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  1. Yosser


    Population of 450,000, so just a touch smaller than Leeds
  2. I've been impressed by Red Stars fitness levels. Considering the amount of tackling they have done, they look the more energetic.
  3. As previously mention National coverage on BBC Breakfast at 9am. Good exposure for 3 1/2 minutes with cameras in Serbia and Millom. 2hours 57mins in ; https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0c01f12/breakfast-26012019 The same 3 1/2 min section repeated on the lunchtime news. This may be the beginning of greater promotion of the challenge Cup by the BBC (to which they have the rights and so should be promoting it ) after pressure from the RL Parlimentry Group/ RFL
  4. Once again Liew is not frightened to tell the truth even if that means embarrassing Rugby Union. Mentioning as he does another disgraceful episode when Rugby League was banned by the Tito regime. Top man. Take a bow, I wish other journalists would follow his lead.
  5. According to this interview published today Argyle is turning down sponsors and yet the RFL can't seem to find sponsors. Just a different level of professionalism. One organisation on the way up, the other on the way down and reduced to desperate measures that are an embarrassment to the sport . https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Global/Issues/2018/12/07/People-and-Pop-Culture/Hangin-With
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06qvvxl/rugby-league-2018-england-v-new-zealand-forum Rimmer 26 minutes in.
  7. I'm very pleased Graham has been made Captain for the second test. Well deserve, if anyone has put their body on the line for England over the years it is James Graham. And in his home town.
  8. Yosser

    Grand Final Crowd

    I agree with Dave T and Thirteenthman it must put many people off going. I went with my little lad and bought tickets months in advance to get seats at the end of a row in the "family" section which I thought would offer the best chance of avoiding drunken yobs. In the event I was surprised how few families there were. I was sat next to two blokes who were completely legless falling on top of the people in the row in front every time they stood up. They barely watched the game preferring to f and blind to all around them about the state of the game ( oh the irony ). And would n't you know it a fight broke out in the aisle right next to my lad and in front of the stewards who did nothing. All this grief in the "family" section !!! None of this will stop me going again but sadly I can no longer recommend it to friends or family. There is no point in the game trying to attract a new audience until it has cleaned up it's act or most newcomers will never return.
  9. Yosser

    What now for Toronto?

    But there will in all likelihood be clauses. NRL teams are forever losing sponsors through contract clauses.
  10. Yosser

    What now for Toronto?

    Argyle now has to persuade Transat to keep the faith and continue to transport teams and officials for free for at least another year until the 15,000 traveling Super League fans that he predicted arrive to provide a return on their investment. Transat are a big part of the jigsaw, hopefully they will hang in there.
  11. In that interview he says he wants Toronto games accessible for people to watch in "Latin America, Africa and most importantly China." He is constantly pushing boundaries and seems determined to take the game out of it's box. Interesting times ahead.
  12. Yosser

    New $250,000 NRL Logo

    NRL’S $250K SPLURGE TO REMOVE LOGO’S AUSSIE LINKS THE NRL has outlaid massive money on a rebrand for an updated logo which is even simpler than the last one. The main change mark the game’s attempt to move away from the current logo’s Australian links by removing the iconic Southern Cross. nymouhttps://myaccount.news.com.au/sites/dailytelegraph/subscribe.html?sourceCode=DTWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&mode=premium&dest=https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/nrls-250000-splurge-to-remove-australian-links-from-game-logo/news-story/e6c57a8cff5abb89ae38d1b2c14741a6?memtype=anos
  13. That's not much different to the old one. Money well spent?
  14. Hope this helps https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/rugby-league/11499398/toronto-13-12-toulouse Without the benefit of slow motion it is very difficult at full speed to see him drop the ball
  15. With used paperback copies changing hands on ebay for £50 a reprint is long overdue. Thanks for looking into it John