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  1. Well I watched that in full and delayed by about an hour and a half. It became evident to me with that 40-20 from Maloney just how important that wind was. When Xerri scored I was confident of running over the top of the Panthers (despite a terrible first half performance with the footy). Its an important win whilst players are out. Onto next week. Up Up Cronulla!
  2. Did he play Wigan in order to get a better option w WRU?
  3. Here I was thinking this was gonna be a thread about some awesome Summer French SL Magic Round
  4. Most local clubs would have access to a supplier. Steeden had staff and a UK base back as recent as 2013. To the best of my knowledge, they would still have a UK base, All depends on the quality of ball being used. They have a range of about five, all the way from a trainer (which are cheap and many clubs use for matches to save pennies) up to the professional ball, which will retain its grip much longer.
  5. Against all the play, with 12 minutes left in the half, Sharkies just remain in it
  6. Duggan will be returning after his head check. It appears it revealed nothing!
  7. Duggan off early with a head check. Not sure if there was a collision or just the psyche ward finally caught up with him
  8. Parra have started with great intent. Johnson a late withdrawal, Flanno gets his second Shark call up to join Xerri on his debut. Blayke Brailey on the bench, and Briton Nikora in the starting line up. A very young squad for the Sharks.
  9. Fox Sports frothing over Bateman being in the NRL after tonight’s performance
  10. You both miss my point. I don’t disagree that international RL can have a huge benefit on RL in Australia. I would love there to be a 4 Nations Mid Season. International fixtures, fielding the best players whilst they are in the peak of their season. I know many others here in Aus would too. To draw the soccer parallel Scotchy, you are comparing the NRL and FIRL with the Premier League, FA and FIFA. All national federations that sign up to FIFA, also sign up to agree the release of international players from their domestic leagues for sanctioned internationals. FIFA have the power to force this. In comparison, the FIRL has absolutely no powers to force the NRL into a similar situation. My point is simple. Whilst the NRL is bigger than all other RL markets combined, expect the NRL to make decisions based on NRL interests first and foremost. To expect anything different is unrealistic.
  11. Can’t agree with you on this one Damian, I would flip your entire summation and say in a nutshell, this is what is wrong with RL minorities. Expecting the most successful organisation in the industry to risk its most important commodity for the benefit of international partners with no short, medium or likely long term gain. Furthermore, risking its position in the organisation’s immediate market against some very cashed up and hostile competitors looking for an inch. The NRL is Rugby League’s major power broker... by a very long way. Combining the RL markets across the rest of the globe still won’t come close. Until that changes, don’t expect the NRL to compromise anything that puts them at a heightened risk of delivering anything but the best club rugby competition in the world.
  12. Dragons! Well, ya gotta go your own club I guess
  13. Speaking of giving a team/sport an arena to host an event that will draw new supporters... The women’s AFL Grand Final in only its third season drew a 53k+ crowd in Adelaide last weekend. I think London really need to focus on small steps. Taking a game to a larger stadium is ludicrous when they cannot even create a once a year event at their home ground for 8k+. Newtown Jets are a great example. A second division Sydney RL club, they focus their energy on special events for three home games a year. One of which drew a crowd of over 8k. That was more than the crowd at Manly for an NRL match taking place the same day! To be fair, Newtown Jets and London broncos have a lot in common. Probably have a similar sized and funded back office. Swamped by much larger sports teams from various sports. Similar playing standard. Enough potential to draw a 10k crowd on a well designed day.
  14. Top 8 will include Sharks, Roosters, Bunnies, Broncos, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Eels and Storm
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