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  1. It’s early days but a few have picked the offer up and I think local media including social media do report. The local business club met at NR for instance. The local MP and councillors are supporting too. Skolars have been in Haringey for nearly a quarter of a century now though.
  2. Glad you enjoyed NR. As for future games - obviously Friday Night Lights before the Challenge Cup is a must. Great crowd, beer festival and hopefully promotion nailed! Other than that - Given current form all the next home games should be good. I’m looking forward to Oldham - great fans and a must win for both teams. Given the need to promote the game down south and the passion and commitment of the fans here I think there’s real scope in asking fans if they could help - not just money but I did think crowdfunding for something.
  3. Things seem to be moving. I think they’ll be an official statement soon and I will shortly own 0.03% or something of the club!
  4. Crickets not in a great place in England. RLs never been a top sport in terms of exposure nationally but cricket has been. Not any more. Interesting to think whether its move to Sky from terrestrial has had a negative effect.
  5. In terms of awareness, level of support and spread it is niche. At one level I quite like that. We are staying with some Australians in Greece at the moment and met up with another Aus couple last night. Said I liked RL (or football as they described it) and that was that. Not a niche sport there.
  6. Am away in Greece and disabled twitter so thanks for posting. Solid win for Skolars and so close Newcastle!
  7. Really hope Newcastle beat Haven as expect a strong London performance.
  8. No guarantee but the business plan is to get us promoted over next two seasons
  9. Be good to keep this thread on the original topic.
  10. Pleased the club’s put this out. Shows too that the current success is home grown, rather than result of external investment. I’m hoping when the new money comes it could be used to help publicise the club locally and build crowds (hopefully post promotion to the Championship).
  11. Yes - existing owners and some others including me.
  12. The offer was a minority investment in the club. The current owners would remain main shareholders and owners). There’s never been any plan or talk of him buying the club out. As beenz posted a few times (and Hector - the Skolars owner - recently said on the RL podcast) the Argyle money’s not arrived yet although there have been some new investments.
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