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  1. Have to say the same about L1. I'm really liking this season.
  2. I made a comment on the FT article (I am a subscriber) and mentioned Skolars so that's two mentions in two decades!
  3. Erm. I'm quite confident in predicting a Skolars win on Friday. Then- Oxford keighley barrow toronto all golds workington doncaster
  4. Very pleased with Skolars result. Been threatening this for a while. With a hopefully easy win on Friday we should have a bit of momentum behind us.
  5. Skolars have improved a lot over the last few seasons and that is, in part, due to playing heartland teams; however there are certainly issues with L1 - travel being one of them and the uneven nature of the competition which doesn't make for a decent spectacle always. Its worth noting that three of the four L1 Cup semi-finalists are expansion clubs. Maybe what we need is a smaller L1 and northern and southern feeder leagues into it like non league football has (eg, Rymans South).
  6. Yes but a home tie would increase their chance of winning and then a game away from Blackpool. Seems more like the Cup is not a priority perhaps?
  7. Has it? Why do they keep doing that? Very odd. Surely the money's not that great.
  8. It could be an upset. Depends on team that Workington put out and the effect of travel (are they coming down on the day?) All Golds tho need to work on their performance in the last 30-20mins. Same with Skolars. I find it hard to call our game with Oxford. I think we may edge it but it will be close.
  9. There are two sustainable expansion models. (1) Pour money in and hope the team delivers success and you can keep/attract crowds or (2) evolve over time. There are a number of evolutionary approaches - build local community teams, draw from a local university, link up with the wider local rugby community, link with another higher league. There is a small player pool outside the heartlands. I guess the Hemel approach could have worked if the Dewsbury reserves were any good, as it is, its the worst of all worlds. One thing though is that what ever the model, there is f-all available for marketing. As others on the thread have pointed out - the overall standard of L1 is much higher than previous seasons (for instance the Skolars v Bears game Sat had very few errors) and the standard of all the other expansion clubs is improving (look at Ironmen).
  10. credit to the Ironmen. They have had some close results so far. Clearly improving.
  11. Sadly the answer is not much at the moment
  12. Lovely spring day in London which may have cost us and not many away fans. A couple of weeks ago 1500 at New River but may be that clobbering put people off. We had 5 loan players today. Need that to compete in L1 but meant home grown players couldn't get in squad.
  13. Good game today. Comfortable win against a good team. Forwards were excellent. Only negative was crowd - 250??