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  1. Why on earth would he come to the handling code at his age?! He'll stay where he is and earn the big, big bucks without getting smashed every time he touches the ball. Thus prolonging his career and earning potential rather than knocking years off it in one season of RL.
  2. Mrs Ciderwire and I drove to OT from Chesterfield and found our pre-paid parking spot (£5.75 on the YPS App - awesome) no probs. Then 15 min walk to the ground, stopping at KFC enroute for a paper bag full of deep-fried guilty pleasures. We then meandered our way to our seats in the North Stand which, to my surprise, were on the lower tier, pretty much pitch-side (Mrs Ciderwire purchased them as a pressie and subsequently this reminded me why I love her to bits). We didn't bother with food or beer inside the ground but can honestly say that the day went perfectly, we had some banter with the surrounding antipodeans, enjoyed the match, got a bit blurry eyed when Sir Kev came on at HT and, to put the cherry on the cake, right in front of us, the streaker nearly took the wife's eye out with his mini didgeridoo. Memories are made of such days.
  3. i was going to be cheering for the Samoans at OT but after reading post after post of pure child-like gloating coming from Samoan fans on other forums I'm kind of hoping the Aussies wipe the floor with them. Honestly, some of the bile I,m reading is pitiful. Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. Just sorted my tickets. Should be a belter, if NZ play to their upmost ability. I like the thought of us playing the Aussies in the final though, if we can do a job on Samoa, but I think there is scope for any of these 4 teams to make it to OT.
  5. 1. Welsby 2.Young. 3.Watkins. 4. Herbie. 5.Makinson 6. Williams. 7. Snead. 8. Hill. 9. Ackers. 10. Cooper 11. Whitehead. 12. McMeeken 13. Radley 14. Burgess 15. Thompson 16. Oledski 17. Knowles.
  6. BBC Wales did an excellent documentary a few years ago regarding black Welsh RU players switching to RL. It was fantastic viewing. I hope this is as good.
  7. Are you having problems with the app? I am.
  8. Sneyd was an absolute boss on that pitch last night. He oozed calm and confidence and this, I believe, was a huge stabilising influence on his team mates. His game management and kicking game were spot on and if he was an Aussie we'd be comparing him to Cronk et al. To be honest, last nights team looked pretty balanced all round in that first half and I sincerely hope Welsby retains the FB spot, Ackers at hooker, Williams at 6 and Victor at 13. We just needed to give that left edge a bit more rope. Good signs though, regardless of the opposition.
  9. No, but I want to. Sadly I'll be on a flight to Cyprus for 10 days in the sun spent in a 5*, adult only, all inclusive hotel with spa. Would like to see Leeds win it, if for no other reason than to pay homage to Rob Burrow. He has never given up the fight and, to a lesser degree, they have regained their spirit and got back in the fight.
  10. All positive. Any deals on the horizon with French TV broadcasters and/or more robust media coverage in general?
  11. "And the award for this year's (and the previous 10 or so) greatest performance goes to.........(opens gilt envelope)......... Sam Tomkins." A product of the Jurgen Klinsmann School of Performing Arts and Histrionics. He graduated at the top of his class, earning himsel a first, and has become the undisputable master of his art in the succeeding years thereafter.
  12. 'Ohhhhhhhhhh Winky, Winky........... Winky, Winky, Winky, Winky Warrington'
  13. I shall be watching through my fingers. I also feel the outcome depends on who goes into 'second half capitulation mode' first.
  14. A spirited Wire performance will see them go into the last 15 minutes 10 points in front. Final score Wigan 46, Wire 10.
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