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  1. Mark S

    Super League Crowds

    Magic weekend probably broke a few people. Also, people are generally skint at the moment, hence why there are loads of retailers going bust.
  2. Mark S

    scott taylor on the danny baker show

    Mustard all the way, English!
  3. You only have to look at the sheer number of companies going into administration to know that people in the UK are just not spending any money. The economy is probably held up by banking and financing, which doesn’t really offer anything to people up north, apart from the call centres in Leeds.
  4. I bet Liam Watts doesn’t go that far in his holidays!
  5. Mark S

    the impending awful wedding

    Happy to keep the monarchy, but it’s time they sold off some of their properties and allow them to keep one palace/castle. Reduce their security detail (maybe even bring in a private firm, paid for by the royals), and put those well trained police officers back in the streets. Reduce the monarchy’s status to that of the Spanish or Dutch royal family. Apparently more people visited the Palace of Versailles last year than Bucks Palace, the French monarchy are long gone.
  6. Mark S

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    That would cost a pretty penny, would the club be prepared to lay out that investment. Having said that, Edwards would probably put a few bums on seats, which you cannot say that of many coaches in the game.
  7. Mark S

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    I can see Wane joining the merry-go-round that is defence coaching in Union. The ex-RL players never seem to be out of work once they join the ride.
  8. Mark S

    Magic Weekend in New York

    It’s written into the contract with the wife that stag dos and rugby league are sacrosanct. I can’t imagine any of my mates stretching to a stag do in Vegas, but RL could be the perfect excuse to revisit Sin City.
  9. Mark S

    Magic Weekend in New York

    I honestly believe a half decent PR/Marketing person could get a full house at St James’ Park. They need to offer more then just RL, like a beer festival.
  10. Mark S

    Magic Weekend in New York

    Could it be a case that the UK market has been saturated? The crowd at the magic weekend hasn’t seen any significant growth, the CC final has had poor attendances, and the RFL pretty much have to give tickets away for internationals. By looking at new markets the RFL and SL have an oppprtunity to improve revenues.
  11. Mark S

    the impending awful wedding

    It must have given the economny outside of Windsor a righ kicking. Went for a coffe at a cafe in Ponte that is usually rammed on a Saturday, and it was dead. All of my online clients saw a huge dip in web traffic, sales and revenue.
  12. They have managed to find the novelty ball shaped bar of soap then?
  13. Nice to watch a game with minimal dicking around in the tackle.
  14. I wouldn’t want to have Ben Westwood’s knees or back in 20 years time!