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  1. On the pictures on Twitter stand was full. Did look a decent crowd.
  2. First time we have won the CC! What was the crowd like?
  3. Only £3 a pint last season! There does seem to be a synergy between RL and real ale. The same exists with non league footie for some reason.
  4. True but credit to Skolars for promoting real ale at games over the seasons (there is a real ale festival at the London Clash next week). Last year we had a link up with Caveman brewery from Kent. Doom Bar though is great as it's a nationally recognised brand. The link says something about the clubs positive attuitude to sponsorship and marketing.
  5. Truly gutted that can't be there and, yes, this is yet more good news: now need to top last year's attendance and beat the Wigan team! By way, is this really generating six figure or did I miss read that on Twitter? (PS Happy to have a east London micro brewery associated with the Barrow game I am planning to sponsor!!)
  6. We need to max publicity for the Toronto game. Can Canadian Embassy help? BBC London. London Live. Standard. ?
  7. Hope we can attract some more locals. Need to get some advertising up around the Ladder.
  8. Really looking forward to it. Optimistic too. RL in London feels like it's in a better place than its been for some time.
  9. Rangers' approach does seem the right way to build a new league club - have the ambition to grow but lay down roots first and build foundations (having a fixed base is essential - nothing kills a club more than constant moving around). I really want to see RL grow in the south but it seems to be revolution (let's create a club here) rather than evolution - revolutions almost always fail. Coventry is a good example of evolution (and my team Skolars). Key then though is to success on the field. Spending most of your semi pro life in the bottom half of League 1 isn't great for building a fan base particularly if that means some regular heavy defeats.
  10. Spot on - progress takes time and effort. The CC is a credit to Skolars and Wigan, who I gather have been really supportive.
  11. This is a bit disappointing after Toulouse and Toronto was hoping for a more exotic expansion location like New York or south America .... seriously though be good to get Rangers in the league and hopefully continue to grow them.
  12. Curse you for doing this on a day I work (clearly not a problem for the city boys and girls!) Seriously great effort by the club. Looking forward to getting back to New River for the game against Broncos at the end of the month.
  13. Well we didn't do badly last year
  14. Agree Toronto and Barrow at the top. Certainly see Skolars challenging for top 8 place. I don't think Oxford will bottom. Goodness knows about Hemel.