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  1. I believe, via the step-daughter, that Tesco are selling it nowadays. Living just South of Limoux means we are spoilt for choice but our favourite is a local domaine - Salasar, in Campagne sur Aude. Their Blanquets are lovely and there is a wide variety of choice, dry, semi, sweet etc. They also do a very similar wine called a Cremont, which has smaller, more refined bubbles. Our particular favourite is called L'Excellance and is about 11€ a bottle. It's as good as any champagne - bearing in mind it was a certain Dom Perignon who started the whole thing off down here in the 16th C. You need to come over and enjoy the thrill of the chase to find one that suits you best. ???
  2. Lots of positive and negative hypotheticals here. Truth is we'll never, ever know.......but it's an intetesting subject to 'kick around' a bit. Just by way of comparison we could look at Burrell at Wire - an international standard union player who played League in his yoof. I think it's fair to say that, thus far, the transition is not going as well as anticipated. Just sayin'. Keep safe all
  3. I will never tire of seeing Dalaglio's face as the pies were swatting his precious Wasps. He had the air of a beaten man who knew that resistance was, indeed, futile. Then there's the story of the Bradford team.......?
  4. Backs - Jiffy. His brain was 3 moves ahead of everyone elses and he was lightening quick, as we know. Fwds - Les Boyd. Had to watch him through my fingers in anticipation of what piece of genius or gruesome act was going to transpire........ usually the latter.
  5. With the benefit of hindsight, that was a frightening group of 'mongrel' forwards. Totally agree that they all had skill to burn, but why bother eh'. ?
  6. They could've waited for the players to get out of the showers at least! What a mad night of rugby league. Do we think Mr Noble has had a call yet?
  7. Hull are lucky that they're not playing a team who has the ability to put an attack together. Any, ANY, other team would be 30 points up at half time. Wire are lucky that they're playing Hull!
  8. I am sure the club did not take this decision lightly and am sure that they have the depth of squad to cope with Gellings absence. The question is, 'have they acted with integrity?'. If so, there may well be underlying reasons for lifting his suspension that none of us will be privvy to. We must let the coach and board at Warrington do their jobs, let the police do theirs and, it seems, let Gelling do his. He's in for a hell of a rough ride mind!
  9. Remember the days when it was all taking a massive nosedive for Smith? Whose head were the fans wanting on a plate then? That's right, Agar's. So what's changed now? Why is Briers not being chastised? If the players don't want to play for the manager, that's fine. However, they should be pulling their tripe out week in and week out for the fans, the people who pay their wages.
  10. Martyn, I'm more than happy to see responses and reactions in order to create debate, which is what we are doing I believe. So, at what point did I object to your post? I merely gave a response - as you allude to. Anyway. I aree that your point is a valid one and do not disagree to what you were aiming to illicit with the original rhetorical question. However, you may be slightly guilty of overlooking the human factor in this argument. As soon as you asked me about my relationship with my son it became personal and introduced emotion to the discussion - Whilst you are trying to apply cold logic to the situation. The human aspect needs to be considered just as much. I also agree that Falou could light up SL but this won't change my opinion of him. The problem with bigots is they like to show us all that they are! We all have different perceptions when opinions are voiced and different ways of dealing with them. Sometimes opinions are hurtful and cause division and hate, these are the type that should be kept to ones self. Had Falou done this he would still be happily raking in the millions in Aussie RU. The silver lining in all of this is, contrary to what was said on the BBC 2 radio news, is that our sport is getting exposure. There's no such thing as bad publicity after all! ?
  11. Then why on earth ask it? Was it a bit of rhetoric thrown down merely to provoke a reaction? I won't support the Dragons because I'd rather be able to look my son in the eye. He's suffered the slings and arrows enough from people like Folau, who, in his tiny little mind and his arrogance, believe that their belief in a bunch of bronze age fairy tales allows them the right to spout hate filled rhetoric against a section of society that has already suffered enough. As Keegan Hurst alluded to this morning on TV, have the Dragons sacrificed their values, if they had any in the first place, for the sake of a few extra points or climbing a couple of places up the table? Yet I see the argument you are trying to make. There are many people I admire whose opinion on certain subjects do not agree with my own - the important point is the subject matter to which the opinion is directed and how it is expressed. Plus, it's ironic that you mention the 'art of living' as I am currently studying Arts and Humanities with the OU! However, I'm an atheist and Folau, through his religious based ignorance reminds me why I am.
  12. Or, put another way, the most famous and most infamous! Just sayin'.
  13. Probably the most stupid, ill conceived and pointless question you've ever asked of anyone Martyn. I always thought you were a well informed and educated champion of our sport, engaging and analytical in your writing........until now.
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