sensible long term contributors to this forum. The enthusiasm coming out of Canada for our game is really great to hear and I hope it becomes infectious.
  7. From the write up; " More than a business or a sport, it is about the people and the community and anyone that gets into rugby league whether as a player, groundskeeper, official or a fan, quickly becomes family." Cynics will take a pop at that, but by and large that's how I have found it to be.
  8. Knock on then red, the pressures is proving too much for Hull.
  9. Your wish has been granted; "Joe Eichner is set to be debuted against Coventry with three other North American players set to have a part as well against a stated commitment that "we are going to get more Canadians in the team" which is a victory for common sense" http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/301434-toronto-great-news/
  10. 'The game is dying' theme is alive and kicking in Australia as well, where the NRL claim the player Union's billion dollar pay demand will destroy the game. Player payments would break through the $1 billion mark in the next collective bargaining agreement and will "ultimately destroy the financial viability and structure of the game and its clubs" if a proposal from the players' union is accepted, a leaked NRL document claims. http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/nrl-says-players-1-billionplus-pay-demands-will-destroy-the-game-20170527-gwehb0.html Rupert Murdock's break away didn't destroy the game and it has withstood everything RU has thrown at it for over 100 years. We'll get through it. "She'll be right "
  11. The accessibility of RL players is something we often take for granted. It's good to see how fresh eyes can be amazed by RL players. The last few paragraphs have a positivity rarely seen in the Engish media towards RL. "The real show was put on after the game ended. The Wolfpack team spent a half-hour walking the periphery of the stadium, shaking hands and talking to the fans. Yes, that’s right – talking to them." "Moimoi was the last man off the field because so many people on hand wanted to speak to him, touch him and get a picture with him. Moimoimania was so frenzied, people were taking selfies of other people taking selfies with the Tongan."............ ................."I've covered a lot of different sports in a lot of different places, and while I have certainly seen at least this much love given off by spectators, I don't think I've ever seen so much of it reflected back from the objects of their esteem. It was remarkable to behold. It's hard to say if rugby league will catch on in Toronto. It's harder still to say if anyone will make any real money off it, or if it'll graduate to a better stadium, or get a mainstream TV deal. But those are the dreary financial concerns that build a wall between athletes and their fans. The richer they get, the more tenuous their human connection with the people who made them that way. That's axiomatic. For at least one day, it was wonderful to be reminded how much fun pro sports can be when the main goal is more than a win or a paycheque. When it's actually about the people there. All of them, for just a moment, being together."
  12. 2007 Cardiff 58,831 2008 Cardiff 63,144 2009 Edinburgh 59,749 2010 Edinburgh 52,043 2011 Cardiff 60,214 2012 Manchester 63,716 2013 Manchester 62,042 2014 Manchester 64,552 2015 Newcastle 67,841 2016 Newcastle 68,276 2017 Newcastle 65,407. Surprised to see even this years Newcastle beats all the Manchester years
  13. I struggled to find it in time for the Cup draw. Eventually found it on Radio 5 live with the cameras on. Tanya Arnold presenting, interesting discussion with Brian Noble talking about Canadian feedback from TW's first home game.
  14. It maybe with the attendance in mind they have chosen Perth because it has the highest concentration of English expats. "According to last year's census, the seven most English suburbs in Australia are all located along Perth's northern coastal strip." "All up, 230,501 West Australians were born in the UK" http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/brits-taking-over-perths-north/news-story/e77547fe422d1ee61e99801e444f7d3e