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  1. Perez; "All the oppression (from the dark side ) that it’s (RL's) been under for the last hundred years, we’re wiping away in markets that don’t care about class difference." Go on son.
  2. Someone has done an impressive amount of homework to compile all that. It's very good to see this year the BBC will again be broadcasting a couple of live Friday night games on TV.
  3. Dave Woods confirming 3 year commitment required and personal liability http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/38528436
  4. I enjoyed that and I was pleased they didn 't try to swerve round the uncomfortable facts surrounding the recruitment and treatment of the PNG Carriers during the war.
  5. The Sports Editor of the Mail on Sunday, Alison Kervin is a close ally of union and is so trusted by the union community that she is credited with having helped Jason Leonard and Phil Vickery write their autobiographies and has written an biograghy of Sir Clive the Immortal. In this years new years honours list she was given an OBE for her services to .......... The Mail on Sunday and the Mail have always been sycophantic bedfellows of union.
  6. Dave Hadfield said that " even people who think they loathe the sight and sound of him find when they meet him that they love him really."
  7. In an interview with Dave Hadfield, John Godber said it took him 17 years to get funding for the film and he was convinced that if it had been a film about RU it would have taken 17 minutes to get the funding and he thought that said a lot about the marginalization of RL.
  8. Big scores in one sided games could put Toronto spectators off the game. But they need a good enough team to go up. Tricky balancing act that.
  9. Very inspiring. This would be a great video to show would be sponsors and local councils in development areas to show the power Rugby League has to transform a community.
  10. Thanks Rabbit, that's encouraging. That will eat into RU 's power base and will be ruffling some feathers. Am I right in thinking Laurie Daley was targeting schools in the North Shore area ?
  11. Same, problems yesterday, ok today
  12. Does anyone know if the push by Laurie Daley to get League played in private schools a year and a half ago has had any success ? http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/push-to-introduce-rugby-league-into-sydneys-elite-gps-schools-20150404-1mehrb.html
  13. I'm not sure what your point is Dave. I'm just pointing out that it was more informative than the usual Wayne interview.
  14. I thought on this occasion Wayne gave a good interview (by his standards ). It's interesting that he still has great faith in the team, saying there is a really good football team in there but they just have to believe in themselves. I don't think he would have taken the job if he didn't believe they could win a major tournament. But he is focusing on his interpretation that "right now they don't believe in themselves" I thought it was a much more informative than the usual coach's interview, "we just have to complete our sets , cut out the mistakes ----etc. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/37969293
  15. I agree with all those akin the double header in this instance. In the past when the Kangaroos were in a league of their own for a long time NZ/Aust was a hard sell. But we should be taking advantage of NZ's rise while it lasts. I think with the teams so close it would have sold well as a stand alone fixture in the heartlands. The key thing is people like a closely contested game and the rugby on offer is world class.