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  1. 'Fleshy' nice euphemism. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  2. No wonder he got off-loaded to Leeds then. The lad clearly has a terminal case of Over Active Doughnut Gland.
  3. If Wire keep that intensity going for 80 minutes in every game they'll be hard to contain, although I think they let the tempo drop a touch in the 2nd half, perhaps once they knew they had Leeds beat. Discipline will be a major factor in winning the more competative games. As for Leeds, their new signings need a little time to settle in....... and shift some 'winter insulation'. I think Hurrel was shocked at the pace of the game initially and how hard he got hit early doors. I'm looking forward to seeing Austin and Ratchford develop an on-field relationship.
  4. Wire played 25% of the game with12 men and almost nilled Leeds. Does that display the quality within the Warrington team or a lack of cohesion in the Rhinos? Great game.
  5. 28-16 to Wire. I'm hoping Austin has taken Patton under his wing and developed an understanding, we shall see! Looking forward to seeing Merrin and Hurrel strut their stuff too if honest. It should be a cracker.
  6. Good game, defence orientated, as you'd expect, and the best team won. What really impressed me was the fitness levels for the 1st game of the season. Imagine when both teams are match fit! Well done to the Pies and Stains for setting the standard straight from the off, those who fail to acieve similar levels will surely fall by the wayside. Going to be a great season.πŸ‘ Oh yeh, come on Wire😁
  7. Hill and Graham are two props who can and would run their blood to water for a full 80...... not that that would be wise. I'd like to see Ratchford at FB at some point and maybe pushing Lomax into hooker should Hodgson need a spell.
  8. By way of contrast, swallowed my pride yesterday and tried to watch the England union game, in an unbiased and objective manner......... I lasted 5 minutes before I got soooooooo bored I had to turn the TV off. Todays game, once it settled down, had me on the edge of my seat, it contained everything good about our sport. I suppose my point is, that if we can't grow our game off the back of this series, will we ever?
  9. Whilst Makinson was phenomenal in attack and defence, our left side attack in genereral was fantastic. However, I think that McGilvary was superb in carrying the ball out over on the right edge, he ran like a man twice his size all day. Great result and a great team effort
  10. I likethe look of that team. Ratchford off the bench gives a plethora of options in the backs, Clarke can smash out 80 mins easily and Greenwood provides raw power on the fringes.
  11. Will someone please offer Dennis a mentholyptus
  12. Ahhhhh, maybe Brown watched the Aussie GF and thought he'd give it a go too. That explains it.
  13. Hardly any mention of his effort, yet he was phenomenal tonight.
  14. I missed "Strictly" for this! But seriously, Brown went missing again and Roberts offered nowt. Williams put doubt in our defensive line all night we didnt eirher half back doing any of that. Ratchford, Clark, Lynham, Hughes and Hill can hold their heads high.