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  1. CiderWire

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    MORALE-IBO. Woodbines for the 21st C😁😁
  2. CiderWire

    South Sydney in strife

    Unless its been a total stitch up, think Carney/Ferres et al!
  3. The Sky/Wigan love-in is getting a bit much now. It's been a good game, despite the fawning of the commentary team.
  4. CiderWire

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Your first sentence is correct and I care not one jot for its players, coaches administrators or, indeed, the lie that it is a technically diverse chess game played by chaps of impeccable breeding. However, I wish young Fuad nothing but great success and good health within his chosen profession.
  5. CiderWire

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    Pretty much every RL player that goes to The orher code is considered as a 'crash ball cente'. In other words someone who can run hard and straight for a decent distance prior to diving at the feet of the opposition. A nuance our lad Fuad may struggle to master as it is a devilishly complex art form. I wish him luck......... and have donated my old Game Boy to him for when things get quiet out on the wing.
  6. CiderWire

    Yaha turns his back on RL

    No great loss in my opinion. I'm sure a brief chat with Josh Charnley will help furnish his expectations though . He'll no doubt get a much higher salary for doing a fraction of the work whilst playing in the unevolved code - Whether he returns to SL in the future is dependent on the level of his boredom threshold!
  7. Which tells me that the two need to get together in orders to discuss their moral obligations towards, and for the betterment, of our game.
  8. Plus bottles of water etc. I was over the tunnel as the ref was being escorted off. He didn't have a great game but then again he wasn't aided by his linesmen or the players attitudes at times.
  9. Having been at the game last night I can only feel sorry for the referees nowadays. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. The use of technology does nothing to help them in the event of a suspected forward pass. Why not? Then when the crowd are shown the video playback on the big screen all this serves to do is embarrass and possibly frustrate the referee and incite the crowd to the point that the referee and linesmen need a a security escort off the pitch and need to avoid the objects hurled their way. A change in certain players attitudes can go some way to help start preventing these scenes!
  10. Fair point. But I think next season will be a defining one for Ben Currie and his playing career so added depth in the back row may not be a bad thing.
  11. My other half flew into Carcassonne on the same flight as the boys. She commented on how excited and 'giggley' they all were. Sincerest and heartfelt condolences to the family and to the club.
  12. CiderWire

    Union trying to poach Gigot

    I'm no fan of Tomkins but firmly believe that he and Gigot have the capacity to evolve a devastating partnership which will be a joy to watch. For this reason alone I sincerely hope Gigot stays - his skill sets would be wasted in the unevolved code.
  13. CiderWire

    James Cunningham

    Isn't it a fact that players who make the step up do so because; they have been deemed good enough by a SL club, they feel that they are ready for the personal challenge, a greater chance of national representation and the obvious financial gains. Not all will succeed, the same as lads playing U19s at SL clubs don't always come through. When Mike Cooper went to St George no one thought he would turn out to become the player he is. Conversely, when Tyrone Roberts came to Wire he 'surprised' us all for opposing reasons. We have to give our home grown talent the opportunity to upgrade, some are late bloomers and deserve, in some cases, a 2nd crack.