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  1. I’m a Skolars fan not a Broncos one (although I wish them well). I live in east London not west. My family are Skolars season ticket holders. We can’t now watch the last game of the season. (Guessing Oldham fans will be even more unhappy and they bring a fair few down normally). This isn’t acceptable. A week or so ago the owner asked me to sponsor this game (I normally sponsor one a season) really glad I didn’t. There is some cross over in spectators between the clubs, but not many. This seems an appropriate end to a pretty dismal season for us.
  2. EssexRL

    The story behind the Emerging Nations logo
  3. EssexRL

    The story behind the Emerging Nations logo

    I like it. Looking forward to watching some of the games they’re streaming.
  4. Newcastle are clearly a force. Was impressed with Dons today and Coventry putting up a great fight. Shows how L1 can help clubs build. Skolars though yet again let down by poor discipline. Groundhog Day this season.
  5. I’d be well hacked off if I was a Cru fan. They look a handy side but losing out to errors.
  6. It’s fine on my iPad. Good game although lots of errors with both clubs.
  7. Suspect you’re right, but hoping for a closer score line. Important we end the season well I think.
  8. Strictly North East but yes lots of scope. I really think proper east London is ripe for a local RL team (we do have Newham Dockers)
  9. London’s big enough for at least two clubs. One of the problems with Broncos is they’ve never stayed anywhere long enough to establish a local identity. Skolars have been in Haringey for over 20 years and have roots in the area like their junior teams, coverage in the local press and even support from the local MPs. Broncos should be our West London RL team and Skolars our east....that leads plenty of room for others too! One of our biggest gates is the preseason friendly against Broncos. By way, nice to have a discussion about expansion that’s positive and to have the light shone on Skolars and the progress the clubs has made (performance on the field this year aside).
  10. Sorry to hear that. There were problems at the TWP v Halifax game at New River as it was externally run. Even the owner had problems with the security people. Normally we’re a pretty friendly bunch including the volunteers who help out: not that I speak for the club!
  11. I think it’s clear. We need more funds to compete. The change in standard of L1 football now compared to even three years ago is substantial. To compete - which for us now means aspiring to compete for a place in the play offs requires funds. More than the equivalent club up north as we don’t have a significant RL infrastructure around us. The club, it’s owners and I have to say fans are committed to building RL in London. That has to include funds for marketing and travel as well as players based in the capital. The owner has been looking for extra funds, Argyle may well be part of that. I can’t see the current owners ceding power (25% is not majority control), nor do they need too. The opportunities are substantial for everyone but with out a cash injection we are not going to progress quickly enough. It’s interesting how expectations of success have changed amongst the fans from the season highlight being trying not to finish bottom, to occasionally beating a heartland club if we could, to finishing above the other expansion clubs, to be in the top half, to being in play offs. This is why people are so frustrated this season. All the ingredients are there for the club to take offincluding a great coach, community structure, secure ground, real ale, we just need the resources because as it turns out me sponsoring two players a year isn’t enough to get us the the championship.
  12. Have they been denied? We’ve known Skolars owner has been looking for partners to help us develop. We have a long standing link with Wigan through the City game. I think the only thing that has been denied is the idea of moving London. I can see why any business person would want to break into London. The potential is huge. Obviously cannot do this via Broncos so Skolars as an established club in a large catchment area is an obvious choice. We need resources to compete with heartland clubs player and facility wise and to market the game in the capital. Against Coventry we had just 163 paying spectators, this partly reflects our poor performance for most of the season but also the challenge spectator wise (for the record - and I am not picking on Coventry - Oldham got 377 people at their home game a couple of weeks ago and they’re having a good season!)
  13. Any extra injection of funds into the club would be welcome and I can see the logic of Skolars as a possible new London brand, particularly given how well it’s run, it’s community teams and engagement (eg Barnet college) and the massive potential of north and east London crowd-wise but obviously the concern is the mooted relocation. Currently I get a 444 bus to matches, I don’t fancy a transatlantic trip for a home game.
  14. Just caught up on Tweets, this is what Skolars owner says in response to the story- “Lol. Only happen if london was moving too!”