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  1. I knew there was a reason for the RFL CEO having a tremendous bulk!
  2. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Well, in the end those seven votes (I think it was seven?) weren't actually decisive. I think if the vote had been lost or won just because the Armed Forces or Schools Rugby voted against it, then there'd have been a bit more of a rumpus!
  3. I just hope that Dave Wood and Martyn subject him to some 'journalistic enquiry' and not let him wriggle off the hook with generalities and platitudes.
  4. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Do I really what? Think that its a bit mad that School and Armed Forces got to vote on the future structure of SL and Toronto didn't? Yes I do It's quite likely to directly affect Toronto, if not next season, then in a future season. I fail to see why it makes a jot of difference to the Armed Forces. In fact I don't think they should have had a vote at all.
  5. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Consistency and the machinations of the RFL are not exactly the same thing
  6. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Well Parksider will doubtless be along shortly to tell you that Toulouse and Toronto are not actually members of the RFL, but invited 'guests'. Catalans were in that position at one point, but appear to have been finally allowed a seat at the table I agree its crazy that such as the Armed Forces and Schools Rugby got a vote, and Toronto didn't
  7. paulwalker71

    New league structure revealed

    They've taken a leaf out of Rugby Unions 13+1 concept. Keep Widnes as part of the elite whilst simultaneously ensuring that no other Championship clubs can compete on a level playing field with them.
  8. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    ...which then begs the question of whether what happened last Friday had any real impact on the ability to generate some?
  9. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Isn't it always.....
  10. paulwalker71

    Academies , to be or not to be ?

    It all comes down to participation levels, which are falling away in a worrying fashion Pretty much the only argument I see against Academies is that it 'destroys the community game'. So the issue is obviously that not enough young people are playing the game Solve that issue, and there'll be plenty of kids for the community game, with the best ones progressing to Academies.
  11. Just hope you don't qualify for the Million Pound Game - you'll get a weeks notice to make your plans
  12. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Hard not to feel sympathy for Halifax with this Surely the financial distribution should be kept for next season, and then changed (equalised?) for the following season?
  13. paulwalker71

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    Because the first question going through a players mind during a game is: "I wonder how much referees get paid for doing their job?" Yeah, right....
  14. paulwalker71

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Barry Manilow would make a good sponsor
  15. paulwalker71

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    I'd be looking in the direction of their dual-reg masters