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  1. I don't really understand this Surely the club made an agreement with Sheffield City Council for the rental, and that was formalised in a written agreement handled by solicitors etc? So how is it now 'costs will stand nearly four times this by the end of the 2018 season´╗┐'? The Council can't just randomly start charging them more. Are we to believe that the Eagles just had a figure quoted by some bloke, and took it as binding, without getting it properly written down?
  2. paulwalker71

    It's Ralph

    Well, Martyn Sadler reported (in LE a couple of weeks ago) that they'd interviewed a shortlist of three. He didn't name the others, but clearly knew who and dropped a few hints. He also said that Neil Coupland (ex-Wasps CEO) didn't make the shortlist, so they obviously had at least four applications
  3. Ummm... 16 teams would make a 30 game season. Far too many.
  4. paulwalker71

    It's Ralph

    An entirely unsurprising stitch up...
  5. paulwalker71

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    The reality is that Leigh would certainly make a better fist of the Middle 8s than Featherstone, Halifax or London.
  6. paulwalker71

    13-15 Jul: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Trust me it was 36-16 to the Bulls
  7. That's flat out ridiculous There are player welfare issues if Barrow have to go with 15 or 16 players, and they should have been able to register some players to be able to mitigate that. As has been said, the RFL break their own rules with impunity when it suits them...
  8. I find myself in total agreement with that Embarrassing in the extreme
  9. Ironic that the only team whose country is actually in the World Cup Final is the one in the 3.00 pm kick off The rest of them changed the times for no reason
  10. It's a bit ironic that an expansion club can't play because so-called 'heartland' teams can't raise a team.
  11. Salford wouldn't get in if they were strict about having to have an Academy I'm not sure what would disqualify Widnes under the last set of franchising criterion. They certainly produce plenty of players, have a good stadium etc. They are just having a tough time of it on the field right now. Then you've got the Wakefield who wouldn't qualify on the basis of their stadium...
  12. Have people considered the possibility that this may be a way of preventing Toronto being admitted to SL? #conspiracytheory
  13. More to the point, if Championship clubs can't match SL intensity, how come Championship clubs have been promoted in each of the past two seasons without recourse to the MPG?
  14. paulwalker71

    league one

    I certainly agree that something needs to be done with League 1. It is effectively two leagues in one. Scotchy, I'm not sure I understand your suggestion. You say Well, we haven't got 12 British SL sides right now, and next season we might only have 10 or even 9. And we haven't actually got 12 expansion sides either. So there's a way to go before we could get to what you are proposing, even were to be able to solve the issue about Toronto and Catalans. And you don't say anything about what would happen to the (approx) 20 teams that currently are not in SL or would be classed as 'expansion'. Are they to be simply cast into oblivion? (That would include my team. Bradford Bulls, btw, so I'd like to know... )