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  1. Hope this helps https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/rugby-league/11499398/toronto-13-12-toulouse Without the benefit of slow motion it is very difficult at full speed to see him drop the ball
  2. With used paperback copies changing hands on ebay for £50 a reprint is long overdue. Thanks for looking into it John
  3. Yosser

    Bravo BBC

    I’m guessing we have a lot to thank Dave Woods for todays emphasise on the shocking history of French RL. Bringing this to the attention of a wider audience is something he would relish and shows how important his appointment as the BBC’s first full time RL correspondent has been
  4. Hoping for a draw. I want rovers to stay up and TWP to go up. 10 mins in and still waiting for Radio Humberside to get their live stream working, They are just playing dire music at the moment
  5. Yosser

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    I have watched all of this series and enjoyed the majority of them. Unfortunately this episode fell short. The only panelist that I learned anything new from this week was the former Cronulla Sharks chairman. Having them all talk over each other was not a good look. The first topic being the qualifies should have ignited the interest from the off, but when Danny Lockwood was asked "if his pulse had been racing with excitement" by the comp he answered with a big fat "No" and proceeded to talk it down. For a lot of people it promises to be the most fascinating relegation/promotion battle for years. Talk about talking the sport down ! Danny is a promoters worst nightmare. With friends like Danny who needs.....
  6. Yes a good news story! To be matched by another £10million from the game to be spent on community clubs. Total £20 Million. Although only to be spent on infrastructure, unfortunately nothing to be spent on developement Officers, but still a good news story. So there will be a lots of new shiny artificial pitches and clubhouses which should help pull in new players and might generate income for the clubs. This money is in addition to the £15 million the Government is giving to help with the staging of the World Cup. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/44848144 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06dwjnr#play
  7. Gavin Willacy from the Guardian has this message for the nahsayers; Toronto Wolfpack are on their way to the Super League, so get used to it. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2018/apr/30/toronto-wolfpack-super-league-championship-rugby
  8. That's the Sports Rights man making that claim not me , Oxford. However I agree with you that if he is going to claim the BBC would not ditch RL for political reasons, he needs to back that up. It's a big claim but he doesn't explain or justify it.
  9. Dave Woods interviews an independent Sports Rights Consultant and former Head of BBC Sports Rights, who says RL is no longer a strategic summer sport for Sky and it may even be paying too much for RL now ! It used to be seen as filling the gap in the Football season but Formula 1 and cricket now fill that role for them. So when Sky is taken over the new owners may not see a need for RL. However it seems not everyone would necessarily want to ditch us. He claims that with the BBC Sports Department now based in Salford it would be difficult for the BBC politically to walk away from RL but he insists the BBC need to sell the Challenge Cup more and that the RFL need to push for this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p064gq87
  10. Yosser

    Reni Maitua Interview

    Thanks for that Krzzy. I enjoyed Jy's story about how he knocked himself out. Priceless ! 1:38
  11. There is already a thread on this topic with 67 replies further down the page. No harm done, they'll merge the threads.
  12. Although it is way to early in the season to be talking in terms of "thrashed" 1.9M compared to 1.4M gives the NRL 26% more viewers than the AFL which if it continued to the end of the season would certainly make sponsors sit up.
  13. "AFL viewership on pay TV is down almost 6% after two rounds of their competition while the NRL has gone the other way and is up 6%." "In total, across both pay TV and free-to-air, the NRL thrashed the AFL 1.9 million viewers to 1.5 million." I wouldn't call it "thrashed" but it's certainly very encouraging. http://the81stminute.com/2018/04/doomsayers-think-again-as-nrl-smash-afl-in-tv-ratings/
  14. Assuming that's Canadian $s then that's £55. Maybe they should have included a Baseball hat and/or Tee shirt to beef up the package. But then I understand they have had problems in the past getting supplies of merchandise.
  15. Good clean fast game so far and the first penalty not until the 10 minute mark.