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  1. It could be amateur teams from the home nations
  2. They could also help to spread the game in their home nations by increasing the profile and strengthening the national teams if they play for them
  3. How many more young players from Eastern Europe are in SL systems?
  4. if this happens I wouldn't be surprised if a new Wakefield team was created in League 1 as I think the fans would be unhappy about not having a club
  5. I agree with 1 and 2 and hope they could bring additional broadcast and sponsorship money to help with 3. I'd also like to see them help to develop talent over here as that's where a lot of their players will be coming from for a while yet
  6. It's nice to see you respect others opinions. You don't have to agree with my idea but everyone is entitled to an opinion. Don't let it ruin your weekend
  7. KInd of. Teams wouldn't be able to apply straight to Super League though but they could get promoted from the Championship as I would have p and r between SL and Championship
  8. With Toronto looking to be head and shoulders above the rest of league 1 both on and off the field and Toulouse coming through league 1 last year should the RFL look to make entry to the Championship franchise based? This would give any well run and financed new clubs with realistic ambitions of reaching Super League a higher level of competition and let them start a step closer, which may encourage investors to get involved. It may also help raise the standard of this competition as I think Toronto would be up there competing near the top. League 1 could then be used for any clubs who aren't ready to climb the ladder and it could be more competitive as teams wouldn't be entering and thrashing teams as these teams would go straight to the Championship. Any teams who are unsuccessful with their Championship applications could be placed in League 1 until they are ready to enter the Championship. With no promotion from League 1 this could allow dual registration to be used in this league also
  9. How many amateur clubs are currently running in Coventry?
  10. Interest in League 1 has never been so high. Lots of media attention, televised games and every side upping their game for Toronto. Hopefully this will lead to more exposure in the future even without Toronto
  11. Does anyone know what kind of viewing figures these Toronto games are getting here and back in Canada?
  12. Thanks for that I didn't realise.
  13. Could they form their own competition, even if they only play every other week?
  14. I think one of the most important factors for any area to produce talent is to make the game fashionable. In areas where there isn't much RL played the main barrier is convincing the best athletes to choose the sport. Places like Wigan have the advantage here as RL is the number one choice for a lot of the kids so the standards of players is much higher. Other areas where the game isn't as popular or fashionable can still set up junior clubs but many of the most talented athletes won't go as its seen as alternative rather than cool.
  15. Every time development and increasing participation is mentioned there are many different ideas and arguments how it should be done. I agree with Parky that a big push is needed in the North West and Yorkshire to expand on what we already have as these areas are a quick win in comparison to others. Should London also be targeted as a potential hotbed of the game? There are already two established professional clubs and quite a few community clubs and schools already playing. Would directing any funds into development in London give a good return and help create another hotbed for rugby league like the NW and Yorkshire?