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  1. I think that was just a different tack from a leaver, dismissing the posts as lacking debate because he didn't agree. We all tend to get a bit louder when we think we're not being listened to. In any event the EU debate seems to getting down to the nitty gritty of it all - migration. It's a real shame we don't have more John Oliver type TV programmes things with a bit of fun that point out the inconsistencies and worrying aspects of all our political parties and governments. And it's been sad that for most of my lifetime we've had a more or less entirely Tory set of newspapers. A bit more analysis, illustrations of all sides of the argument and attention paid to the consequences of policies would all help here. It is interesting that Mrs Thatcher was unhappy with children being taught anything about modern(recent) social/political events and you have to ask why? Did she imagine teachers were all lefties and would corrupt children? In any event it was an attempt censorship to some extent that went almost unnoticed at the time. But when we ask the people to vote on something pretty important it would be as well if they were voting from a position of real in depth understanding rather than a bunch of half-truths, sound bites and rallying calls.
  2. On my searches for some favourites I found this and it became one!
  3. A bit like Joel Moon I should think.
  4. Good for RL if Salford win, Brilliant for their future if Salford win ..... But this is RL and the History of Fairytales tells me Warriors by 50 But I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Now back to the GAME! As soon as the UK sign the Deal! Wonderful quote about Trump but could be the situation here " To people across the country and the world, it can feel dismaying or disorienting or just plain insane."
  6. I have a feeling if he's not up before a Senate Hearing Committee that he could be a two term Pres. Temporary is a quality I use about a lollipop not the way the USA is changing and the kinds of things I know they'll want from a trade agreement. When he tweeted "JOBS!" he wasn't talking to the UK. I don't think remainers are particularly worse than leavers at those things you mention. Some of both sides might cross the line but that last sentence of yours just lumps them altogether very cosily for your argument. So is it that you're leaver and just a bit miffed that there seems to be more EU friendly posts and posters?Which would be very understandable. If it's just you think remainers should stop being what they are that's much like asking RL fans to stop following TGG! In any case I talked about two points and I'm pretty sure you've only answered one of them ................ By the way are you a cross between those two?
  7. I think I feel a fun game coming on here's a metaphor for disaster to go along with the one above, " Coming to Future near you ever soon!" As for May being given the 1922 Committee's backing ......... sorry Saintslass but I just can't help myself Times are certainly bad when you have to quote the tail wagging the dog stories.But thanks for a right good laff!
  8. Well Johnoco what we're having now is a debate, you have one side, I have the other and we can't seem to agree on anything. Dismissing people as "shouty" because you don't want to take part because you feel it's not a debate is not exactly fair, or reasonable. It would be fairly obvious that as the bulk of RL fans come from the North and Working class backgrounds and would tend to be more Labour inclined the dissenting voices are those who more sympathetic to the right. Both have fought their case pretty much as you'd expect and we failed to agree a bit like the negotiations themselves. Debate only doesn't happen when people are not allowed to voice their opinion at all, two sides lacking agreement but arguing their cause is by definition a debate. Ridiculing arguments is one strategy in a debate. You pointed out that you thought the evidence of Brexit was a disaster was unclear. Well I call having to take nearly a decade to extricate yourselves from something a vast period of uncertainty a car crash. I credit getting into bed with the USA especially with the President they have at the moment tragedy of epic proportions. And I've just picked these two out of a whole gang of possible and potential examples.They are the stance I hold to in our facet of this thread. As I said and you have been a party to some of those this thread is no different to any other, I don't expect Parky to be converted to RL expansion nor convert Saintlass to the socialist light.
  9. Not quite true but finding a common ground between left and right politics is even harder now it's full of trolls egging the stuff on and internet intransigence. And no the Sky is not falling but Brexit is pretty much a disaster and that's becoming more evident each day. I don't expect leave voters to agree with this and that's fine and they can ignore the evidence for as long as they want and as often as they want. Of course they're a bit like the fans whose side just won the Challenge Cup and couldn't give a rat's bum for the losers. Just as long as they don't expect me or anyone else who thinks it's a stupid cock up from start to finish to remain quiet in the face of a load of rubbish that's fine. But I'm also not sure why you think this thread is any different from the others as they all share those things you used to describe this one.
  10. Neither does anyone else. In fact knowing nothing is the prerequisite of being angry so that won't defend you against becoming one of the unhappy *( sort of like Zomby for Forum Dweller) but the standby trusty weapons like garlic for the ones who voted Brexit, a silver bullet for anyone anti Wolf-pack and a sense of humour that has weathered most storms in a teacup will see you through.
  11. No I believe people are saying what they think about the topic very clearly ....... all behaviour is "communication". Brexit is more and more confused, and deliberately made confusing by the day by both proponents and opponents and there is only so much nonsense anyone can take at anyone time. The minefield in a quagmire in the middle of a maze with a puzzle at the end to get released is the way I've come to look at it now. My natural distrust of the Tories has completely given way to being hugely impressed at the particularly massive level of incompetency they're displaying over this, but when you the party with a split personality over any issue it's hard to see any other kind of response and actions.
  12. Great stuff, are you taking in just TWP matches or going to some Qualifiers and Super 8 games? I'm off to see The Dragons v Centurions in my Catalan shirt on the 19th can't wait should be a cracker! And by the way, although you may not realise this you're a wonderful reminder of why we're all here and what a great sport this is which is all too easy to forget in the mid-rant and posturing that forums tend to be all too often.
  13. I don't think this is about MK however much as some people like it to be, we all know that there are those in RL who can say whatever they like while others are more less forbidden to have an opinion. It's an unwritten TGG law. But a loss in the Semi will just be what their recent form demands and away at Hull will probably see off any last vestiges of optimism and morale for this season. But when on song they are an excellent watch, and well worth 4th place.
  14. And a workforce with some of the poorest treatment in Europe if what the people who work there told me is true. Funny how we couldn't do anything without the EU's say so but workers here can be treated very differently from those in say Germany. I cannot back this up with proof but I have no reason to doubt those who said this.