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  1. I had the great honour of representing the RNRL in their inaugural match and for their first couple of seasons, including the first tri-service series. They were fantastic times and long overdue! It all happened because of the selfless hard work and dedication of a handful of people within each branch of HM Forces, often fighting against the institutionalised bigotry that still festered within those who felt that there was no room for 'two types' of rugby in the armed forces - I kid you not! Since those early days it has been good to see Armed Forces RL going from strength to strength, I only wish I had my time again but I'll just have to settle for the aches and pains that are a constant reminder of happier days.
  2. We have been trying to bring RL to the masses in England for over 125 years. Unfortunately the masses have developed negative preconceptions based on 125+ years of delusion, misinformation and downright bigotry. How about we just make the game better for RL fans first, then they might see how good this sport can be. Just sayin'.
  3. I don't do the Tweety thing so won't be aware of any statements made via that platform. Like I said, it would be an unlikely scenario but in reality it is ideally suited in its geographical location between Toulouse and Perpignan (for the future local derby factor), has good road/rail/air transport links and I believe would, if successful, contradict your last statement. The Dragons winning the CC Final recently and now the LLS is starting to make people notice. Anyway, I left a little bit of my heart in l'Aude so I'm always going to be a tad biased
  4. Not that it would be likely to happen, but maybe a representative team from l'Aude made up of the cream of the Carcassonne and Limoux crops could be food for thought. I believe the area would relish the prospect of Super League status and the financial benefits to a less affluent area of France would be greatly received. Pity I've just sold my home over there!!
  5. With direct flights from Bristol to Blagnac taking an hour or so, what's not to like!
  6. I would love to have seen him play his time out at Wire but wish him nothing but success at Fartown. He has been one of my favourite players at Wire for a long time, a big man with a big heart who puts in in big minutes, never takes a backward step and rarely dominated in the tackle. He will be sorely missed, especially if we don't procure a player of equal talent and commitment. Over to you Mr Powell.
  7. Yes, being a season ticket holder n'all.
  8. I also had a feeling I'd be on a promise!!! This makes me a two time loser
  9. Once again it is all down to which Wire team bothers to turn up tonight.
  10. And yet...................United, under Ferguson were going nowhere fast until a particularly talented group of youngsters came up via their youth development program around, oooooh 1992 if I recall correctly. The rest, as they say......................................... Which provides a degree of irony bearing in mind the subject of debate being one of imported goods over home grown, slowly matured, carefully nurtured, stars in the making! It's nice to look back with fond memories and think how lucky we were at times to see these lads (and lasses) when they took their first nervous steps onto the pitch.
  11. So, by application of this logic every team in the league is, by default, 'flakey'. However, in Warringtons' case, I would agree that inconsistent high performance levels are consistently inconsistent. This inconsistency has been constant thorn is the side of Wire fans for as long as I care to remember.
  12. Agreed. With Clark in at 9 and Ratchford at full back Wire will either be formidable or the embarrassment of riches will be their undoing.
  13. Going to be interesting to see how Mr Powell utilises Widdop, Williams and Ratchford. I suspect the latter may move up to Stand Off and Widdop could possibly shift to Full Back with Williams nailed on for SH. I wish Blake well, personally I think, as do many, he wasn't utilised in a way whereby we got the best out of him.
  14. Last seen lying shipwrecked and comatose with a shoal of goldfish nibbling at his toes! If you know, you know.
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