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  1. Disappointing to respond to the embarrassment of last week with a first half performance like that. If the coach can't get them to respond to that, are they responding to him?
  2. I would think Prior has to be in as cover for Howarth. Town win 28 - 14 is my prediction.
  3. He's been good when he's played. Injury's have hampered him and the team all season.
  4. Has anyone got details of how the super 8's work in our league? Which place position plays who etc...
  5. I thought Maudling was injured Ginock
  6. I think coach Clark will go for 1. Fell 2. Hambley 3. Rasool 4. Mossop 5. Ritson 6. Forber 7. Doran 8. Byrne 9. Howarth 10. Curwen 11. Phillips 12.Szostak 13.Singleton 14. Prior 15.Davies 16. Moore 17. Ryan We may have a little bit more size in the pack/bench this week. UTT
  7. Another close one I think. Town to win 28-22 with a bit of game management - hopefully.
  8. One of the best posts I have ever read. I wish you and Toronto well but I must admit I was a bit disappointed with Paul Rowley's antics. Any views Markus?
  9. I understand that you're disappointed Ken but they did give regular announcements over the tanoy as and when they received official information.
  10. With the "commitment" he's shown to Town he should never be seen in a Workington Town shirt again! Best of luck to the Town players today. Give your all, stand up and be counted that's all we ask for.
  11. This is true. To be honest, getting banned one week and then doing the same thing again the week after is pretty damn stupid.
  12. Sandy, I think it was for a "professional foul" because the NWC player would have gone in for a try if not "tackled" by buffer.
  13. Thanks Gary, Has he been training?
  14. Don't think he's been training.
  15. Good performance today by Town especially Jamie Doran but why did we play Fell? We are in development and todays result was never in doubt, we have 3 or 4 players who could play full back but chose to play Fell. This was an ideal game to test one of our own at full back. UTT