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  1. Sports Prophet

    War of the Roses coming back?

    What marketing genius drops the Lancashire name from the war of the roses? Idiots!
  2. Sports Prophet

    2025 World Cup - Not in US

    I understand your concern and believe you have valid points. This may sound very simple, but to me, a duck born in a stable is still a duck. France and Wales et al just have to lift their game.
  3. Sports Prophet

    Most picturesque Rugby grounds?

    Burrows Park, Clovelly. Home of the Crocs. To the right of th e ground, Clovelly Bowls club.
  4. Sports Prophet

    Shaun Johnson is now a free agent

    Sharks starting backline... 1. Moylan 2. Katoa 3. Morris 4. Duggan 5. Feki 6. Johnson 7. Townsend that’s a very skilful backline! Feki is extremely underrated and Katoa is an emerging star. The rest speak for themselves. Up Up
  5. Sports Prophet

    Sharks Speared by Holmes?

    As a sharks fan It’s disappointing, but, I never felt good about the potential salary cap he would command if staying for that 5 years contract, while a great player, I don’t think his best position is fullback and not worth $1m a year. Just a massive shame Barba is already locked in at Cowboys. Duggan to fullback needs to stay fit.
  6. Sports Prophet

    London Broncos Announcement

    And here I was hoping in a severe twist it was Val Holmes
  7. Awesome newish act out of Cronulla, Ruby Fields recently released a new song “Dinosaurs”. Chick has talent and is a bit of a spunk. Trying to arrange for her to play at the first home game for Sharks 2019
  8. Sports Prophet

    Less Internationals Is What Is Required

    Think about it. The strength of our sport is not in the internationals. There just isn’t enough competition. By all means, the nations below Australia, NZ and England should all be playing as much as possible to improve, but, I would prefer to watch a well anticipated series once every four years played in front of 3 x 60-80k crowds rather than every year in front of 3 x 25-30k crowds.
  9. It is debateable that less internationals is what RL needs. Dare I suggest, that if Aus/NZ toured only once every 8 years, there would be no trouble selling out three tests at Wembley, Emirates and Elland Rd. Anticipation of each series would be epic.
  10. Sports Prophet

    Clubs' Websites

    A website must be responsive on mobile devices. I would say St Alban’s website is very average. Next, a site must be contemporary and have up to date content. Sadly, even a SL club like the Broncos can’t even get that right. Finally, a good website these days is minimal. The content an individual is looking for should only be two clicks away. 17 tabs with 17 sub pages each is not an example of best practice. The rest, as they say, is elementary.
  11. Sports Prophet

    Love and the Exiles!

    Dare I say it... Bah bahs...
  12. Sports Prophet

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    Awesome, let’s get it on. But if I was born in the east to parents of the west, can I choose to represent either? Can I represent both within a four year cycle?
  13. Sports Prophet

    Bennett fumes at Kangaroos snub

    Didn’t sound like he was fuming to me
  14. Sports Prophet

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Haha, I noted that particular sentence as well
  15. Sports Prophet

    Whinging Aussies just don't get it

    Was there something about them in the article I should be referencing or are you just asking me to exlplain them? If the latter... well they are both a pair of Penrith players, one of which is a form Golden Boot winner and one of the sport’s greatest minds. The other is a sensationalist.