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  1. I think some of the comments on the Love RL blog are telling Everything is wrong including the kitchen sink, despite contrary evidence on those same comments. As for using the ccforum where good news and reasonable threads go to die to back up what you say ........... It's where I find all the good things about TGG; they talk of little else there!
  2. Says it all. Hope all goes well for him.
  3. Good examples of why it's the opposite of what you say right here on this thread. Really?
  4. I think it might be the new "Last Orders!" "Time Migrants Please!" "Can I have your glasses, jobs lives futures?"
  5. I think before Brexit we were already divided but I think we've moved on to divided, separated, intransigent, unforgiving and at times downright nasty. We've opened Pandora's Box because some wanted to see what was inside. And the evidence is everywhere: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/27/undercover-police-spied-on-more-than-1000-political-groups-in-uk
  6. Dali is little else if not disturbing ...... Got to keep the TGG Gallery alive and growingreminder of outside loos for those who don't want to forget!
  7. Yeah, pity they can't do that with racism and prejudice! In terms of unions and industry/companies I think we may be regressing towards a very 19th century approach. I believe that when (not if) the Tories win the next election rights will begin to disappear bit by bit in much the same way they already are. But not to worry they'll always be fox hunting to cheer us up.
  8. I must admit I would have thought so too but their injuries plus dip in form against a very consistent team getting good players back, I've seen nothing to change my mind from 50 - 6 to Wigan,
  9. Trophy, Prize Money, International?Test places and good marketing and only picking people on form and fit all the things that go missing every time we try anything in RL!
  10. I'll be very surprised if you don't get the usual negative responses here with this suggestion. It would be or should be a step up from SL matches, something interesting on our bare calendar, but it wasn't marketed well the last time out and then the RFL decided to give it up, after only a short time, and the clubs probably demanded they get rid of it, and the fans moaned about it ...... so the normal suspects and the routine result.
  11. I like this picture though it doesn't quite suggest just how much the business man in Trump will be licking his lip at the prospect of a weak (UK) company being his opponents in negotiating a Trade Deal ( repeat after me lopsided, one sided, imbalanced and biased - and then call us a Favored Nation and you'll have it all down pat) .
  12. Now that's just weird! Not as weird as the Australians not being in an RL final though!
  13. I think that was just a different tack from a leaver, dismissing the posts as lacking debate because he didn't agree. We all tend to get a bit louder when we think we're not being listened to. In any event the EU debate seems to getting down to the nitty gritty of it all - migration. It's a real shame we don't have more John Oliver type TV programmes things with a bit of fun that point out the inconsistencies and worrying aspects of all our political parties and governments. And it's been sad that for most of my lifetime we've had a more or less entirely Tory set of newspapers. A bit more analysis, illustrations of all sides of the argument and attention paid to the consequences of policies would all help here. It is interesting that Mrs Thatcher was unhappy with children being taught anything about modern(recent) social/political events and you have to ask why? Did she imagine teachers were all lefties and would corrupt children? In any event it was an attempt censorship to some extent that went almost unnoticed at the time. But when we ask the people to vote on something pretty important it would be as well if they were voting from a position of real in depth understanding rather than a bunch of half-truths, sound bites and rallying calls.
  14. On my searches for some favourites I found this and it became one!