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  1. Someone near me asked if number 7 was Kim Jong-un the North Korea leader. I had to have another look to make sure it wasn't!
  2. Havens route back to the Championship doesn't seem to be the cake walk they thought it would be. The "gamble" of throwing money at players looks like its being wasted. The Haven faithful are beginning to get restless.
  3. Yes, Kieran Mewse was on the left wing thought he had a good game.
  4. He'll support a successful football team at a guess Ginock.
  5. Get yourself to the forum. I think they may announce a signing or 2 tonight. UTT
  6. Sad news. R.I.P.
  7. I also agree with "some".
  8. I think some supporters would let the players "befriend" their wives. And still say "well he did his best for Town" BULLSH*T! Some did their best and I include Tom in this but some DID NOT. I think the board have taken the right option by letting some "Stars" go and ramping up the wages/signing on fees offered by their new clubs. I have heard how these so called badge kissing "Townies" wouldn't sign for them lot etc.... Miller, Shackley, Olstrum all went running with the pound signs still spinning in their eyeballs. How about an ex coach of ours acting as a players agent, he was playing us off against Haven and then applied for the then vacant coach position. You couldn't make it up! Player is now with Haven. The ex coach is still an ex coach. UTT
  9. He and others will train with the squad. Most of them were coached by Dave Clark and he wants to look at how they are developing. They will also help with drills in training etc.. If they are good enough they might even get signed. It's a Win - Win, great idea.
  10. Go on Gus lad.
  11. The situation reminds me of Sol Campbells brief stint at Notts County. There fans came up with "We had Sol but he's not a soldier". To the killers "i've got soul but i'm not a soldier". Ours for Town Tom could be We had Tom but he aint aTownie. Same Killers tune. I appreciate "Town Tom" stuck around a bit longer than Sol. If a super league club releases a player it is very rare they make it back to the top tier. I wish Tom well but find it hard to fathom the logic in the move.
  12. Sorry, I hadn't seen bombers post
  13. What a load of rubbish your comments are. It's all about opinions Robert and mine differs yours.
  14. Got it, cheers. Think he's nailed on for Barrow. Unfortunately.
  15. Nope, don't get that?