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  1. The World Series is a waste of time.

    The RFL and NRL need to determine what the WCC stands for (pardon the pun). Is it a fixture to determine the best club side in the world? If yes, then the two seasons need absolute alignment, with GFs on the same weekend and a WCC played a fortnight after clubs are crowned domestic champs. If no, then there are really endless options like running a pre-season comp for the top 16 or top 8 of each last domestic season. Just don't expect clubs to take anything 100% seriously other than an end of season WCC between the respective champions.
  2. Should get the train down to Cronulla for a true slice of Australiana you won't find elsewhere. Surf lifesaving boat championships are on!
  3. Should get their backsides down to Shark town where I think the Australian Surf Boat championships are taking place today. A true slice of Australiana you won't find elsewhere.
  4. I always thought it was "dunna na na na"
  5. Quality of Rugby League

    You make an interesting point LG. i could write a book about the pros n cons of post 1980s RL. The 10m rule is probably the biggest reason why a country like France can't keep within 40 points of Australia. RU progress since professionalism is in some minor way due to the complexity of the sport and the less likeliness of blowouts. Send the RL international game back to 5m rule and we would see far less an international gap, but at the risk of less open expansive play. What do the fans want?
  6. Cosa Nostra

    "13 is our thing" sounds like a lame emo rock/pop band...
  7. Grassroots development is and must always be the remit of the governing body. End of. The governing body can leverage off professional clubs by influencing or for lack of a better word, coerce the clubs to assist, but English and in my opinion British grassroots RL must always be the remit of the RFL.
  8. No need to be so literal Raycee when my original suggestion was so fanciful.
  9. Sudan the next Lebanon

    Usually these initiatives are formed as a partnership between sport governing bodies and other community groups that include the leaders and suitably trained people that you suggest LLR. So no, I don't necessarily think it's a waste of time. Nor do I believe the gang problem is simply a media frenzy without substance. A programme targeting African migrant children would be a great initiative with positive connotations for the sport, however I wouldn't be investing a huge amount of $$$ in it if it was my decision. I would want significant partner funding. I would note though that having a beer with the Sudnese parents would be an unlikely development...
  10. Regarding the name change, I think it's definitely worth consideration. In fact I think a name change will dramatically help the sport in its early attempts to establish foundations and initial participation growth in new (non Rugby) markets. A name change will distance the sport from RU and allow the sport to be considered in its own right, rather than always having people make unnecessary comparisons and sometimes choices between supporting the development of RL and RU.