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  1. paulwalker71

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    I'm sure he'll be quick to claim credit! Hopefully all the SL clubs will be increasing their crowds. Wasn't that at least part of the reason for the SL clubs getting control of their own competition?
  2. paulwalker71

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    I wonder who he'll blame if Wigans crowds don't improve this season?
  3. paulwalker71

    This Forums Members age

    I'm 59 Forums are VERY old school these days - I'm surprised there's anyone here under the age of 40
  4. paulwalker71

    Yorkshire cup

    Final Score: Bradford Bulls 20 Dewsbury Rams 18 Our team was a mix of first team players with quite a few Under 19s as we have another game tomorrow against Huddersfield, when the other half of our first team will be playing
  5. paulwalker71

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    If that's true, clog dance - and I've no reason to suppose it is or isn't - wouldn't that be in the realm of 'obtaining money under false pretences' 😯
  6. paulwalker71

    Who would you like to see replace Rimmer at the RFL?

    Exactly, the capacity of Elland Road is 37,890. They got 34,668 the other night, so they aren't going to grow much - especially not when most PL teams will need a greater number of tickets for their fans as well.
  7. Jim Sullivan Still holds records today and a member of the inaugural Hall of Fame. A true holder of the overused term 'legend'...
  8. paulwalker71

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    Hardly. The Bulls released McNally - quite rightly - on compassionate grounds. We could have asked for a fee for the remainder of his contract, but didn't. I was simply pointing out that Leigh need a bigger squad, something that I'm sure they already realise. As a Bulls fan I've seen what happens when you go into a season with a very small squad - it doesn't end well. I wish Leigh all the best, great bunch of fans in my experience.
  9. paulwalker71

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    What should be a bit of a worry for Leigh supporters is that you only currently have around 19 or 20 players signed - if you do manage to scrape together funds for McNally, you're still going to need a few more players. You can't expect to go through the season with 20-21 players with injuries and such - where will the money come from for more players?
  10. paulwalker71

    Leigh Centurions 'Bucket Collection' !!

    I wonder which other clubs are 'competition' for his services?
  11. paulwalker71


    Everything we hear about this guy (admittedly, not much) suggests not. People keep saying he should 'walk away', or 'do the right thing' - he seems more like a chancer who would only hand over the club if he can make a quick buck.
  12. paulwalker71

    Lee Radford determined to re-ignite Hull FC

    I wouldn't say that the failure of a club to develop young players is solely attributed to the Head Coach. If Hull can't bring through their young players, shouldn't at least a chunk of the 'blame' be levelled at the Academy coach(es)?
  13. Konkrete beat me to the punch! Out of current crop, I'd say that - if you were going to keep an eye on just one player this season - it would be Matty Storton.
  14. paulwalker71

    Strange signing by Leeds

    He won't let anyone down - 100% committed player, and a very good defender and grafter. He's been unlucky with injuries, otherwise he'd have had a better career. If he can stay fit this season, he'll end up playing plenty of games from Leeds and I think the Rhinos fans will quickly come to appreciate his efforts.
  15. paulwalker71


    It looks from both of those reports that the 'Cougarmania Consortium' is wanting Austria Holdings to simply 'hand over' the club. From what little we know about the murky Austria Holdings, I would think that they probably are going to want to some money to do so! Hope Keighley can get it sorted - but also that the consortium have got some finance behind them, otherwise the club aren't going to be all that much father forward.