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  1. Seems like a few people on here are a bit worried that London are gonna do a charge to safety and stay up?
  2. After a truly S**** week, that has put a smile on my face. Superb win...thats all I can say!
  3. Yeah must of misread it....prob for the semis. Which still has tickets avaliable.
  4. Actualy its "Complex Needs" now you know
  5. Got an email today to say there are only 5000 tickets left for the CC final...anybody know this as fact and will they be opening up any more sections?
  6. Just looking at the list depresses me! Yeah will probably be Boris I imagine. I cant even begin to imagine what it would be like if Esther Mcvey won...its a total mystery to me how there have been people on here actualy liking her and sticking up for her...total evil women(although nice hair to be fair). Also Im not falling for the Rory Stewart hype...one look at his voting record tells you once a Tory always a Tory.
  7. Will do and thanks everybody. Basicaly Oncologist has signed me off for more chemo, will be fortnightly(the joys) and now its just a case of waiting for a date to start...actualy said there is no rush and could actualy leave it for another 2-3 months, wouldnt cause me any extra harm. Didnt really have any side effects last time, so hoping it is the same this time around. If there is anything positive, it is that I was having regular scans so they have caught it early, there is about 4 small spots on the lungs and my Oncologist was pretty upbeat about the chemo doing its job...he said" youve been 3 years cancer free, so theres no reason it cant be another 3 years" Was feeling quite positive yesterday after I got the news, but think its actualy hit home today. Will feel better when the treatment starts.
  8. Whats the odds that at the end of the season the funds dont come in? Reading those tweets it all comes across as pretty desperate?
  9. Well that went well..!!! After 3 years of being cancer free, turns out the ###### is on my lungs now! More hardcore chemo awaits...oh the joys!
  10. Busy today and had my mind on more important things tomm, so only just seen the score...great result and keeps things interesting.
  11. Hope it all goes well mate...funnily enough Im seeing my Oncologist Mon for the dreaded quarterly scan results! You would of thought after 3 years it would get easier, but it still stresses me out big time!
  12. Get you, with your (semi) obscure 1980 anarchist punk singles....shocking choice though, Big A Little A was far superiour! Do they owe us a living would be much better
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