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  1. A great servant to club and game and a darn fine commentator. Best of luck to him.
  2. I'd like to see Ratchford and Percival replace the two current centres as they are more likely to create space chances for their respective wingmen (because they can pass the ball!), Brown to replace Gale as he has a better kicking game and will hopefully put a bit of doubt in the defenders mind when taking on the line. Widdop, well we need a bit more consistency (of the right kind) from him but I think he will be desperate to make the whole team should be!
  3. Here's an interesting point of view:
  4. I'd like to see Gale get involved a lot more. I'd also like to see Clark on the pitch. I'd also like Jiffy to stop being such a negative, whinging sod. It's like listening to the dentists drill!
  5. Well done Wire. Unlucky Saints. Some you win, some you lose, whether it's through skillfull and deserving play or the referees aberrations. These things have a habit of evening themselves out. The emotive point is when and where this happens.
  6. Wire need to get Saints out of their comfort zone if they want a chance of winning this game.................How that is done, who knows?
  7. Wire deserve to be in the GF, Saints don't. So Saints will probably pinch it!
  8. Absolutely gutted that I can't be there today, even got offered free tickets from my sis' who works for Emirates! Anyway, to all the black and whites and primrose and blues that are going, I hope you have a great day and let's hope the boys on the pitch do our game proud. May the best team win.
  9. Heart says Wire, head says Wire. ; )
  10. Has there been any mention of ex Leigh, Bradford and Wire 'hitman', Alan Dethrone, sadly passing away this week? At 57, which is no age! RIP Rambo.
  11. Good to have Simms back for this after his little rest and would ideally like to see Benny Westwood back to help counter the threat of the formidable FC pack. Sandow could be the key to a Wire win and Hull will know this and try their damndest to neutralise the threat he poses. Should be a great game and although I'm hoping for a Wire win FC are more than capable of the win. 20-20 draw!