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  1. Have Toulouse budgeted for getting into SL this year? It would be good to see them and Toronto get promoted, even if it is just to see the reaction of the dinosaurs in the game, their flat caps will be spinning.
  2. It’s all becoming very clear as to why the Cons wanted to sneak off on holiday early. What an absolute set of #### bags.
  3. More casualties on the high street today with Gaucho closing its doors and Poundland also closing. Retail sales down 0.5% in June, with no doubt when worse news in July. You could blame the World Cup for some of the drop but it won’t be the only cause.
  4. This is being played at a great pace!
  5. Mark S

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    Will Leeds make a Wakefield and offer they cant refuse for Tom Johnstone?
  6. Mark S

    It's Ralph

    It looks like Hetherington has made his demands clear and got what he wanted, a continuation of the same old, same old!
  7. It was very hot and humid yesterday, in reality all amateur games should have been called off. I was thinking about going for a bike ride today but I am not going to bother. My wife’s cousin has a heart attack and sadly died recently after going for a ride in heat like this. R.I.P to the lad.
  8. On the flip, they will get spanked by the top 4 teams if they get into the Super 8s.
  9. I hope someone is keeping an eye on O’Connor, I think he needed Leeds to win more than Sinfield did.
  10. 2 bottom 4 teams playing a bottom 4 quality game.
  11. Mark S

    RFL makes loss

    Even better a 60-70k seater stadium that the RFL own, with no charges or mortgage against! Plus CC and Grand final. We can dream!
  12. Mark S

    RFL makes loss

    How good would it be if the game could fill a stadium the size of Wembley for all 3 tests matches, at full ticket value.
  13. Mark S

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Relied too much on set pieces and penalties, need to learn to score in open play.
  14. Mark S

    RFL makes loss

    It looks like £400K is a paper loss, it would be good to see what else makes it up as well. What are the RFLs cash reserves like? Are they on the bones of their backsides?
  15. They’re just using the whole situation to further their careers, they should be arrested for bringing the country into disrepute. What a set of greedy, manipulative #### bags.