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  1. I simply don't know how people managed this one to come up with 17, My last count was a top 47 and rising and I think even under Northern Union Rules that would have been a few too many!
  2. I keep saying that Leigh are a better side than their position but there was no opposition on show in this game so however the Centurions were feeling it wouldn't have mattered. As for the Red Devils: Judging by their performance on Friday their hopes of Wembley and/or Old Trafford rest upon that mathematical research that proves an elephant can cling over the side of cliff holding on to a daisy.
  3. I was really glad to hear your reaction to this because my first thought was why? Because the amount of bagging about the quality on show will undoubtedly be the theme of all the talk and writing up to, during and after the games. Hope I'm proved wrong.
  4. You can bet some SL clubs will be aware and watching from the wings. With three generations born here at least he should be safe under Brexit! Well, as long as they have a UK passport, I suppose.
  5. And yet there are people on here who maintain there isn't enough stuff to fill a TGG television channel! Great stuff yet again. The difference in attitude by the rfu between Wales and the North of England is a telling point and an indication of how this rival will be hypocritical but logical in it's approach to the market even though they were amateur or liked the appearance of amateurism above all. It also shows how Jean Galia should be included in a Hall of Fame for our Game's Founding Fathers.
  6. Well, privatization has been a wonderful success and a glorious example of why it works,not! Living in the South as I do the difference in infrastructure and investment between the two beggars belief. And it's a bit like closing the educational gap whilst leaving poverty more or less untouched. You just know they'll be looking for the magic key to make it work as cheaply as possible and therefore it'll never really happen. And we'll continue wasting talent and ambition forever.
  7. Talkin' about versions I can't make up my mind between Richard Thompson, Paul Burgess and Paolo Nutini on this one at all. I have all three and never really tire of any of them, maybe because the song is so great "It ...really doesn't matter at all! To quote Marc Bolan and to finish with Marc. "Life's a gas.....Hope it's gonna last!"
  8. There will be trepidation because no one likes change and this is one of those moments where we're all like the sailors on the Santa Maria, all convinced if we don't throw Cristoforo Colombo overboard we'll all be dragged off the edge of the world, "It's common knowledge, everyone knows it and all the stories told to us by those that can read and write confirm this is so!" Sound familiar?
  9. No, of course a rugby channel wouldn't be any good for RL because the invisible contract between ru and Sky would ensure their preeminence and domination of that channel. And no not about kick and clap just about their sensible and logical approach to market forces and market rivals which lovers of both sports just don't get or don't want to get. This is the one area where RL fans' paranoia makes perfect sense. It's also the one where we have even less focus and reason than refs, the RFL and my teams being badly done to symptoms.
  10. The sort of there's no smoke without fire approach to understanding what Journos write. I can't say I'd subscribe to this view as I've never yet read or heard a journalist where the writing didn't need the Winsford mines never mind a pinch of the stuff. Does that mean we can trust anyone's words ? Well, no not really because the suppositions are based on our preferences and passions and they create our agendas - not exactly lying through our teeth just truly unreliable witnesses to every one of TGG's crimes and accidents.But it does provide good internet and social media fodder and entertainment. It's why we're here, because we're bringing the two tablets of stone down the mountain which provide the only way through for TGG. The trouble is, at the foot of the hill, all the followers are dancing round their own idols and up to mischief. The ideal context for TWP is a sport that believes in the idea, looks at the opportunities it brings and works in unison to bring it all about. It would also need to be a sport in love with itself, All of which means ..... not TGG!
  11. That's funny(odd) because I don't know anyone who voted leave who wasn't transfixed by johnny foreigner and tommy immigrant to some extent or another. I was in hospital the other day and saw once again how reliant we are, in our NHS, on the "ne'er do wells" from Europe and can't help but despair at what we've done this time around. The idea that any amount of trade deals will fix this is tragic.
  12. i was listening to the Stereophonics version but I like this one a bit more ...
  13. And many a mickle makes a muckle! One related thing is the Red Devil's fans seem to think their two mew signings will ne available for the CC Semi, .... That can't be true, can it?
  14. Although it would be foolish to write them off completely, I think they'll need to look at next season for any chance of a trophy. When your coach starts saying they're worried about the teams drop in form you'd have to be concerned as a fan.
  15. If so it'll fit right in with austerity, won't it? "Writing in Brexit Central, Mr Clarke said: “If we get Brexit right, we can be a confident, self-governing country once again. "A country that takes the decisions that matter to Britain here in Britain.” Did the Welsh and Scots notice they went missing from this song? It was almost as if they were neutral during the war! Also ...... "However, the UK may want to continue to be part of certain EU programmes, for instance research. “Moreover, Norway and Switzerland both pay into the EU’s coffers under various headings, and this is (to some extent) seen as a quid pro quo for market access. Soft Brexit might, therefore, imply continuing payments.” Looks very much like we're leaving sort of, maybe, nearly etc, etc.