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  1. Always a good show.
  2. Game of two halves, first half we played a kicking game that didn't really work. Second half more skilful, played out the six.
  3. Next Saturday (24 June) Skolars play Barrow. The gane is in partnership with Aching Arms, a charity that supports families who are grieving a loss of a baby - It will be a great game of rugby but also a chance to support this great charity that works with hospitals acrodd the UK including in London and Barrow. If you can get along please do (KO is 3pm).
  4. In other news...if the BBC are right South Wales got their first win of the season. Surprised Oxford lost so heavily today, assume fewer northerners this week. Thought Skolars might win after a stonking first half come back but they didnt.
  5. I dont live that far away from Redbridge. Dont see it myself. I still think there is possibility with areas like Hackney, Leyton and Clapton. The crowds Clapton FC get show the potential if marketed to the New East End. Mind you with out funding with promoting it doesnt really matter where you go, a club will struggle. Skolars put a huge effort into community engagement, having, for example, a business network event prior to last Sats game. These things do bring people in but its a long long haul. Without proper funds theres no way to reach beyond the converted (and there are very few of us in London). Toronto shows what you can do with some money, balls and creative thinking.
  6. Close game a lot of today. 18-18 at HT with defensive errors costing us. Took nearly 20 mins of second half before any points scored. Whether it was fitness or better discipline Skolars pulled away in last 20. Was a good game and a reasonable crowd (some very passionate Oxford fans next to us).
  7. London Skolars are offerring free entry to any member of the emergency services to the match against Oxford this weekend. This includes the RNLI I am rather pleased to say (they operate on the Thames). Nice gesture from the club - just hope there will be no reason to do it again.
  8. Apologise if someone has made this point already- Surely what Toronto shows is that with quality marketing and innovative promotion and dare I say confidence in the product (TGG) you can make RL grow? I was thinking if Skolars had the same sort of funds to promote the game locally we would be able to get a few more than 400 for most home games. There is nothing (much) wrong with the product (at all levels at quality of games is good including L1 which is the best I have seen in many a season) the problem is its being manages like its the 1950s!
  9. To be honest if we do get to play them there I would go. Its an experience - watching my club the other side of the Alantic in a L1 match! I emjoyed our home match against them even though we got slaughtered.
  10. 7144 there / which is great
  11. If we play anything like we did in the first 40mins last week Skolars to win. I also fancy Barrow to win and All Golds and Oxford. Good thing this season is no game is a foregone conclusion (oh, other than Hemel losing - which is a shame).
  12. Good game. Its all realitive isn't? A close game today. A few seasons ago I would have been happy losing to Haven by 40 points. Disappointed we lost. We were strong and agile in first half. Second half Haven were much more physical which threw us a bit.
  13. Totally agree that L1 fixtures are a nightmare. We really need regular fixture slots. Not good for fans or clubs (feel for Barrow) Am hoping for a Skolars home win on Sat.
  14. Not taking anything from York but All Golds have faded a bit recently after their bright start. Are year end exams costing them uni players?