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  1. EssexRL


    Not legally but I guess the issue could be said whether they had an ethical obligation. A RL club that has been based in a community for how ever long is a bit different to other entities - I doubt anyone invests in a sport club to make money (Man U) saying that RL isn't a charity so..
  2. EssexRL

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    Quite a bit has happened. We had a season and a bit away from New River don’t forget. We’ve grown community presence and connections. Regularly have fan events and grown matched like Capital Clash. Secured long term tenancy at NR. Got our own club house. Become much more competitive on the field (not this season). And have a plan for growth so yes think we can become much bigger, hopefully alongside Broncos
  3. In terms of the deal, as much as I understand it, its not really a deal is it? We are keeping aligned with the customs union - including obeying its rules and not trading outside it - until a point at which both EU27 and UK agree to go their separate ways on trade (with the possibility of NI staying in to avoid a hard border). Other things like rules around finance will change and other forms of cooperation like between universities. Essentially, if this goes through, its really just the start (sorry) and there will be an election for what that's worth. May has boxed her opponents into a corner saying its this or no deal and the ERG lot have not come up with an alternative...presumably this is why she triggered Article 50 when she did? Disclosure: I'm very much a Remainer
  4. EssexRL


    A few recent threads have touched on this. Its an important point. There are a cadre of clubs (most but not all not traditional ones) that are well run and probably as well supported as many traditional ones but have struggled competitively; often a factor being they do not have access to heartlands and a wider pool of players (or regular DRs). In all the discussions of what happens to clubs in Champ and L1 there is an argument to be made that you can only continue if you have a solid foundation and business.It almost feels like we need a clear out of those clubs that are failing and rebuild from there rather than limp on as things are. Really sad though as I was living in West Yorkshire when Keighley were on the up.
  5. EssexRL

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    The really great thing is the club are really positive about the future. After establishing Skolars as a well run, and generally in recent years, competitive L1 side (I'm ignoring this season) they want to build and - something I feel is frequently lacking in RL - have a realistic plan to do so. No club is immune to the way the sport is marketed and understood more widely (and its limited resources - I was very jealous reading about the bidding war amongst sponsors for RU's Prem League today) but as Bears or York or Newcastle or Donny have shown there is a lot that can be done locally. The point about this seasons signings (which include young players the club has developed) is not that we're doing anything anyone else isn't but that we are doing it - and I suspect this is just the start. Key for me is that we build the clubs profile locally - in north London (NL). That we become a NL RL team rather than just a London one. The boroughs around New River have big and growing populations.
  6. EssexRL

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    In the recent past the coach pointed out a few times on the League One show that Hemel, Oxford, Skolars and Broncos were all competing for a small pool of players available in the south.
  7. EssexRL

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    And that’s beginning to pay off but it’s taken time.
  8. EssexRL

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    Hope people have been picking up that Skolars are strengthening their squad ahead of next season.
  9. EssexRL

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    There needs to be clarity about L1 so everyone can plan. If, god forbid, it goes then those clubs that are well organised, soundly run and flying the flag for RL outside the heartlands, including Skolars, need preserving somehow. Given the odds stacked against them it’s amazing that they not only continue but have also built engagement with local communities, including junior teams. Local players can be developed but it obviously takes time. It’s also chicken and egg. Clubs like Hemel can’t attract players, don’t perform, step back or disappear, there’s the fewer opportunities to play RL competitively, less players etc,
  10. I’ve said this a few times: RL fans need to engage more with ‘official’ digital platforms like twitter and web sites like BBCs. When BBC Sport or Sky or EnglandRL for that matter tweet, for example, loads of people need to ‘like’ etc., There are enough of us. Lack of engagement by fans reinforces the idea we’re a minority sport. We need to do better.
  11. EssexRL

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    and you added to it (oh and me!!) To be fair some pages were about travel and how we market the national game, which is what a lot of the discussion has been about, is pretty important. Its interesting to follow the discussion as its gone from despair and disaster to more optimism and success.
  12. We played NZ at the Olympic Stadium. 32k there.
  13. People on twitter saying they don’t follow RL but were really impressed by the match.