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  1. England v France

    Well, yeah, but the reality is that the game has to take place in October. It's a miracle we've got everyone agreeing to one mid-season International. The chances of two are slim to none. Marseille in October? Would that have been an option? I dunno....
  2. England v France

    Fair enough The best venue would be Halliwell Jones - it's big enough for the likely crowd and have a great atmosphere with, say, 10K in there.
  3. England v France

    Struggling to see where it talks about it being in the North-West in that report...
  4. Booed off for looking exactly like Chris Kendall?
  5. But....but...but... Streaming the gave live is bound to have a negative effect on the attendance Are you taking notice Workington and Warrington?
  6. What are tomorrow's lottery numbers?
  7. QLT to Halifax

    I suspect this will be the first many occasions when Toronto sign a SL-level player and let the equivalent Championship level player leave. A necessary process as they progress upwards
  8. League One's Future

    To be fair I did point out that Newcastle were a slightly different case, and you could certainly argue that they should be in the mix with other Northern clubs right now. Any change of structure has to happen at a certain point, and there can be anomalies, of course. I actually don't think it would be end of the world if (taking my scribbled down scheme as a starting point) if Newcastle had to 'step down' to the new League for a season. They'd almost certainly win that league quite handsomely, and would then be able to take their time and plan ahead for a higher level. It would only be for a season after all! Might be better for them to be the big fish in the small pond for a season, rather than be chucked into a big pond and possibly struggle? But, yeah, good on Newcastle, I'm a big supporter of what they are doing
  9. League One's Future

    I don't particularly see the benefit of a 'southern league', other than the travel costs (which could be covered centrally). However, I do think we should be looking to get to the point where we had a 10 team development league. It didn't help binning Oxford and Gloucester, who had the potential - realised better with Gloucester than Oxford admittedly - to be competitive at that level. Let's see Hemel Oxford West Wales North Wales Coventry Newcastle Bristol London Skolars Irish team that has been mooted Scottish team that has been mooted ? ? We're not that far away (or could have been). With some decent central funding to cover necessary expenses, that sort of league could be a place for potential areas that want to 'give it go'. Teams in that league would be able to gradually build without getting mullered every week. And there could still be a pathway available for those clubs - such as Newcastle - that can get to the point where they can regularly compete with the 'heartland' clubs. You might argue that they are there already? This sort of league wouldn't be the level for teams like Toronto or New York, they'd be coming straight in at the next level up - as they'd obviously have squads that were 'bought in' and be way above the development sides.
  10. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Three clubs this season - and its still April....
  11. I live in Leeds but I will respectfully set aside to allow The Parksider bring his wisdom
  12. The future of RL's TV rights

    It's quite hard to find a way to spin this news - IF true, of course - as anything but extremely worrying. The current Sky contract effectively pays for professional rugby league in this country. A contract of around a third of its current values would presumably mean the end of funding outside Super League entirely, and a reduction of, what, 50% of the current £1.85 million. how many SL clubs could absorb that kind of financial hit? It would have massive implications for SL, and the end of Championship and League 1 in its current form.
  13. John Bateman

    Just need a hooker to go out there now and we'd have a full pack of Bulls Academy products If any NRL clubs wants to take a punt on Adam O'Brien, now would be a good time
  14. What is the actual score lol