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  1. Best post on this thread 👍
  2. paulwalker71

    Hemel and New York

    It's not as simple as that. When we (Bradford Bulls) had our meltdown the other year, the club determined to stay 'full time pro'. With the season about to start we signed up the available players on full-time contracts. After a brief flurry of encouraging results we settled into a rhythm of getting battered every week. The lesson was that we had full-time players who were considerably worse than the part-time players we were playing against! Simply giving sub-standard players (some of who have no right being full time players) full time contracts does not increase the depth or standard. All is does is give a job to people who, in fact, can't really make it at professional level. Developing good quality professional players requires a lot of pieces of a jigsaw to be put in place. It involves junior development, player pathways right through the age bands, as well as health, nutrition, skills coaching and a whole load of other stuff. And not everyone makes the grade, of course - some will fall by the wayside. Not that many teams are prepared to put in that hard work! That includes some of the teams either in Super League or looking to get there.
  3. There is, according to Wikipedia. It also has a school, that offers courses in sport. And I assume it has got the usual conference, banqueting and meeting facilities that modern stadia have. And that's before you start on hosting pop concerts etc. Plenty of opportunities to generate money, I would have thought.
  4. paulwalker71


    Always had a real soft spot for Blackpool, in fact I kinda saw them as my 'second team'
  5. paulwalker71

    Shaun Edwards

    Well, Wigan's own website said that Edwards signed a three-year contract Direct quote So if he did actually sign a contract, then any don't Wigan simply produce it? Either Edwards or Wigan are telling porkies here...
  6. I don't know who the Australian guy is on the commentary, but he can barely string a coherent sentence together
  7. paulwalker71

    Shaun Edwards

    There's something about this that simply doesn't add up
  8. paulwalker71

    impressive Toulouse

    They don't need to beat Toronto to top spot. It's a top 5 playoff - so long as they make it through those playoffs to that 'Grand Final' match then they've got every chance. If it comes down to Toronto vs Toulouse, which is quite likely, I think they'd be in with a great chance. Remember - nobody gave London a hope last year...
  9. It's not 'obvious'. Plenty of team will be battered up at Newcastle this season, now they've got going this season. As well as some decent Championship / SL players, they get dual-reg from Wakefield as well. They were just edged out by London Skolars a couple of weeks ago, which is maybe a better indicator of where they are this season? To some extent they are suffering from the demise of Hemel, Oxford and Gloucester. If those teams were still around, then I think they'd have a few teams to be competitive with.
  10. That can't be right. The Parksider told us that Toulouse 'don't develop quality players' 🙄
  11. They lost by a 50 points margin. Exactly the same margin as Barrow were beaten at Toulouse Should Barrow now 'admit' that they aren't up to standard?
  12. paulwalker71

    Are Leeds in crisis?

    Who was available that fitted into the marquee category? Perhaps Lolohea was the best half back they could get, so they used the marquee slots for players they could sign....
  13. Not sure why there is a question mark, the result was Toulouse 50 Barrow 0
  14. paulwalker71

    Can London win Super League?

    The fact is that London have three more wins on the board than many so-called 'experts' were predicting for the whole season. I still think they'll do well to avoid relegation, but the reality is that if they can pick up another couple of wins in this still-early part of the season, then they're going to be in with a really great chance to avoid the relegation place.
  15. If only those kids were ready to step up to the first team eh?