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  1. Many thanks. We are about 25Km South of Limoux so will definitely keep an eye out.
  2. I've been living in the Aude for over a year now. How do I get to learn of thes events in advance?
  3. Having had a night to sleep on things and re-live the nightmare inducing scenarios over and over, I awoke early this morning bathed in the cold sweat brought about by not only the French sun but the memories of last nights game. However, the hot light of day has helped to bring focus on the causes of my melancholy. The better team won, without a doubt, but they only became the better team with 15 mins remaining. Wire switched off, Saints switched on. Warringtons pack worked hard and made good meteres after contact, however, they were denied by good defense from making quick play the ball and, importantly, prevented from off-loading ( Coopers stock-in-trade). Fage and Lomax were creative and put doubt in the minds of the Wire defensive line. Makinson was always threatening when bringing the ball out. Wire never offered creativity or options in attack (Ratchfords influence and link up play with BA and DC being missed?) And played a one dimensional game which was easy to read and nullify. Silly and naive penalties aren't going to help any team and, for the sake of our game, the standard and pace of officiating has got to change in order to keep up with the standard and pace of the game. The RFL can not concentrate on the former without consideration of the latter Still, a great game, great atmosphere and not the end of the world. Although I am looking forward to Ratchfords return, Burrells debut and Widdops arrival. Allez les loups
  4. I'm all for throwing Burrell in at the deep end, it's just where, when and how Pricey decides to utilise him that is the intriguing factor. I've a feeling Saints will edge it but here's hoping for a great advert for our game and may the best team win. I shall be watching this on the TV in the shade of the living room as the French sun is doing a better job of a 'scorched earth policy' than Napoleon ever did
  5. I enjoyed that game and can only hope that tonights match is on a par, if not better. However, I am getting fed up and totally frustrated with the cheat tactics employed by both attacking and defending teams at the play the ball. All teams are guilty and it's getting close to ruining the British game as a spectacle. The coaches are at fault as well as the rule book - time for action, time for change.
  6. Damn, too slow. story of my life. Good work anyway John.
  7. Did you not try just turning it off and on again first?
  8. Fantastic creative attack and support play as well as nilling them. Perfect rugby. Well played Salford.
  9. I've never knowm any team cough up more penalties than Wire. Frustrating!
  10. Whilst last weeks outcome was a disappointment, not to mention frustrating viewing, it wasn't a lack of effort that lost the game rather than simple, silly momentary lapses in concentration. I think atonement may be on the cards tonight. Wire by 14.
  11. Rabbits or someone of his style would be brilliant, totally impartial, extremely knowledgeable, always highlights the positives and a good sense of humour to tie it all together. Who could Sky employ that could fit that description?
  12. Totally agree with your point on discipline. The Dracs can be a team that get under your skin when they want, so long as Wire focus on the job they can win this. I'll be there, with the memsahib, cheering the boys on.?
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