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  1. The main focus should be on the junior game as these are where the professional players come from. A bit of a revamp maybe needed at open age level to best suit the leisure habits of adults these days. I think tag, 9s and masters should be pushed more at open age level which would at least allow clubs to play in competitions even if they are struggling for numbers instead of having to fold. Also, college and University RL should be a big focus of the RFL to keep young adults playing the game. As I mentioned at the start, a thriving junior game is the real measure of the strength of the amateur game
  2. Welcome. The games even better when you're there at the stadium. Spread the word!
  3. If you're born in Poland are you heritage?
  4. Yeah they key factor is growing the domestic game in Poland but a decent international side would compliment this. I think the difference between Poland and the countries you mentioned at the moment is that a lot of the potential players in the UK would be Polish born rather than heritage which would give a bit more credibility to the side
  5. I think Poland has the potential to be a decent international side. I wonder how many Polish born players there are currently playing at various levels in the UK
  6. Are England playing France at the end of the season as a warm up for the WC?
  7. I don't think any players would give up the opportunity to play for their country for the Exiles. Even if quite a few still got selected there would still be plenty left to put out a reasonably strong side. I mentioned exiles as I think the other European nations should play each other and it gives the Knights a competitive fixture without compromising the integrity of international football
  8. I like the format of Jim_57 post. If the Knights were to be included could they play the exiles?
  9. Hopefully, in time, the regional leagues underneath can expand to more divisions as I believe that adding new teams in these leagues with junior sections is what real expansion is about. They could even run smaller more regionalised competitions below the regional leagues, for example, a 5 team North London and 5 team South London underneath the London 2 division.
  10. Is the ANZAC test still being played mid season next year?
  11. I think another way we could help is by promoting local junior clubs. Maybe even try and convince people to take their children down to play at the local club
  12. Instead of 9s should this weekend be used for Internationals
  13. But it's already been decided to have GB and Ireland so why not include the Pacific Islands.
  14. The GB and Ireland tour is happening. I'm just suggesting a way of including Pacific players in this and regardless of what you think about the ethics it would be a great side. If not these players will miss the opportunity to play in such big games at the end of that season so may decide not to make themselves available for Sonia, Tonga etc. It's only every 4 years, the rest of the time a comprehensive schedule could be organised for many of the individual nations. Mid season tests would still be played and hopefully these will be expanded.
  15. If there were 2 International weekends the other could be England vs winner of Wales/France Loser Wales/France vs Winner Scotland/Ireland Loser Scotland/Ireland vs next ranked NH side