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  1. Although I do like the media coverage and new fans TWP have brought to the game I'd prefer a strong 2nd club in London and hopefully lots of investment in the community game. If Broncos and Skolars can grow then I think it could be a massive boost to the game here and would add more to the TV deal, increase media coverage and sponsorship and hopefully boost playing numbers. More so than TWP imo
  2. With all the hype surrounding the new season with the change in structure and rule changes have clubs seen an uptake in season ticket sales compared to last season. Would be interested to see how clubs are doing
  3. Thanks for that. How long has he been in Australia?
  4. Ive always enjoyed watching the Broncos but I tend to be more interested in the teams with the English players now. I read on here that a young English lad is on the fringes of the Broncos squad
  5. JM2010

    Thunder developing on and off the field

    As much as I like hearing about professional clubs starting in new places this is the kind of expansion I prefer. New (ish) areas expanding the amount of community clubs and schools playing the game.
  6. How many community clubs does Liverpool currently have? Places like Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Chester etc are all well placed to help expand the junior and community game
  7. Hopefully more and more PNG players will play in Australia and UK at SL and NRL level as well as Championship and Queensland Cup/NSW competition.
  8. I'm going for Charnley. He knows where the line is and if he gets good service and stays fit I think he will score a lot of tries
  9. JM2010

    African Developments

    I wonder if they could get Offiah involved in some capacity even if it was just to get publicity
  10. I think it needs building into the equivalent of the NCL for the South. These clubs should build up a strong a base of juniors as possible and hopefully this league can expand in time. A bottom up approach should be taken with regionalised leagues underneath expanding first and adding new teams then if any team meets the criteria they can apply
  11. Are there direct flights to Perth? I'm sure there's one from London to Sydney which takes about 20 hours. Perth would be about 16/17 hours direct
  12. JM2010

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    I was thinking something similar. What are Wales like at this age group?
  13. JM2010

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Isn't the North West an official region of England as well as Yorkshire and the Humber?
  14. Why couldn't the RFL start selling tickets in France and even in Canada now and advertise it a a must see event regardless of who gets there. They may get a few thousand who want to go even if their team doesn't make it. They should set themselves a target for ticket sales before the finalists are known. If they can sell a good number more people would probably want to go as it becomes a bigger event and there may even be s rush for tickets after the semis
  15. There needs to be some kind of pyramid below the Southern Premier getting more regionalised the further down the pyramid it goes. This would require more teams to be created but would help expand the game in the south