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  1. Our game will be a lot closer than last season, if WWRs performance last weekend is anything to go by.
  2. Some closer games than most people expected by the look of it.
  3. Fab isn’t it? 10/10 for OurLeague
  4. This is gonna be a tough league.
  5. Newcastle in control at the edge of HT.
  6. Early try for Newcastle who look very sharp.
  7. Bradford beginning to look tired as Eagles score again.
  8. Have to say I’m very impressed with the Ourleague coverage. Bradfords had a player sent off
  9. EssexRL

    League One Podcast?

    Good to hear and will give a listen.
  10. EssexRL

    Nou Camp

    My son and I have booked flights and hotel so at least two people will be there. Does anyone know whether Wigan & Catalan fans are going to head to any particular area of the ground?
  11. EssexRL

    League One Podcast?

    Thanks although unlike Championship, nothing there yet so hopefully soon.
  12. Last two seasons I’ve really enjoyed the L1 podcast. It normally starts with pre-season round up. So far nowt. Does anyone know whether it’s running this year?
  13. This is good. Be nice to see clubs down south getting involved.