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  1. Oh for another player like him, a class player and speed merchant
  2. Me too. He was MOM for Barrow Island last Saturday
  3. No Blain Marwood? I notice he played last Saturday for Barrow Island after he'd joined us on trial. Has he changed his mind?
  4. Alun Evans. Ray Glastonbury.
  5. Kyle's brother Josh also signed for town a couple of years earlier, then reneged on the deal
  6. You couldn't make this up. Digging up a pitch mid season
  7. He hit the front, it was Alberto Juanterino at the 1976 Olympics
  8. He got 4 earlier, Kay got 4 on debut
  9. I remember the Bramley match, Hopkins ran length of field to score, only for Lindop to bring him back for a town penalty in the 25. Later on town get a penalty on half way, Hopkins was going to go for touch but Lindop talked him into going for goal, which he kicked
  10. Cue Gentleman Jim
  11. Brookie


    Couldn't the new coach try and convince Clayton Sutton and anyone else to give it another go?
  12. Brookie


    And is there anyone on here who you've not criticised?
  13. Brookie


    Should have signed Ethan Kelly instead of Moi Moi
  14. Brookie


    It was disgusting
  15. Brookie


    Can't blame the ref for incompetence
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