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  1. I finally got to watch it today. - brilliant bit of TV. Isn't it something to be proud of that the most brutal of sports, our sport, is the one that can help build hearts and mend minds, bring people together and and instil a sense of purpose and beloging when it seems lost and unattainable. I got a bo11ocking off the memsahib for not waiting for her to get home and watch it with her. Oh well, I'll have to watch it again
  2. Watching it on catch-up later when the memsahib gets home and really looking forward to it.
  3. I actually prefer the Beeb commentary team over those of sky (even Jiffy at a push) and would much rather see a terrestrial channel take our game and give it a new twist.
  4. Looking forward to seeing how Maloney goes at Catalans but will be interested to see how the reunited Team Tompkins win hearts and minds in the bars and bistros of the Languedoc Rousillion......things can get lost in translation y'know!
  5. No Clark! Either he's injured or this a wind up........or Bennett has got early onset.
  6. Hoping for a Canberra win purely because of the Brit connection and that they were the team that put the Bunnies out. I also hope that Papalii steamrollers JWH at some point....... I feel the Roosters have an arrogance about them that he portrays better than most of his team mates.
  7. My first thought too. The whole panel, all Yorkshire men, tipped Saints by a canter. Ha, the fools I hope they put their wallets where their mouths are down at the bookies.
  8. Unfortunately I will have to watch the match at home on TV. Even more unfortunately I will have to leave after the first half hour in order to go to the airport to collect the memsahib. Fortunately all lines of communication are now broken and we are not on talking terms yet. Bitter sweet. Hope it's a great game of rugby and both teams do our sport proud. C'mon the Wire
  9. 1. Ratchford 2. Makinson 3. Connor 4. Percival 5. Grace 6. Widdop 7. Lomax 8. Watts 9. Clark 10. Graham 11. Whitehead 12. Bateman 13. Burgess S 14. Walmsley, 15. Thompson, 16. Roby, 17. Taylor Extra cover: Burgess ×2, Hill, Williams, Hardacker, McGillvrey, LMS
  10. Disappointed with the score at the end but as usual Wire capitulated with 20 mins still to play. Not overly downhearted though as there were a few glimmers of hope out there. Tasi played to his true potential for the first time, Livett never stopped trying, Goodwin - I wish he wasn't going and Ratchford is indispensable for us. The youngsters are not quite ripe but gave it a goid go. Wire desperately need to bolster the pack with some line breaking forwards who are also prepared to bend their backs in defense without giving needless penalties away. Austin and Smith as a half back pairing could just work! Well played Saints though, their systems are evidently reaping rewards and they well deserve their success this season.
  11. Two teams are very similar in the fact that they can each serve up rocks or diamonds. So if one produces rocks and the other diamonds, it'll be a cake walk for the latter Both dish up diamonds, we're in for a belter that could go either way. Both dish up rocks, we can all watch through our fingers, wring our fists in frustration, blame the weather, Boris and next doors cat and just pray our respective team can earn the right to enjoy a good shellacking from Saints. Hoping for Double Diamonds and a Wire win.
  12. Many thanks. We are about 25Km South of Limoux so will definitely keep an eye out.
  13. I've been living in the Aude for over a year now. How do I get to learn of thes events in advance?
  14. Having had a night to sleep on things and re-live the nightmare inducing scenarios over and over, I awoke early this morning bathed in the cold sweat brought about by not only the French sun but the memories of last nights game. However, the hot light of day has helped to bring focus on the causes of my melancholy. The better team won, without a doubt, but they only became the better team with 15 mins remaining. Wire switched off, Saints switched on. Warringtons pack worked hard and made good meteres after contact, however, they were denied by good defense from making quick play the ball and, importantly, prevented from off-loading ( Coopers stock-in-trade). Fage and Lomax were creative and put doubt in the minds of the Wire defensive line. Makinson was always threatening when bringing the ball out. Wire never offered creativity or options in attack (Ratchfords influence and link up play with BA and DC being missed?) And played a one dimensional game which was easy to read and nullify. Silly and naive penalties aren't going to help any team and, for the sake of our game, the standard and pace of officiating has got to change in order to keep up with the standard and pace of the game. The RFL can not concentrate on the former without consideration of the latter Still, a great game, great atmosphere and not the end of the world. Although I am looking forward to Ratchfords return, Burrells debut and Widdops arrival. Allez les loups
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