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  1. How many teams will there be in the Nigerian competition?
  2. I think the NE could be a real growth area for the game at junior and community level. They're not too far from the heartlands so any of the stronger clubs can play in a stronger competition if needed. Newcastle getting promoted could help accelerate that growth
  3. Maybe not a big city but a well known one that would be a great place for away fans to visit. I agree that it's too soon for them in the next couple of years but it's good to see them doing well. I think both the SL and Championship are going to provide a lot of entertainment this season
  4. I think they'd all add something but my preference in order would be Toulouse Toronto York Sheffield
  5. I did say current top 4. I think Toulouse and Toronto are guaranteed. A lot can change over the course of the season but I think at least 3 of those teams will make the playoffs with Halifax, Featherstone and Bradford being other possible contenders
  6. The current top 4 in the Championship are all big cities and aren't from the current strongholds of Greater Manchester, Cheshire/Merseyside, West Yorkshire or East Yorkshire. It's highly likely that the promoted club will come from one of these with a Toulouse vs Toronto GF being my prediction. Which team do you think will add the most to SL and have the best chance of becoming a team that challenges at the top?
  7. Out of interest Parky (and this isn't a dig at you), which current clubs outside of SL do you think would benefit from a rich investor? Bradford being the obvious one
  8. Sarginson looking dangerous every time he gets the ball
  9. JM2010

    Credit where it’s due

    Are they getting decent viewing figures for these games
  10. Would like to see a western Mediterranean SL like the Balkan version. Teams from Spain, France, Italy and maybe Malta. Could even look to include Morrocan teams at some point
  11. It would be good if this could be emulated here. There's lots of African communities in the UK
  12. I like this as an idea even if they all don't come over. The other home nations could play as well as England
  13. It may be an England international who is already playing in the NRL. Graham, a Burgess, Hodgson?
  14. Mine is very similar but I went for Bradford instead of Leigh