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  1. Brookie

    The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    Still deserved a red
  2. Brookie

    The bulls are in the bin! Reaction

    How can the same player get two yellows? Second should have been red
  3. Brookie


  4. Brookie

    Haven reaction

    Every thread follows this route
  5. Brookie

    Haven reaction

    Stuart Wright
  6. Brookie

    Good Friday Predictions

    Walsh was coach. Peter Dover had a try disallowed for Haven. Forward pass
  7. Brookie

    Challenge Cup

    It was their best team
  8. Brookie

    Cumbrian lakers

    And Scots from the Borders
  9. Brookie

    Cumbrian lakers

    No it wouldn't
  10. Brookie

    Squad v London Broncos

    Apparently we are away to London Skolars tomorrow, and the jams are home to Hemel Stags on Sunday. It must be true as it was on Border News just now
  11. Brookie

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    What concerns me is, the first time they had the ball they scored
  12. Brookie

    Cumbrian lakers

    Because they can get to Wigan etc just as quick as it takes to get up to Workington
  13. Brookie

    Black players in Rugby League

    I remember that
  14. Brookie

    Black players in Rugby League

    Jason Robinson started off as a scrum half
  15. Brookie

    North Wales Crusaders

    Thank God for summer rugby