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  1. I predict the crowd size for this game to be spectacular after we see the crowd averages for 2018 Eng v NZ II, III & IV.
  2. Avg in 2017 was 13.6k per game and in 2008 was 16.6k per game.
  3. Thanks. Your ability to explain your method and theory is exemplary
  4. Double header w US v Canada is a must if it goes ahead again next year. I would even go as far as making Eng v NZ the curtain raiser.
  5. I wonder if Eng v US would have garnered more local interest...
  6. The All Blacks will be spewing with the negative publicity in US that they are losing to England!
  7. Hold that... advertising of course
  8. Why do we need a drinks break after a try was scored?
  9. Unless everyone is still getting hot dogs and chips, the crowd on the other side of the camera looks worse than Salford
  10. I thought this was actually going to be televised on CBeebies, not CBC...
  11. Absinthe? That’s probably why you are hallucinating.
  12. WTF is that as an explanation of the rules?
  13. London Broncos have decent looking crowds using that camera angle!