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  1. Where please? URL?
  2. These are good specifics and need addressing. The point about clubs in financial strife despite a record deal is a strange one because of the club being in charge means however much money clubs have, and I know fans of the clubs in trouble won't agree, they will still get in trouble. Crowds not improving needs an analysis about why as it could just be an aging population disappearing bit by bit, but might also be disenchantment as expressed on here many times. Many, many, many times. As for manipulating the KPIs that's a bit of your own cynicism there and to be honest would only matter if they were complete fabrications and attempts to mislead or defraud. Massaging the over all look of any improvement is not a crime and wouldn't necessarily be either unethical or a dereliction nor would it imply they're not up to the job. Which would leave Coventry.......
  3. I think Firefox as a browser can help you here they have VPNs available as addons and extensions.
  4. Past players were great and so are modern ones so long as you can spot clay feet and wear your Specsavers (other possible sponsor vision aid groups are available!).
  5. The ones the RFL never said they were doing!
  6. Rugby League Goes Transatlantic To avoid confusion with inferior products carrying the same epithet which are not going transatlantic but will be watching this space very carefully indeed!
  7. Hello NS I don't know if you've read my posts before but I've said often (too often probably) that all posts and opinions are valid and that is why I respond with evidence and clear argument for the most part and taking the mickey when all else fails. When you talk about the points test I assume you meant reference to specific rather than general bashing because that's when you know the RFL have earned the criticism and are not just included in a sentence with are, The and rubbish. If the RFL were more open in what they are doing in those specific areas people might be inclined to be more positive. Though in these days of keyboard genius and social media invective this seems very unlikely and whatever they do or don't do rarely matters or makes any difference.
  8. Nostalgia = The art of letting the memory play tricks at one end whilst the eyesight does the same at the other which means it's impossible to tell fiction from fiction. James Taylor " The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time...."
  9. Me too and maybe that song needs to be our anthem!
  10. Somewhere in France I have a copy of an old old old Rugby League Magazine, editor A N Gaulton (I think) and when it wasn't a Kangaroo tour year it was open season on the RFL and the incumbents. The evidence of an unhappy sport is there, always.
  11. Yes and YES, Dave being critical in specific and detailed logical and reasoned ways tends to be a bit harder than a good old blanket bashing of someone or something. If you've done all these things then it wasn't referring to you. The RFL or individuals there may not be up to the job but even when they are (80k kids and helping Amateur clubs be self sufficient both of which are excellent and need applauding) it is ignored, criticised and dismissed as spin because it doesn't suit the bash.
  12. Hello LD I also posted a great one (URL) about Eric( the man who should be king) and the Wolfpack but no one turned up! However, I couldn't agree more with your post.
  13. Yes him, Gareth Hock and HRH may prove that there is a road to Damascus and miracles do happen. And if all this comes true what a great year we're in for! " When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you ....." Which means with Salford's level of luck it will all crash on the rocks of the Home Office. Mind you I think we're in for a great year if none of it comes to fruition.
  14. "Ready and willing: Toronto Wolfpack set to bear claws on transatlantic adventure" This newspaper is fast becoming my favourite one for RL. Good positive story and from a player's angle, and the map is interesting in itself. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/ready-and-willing-toronto-wolfpack-set-to-bear-claws-on-transatlantic-adventure-1-8345899
  15. Was that a way of saying Stevo's irreplaceable, or Sky are being too cheap to provide someone? Someone who loves the game but with a background and accent that appears out of place. And although I can't think of a candidate who fits the bill here logic tells me there must be someone out there that this description fits.