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  1. Isn't it great to hear the new kinds of accents in TGG?
  2. Can't wait, not long now!
  3. Yes sadly the calls for justice just look like demands for interminable retribution these days. They go on for longer than a thread about Bradford!
  4. Big thanks for the post Copa, I think (not know) that Mr Perez understands the importance of media coverage for the game as a whole and has the where with all to go about it in the right way. "Perez, an ex-advertising executive, is overseeing a PR and digital media campaign that would be the envy of large corporates. Carefully crafted branding and numerous media, social media and reality television activities have ensured that the Wolfpack is in the hearts and minds of rugby league fans. A number of supporters worldwide have jumped on the bandwagon already and declared the Wolfpack as their ‘second team’ before a tackle has been made." Or you could belittle this as nothing proven yet the choice is there to be made.
  5. Saw the highlights quite impressive. T O T O T O!
  6. I was talking about the both of them in my post. Is your club cursed Red Willow? If there was an SL league for bad luck you'd be in the top six every season!
  7. Using false premise is a good way of dismissing other people's views but once again you've slightly misunderstood what was said. I have never said there's a class war or plot of any kind. Prejudice doesn't work along those lines it is much more subtle and embedded than that. I can't speak for Eric (who should be King!) but I think his understanding of the game is that it is too good to have been restricted in the way it has been and changes like Toronto will help that to change for the better. If that isn't for the good of the game I don't know what is. The lack of media coverage is not of the game's own making and are a very product of the thing you so stringently deny exists or happens. The lack of street credibility for our game is a by product and may be one of the reasons for the falling numbers of participants. And the discussion is about the fans, the RFL and the affects of negativity rather than the game shooting itself in the foot, which it may or may not be doing. If fans are disenchanted it is only right and proper to see what they're disgruntled about and if there is any substance to their grievances. If their sole happiness lies in churning up the miserable or misdirecting the debate then no amount of discussion can help!
  8. Sooty, won't spoil the game with irrelevant asides about not getting his wallet out or who wears the wig?
  9. Apart from arguing that black is really white what is this post about Parky? I did not come to a conclusion but asked a question as part of the debate. I do find this hard to fathom because even though I know there are lots of problems and issues with the game I have not fallen out of love with it and try to keep hold of my sense of perspective about it. You've gone a bit overboard in that response especially as you are a poster who maintains strongly that interest in the game is an issue.
  10. And here's a case in point, Thanks for the reply. The Toronto thread was actually about the game as a whole getting rid of the class ridden problems it finds itself in the UK. It looked forward in a positive way. The head in the sand article looked at everything that was wrong, including the dog not being well, and tried to ascribe blame. The two things are separated by their levels of optimism not their level of importance to the sport. But this is not about Toronto any more than it's about Salford, Bradford or Widnes it is purely and simply about the the RFL and the truth behind what they do and the way the lifeblood of the game the fans are responding to them and the state of the game as they perceive it to be. As I said, easy to be distracted.
  11. It's difficult not to be distracted by what are side issues here. But if there is an overall disenchantment with the game where does it spring from? I have said already that of the two threads I posted the miserable one attracted the most posts and comments. Could that be part of the problem? Are we only really interested in the bad news and those things that annoy us? Is this the origin of the article and the theme of many of the threads on here. In order to make a happy sport do we need to change the outlook of the stakeholders or the purpose of the forum to only attack and negative posts welcome?
  12. Yes and what is it about the sport that's doing this, making them feel this way? You could understand it if they were all Bradford and Salford fans but why would a Wolves fan or a Warriors sore winner be affected?
  13. The truth is that the RFL are transparent, not only are there documents, there is the RFL websites and attempts are made to clarify in the press certain issues mostly the ones made a fuss of by fans and pundits alike. Putting a spin on something is neither unusual or illegal and not even an attempt to deceive it is simply saying we've done this and it's good because ............ This may not suit those but it does not make them the NFPs, villains and scallywags they are made out to be. Some of the realism is financial, others to do with the power of clubs as stakeholders. At the end of all this the RFL can't answer all the issues because some are beyond their control, some are mirages and imaginary, and most of all they can't satisfy extreme ends of the spectrum on some issues as represented by, for example, Parky and myself. That means they're on a hiding to nothing whatever they decide to do. The criticism will be incessant because one group or another will have its nose put out of joint. The article which, as I said. had many good points also contained much misdirected blame as could be mustered. If we all agreed on one issue we might all get to see the wood for the forest. But the main problem is the morale of the sport as a whole which seems to be negative, counter productive and overloaded with blame culture. So much so that even when the RFL do something good we are treated to a barrage of complaint, cynicism and disbelief. Speaking of which. If you read at least half the posts on here you would know that some of us are suggesting something a bit more balanced but bringing your old bread to the party doesn't altogether help. Many of us are saying exactly the same, the head in the sand argument doesn't old water, the problem seems to be the number of disgruntled, dissatisfied and disenchanted fans. The league structure is not the problem despite your crusade against it. Missing out the positives in the game may suit the the unhappy but we the fans deserve better than being driven by their agendas rather than the truth.
  14. And at the BBC the northerness is never an issue. This must be in house because if Sky had signed someone different they would have mentioned it by now, surely?
  15. I agree but lumping all the negative together to form the basis of an argument is not realistic, apart from being bad journalism it's imbalanced. The cause is not let's be happy as it all goes down the tubes but gaining a clear and well investigated look at the RFL and the state of the game. There is no doubt there is a sense of depression about the place but is it based on reality or myth, rumour and conjecture? Blaming the RFL for the state of the toilets at the local railway station will never be helpful and only serves those who can't see the wood for the proverbial.