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  1. Just finished watching this on catch up as I've been working all day. I must say that I'm immensely proud of our boys and I believe firmly that we have now proved to all n sundry that we have a squad of players who are on par with their Aussie counterparts. A bit of composure is all we needed on occasion but my word the intensity was never lacking. As for the officials, I think they were pretty darn good, some calls went for us and some against. A great game........the greatest game.
  2. I had tickets for this๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Sold them to an old forces mate of mine who now ives in Brisbane because I couldn't get time off work to go over. The irony is that since I let them go I've quit my job! Oh well, easy come easy go. Come on England.
  3. Yet, the very reasons you wouldn't like to see Williams' inclusion are the very reasons I would - a bit of free spirited gameplay may well upset the Aussie machine. Plus, I believe Ratchford has got plenty of big game experience under his belt considering his CC and GF appearances with Wire. All academic now, sadly.
  4. Who were the umpires at the Gabba for the first test? It's about neutrality, not f****** rocket science. What this does is put all the match officials under enormous and unnecessary pressure, they'll be damned if they do and damned if they don't. I am sure they will call the game without bias or favouritism as they are professionals and know that they are under an intense amount of scrutiny from players, coaches, pundits and fans. They have my sympathy and I wish them all the best.
  5. Why not Williams or Ratchford on the bench? Heighingtons inclusion adds nothing!
  6. The Tongans targeted Gayle in defense, Australia will do the same. I think the tactic Bennett adopts to account for this will be vital. I can't pinpoint any major weaknesses in defense for Australia and this is the difference. We can bash it down the middle as well as defend the middle all day, without worry, so their points will, or should, be won out wide on either side but predominantly on our left. Other than putting JM into a gap, i can't see where or how we can get over their line!............. can Bennett?
  7. Can England beat the Aussies?

    He'd be the heart of my team. Smith, Cronk, Slater and Graham would definitely feature also. The remaining positions are all up for debate and, as stated, will come down to personal opinions.
  8. Can England beat the Aussies?

    This whole debate is opinion based! In my opinion there are English players, based in SL and NRL, who are worthy of a spot in this hypothetical just depends on whose hypothesis we are intent on pursuing in this debate. Personally I would build my team around a certain Tongan JT at this particular moment in history.
  9. Can England beat the Aussies?

    .......and we must also remember how the likes of Ellis and Morley were revered in the NRL. There are plenty of past and present players who are/were good enough to make any Aussie squad. It has been said many times on many threads, the personalities that make this Aussie team special are Smith, Cronk and Slater. The rest........ nothing special IMHO.
  10. England Team for the Semi

    If we play a robotic, monotonous set piece style rugby the Aussies will trounce us (if we beat Tonga first that is!) We need to keep them guessing in order to try and prize them out of their comfort zone.
  11. England Team for the Semi

    Agreed, yet I also think his naivety in defense at this position has, on occasion, been tested and found out. I think this all combines to ensure any coach with a bit of nouse will ensure that this area of the pitch is targeted and exploited. Similarly, it will ensure that the opposition can readily organise in order to counter the greater threat we pose from our right flank. Intriguing! ๐Ÿ˜
  12. England Team for the Semi

    So long as Bateman remains at centre we will pose no attacking threat down the left flank, which sadly renders one of the best wingers in the game as a bit part player, simply trundling the ball up the middle when deep in our own half. A part time prop! Bateman is a darn fine player but has neither the speed, skill or vision required of the position. I'd really like to see Percival given a chance, he's got all the attributes and would put Hall into some gaps.
  13. Catalans Crowds

    I'm house hunting in the Aude this weekend so hopefully will be a part of the crowd next season, irrespective of what league they will be playing in!
  14. After watching Wire disassemble the Brisbane Broncos at the start of the season I thought, as many others must have, that this Warrington team would be unbeatable this season - how wrong could I be! However, what it did show was that the players Tony Smith picked that day had the ability to play to a standard rarely seen in SL (stand fast Cas) and were capable of carrying on from where they left off the previous season. So what went wrong? How can a team show us that they can perform to that standard one week yet look so desperately ineffective throughout the rest of the season? I don't want to see Smith to go, he is a great coach and has done more to get this team playing a consistent brand of entertaining and successful rugby than any previous incumbent. One bad season, utterly let down by his playing staff and yet he is the one who has the dignity to fall on his sword. All he needed was the off-season to go out there and find a 6/7 that could provide that spark that Sandow gave the team last year. Cheers TS and all the best for the future.