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  1. NRL 2018 - Round 7 Match Thread

    Did they say “only the 30th team to go 7-0”? Thats like one less than once every 4 year’s of the comp. hardly that special...
  2. NRL 2018 - Round 7 Match Thread

    Advantage was over in my eyes. Should’ve been a try
  3. It’s round 7, how can we be in the third instalment already? Amazing. So my exit will be earlier than anyone else by tipping the Roosters to win on Thursday night.
  4. Drop kicked conversion

    The question you should be asking David is “Why are you allowed to charge down a kick in RU when you can’t in RL?”
  5. Match Officials

  6. Drop kicked conversion

    welcome to the hazards of different laws between SL, NRL and Internationals. I believe the NRL outlawed drop kick try conversions maybe two years ago, or perhaps it was SL....
  7. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    You are a pretty full on Bunnies supporter huh? Does that mean you won’t be gracing the forums in September either after the Wabbits finish outside the 8?
  8. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    You’ve watched one grand final since 1971? You are hard core man!
  9. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    Having previously worked in sports corporate sales I am experienced enough to know that there are more than just viewing figures that influence corporate advertising. 15k in an 85k seater stadium may get slightly more tv viewers than a match with 70k in a 100k seater stadium, but the latter is considered the more prestigious product to be advertising to. Very importantly as well is the demographic of viewer. AFL has a broader demographic with a significantly larger upper class following than RL which is predominantly lower to middle class. AFL clubs also have greater loyalty from their fans as evidenced by the overwhelmingly large membership figures. This loyalty also plays its part in marketing spend.
  10. NRL Membership tracker 2018

    Sharks just broker 15k
  11. "NRL smash AFL in TV ratings"

    Oh yes they do and the attendance figures in favour of the AFL is worthy of the word thrashing. Without being sure which sporting organisation's favour it is in, I would be interested to see terrestrial figures as well.
  12. Sam Tomkins to Catalans?

    I would be surprised if Tompkins would be happy in the Championship for 2019
  13. Yep, offsides were noticeable tonight, as you would expect if they are not consistent with their policing.
  14. NRL 2018 - Round 5 Match Thread

    You can't let attacking wingers jump for the ball 5m out unattended and expect to hold them out. Theybare still a very unsatisfying team to watch unfortunately Vichy
  15. NRL 2018 - Round 5 Match Thread

    I think you are clutching at straws the Vichy... it will take a lot more than 4 line breaks for me to get positive