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  1. 2018 Admission prices

    That block of seats (with padded seats no less) is usually reserved for directors, shareholders, visiting officials, and assorted bigwigs - not generally made available to the proletariat like me. £23 for seats for the masses. Probably a bit more than other teams, but I guess that reflects the cap spend and high costs associated with running the club and the stadium.
  2. 2018 Admission prices

    The £28 for the Bulls is flat out wrong. In fact, the club hasn't even announced the prices for the season yet. We are charging £15 to sit in the main stand for the friendlies, I'd expect it to be £20 for the League 1 games.
  3. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I'm all for ambition, but this seems more like pie in the sky If you read up a bit on 'Stadium for Cornwall', its been proposed in various forms since 2005, and it doesn't seem to be any nearer becoming a reality. It's going to be a 10,000 capacity stadium. Well, Truro has a population of just 18766, so I don't really see why they'd build a 10K stadium! Cornish Pirates play in Penzance (Pop 21,000) which about 30 miles down the road (and that means slow roads in that part of the country). I just don't see it, frankly
  4. What happened to Carlisle RL club?

    Merged with Barrow (by which I mean Barrow took them over and carried on as before)
  5. VAR

    What about Stevo's 'Momentum rule'
  6. winter league

    Are you serious? You think players could play 12 months a year? Or are you just trolling here....
  7. winter league

    Do you mean instead of the current Championship? Or as well as? If its the latter, where would the players come from? Sheffield could barely raise a team for their game against us the other day, and I know we are struggling to locate suitable players. Or are you thinking that players will double up? A summer season with the Bulls and a winter season with 'Bradford'?
  8. Sadly I fear that's exactly what we will end up with The pressure from SL bosses like Lenaghan, Pearson and Hetherington to appoint someone who will dance to their tune must be enormous. I just hope it can be resisted, or we will surely stagnate (even more)
  9. I wonder, SteveReed100, you would feel the same way if Hull KR were now facing a second season in the Championship? I say this as a Bulls fans who still recalls the freshness and excitement of being in the Championship in 2015. As history shows, we lost the MPG and things really began to spiral downwards after that. Money that we didn't have was spent on a vain bid to replicate the Top 4 finish in 2016, crowds dwindled as the novelty factor wore off, and - of course -there was a degree of mismanagement that has been well documented. TL:DR, one season in the Championship is fine - so long as it is just the one season!
  10. Hock

    That would be contingent on a SL club offering him and contract. One assumes, with him signing for Featherstone, that none of them did
  11. how things have changed for fans since the 70s

    Well, thinking about Odsal, the biggest change is not being able to rain down abuse on the players and referee as they made the long, long trek up to the old dressing rooms at the top of the stadium Also watching the New Years derby against Castleford in a blizzard
  12. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    Well, there is a vacancy... two, in fact Perhaps he should apply?
  13. It's bit of non-story to be honest. He doesn't come up with any actual ideas. He mentions the need for 'fresh thinking' but doesn't offer any other than starting a players union - which I agree with, but it won't especially help 'grow the game'
  14. I'm not going to link to it, but I did read it.... Okkkkaaaay The piece also suggests Blake Solly and Ralph Rimmer as candidates, so hopefully its a case of speculative journalism rather than any inside knowledge...
  15. Predictions for league 1

    Can I ask something in all innocence, knowing little about the teams in this league? What is the basis for everyone saying York will be right up there this season? I know they were the only side to beat Toronto, which is some achievement. Apart from that (which could have been a total fluke?) are there grounds for this virtually unanimous optimism? As I say, I ask in ignorance, so no disrespect intended at all... I guess we'll find out in a few weeks, we've got them away in our first match