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  1. Sports Prophet

    Sharks Troubles

    It never gets any better. What kind of bumbling idiot makes such a mistake on a simple salary cap calculation since the Sharks self reported potential salary cap breaches... there hasn’t even been a full off season ffs
  2. Sports Prophet


    On another note... anyone notice Palmer’s ads have just gone up another 7000 notches in fear mongering ?
  3. Sports Prophet


    Pretty good turn out. RabbitsRhino would find some way to teach us how the sport is never gonna work in Melbourne
  4. Sports Prophet

    NRL All Stars Match Is More Important Than WCC

    The way I see it, the NRL obviously cares little for the event. Holding their prestige pre season event on the same weekend, clashing with WCC. I can understand someone also feeling proud to represent their heritage. In saying that, being an Aboriginal, participating in winning the title of “Best Club in the World” would also be a proud moment, representing the Aboriginal people on a “world scale”. This decision just confirms how “world scale” the WCC is considered by one of the most exciting players in the RL world.
  5. According to Latrel Mitchell who won’t be heading over with the Roosters in a few weeks... Another example of where the WCC sits in order of prestige and priority to the Australians.
  6. I have long said that national representative sides from Europe, made up of only domestic players, entering the Challenge Cup is the missing link for rewarding domestic players that are otherwise overlooked for international duties for heritage players.
  7. Sports Prophet

    Greg Inglis announces retirement date

    Do we really need a two year farewell?
  8. Sports Prophet

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    I would love this, but, my concern is the number of Jack the Lad kind of players they have recruited over the past few years. While I think Flanno was well positioned to manage that, it is another thing to promote an assistant (albeit a very impressive one) and expect him to command the authority that players like this require to remain professional. An outstanding starting line up with plenty of depth in the forwards and even some future stars on the backline bench. Early wins will be pivotal for the coach to hold this season together.
  9. Sports Prophet

    Sharks appoint new coach

    I seem to remember Rob Powell was the assistant coach that replaced Brian Smith when he left London. The club won 3 of its first four if I remember correctly. They also started the following season in the Championship haha
  10. Sports Prophet

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Well the Sharks certainly rate him as one and so do I. He is a natural 6 all over in my book. Might have something to do with his inconsistent form...
  11. Sports Prophet

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Flanno isn’t a 6
  12. Sports Prophet

    2 refs for 2020 by looks

    You took the words right out of my mouth
  13. Sports Prophet

    RL's longest hoodoos

    Well it looks like most here disagree. I would say that losing streaks or missing a final etc can all count as a hoodoo, on the proviso it is a realistic outcome. Hemel Stags never having won a Challenge Cup final would not be a hoodoo because that’s not realistic. But Hull having not won at Headingley for over ten years is certainly a hoodoo.
  14. Sports Prophet

    RL's longest hoodoos

    A hoodoo certainly extends to losing streaks, be it bad luck or not.