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  1. Very sad news. Thoughts are with his loved ones at this time.
  2. Oh no the box has been opened again!
  3. No, that may have been included but essentially the most important bit was being serious about the club and not being a spiv, wide boy or a fly by night!Growing the club does not mean having bags of cash. When you say "you're blind" do you mean I don't see it the same way as you Parky? A different interpretation would be the parachute payment was made so that demotion wouldn't harm the club the fact that the club overspent must and could only be down to the club itself. The prize monies are something that have been scant for far too long in our sport and recognising the level at which they were at was only right and proper. Just because clubs moaned and were given the chance to up the risk does not mean they have to take it. Sad as I am at the Bulls plight They have to be seen as the imprudent ones not the RFL. The RFL would never suggest, cajole or ague that clubs should hugely overspend on what is in essence a gamble.There is no " enhanced environment for club financial failure"; only chairmen who seem to think RL is like roulette and there is a reason why the bank always wins! THE RISKS ARE TOO GREAT! And sadly,yet again, "deal with the points not me" What's that all about? It's hard to leave you out entirely because you so desperately want old style P&R back you're willing to ascribe blame to the cat, the garden gnome and a lamp post in your efforts to get it back and get rid of the the present structure. An RFL teddy bear please.
  4. It does have it's oops missed a try moments but after watching the BBC go back late to matches for years I find myself immune from upset. For those of you who don't understand because you're too young Aunty had a favourite strategy of thinking some really boring middle class event/sport was much more important, interesting and would linger on it whilst the second half (the only half they were showing) got under way. This is something people who defend the beeb tend to forget. It was the norm, not unusual.
  5. It is staggering what is paid out for what is often so very little a the top the tree. "My name is little Billy White, And I know what's wrong and I know what's right An' the wife says "Geordie, go to London Town!" An' if they don't give us a couple of bob, Won't even give you a decent job Then Geordie, with my blessings, burn them down "
  6. The friendlies are causing me to seem like a Thomas Keneally sound alike and look alike; anticipation, foretaste, expectancy and as always could this be the season? yours @lickingthelips.org #gerremonside!
  7. "Since the departure of Richard Lewis, the RFL directorship has been a puppet leadership for the SL owners." Although there have been certain issues where compromises and lines have been drawn up I think the evidence is not there to prove this to be correct. If it were true the clubs and chairmen would be doing all sorts of things that would be contrary to structures,rules and systems in place. It seems to me that because the RFL often appears quiet and almost secretive few of us realise they're doing anything at all. It also seems that people don't want the RFL to be working or succeeding. As a case in point I posted a thread where the RFL were doing something positive and constructive and no one was really interested. Also on here the things we don't like or agree with seem to be lumped together so it begins to look like a conspiracy or agenda rather than for reasonable reasons the RFL have decided to do something and it's not clear why or we're not happy about the outcome so they come in for a bashing. Like referees we seem to have lost our sense of balance about their performance, results and reasons and are no longer able to see the wood for the bark. This is not a defence of everything the RFL does, nor of the RFL itself just an argument for discussing what happens according to the evidence rather than the prejudice which our passion for the game and our team are always likely to lead us to. Michael Shenton is right question decisions and events and we need to look at each thing as objectively as we can manage. The training camp is one thing I can't get too upset about when it seemed half@rsed and badly thought out and there are many reasons why that's the case and many in our game are to blame not just the RFL or SL clubs.
  8. Well, not all new clubs have started at the bottom tier. And who's to say that's where they should start from?
  9. Not at all I'm looking at the fact that this is either a new club or it isn't, it can't be both. How are other clubs unfairly disadvantaged by a new club not being punished for the crimes of a previous club? What kind of balance and justice is served up to make the wrong people pay? On what basis would rules apply if the new club had moved to Dewsbury and called itself the Monkeys? The changes involved would be no less than those that have actually taken place.
  10. Yes I filled some of those in too but have yet to see anything come of them. I suppose that when I speak of a lack of expertise at their level I'm referring to the obvious compromises that come out of SL/RFL discussions often meaning a botched end result that does not achieve the intended goals and targets.
  11. That is not what I'm advocating. The RFL have been a party to the demise of the Bulls as was to circumvent the debts and related problems. That has meant a new club, administration and probably a new playing roster that means something not related to the breaking of rules of the past at all. It would only be sensible to punish the old guard and maybe the RFL need something in place contractually to avoid this, but to punish a completely new and innocent set up that they themselves asked for bids from seems to me to be nonsense.
  12. No he's basically asking not to be let down once again, and he'd rather they didn't bother at all if that's going to be the case. And given what's happened at the Bulls this is hardly surprising. And putting in LE means out of all this it would remain the one item truly out in the open. That in itself needs applauding and recognising.
  13. First of all the RFL playing contrary to it's own rules and changing its mind over this that and the other is much more likely to be caused by a lack of foresight than planning and collusion. It was not a gross abandonment, as you put it, as a recognition of and change to accommodate that change. Mr Green's responsibility was primarily about taking what steps he could to help get them promoted and keep their head above water. The balance of this should be done at club level, by the club's administration. You seem to be a bit overly dramatic in your attack on the RFL and defence of Marc Green. I think as you reveal at the end of your post that is because of your dislike of the structure rather than the facts and responsibility over the issue at the Bulls. I have seen no evidence that the RFL encouraged the Bulls to overspend. I don't recall anybody from the RFL saying to anyone including the Bull's owner to go ahead spend what you like even if it means going so far into the red your club will be in jeopardy and to accuse them of doing so is dubious connecting to suit a purpose. I doubt it'll be long before you get your wish for old style P&R so hang on in there.
  14. An excellent letter and I hope the new owners read it. Perhaps when they're revealed properly someone can send it to them. The extended period the Bradford fans have suffered from this has never been helped by the cloak and dagger policies and nature of the events and it's time to be open and above board and that might be the way forward for RL as whole from here on in. Being opaque should be an extinct idea for the RFL and Clubs and chairmen.