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  1. I think the daily mail hates anyone who is seen as ‘new money’. They have no issues with inherited wealth, but they can’t abide ‘muck with brass’.
  2. Mark S


    I hate to say it but maybe the game needs to move on and leave clubs like Keighley behind. Modern sport is a business, there is no room for nostalgia.
  3. Mark S

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Could we make it a 3 way tournament. Surely SL teams could live without a couple of players for a week.
  4. Mark S

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    We should be arranging and publicising a mid season test against the Kiwis for 2019. It could be played during the State of Origin. Agree a venue and advertise the hell out of it.
  5. The players looked shattered, it’s been a long season for the SL players, and the 2nd test would have taken it out of them. Myler was next to useless and the less said about the constant high tackles by the Kiwis the better.
  6. Myler should be nowhere near England again. Rather than take on the Kiwis he has forced passes, losing momentum in the process.
  7. It looks like most of the England team have one ars3 cheek on a sun lounger. Can’t blame them, it’s been a very long season.
  8. Have the producers told Chappers to try and keep Sinfield’s contribuiton to a minimum?
  9. Fancy getting your knickers in a twist over the jacket someone wears in the middle of November, rather than the fact there are ex-military personnel sleeping rough. It just about sums up the right these days.
  10. Mark S

    St Jonny's soft drinks

    He has entered a very crowded marketplace. Whether he likes it or not, unless the BBC go full on PR agency on his behalf, he is going to struggle. It’s 18 years since England won the Union World Cup, everyone has moved on.
  11. Mark S

    Rugby League World Cup Goes Missing...

    They might have found someone to spend more than £200 to be the main sponsor.
  12. Now the snowflake republicans are claiming that he assaulted the intern who tried to snatch the mic out of the journo’s hand.
  13. Unfortunately it isn’t against the law to be a general phuckwit. I have a feeling that they have handed themselves in as facing questioning from the Police is better than facing the people they have mocked. Also, worn they receive an element of protection by trying to turn this into a legal matter?
  14. Mark S

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The players deserve better then what they get from the idiots who run the game. Time for a clear out at the top and bring some savvy business/marketing people in.