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  1. Varying pricing doesn’t sound fair. I wasn’t necessarily expecting the club to raise £500k in the amateur ranks. I was simply suggesting that the club continue to build itself as a leading community club in the NW and NCL until it could find itself in a better position to join the professional ranks, if in fact that remains the objective.
  2. So the management gave up the dream because they couldn’t afford to compete in a professional competition? Is there any reason why the visionary’s didn’t think to progress through NW to NCL and grow their revenue streams to afford becoming a professional outfit?
  3. Is this the start of youth Grassroots in Canada? Well it would appear so. Unless anyone tells us that other youth grassroots activity already taking place in Canada. In which case, this is not the start of your grassroots in Canada.
  4. What was the highest division the club played in before that incident?
  5. There are a handful of AFL clubs heavily associated with the top division of professional netball in Aus. Collingwood, GWS and Sydney to name the ones I know. Those European clubs people mention are old and historic multi sport clubs. Getting a single professional RL club to launch a second professional sporting club these days is a very different prospect. In my opinion, it’s the amateur clubs that should be expanding to include other sports under their umbrella to become a thriving and inclusive community sports club.
  6. So Manchester Rangers and the other Manchester club (Knights was it?) no longer exist? what happened to them? The Rangers were all about becoming the new professional club for Manchester and looked to be evolving well.
  7. Similar to correctness, racism can often be perceived where not intended. Your interpretation of an Australian’s racism may simply in fact be jovial banter welcome to reciprocation. This is where people predominantly mistake Australia for being racist. None more so than identified by The 12th Man as below video. An absolutely hilarious account of sports commentary that many these days would simply clamber for apologies and victimisation and racism. I am not saying racism does not exist, but to call it prevalent in one of the world’s most multi-cultural countries is simply an ill informed opinion.
  8. I saw very little from Cleary to improve on his equally quiet club season that would suggest he is a SOO half back. Get rid, new halfback please.
  9. I’m glad someone confirmed what the “offending line” is, cause it wasn’t obvious to me. In saying that, if the Aus anthem is not a true representation of the Aboriginal people then I think it should be changed, much like Australia Day. To say a national anthem is out of date is akin to thinking representing your country at anything is out of date isn’t it?
  10. No match official wakes up in the morning and says to them self “game day, excellent. I can’t wait to get out there and make some bad decisions and potentially influence a result outside the players control.”
  11. No conspiracy required when you have Broncos in the SL
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