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  1. New Talk Sport RL show

  2. Media Watch World Cup

    You wait for a bus for 4 years then two come along at the same time. Two different articles, within hours of each other in the Telegraph (on line at least) both on the same theme, the veil of secrecy that the media throws over our sport when we start to get above our station. The story of how the victorious GB team bunged the world cup into the boot at the airport with not a single journalist or photographer there to greet them has been told before, but the image will always live with me as marking the contempt with which RL is treated in this country by the media. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2017/11/30/remembering-1972-nobody-noticed-won-world-cup-like-secret-years/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/england-world-cup-final-no-one-has-noticed/
  3. I'm surprised the alcohol free zone is sold out. Is this the equivalent of the family zone at our Grand final or are people just trying to avoid loud and lairy drunks. Either way the demand is there so maybe they could shift more tickets by introducing another A.F. zone.
  4. Media Watch World Cup

    Thanks Chariots, your right Vassos did go to town on it : "One of the sporting events of the year..........just the most extraordinary match and the most extraordinary occasion....... this was just sporting theatre at its very best " I hope that encourages listeners to have a look back at what they missed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09gdn52#play 2hours 21mins 15 secs in.
  5. Well this will not help sell tickets for the final
  6. I assume these photos were taken at the Parliamentary Rugby League Group’s Annual Charity Dinner the night before last. Anyone can attend as long as they cough up the £110 for the dinner. I think there may be some red faces around now and not just from the wine.
  7. Confirmed by the RLIF chief executive David Collier himself. http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/rugby-league-world-cup/league-boss-says-union-is-behind-international-snub-20171025-gz881n.html
  8. The Italian Ambassador in Pakistan says that the rebel Italian team and Federation "are legally recognized by and integral part of the Italian Olympic Committee " "integral part of the Italian Olympic Committee." How ironic it would be if the rebel RL got recognised as an Olympic sport while the legitimate sport is given the cold shoulder.
  9. You are right it is an escalation. There has always been the suggestion that Union were funding it and the fact that they have an Italian ambassador and the Pakistan Government backing them now has the hallmark of Union and the old boy network all over it.
  10. Steve Mascord did warn some time ago that this lot would come back to bite us. But I can't find the article
  11. Pakistan RL are still listed on the RLIF members page. However it looks like the whole shebang including the logo has gone over to the rebels. They have even taken the history (our history) with them, quoting their game against GB under 18's. By association trying to pass themselves off as legit. " Pakistan Rugby team has played numerous matches with top level teams such as the GB Under 18s, British Amateur Rugby team and UAE nationals." https://propakistani.pk/2017/10/23/sportsfever-start-pakistans-first-ever-rugby-league/ https://www.facebook.com/PakistanRugbyLeague/
  12. To try to establish RL in Germany is impressive enough, but to try to do it with a vicious form of cancer attacking you is truly remarkable. Outstanding.
  13. Latin American Championship

    Regardless of how good/bad the the standard of play may prove to be, it is impressive to be able to organise a tournament on this scale (even a women's game and 3 a week coaching event) all done by volunteers. Viva Latin Heat.
  14. World Cup Crowds

    Based on this evidence from the Guardian not holding a game in Newcastle looks like a missed opportunity to improve attendances; "The Canberra market has been flooded with three matches while Newcastle’s McDonald Jones Stadium, which had the fourth-highest average NRL attendance in 2017 despite hosting the wooden spooners, received nothing.The north Queensland locales of Townsville and Cairns are hosting a staggering six of the total 28 World Cup matches being played, despite their low population base." https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/nov/13/rugby-league-world-cup-has-been-snubbed-in-nrl-obsessed-australia
  15. Media Watch World Cup

    After a brilliant day for Rugby League on the field, the Torygraph chooses the headline Rugby League World Cup overshadowed by bar brawl, bans and drunk players All of it OLD news but they choose presumably with the approval of the Sports editor to throw in this spoiler. There really was only one story yesterday and that was the RLWC coming to life in a big way but they feel the need to present it like this, I would suggest because League when it is as spectacular as yesterdays games is a threat to their sporting preferences/prejudices. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2017/11/11/rugby-league-world-cup-overshadowed-bar-brawl-bans-drunk-players/