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  1. I left this at 22-18 to the Bunnies. 'Twas a darn fine game, shame the Bunnies couldn't hold on to it - and that's not the same Broncos team Wire played a few months back! (mind you, it's not the same Wire team either............ for polar opposite reasons)
  2. Pies by 12. Although I hope Catalan continue their good form and not descend into away day mediocrity, as they have done so often in the past.
  3. Could be the tie of the round FC by 6.
  4. If Saints take this one, which I think they will, it will go some way to further highlighting KC's abilities as a top grade coach in motivating his team and generating winning tactics. Just a thought.
  5. Self belief slowly creeping back. If Wire cut out the silly mistakes, penalties and habitual need to self destruct at some point in the game could be our match!
  6. Unless the changing room has experienced a mass epiphany and the penny has dropped like an anvil thrown from a weather balloon - I can't see past a Hull victory. 14 - 28 to FC.
  7. Is Mr Cummins still going to be involved?
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the Miners Rangers/St Pats game but for the sake of parity maybe an all Yorkshire affair would be best served up next time!
  9. A great servant to club and game and a darn fine commentator. Best of luck to him.
  10. I'd like to see Ratchford and Percival replace the two current centres as they are more likely to create space chances for their respective wingmen (because they can pass the ball!), Brown to replace Gale as he has a better kicking game and will hopefully put a bit of doubt in the defenders mind when taking on the line. Widdop, well we need a bit more consistency (of the right kind) from him but I think he will be desperate to make the whole team should be!
  11. Here's an interesting point of view: