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  1. Weekend Events, will you be going?

    The nearest I get to one of these is Friday Night Lights at Skolars, the weekend before the Challenge Cup (which I am going to, too).
  2. League One's Future

    I think the point is that in considering the “return” on L1, thought needs to be given to its wider benefits as well as costs. These have been summed up very well by a number of contributors (and thanks scotchy1 for your posts they’ve generated interesting discussion and made me think ‘what’s the point of L1?’) L1 is itself is generating a lot of interest, blimey we’ve even got our own podcast! When I started watching Skolars 6-7 years ago it did feel the league was a bit of a back water but it certainly doesn’t now! I might even venture to say it’s the most interesting league and there’s some great rugby being played.
  3. League One's Future

    It’s an interesting question for both L1 and Champ, whether there are better media deals available than the crumbs from Sky, particularly given the lack of any TV coverage of the lower tiers. I’ve seen more L1 clubs on the BBCs CC coverage, than on Sky. As mentioned before the league does more than exist. Skolars for example have a thriving community presence and links including getting local MPs to the match. We have the annual Capital Challenge game in the city, all raising the flag for RL outside of the heartland. Then there are the junior teams and summer camps and Friday Night Lights.
  4. League One's Future

    I certainly think we can be more ambitious about L1..the “draw bridge” refers to the issue with RL in that it’s so heavily regionally based. A point well made on a recent Whippets and Flat Caps podcast (and irony aside that title shows the risk).
  5. League One's Future

    I don't think its emotion, beyond a love of the game and a desire to see it survive and grow beyond its current regional (static/declining) audience. L1 is an investment in the future and has produced plenty of players (as well as providing an opportunity for players who might not be able to play at a higher level any more to continue their career). I think on your criteria you could say the same about the Championship. The attendances for a number of clubs in that division are worse than L1 and I cannot imagine that many of their finances are great. For sponsorship, for national media attention, and audience I just cannot see how RL has much of a future if it limits its ambition and pulls the draw bridges up. As I said above, L1 is far from perfect but getting rid of it, for a paltry short term saving, will set us back. Personally it will mean that me and my son will go from being ST holders to occasional watchers of the game (<- emotional :-)
  6. League One's Future

    The future of L1 is really a debate about the future of RL. If L1 does not survive then RL, for the foreseeable future, is a minority sport played essentially in a handful of towns and a few cities in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Lancs. To say this will undersell the sports’ potential is putting it mildly. L1 is surely about -growing the sport outside the heartland, even if that does mean fast tracking clubs like Toulouse abd Toronto but also about growing clubs in that league whether Skolars or Coventry or Whitehaven and rebooting clubs like Bradford. There are two main issues that need addressing: 1) Lack of marketing and PR. Clubs like York and dare I say Skolars do a good job but more help is needed. TV rights in the future are part of this. It seems mad I can watch East Leeds or Kells on TV but not Hunslet or Keighley. 2) A more level playing field. For a range of reasons non heartland clubs are going to be at a disadvantage particularly those like West Wales, Coventry and us who try to grow their own players. This basically creates two leagues - heartlands and non heartland (look at the 8s last year). There is no doubt the overall quality of L1 keeps going up but the prospect of endless heavy defeats is not a great one for non heartland fans. It’s also not great if you’re bringing a neutral along. Answer - (much debated before) a L1 N and S, with the top clubs (perhaps 4 from N, 2 from S) coming together for playoffs, with one N having automatic promotion. L1 must survive because RL has to grow.
  7. Free sports TV coverage

    Excellent player and well deserved MoM.
  8. Free sports TV coverage

    signal a problem again and not enjoying the adverts they are slipping in when ever they can but a good game and nice crowd. DBs ok. I enjoy being able to watch this from my east London bijou residence.
  9. I wasn’t at the match but I also think Skolars are getting into their stride and are a better team than many on here think. Have a lot of respect for Raiders. It’s taken Skolars 20 plus years to get established and stable. It’s a long term project to grow RL in Wales, like we are in north and east London.
  10. To be fair there’s been a fair few shots of lads drinking cans of lager.
  11. Don’t think they should bother too much talking to the fans!
  12. Beginning to look one sided now.
  13. I’m enjoying it. Impressed with quality of both teams.