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  1. Mark S

    Our new position in the EU

    Don’t be so sure, with the MSM constatntly bashing the health service with news about health tourism and overpriced paracetamol a lot of the usual idiots will be happy to see it privatised. Until they need care that is.
  2. This might answer your question. It is now clear that Brexit is nothing more than a power grab.
  3. Mark S

    Man Of Steel 2018

    Paul McShane for me.
  4. Went to JL at the Vanguard in York yesterday. You can not fault the experience, the shop was tidy, the staff were friendly, and what we bought was no cheaper, or available elsewhere.
  5. TBF, he has come back after 2 years, he deserves some praise.
  6. Mark S

    New league structure revealed

    Now we have the structure sorted, can we now concentrate on developing and executing a marketing plan?
  7. I hope they have Gary Heyherington and Ralph Rimmer the wrong address.
  8. John Lewis was always seen as a aspirational brand, which attracted the sort of people to who cost wasn’t a factor. Even these people are having to watch the pennies.
  9. Upper middle England must be feeling the pinch, John Lewis’ profits down 99%.
  10. Don’t you think that the employment numbers are now helped by compulsory education up to aged 18 zero hour contracts?
  11. More absolute nonsense! We keep getting told that everything is hunky dorey. You only have to look at the high street, the shops and homeless people to see that the country is phucked.
  12. Mark S

    The TV Thread

    If anyone hasn’t watched Ozark on Netflix you need to, it’s probably up there with Breaking Bad.
  13. I once walked past Umunna at Kings Cross station, he was quite tall.
  14. Can someone either fix or switch off Hewer’s microphone!!!!