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  1. I don't really think Marshall is in line for the top job at the Rhinos. Maybe as Assistant Coach. Really cannot see Leeds appointing a bloke that Halifax just sacked as their coach somehow! Whether being Leeds assistant coach or coach at Keighley is better job is a point for debate, I guess
  2. It looks like there's either more to it that - as Fairfolly says - will 'come out in the wash. Or they've got someone lined up to take over. What odds on Richard Marshall being named as the new Cougars coach before the weekend?
  3. I'm not sure it will work that way. Someone like Elliot Minchella, who bounced from London to Sheffield before arriving at the Bulls, is now 23 years old. What would be the point of Leeds paying him a contract, year after year, just to play in the Reserves (with maybe the odd first team appearance)? Same with Lilley. He's been cut loose because Leeds don't think he'll make the grade. Leeds would surely put out a reserve team that is mix of first-team players returning from injury, those who currently go out on DR to Featherstone, and the best prospects from the current Academy. Isn't going to be the likes of Trout, Sutcliffe, Mustapha, who Leeds think will come through to the first team, rather than hanging on to players who won't?
  4. The RFL statement doesn't seem to me to say that New York are definitely in for 2021. Just that they should 'work towards entry into League One in 2021'.
  5. Well, evidently not, given that it appears that the clubs are struggling to drum up interest in Magic.
  6. Yes, but I'd hazard a guess most of those tourist visitors aren't from Wigan or St Helens? We do need Magic to be in a touristy sort of place, but at the same time it needs to be somewhere that is interesting and special for people from the M62 area to visit.
  7. I agree, albeit it does lead to some curious looking attendance figures. I've been watching most of the weekend, and most of the time the ground looked very sparsely populated.
  8. Fair enough, probably a poor choice of words. The squad was pulled together very close to the start of the season from those who were available - no disrespect intended. I agree that they are playing with a lot of pride and heart, which didn't seem to happen last year.
  9. Yeah, right. Stadium capacity is 16,750. One of the sides - where the cameras were - was closed, presumably knocking about 5000 from the capacity. It would have needed to be have been 2/3rd full on the other three sides to have that number, and it just wasn't was it? I'll be charitable and assume a lot of people buy cheap weekend tickets, and get counted in the numbers even though they've gone home. I know a lot of Bulls fans did that.
  10. Steady on Leigh played well in patches tonight, but they are bit of ragtag of players at the tail-end of their careers (quite a few of whom have returned to the club again) and unproven youngsters. The squad looks pretty skinny - how would they do if they got a few injuries, I wonder. I'm pretty sure they'll be in the Top 5, but they are a way off Toulouse and even Featherstone, and that's before we compare them to Toronto (there is no comparison!)
  11. Broadly speaking I agree with that. I definitely don't expect us to be even close to challenging for promotion this year, or probably for a few years yet. However, the powers-that-be suddenly decide that licensing is coming back, then we'll have to at least try for one. It's simply unthinkable that we (Bradford) would just accept staying on the outside of a licensed SL, and 'settle' for life in the Championship. That's why its imperative that we get serious long-term planning here. IF there is going to be some form of licensing, then let's be knowing a good few years in advance, so that we (and other clubs) can start planning and building towards it gradually and in a sustainable manner. The last thing we need is some cack-handed plan to introduce licensing for next season, forcing clubs to risk all on a boom or bust strategy.
  12. Well, as you correctly say, there aren't that many current (or prospective) clubs who could make a long-term commitment to SL without central money. Not enough to make up a 12-14 team league anyway. As for the criteria, what criteria wouldn't the Bulls pass? We are grade B in the last round of licensing. Granted we've had some...ummm. 'financial issues' since, but we still have our Academy churning out good players, our prospective fanbase in larger than most (our current crowds are better than some) and our Foundation / Community arm is award-winning. I know that our ground is a dump, but then you could say that about a couple of current SL clubs at least.
  13. North Wales 14 Whitehaven 28 Newcastle 40 Keighley 12 Oldham 34 Coventry 18 Workington 12 Hunslet 4
  14. Are you just posting that to get a reaction? Our central distribution this season was £100K and we have a largely full-time squad. I don't exactly think its a stretch to say that with £1.8 million we could be full-time.
  15. Is there any evidence that FC Barcelona would even consider that? I believe that this game came about due to the a personal invitation from the FCB President to Bernard Guasch. It's one thing having a one-off game in stadium, as a personal 'favour' to Catalan Dragons, it's something very different to having 6 or 7 games on the pitch over two days.
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