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  1. I am not a legal expert, but does Ben Whatshisname’ apology for libellous comments regarding Corbyn set any precedent for when or if further legal proceedings are brought?
  2. Do you use Facebook on both devices? If you do you can be tracked across devices using your log in details.
  3. Thaler is enjoying his time in front of the camera.
  4. Rant thread

    I am just about feeling 100% after starting with this flu in early Jan. I didn’t take anytime off which has caused it to last much longer.
  5. Oh yes, give over worked, under paid teachers lethal weapons. What could go wrong?
  6. Do you have a voice activated connected device (Amazon Echo etc) in your house? I was bought one for Christmas, I got it out of the box and that is about it, I don’t think i will be setting it up.
  7. No doubt Corbyn’s legal team are preparing some serious proceedings, and it won’t cost JC a bean as crown funding will pay for it. It would be good if he could brankrupt the hate rags. The fact it hasn’t trended on Twitter, even with the amount of angry brexiters that are to be found on there says how much notice the general public is giving this ‘story’.
  8. Another example of how self entitled we are becoming. She would be the first to kick off if she had to wait more than 30 seconds for an ambulance.
  9. Silas Redd-y To Do Reverse Hayne

    15 NFL games in 3 years! He’s not going to know what’s hit him!
  10. You have to question how and where so much chicken can be produced for the likes of KFC and Nandos. However, if you had a video of the process of producing the chicken playing on loop outside a every KFC and Nandos people would still go in. We started buying our Chicken from a farm shop, it’s a bit more expensive than a supermarket but we just eat less meat based meals.
  11. Until it has been officially denied I can’t see it happening.
  12. If you believe that he really was a spy, then you will believe anything.
  13. I used this quote a couple of days ago, was it Tom Yorke or Kurt Cobain who said it?
  14. Quality of Rugby League

    I agree that the individual stores are struggling, Argos think that they can stick a few tablets on the wall and all of a sudden they are a modern, consumer focused company. I was taking more about the shopping malls.
  15. Quality of Rugby League

    RL as a business, and I know a lot of flat cappers hate it when the game is referred to as a business, hasn’t evolved since the mid 90s. If we look at retail, in terms of bricks and motor, you can see that they are adapting to the needs and behaviours of the consumer. Shopping Centres like Trinity in Leeds and Meadow Hall are becoming more about the shopping experience, with a huge focus on food outlets and entertainment. They recognise that if shoppers are going to view products offline (in store) but purchase online what else can they offer the customer that drives revenue. RL needs to look at what the customers want, maybe Union has it right with a bit more focus on the social aspect of going to a game.