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  1. Why don't we realise that "letting the game flow" is only compromising the integrity of the game? This is not a ref bashing post. This is very simply a post that notes, no other sport allows such opinion/interpretation over fact. Consequently, there are at least 50% that disagree with the whistle. I cannot think of any other sport in the world that even comes close. In fact we seem to expect the officials to give leeway for law breakers... (#convictinfluence) i.e. "He was only a metre offside on the right and they went left, so play wasn't affected"... except for the fact that they could have gone left except unlikely to be rewarded. #zerotoleranceisthewayforward #justlikeeveryothersport
  2. NRL Finals Week 1 - Match Thread

    Gallen! What an imbecile
  3. NRL Finals Week 1 - Match Thread

    That's the game I reckon. Cowboys to score at least another to win
  4. NRL Finals Week 1 - Match Thread

    Pains me to say it, but the Sharks as so regularly this season look impotent in attack and I don't see them crossing the line again this game.
  5. NRL Finals Week 1 - Match Thread

    Forward pass let go there but a kick out on the full rights the wrong
  6. NRL Finals Week 1 - Match Thread

    I am now expecting to see consistency on those penalties on the goal line from here on in.
  7. Trent Barret blowing up about the decision to award Penrith a go ahead try and getting support from Freddy this morning on the footy show. as far as I am concerned, the system works and works well. The referee has made the decision that it is a try. Unless there is anything in the video replay that tells you it is not a try, then we will award it. What is wrong with that system? It seems like the best process to me. Had the referee just sent it up, there is no conclusive evidence anyway that the ball touched his finger, so benefit of the doubt, try. whats your thoughts?
  8. Is it time to lose the video ref?

    Ask Trent Barret what he thinks of the Bunker. For mine, I have no issue wth the bunker and with the ref making the call prior to sending it up. In SL, the fact that it isn't used at every game on a weekend is something to be very critical of. Either use it or don't, but don't just use it for TV games. If the clubs can't all afford it, then scrap it.
  9. TWP Tonight

    There is a SL leaders shield isn't there?
  10. An interesting conversation I had with a few colleagues last night at the Sea Eagles v Panthers... Discussion surrounded the rumour of a London Broncos takeover by a certain cashed up RL identity in U.K. and entry to join the NRL. Very much a rumour and I don't believe that this could get legs in any less than 3 years while the NRL considers expansion, but a very interesting discussion all the same. Especially around the team that could be assembled using the NRL salary cap.
  11. Move a club out of Sydney say fans

    This is behind a paywall for me FiS. Would you mind copy pasting the article for me?
  12. Move a club out of Sydney say fans

    A few trendy, affluent supporters might be the best thing for the Rabbits. Unless they want to keep chasing the blue collar thing. In that case, just rename them to Suburban Sydney Bummies. Bring em home RROz, that's the missing piece of the puzzle.
  13. James Graham moving

    That's a good purchase for the Dragons. And they offloaded Duggan to our boys. A double victory for St G over their rival neighbours.
  14. Move a club out of Sydney say fans

    Campbelltown!!!! FFS RROz, those historical, generational Rabbits supporters of yours would be turning in their graves hearing you say that wouldn't they? You talk about tradition and then throw Campbelltown into the mix.... South Sydney belong in South Sydney, not in the Western Suburbs. If Crowe and Packer said tomorrow the consideration is to relocate to Campbelltown, then you could instantly remove me from their backers to remain in the NRL.
  15. " You didn't tell me to move "

    Yes, the referees dep't have brought it on themselves, however, the call of "held" is your indication as a tackler to move. The sport itself has an inherent problem (moreso in NRL) of letting "little/minor" infringements go. This manifests itself and makes the game more than ever an application of interpretation and opinion rather than a game of the rules. Until the laws of the game are administered 100%, little pieces like "you didn't tell me to move", "you didn't warn me I was offside", "you didn't tell me not to encroach within 10m of the ball receiver", "you didn't tell me where the PTB mark was" will always be an issue.