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  1. Actually that would be interesting to know. I was listening to the Oldham coach (I think) on the League1 podcast saying how he’d be phoning Huddersfield and Leigh to see what players they had available for the Keighley game (obviously not enough). I know we do the same with Broncos as other southern clubs do, but did make me wonder how many DR players there are and which team has the most, and if I’m really going for it whether there is any link between DR and results.
  2. Money to market and promote is, of course, the key. I’ve watched the growth of support and interest in NFL in London over the last few years and thought if we’d had a fraction of that money and nouse what could we have done for RL here? RL needs London. Even SL will whither away if the sport does not grow.
  3. I agree with that. Ref cost us. The really positive thing is the squad has been capable of such a performance all season and we have seen glimpses in games but yesterday it was 80mins. Very pleased.
  4. Well not the wipe out many predicted at New River. In fact a close game Skolars could have won. A great effort by the team today. Well pleased.
  5. Didn’t see that coming but well done. Great result against a top side.
  6. While realistic about our chances against York, Skolar fans are expecting a much more disciplined and focused performance. Patience is running out to be honest. Otherwise Oldham, Doncaster, Bulls, Town, Thunder and just maybe Hemel.
  7. EssexRL

    league one

    You’re right. Crowds wise Skolars and Coventry can match many traditional clubs attendances and Newcastle beat them, as North Wales could up to this season. Expansion clubs like London and Bears are much more soundly run financially than many heartland ones although we cannot compete on pitch largely due to the small player pool we have access too. What’s the answer though? Keep the viable clubs across all three divisions and dump the rest. Invest in what’s left?
  8. EssexRL

    league one

    I’ve certainly cut down the games I go too although I’m a ST holder. While I applaud the efforts and successes of York and Newcastle and the commitment of Bradford I struggle to see the point of L1 or how expansion clubs can use it as a base to grow and compete. There seems no plan following the failure of the introduction of Oxford and Glos et al in last five years it’s been two leagues. This year the gap seems bigger though and the expansion league is smaller given the two we’ve lost. To be honest I’m very dissolutioned with RL and very pessimistic about its future. Given the quality of the sport it’s such a shame that in all three leagues it’s hard to see an immediate future of growth, and national exposure.
  9. The key stat is that they had less than 300 as Gateshead and now have more than 800, excluding one off games like MW. I’m pretty sure last week they had over 1000.
  10. Really don’t know what’s gone wrong this season with Skolars. Didn’t go yesterday as I’m away for my birthday but gather it was Groundhog Day: strong start, then drop in energy, concentration and discipline and another loss. People grumbling about the coach but I wonder if all the players are that bothered?
  11. Ive just read on the L1 thread how Cov Bears have steadily built their core support to a decent level (for L1 and their results!) through “event” matches like the Leeds friendly and recent Bulls match. There was also a comment there that it takes a few games to get newbies hooked, which I think is right. We’ve also seen Newcastle and York build attendances through local hard work including the Knights giving ice creams away on Sunday and their earlier support for Pride. This doesn’t only apply to non heartland clubs given attendances for many L1 and Champ sides and dare I say a couple of SL ones too but what practical ideas do people have for getting more people through the turnstiles? What role can fans play?
  12. It’s odd because one of the things JC worked on when took the post up was fitness. Really gone backwards this year. Need players who really want to play for the club. I don’t feel all the current squad want too.
  13. Totally agree, although you’re a braver man than me to take a baby over! Bennett is spot on. RL is a great product. We need to build nationally (shame one of the NZ tests isn’t in London) and internationally. I feel more optimistic about the sport I love today, despite Skolars result!
  14. It’s getting a bit depressing down at New River - we’re not losing due to being a poor side, we are losing week after week due to poor discipline and concentration- lack of leadership in the field and focus. We have a few people out who would make a difference. Fans are getting hacked off as I suspect the owner is too. I feel for the coach who I think is great, but rumbles now about his future. We need the players to step up now and perform for 80mins.
  15. Well I'm hoping this is the match Skolars perform for 80mins and deliver. in reality we will start strongly for 30 mins, score three tries then probably have someone sin binned. Cru will then score four or five soft tries as our defence deflates, including two quick tries after half time, we will then rally and dominate for a while, threatening to get back into the game and maybe even win, only to lose concentration allowing a comfortable Cru win. I will be hacked off. Oh, and the Cru fans will have made a big dent in the real ale beer supply! Hopefully the coach will play as he seems to stabilise the squad. As for the rest- London Skolars v North Wales Crusaders KO 3pm West Wales Raiders v Whitehaven KO 3pm SUNDAY 24th JUNE Bradford Bulls v Doncaster KO 4pm Hunslet v Oldham KO 3.30pm Keighley Cougars v York City Knights KO 3.30pm Newcastle Thunder v Coventry Bears KO 3pm Workington Town v Hemel Stags KO 3pm