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  1. Sports Prophet

    Ideas thread

    It would work well up north, but, I’m not sure Catalans fans would be happy to be chomping on chips and gravy every second weekend...
  2. Sports Prophet

    How to break the ‘Big 3’

    12 different champions in the last 16 years and 5 different champions in the last 5 year would suggest the NRL (if it does have a problem) has a very different problem.
  3. Sports Prophet

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    There are plenty of reasons why London Broncos have spectacularly diminished as a club since days of consistent 6-8k crowds. Take the comment above from Moscow for example. What a shambles of an organisation. That can be rekindled, but needs a lot of support to remain successful. If RL can work in partisan Melbourne, it can work in cosmopolitan London. Some heartland areas have had a clubs for over 100 years and struggle to get 2k consistently.
  4. Sports Prophet

    Bring back the 4 Nations

    You would think. In an amateur world, certainly. However, I reckon if you posed that question to any number of professionals playing in the NBA, NHL or MLB, the overwhelming majority of responses would not include representing their country as the biggest honour.
  5. Sports Prophet

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    I hear that Yorks, I too like a good series, be it Test or SOO for example. But that needs to be in context as well. That is how the series in question are decided. The exclusivity of those fixtures are that you may only get to see your team play at home a maximum of three games every two years. A league is a different prospect. When you are presented with near 30 or more fixtures a year, then a hell of a lot of that exclusivity is lost. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but the KPIs clearly demonstrate lower gates. There one primary reason for this and exclusivity is a key component of that reason.
  6. Sports Prophet

    Empty seats etc

    Sounds like a mixture of a defeated salesperson and having less niche/exclusive fixtures available.
  7. Sports Prophet

    Empty seats etc

    I have heard a few people quote that SL clubs play their fixtures on a Friday to cater to corporates. If this is true, then these clubs need to take a quick look at the corporates that attend other professional sports played on a Saturday or Sunday.
  8. Sports Prophet

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    Gotta disagree Dave, fixtures need some sort of exclusivity to them to gain my interest. The dwindling crowd numbers may also demonstrate that Kris and I are not the only two that feel this way. I don’t want more games, I want more spectacular games. In my opinion, less is more.
  9. Sports Prophet


    Not so sure, but, it will bring into question the promotion tactics used by UFC
  10. Sports Prophet


    So... did anyone just witness the post fight actions for Khabib v McGregor
  11. Sports Prophet


    And Josh Duggan!
  12. Sports Prophet

    Slater Booed from start to finish

    The booing was simply the result of a despicable judiciary decision that allowed him to play.
  13. Sports Prophet

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    I was of the understanding the the Warriors are the biggest sports club in NZ.
  14. Sports Prophet

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    Dont judge yourself against those under you, but against those above you. Newcastle though are a great club with great support.
  15. Sports Prophet

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    Are we including dogs and are we counting legs or heads?