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  1. paulwalker71

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    I agree. All it would do is create a season where one team totally dominates the competition, winning every game by a huge margin, and denying all the other teams the opportunity for promotion And to what end? To demonstrate to a few purists that New York would be 'doing it the right way'...
  2. Perhaps an alternative view? We take the French seriously. By which I mean a proper International fixture list, with properly scheduled games against England and other competitive nations. For clarity, I do not mean hastily arranged games against England, who treat it as a 'warm up', at Leigh on a Wednesday night.
  3. paulwalker71

    2021 World Cup Format

    OK guys, I think we've got used to 'fixed' draws with all the top teams in one group If I understand this correctly, this is going to be a traditional draw. One team from each pot in each of four groups. So England, Australia, NZ and Tonga will be in separate groups, each with a team from Pot 2, Pot 3 and Pot 4
  4. paulwalker71

    2021 World Cup Format

    They are 'pots', not Groups...
  5. paulwalker71

    9s World Championship

    It's an interesting question. I think the RU Sevens have specialist players who pretty much only play sevens. We obviously can't replicate that, but I think we need to be thinking about the skillset required - which I would imagine means fast, mobile forwards; half backs who can link play quickly and real speedsters in the backs. The odd time I've seen RU Sevens once the ball gets into open field, its a try! So, we don't want lumbering hulks playing out on the wing... I don't see any real reason to be sending players from our first choice England (Great Britain?) squad. Surely we have plenty of people in SL who would be able to make up a decent Nines team? I'm thinking backs like Jamie Shaul, Jodie Broughton or Tom Johnstone and forwards like Mike McMeeken or Ben Currie. OK, a couple of those guys might be picked for the 13-man version - but you can get the point. Pick from the next bunch of guys who don't get into the full squad, but have the skillset needed.
  6. paulwalker71

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    You said this a few times HS, and I've no reason to doubt you I wonder, do you have an insight into why this appeared to be the case, given that those same players largely left, went to SL clubs and performed to a good standard?
  7. paulwalker71

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    ... which probably means it isn't going to happen given the usual NRL 'issues'
  8. paulwalker71

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Apparently Bradford vs Halifax and Batley vs Hunslet in a double header, so that's four I'm guessing the others are Featherstone, Keighley, Dewsbury and York
  9. Even deader in the water than Swinton?
  10. paulwalker71

    Commercial Sales Manager

    Oh, I'm sure there are plenty of 'experts' on this forum who would be more than happy to take on the post
  11. paulwalker71

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Bit of an assumption that we'll beat Halifax, Mick
  12. The poll results so far are a bit laughable - I assume diehard fans of Dewsbury, Barrow, Sheffield etc are voting for their clubs. Either that, or people being ironic.. Don't put any money on the Bulls, we will be content to be mid-table, anything more is a bonus. It's premature to even think about SL. Next season is Toronto's to lose. If they don't bottle it again, it's really impossible to see past them. Simply because of their spending power - although a new coach would definitely help!
  13. paulwalker71

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    I saw a list on their RLFans forum that named five players not already known to have joined other clubs - one of whom was assumed to be staying in Australia (Drew Hutchinson)
  14. paulwalker71

    PLease sign this petition

    I played Rugby Union at school in Bradford in an era when Bradford Northern were going to Wembley and the local RU team played on an open field. It was nothing to do with the respective sizes of the teams, and everything to do with the fact that the PE Master was a 'rugger' man.
  15. paulwalker71

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Play the whole thing at Widnes. Job done 😎