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  1. Sores on the doors anyone? (I'm stuck at work unfortunately)
  2. I like to think that our insistence in the retention of the word 'rugby' somewhat irks our traditionalist brethren.......let's keep it. And, I propose, that it is due to this insistence that our game can continue to be progressive and further evolve whereas the other code has been pretty stagnated for a century+ and can only remain so. By retaining this one simple word/tenuous link we actually place ourselves in a stronger position. Just a thought.
  3. This is the most important match this season for both teams but as far as Wire are concerned this game will help display which players actually care about the club. Smith can do no wrong for me but he has to hold his hands up at some point and admit he has recruited poorly and played far too many individuals out of their natural and best suited positions.
  4. I think if Smith were to go then Agar would have to go with him. Personally I hope Smith stays (not to fussed about Agar though and would like to see Lee Briers take over his position - in preparation!) and this is just a 'phase' we are going through. At the end of the day it is the players who must take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves the relevant questions.
  5. If you're going to be there in the near future could you keep an eye out for my shoe. It's a brown brogue and has been hanging around there since my stag night in 1988. I live in hope! And grab a granny for me while you're at it
  6. Head says Leeds heart, as ever, says Wire. Close one though.
  7. Warrington to dominate then throw it all away through daft penalties and poor game management.
  8. I left this at 22-18 to the Bunnies. 'Twas a darn fine game, shame the Bunnies couldn't hold on to it - and that's not the same Broncos team Wire played a few months back! (mind you, it's not the same Wire team either............ for polar opposite reasons)
  9. Pies by 12. Although I hope Catalan continue their good form and not descend into away day mediocrity, as they have done so often in the past.
  10. Could be the tie of the round FC by 6.
  11. If Saints take this one, which I think they will, it will go some way to further highlighting KC's abilities as a top grade coach in motivating his team and generating winning tactics. Just a thought.
  12. Self belief slowly creeping back. If Wire cut out the silly mistakes, penalties and habitual need to self destruct at some point in the game could be our match!
  13. Unless the changing room has experienced a mass epiphany and the penny has dropped like an anvil thrown from a weather balloon - I can't see past a Hull victory. 14 - 28 to FC.
  14. Is Mr Cummins still going to be involved?
  15. I thoroughly enjoyed the Miners Rangers/St Pats game but for the sake of parity maybe an all Yorkshire affair would be best served up next time!