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  1. The attached document demonstrates the financial might of World Rugby. The global audience is partly self fuelling but predominantly drawn by a well funded organisation which primary duty is to grow the game internationally and the RUWC is its most profitable asset. Responsibility for poor attendances definitely lies at the door of he NRL. They campaigned to host this World Cup and have done a terrible job in getting people through the turnstiles. Sure there are difficulties like hosting it outside the season and the sports peak media following or the Kangaroos dominance of the international game or competing with the Ashes for attention etc, but when you successfully run to host the WC, these are the battles that are neither unforeseen or to be easy to overcome, but must be overcome. The flaw in the model of international RL as we know it today however is that it is not necessarily the responsibility of a national body to ensure that the international game is healthy. In saying all that, I think the total crowd number for the two semi finals will stack up well against 2013 and the tournament will make an increased profit on 2013. The problem is, those profits are not fully distributed back into the international game. Most on here are not happy about it, but the strength of our sport is in the club game. The club game is similarly to World Rugby, funded on an almighty scale and I am more and more convinced that the club game is the vehicle that the sport should be using to gain increased national and international exposure. I am not saying that the World Cup should be forgotten but perhaps less internationals is more for the next 20 years, with distribution of profits from the international game more evenly spread amongst the nation's and participants than what we see at the moment. With absence of annual fixtures/tournaments between the big nations, this may just help increase the profile of the international game when fixtures do take place. It would be a revolutionary call, but in my opinion one definitely worth considering.
  2. Rangi Chase

    Alcohol and tobacco ruin far more lives than all illicit drug us combined. You would find that the number of those ruined and lives and deaths would be significantly less if cocaine was both legal and controlled.
  3. As to 2025 EW, I agree that a limited number of venues would be ideal. I would think more than four though if we really want to make the most of capitalising on the event in N America. Not sure about Hawaii (time difference between there and east coast could present an issue for players and viewers) but not convinced games shouldn’t be there either. The beauty of any location picked is that there is little understanding in N America of the difference between League and Union, but they know of Rugby in most places and it’s large following in Europe and the antipodes. The World Cup would be a brilliant example of an opportunity where RL can ride on Union’s international profile to the benefit of a N America hosted RLWC.
  4. I think both Allora and Scubby have equally valid points. I won’t defend the organisers because I think they have done an awful job. Where I do have issue is where the Aussie fans take a flogging from people on here. With a suitable mix of long season; historically all conquering Kangaroos; venue selection; no marketing; convoluted group setup; cricket season started; there are plenty with a limited interest that can only manage to be interested to watch at home. Someone earlier summed up a lot of opinion in Aus, RL in November??? As to this weekend’s fixtures, the city of Brisbane is gripped with Ashes fever. With tickets at a scorching level plus add ons, I don’t think there is the cash available in the pockets of many who would be interested in the RLWC. I hope I am proved wrong tonight. RL has a small international footprint. I don’t think the sport does itself any favours by hosting the WC at the end of an already long club season. I think interest would be much different if the WC was hosted in the middle of the regular season when the sporting media and public’s focus is on the footy.
  5. The Australian Rugby League Commission needs to change its name and remit to be the peak RL governor in the South Pacific. The governing bodies in each country cede national governance of the sport to the new RL Commission which would operate under the name of the respective national bodies in each country. NZRL for example. The existing governing bodies (including NZRL) are far too weak to suitably govern the sport in their nation.
  6. Approaching lunch... 1/55 on day one. I may want Eng to win the RLWC but cannot bare the idea of Eng winning the Ashes this series.
  7. The imminent extinction of the honey bee
  8. No, compared to just the Brisbane crowds and why wouldn't I count the aggregate number of attendances for all Sydney fixtures? (There are three clubs in Qld btw, but only one in Brisbane). You said Brisbane is the "true" capital of RL. I disagreed noting more people attend, play and watch rugby league in Sydney than any other city in Oz. Certainly three big KPIs any city claiming to be the capital would look to be heading. I stand correct with the facts I presented. If there was only one Sydney club like there is only one club in Brisbane, the facts at hand would suggest that the crowds would be larger in Sydney. You are entitled to your opinion, but mine is backed by the facts above and previous.
  9. Not just me, the facts do too... at least for every 2017 NRL round apart from Round 6
  10. I don't know why I am defending it really. I don't agree with the venue choice and haven't agreed much with the tournament committee throughout the whole tournament. Suppose I am just defending the fans more than anyone else. In my opinion, for the venue chosen and the time of year, the crowd in Melbourne was reasonable. Not great, but not a disaster either. Certainly not much to write home about as far as physical numbers but barely a pass for the locations chosen.
  11. More people on a weekly basis attend and participate in regular season RL in Sydney than Brisbane. Sydney is the capital and home.
  12. I can't think of a bigger NRL story since Cronk was signed, so would anticipate the coverage to continue until he signs elsewhere. It's one Origin half (who has led one of the sport's glamour clubs for years) being released in favour of his immediate Origin rival. Sounds like a big story to me.
  13. Yeah, that's a real shame. BBC 1 or 2, it doesn't matter when it's on at that time in the morning. The only people watching are the existing fans.
  14. That's like saying England and the RFL had some redeeming to do after 5k turned out to watch the Kangaroos beat Ireland in the quarter final in 2013. The crowd in Melbourne for the quarter was entirely reasonable and the opening game wasn't too bad either considering the location.