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  1. Bookies are giving Whitehaven 8 start. Sounds about right to me.
  2. Good effort tonight. Should give the team a confidence boost going into the Whitehaven game.
  3. I agree with you on both your points, what I'm saying is that teams particularly the local ones know that Forbers tackling isn't great. Barrow with a very clued up coach, Carter, Hulme, Stack and Walker will all know this with defending along side him. They will batter away at his side of the field because they know this. This is not an attack on Carl by the way I'm sure he would be the first to admit his tackling isn't his best asset.
  4. I think more teams are targeting Forbers defence and Barrow definitely would. Rookes pace is exciting and Mewse can kick for fun, touch, restarts and conversions. Howarth in what is probably his best position. So, I'd go with Rooke, JP, Singleton, Hambley, Mewse, Doran, Callum, Curwen, Howarth, Scholey, Davies, Brett, Fitzsimmons, subs:- Coward, Dowsett, Szostack, Shelford? If Shelford is unavailable Forber on the bench.
  5. Very disappointed with the teams performance but the lack of effort and some players body language was awful. Forber MOM? I had him down as one of the worst performers. If kicking a few conversions gets you MOM then fair play. As already said Doran changed the game when he came on. He may not be the most agile but I'm sure he could have played on. We are never going to get floating supporters back when they see performances like that. We may even lose a few "die hards" Pathetic!
  6. I like the new system. The danger for Kieran Mewse is that he may find his 1st team opportunities limited once the likes of Jason Mossop and John Patrick come back into contention. He has not done anything wrong and is gaining in confidence he also has a good boot on him. Will he be able to go back to amateur to play if not getting in the team? If he can get him signed up before our money bags neighbours throw more money at it! UTT
  7. Thanks to both for all the effort and time given up for many years. Hope to see you both down at the ground in the future. UTT
  8. Wakefield 8 Hull 12 Batley 24 Halifax 6 Bradford 14 Rochdale 22 Dewsbury 6 Swinton 8 Featherstone 8 Oldham 6 London 22 Hull KR 28 Pleased Bradford got beat at home shouldn't be in that league. Jarrod Sammut scored 2 tries for London.
  9. High street store Cash Convertors have made a complaint about Whitehaven RL. A spokesman said that Whitehaven rugby league club are clearly stealing our business model by taking any old tat and paying out large sums of cash! Booommmm!
  10. . No
  11. Great signing, well done to all involved in creating a competitive squad on a shoe string.
  12. Thanks
  13. What was the Town team?
  14. Good "big up" fron Jonny Vegas. True and funny.
  15. Someone near me asked if number 7 was Kim Jong-un the North Korea leader. I had to have another look to make sure it wasn't!