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  1. New kit?

    yes, I'll put it on when they get back to me.
  2. New kit?

    I was told under 5's replicas are ordered but they were unsure if it was just the shirt or a full mini kit. They are getting back to me when they know for definite.
  3. 2018 Squad

    Great signing could play wing or centre. Team coming together nicely now.
  4. Name 2 things.

    It would be a little confusing but very exciting.
  5. Tee Ritson

    I see what you're saying Anonymouse maybe some players have jumped ship a little prematurely? I would hope that the fantastic news that Leon Pryce is to be the new coach would put most players minds at rest in which direction the club is heading. After last years average but financial stabilising season we can move forward with a lot of hope.

    Fantastic appointment, lots of experience to pass onto players particularly in key positions.
  7. Tee Ritson

    Very disappointing to lose two quality players but like Tee and Callum we move on. Some new signings would be good to steady the ship.
  8. New signings

    Call me old fashioned. Get paid for something I love doing? Playing for my own Town team? In a heartbeat.
  9. New signings

    I think you might be getting what was said and MY opinions mixed up.
  10. New signings

    I thought it was very positive.
  11. New signings

    is it pro club or semi pro? Which part you unsure about?
  12. New signings

    I asked a director of the club about Tee and Callum. He said that all the players have been asked in numerous ways to contact the club in view to discuss new contracts. These two and a couple of others hadn't bothered. I'm very disappointed that Tee has taken that route but if he shows no respect for the club, BOD and fans let him go IMO. I like most are a bit sick of the Callum saga and again he seems to have shown a lack of respect for the above and maybe add a few coaches to that as well! He's a Workington lad who's family are Town through and through so it can only be for money (why else go to your bitter rivals). He was stood supporting Town whilst playing for Seaton not that long ago. Let them go and move on with players who want to play for the club. He wouldn't give me any coaches names but said I wouldn't be disappointed with the ones they have it narrowed down too. He said we have a lot of players already signed on (no names again) and that the club go about their business differently to other clubs but things are VERY promising.
  13. Andrew Dawson

    Would be a great signing especially with Kris Coward going to Whitehaven.
  14. Silly season has begun. Rumours etc.

    Sorry, no offence meant town4me. Nothing concrete but the rumours are getting stronger.
  15. Silly season has begun. Rumours etc.

    If its true the Phillips brothers didn't bother turning up for the presentation night. Do you not think its maybe time to move on without them? Whatever went on with the coach it had nothing to do with the fans and I think it is a total lack of respect. Surely you would wait and see who the new coach is before jumping ship but hey if they don't want to play for the club then maybe its time to go. A new broom sweeps clean. UTT