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  1. Are there people who forget? I didn't "miss" Leeds off it was intentional, I'm a bit bored with how often they've been mentioned.
  2. " .....obviously Halifax 87, Bradford back to back titles under Fox, Widnes Laughton years etc etc ...." Sounds like an invitation to "Sunday bloody Sunday" to me. Great stuff!
  3. Obviously because they've no Canadian players, haven't done much since they arrived and didn't even think to bring bags of cash for each traditional heartland club to fritter away, had the nerve to start at the bottom and win games and even celebrated when they won! Well done the Red devils by the way for doing it the hard way and well done to Swinton Lions also, into the bag with Leeds,HKR etc magic!
  4. Oh, it must be true then!
  5. "Why waste a sentence saying nothing?" Seth Godin Because sometimes it's better to use a thousand to say even less. That way you can manipulate a straight forward news item as a vehicle for any old thing you want to. Does anyone remember that Brierley has signed for TWP? I'm not surprised we must have either glazed over or become comatose over this one. Brierley to Toronto!
  6. I've no idea what you might mean.
  7. It's a bit rich of anyone to blame RL being where it is located for their attitudes towards it as a sport admittedly though you desperately need clout, political or otherwise, in France.
  8. No we're saving that for when the Wolf pack are in 'toon.
  9. Sadly if some do it they all should it's a terrific move but as usual appears uncoordinated and brand disunified. Shame.
  10. But oiseau are things changing in France? Is this the signal at last, or just one swallow fooling us into thinking about summer?
  11. You really can't help yourself you should write a book "How to Drive away friends and Put everyone off" You accuse people of being dismissive and then write the above! What I wrote, and I'm sorry you don't understand enough English to follow it, was not intended as way to get crowds but to refer you to one aspect of business plans that time and time again you choose to ignore. But then again you choose to ignore more or less everything else in an argument. I'm afraid people might be right about you, Mary! Back to the button for you, I'm sorry to say. I do hope it is a new dawn for SRD as their long suffering fans deserve a few days in the sun, at least they enjoy RL.
  12. Yes it's hard to remember that when you're on this forum isn't it,Johnoco? Fun?
  13. I'm ambivalent here good publicity but then again something that smacks of Eddie Waring on It's a Knockout .................