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  1. The four English lads in the Canberra pack went well today. They were up against a Cowboys pack where the three middle forwards were Kangaroos and the two edge forwards were Queensland State of Origin reps and came out on top.
  2. That Cowboys pack on paper looks immense. But for most of the time in games this season it is playing nowhere near its potential. The funny thing is you can't pick out individuals playing too badly just collectively it's not happening for them.
  3. First time I have seen Morgan Smithies play since he was outstanding for England Academy against the Australian Schoolboys. He was physically dominant against the Aussies, looking forward to seeing how he steps up to the first team.
  4. Well, it may be controversial, but I think 13 aside is the perfect number.
  5. Crazy game that one... full of endeavour but both sides tried really hard to lose it. Glad that Cleary kept his nerves twice in those last minutes and I'm pleased Edwards got the try for the Panthers
  6. What are you proposing the RFL should have done, not run a bidding process at all for the potential host venues and simply approach the stadia/businesses they wanted to use or run the bidding process but then approach a number of venues (such as Spurs) outside of that process? Either way would pose a problem as the execution of the bidding process itself put the RFL in a position of authority as they received, judged and made decisions on the bids that would have been commercially and logistically favourable. Turning the process around and going to clubs/venues that they wanted to use would have been commercially disadvantageous.
  7. You mean we can't just go and tell Spurs that we are having our World Cup at their new stadium. Now that's annoying.
  8. I was responding to the question on whether 9's was high scoring or not. I made no comment on 11 a side.
  9. It was a dirty shot by Pangai on Cronk and he deserves a ban. The commentators did point out though that Cronk's injury in the photo was not the result of the Pangai incident.
  10. I'm sure that anybody reading through the thread will fully understand my point and this reference. If you don't, I can explain it to you.
  11. OK, let me re-phrase. I have an aversion to drunken brawls.
  12. Well I'm happy to put my hand up and say I love Rugby League and have played and watched for over 30 years but I also have an aversion to violent crime.
  13. All three survivors going for the Storm. If the Bulldogs win it will be carnage.
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