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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the game and the good lady even let me watch it live..and even watched a bit with me(had to explain a bit here and there and she did say as with no real interest in the game, that it should have been played in a smaller stadium and I do tend to agree....). was a bit of a weird atmosphere to begin with i thought, but it did grow on me. Im not convinced it will happen next year though I have to say...anybody know wether it would be worth the promoters doing it again??
  2. So no build up then. if coverage starts at 9 uk time. Just wanted to check, cos the mrs will be watching casualty 🙂 Slightly delayed coverage(hopefully I havent mentioned the game yet) for me then.
  3. What time is the actual kick off tonight?
  4. Gray1967

    New online England store

    Loving the new kit,,best shirt in a long time. All we need now is the rfl to set up an online shop where if you dont wanna spend £50 on a top you could I dunno maybe buy a keyring or a car sticker(My motor is crying out for a sticker) or even a MUG..just a thought!
  5. Gray1967

    2018 Kits

    I always thought a plain Red shirt with black chevrons down the arms would make a great 2nd kit....although we rarely use thehome one so.... 🙂
  6. Broncos for a sneaky win 🙂
  7. Dont disagree with any of that to be honest....internationals should be the pinacle of any sport and the main reason i got into league(born and bread in darkest East London, so not excactly a rugby heartland of either code) was watching GB INTERNATIONALS back in the day, not club sides. I,ll wager thats how most people not from the "Heartlands" did too? Speaking to mates of mine (who arnet massive fans, but show an interest) during the last world cup, they were far more likely to watch the international games then tune in to SL/NRL and were more likely to remember watching the Lions then Bradford Northern from years gone by!
  8. Gray1967

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Guess theres no news on who is gonna broadcast this??
  9. Gray1967

    2018 Kits

    Agree with your points, but surley they can punt out a few stickers, keyrings, t shirts, MUGS etc...if your lower league/non league clubs can, there is really no excuse? Funnily enough I remember the last Lions tour, there was a sports shop in Maidstone(of all places) and they had loads of Lions stuff.
  10. Gray1967

    2018 Kits

    Most people would be happy without a sponsor I would have thought anyway? Your probably right about the sponsor deal aswell. Its just ridiculous that I could get an WC shirt of dh gate delivered from china in a couple of weeks, but couldnt actualy get one from over here and still cant. Dont get me wrong, there are more pressing concerns for our sport i know, but they are missing a trick here.
  11. Gray1967

    2018 Kits

    Its not only that, even the most obscure clubs in any sport you can get at least some sort of merchandise...but a England national chance! Its beyond stupid, when you can buy stuff from "The old drunkards" 3rd XIII(reserves) but not this mob 😞
  12. Gray1967

    The Photography Thread

    A few from a recent trip to Cyprus.
  13. Gray1967

    2018 Kits

    That would mean having a bit of common sense though?
  14. yeah saw this too..was surprised, but good to see. Added bonus of Kirsty aswell 😃
  15. If the kit in the pics is similiar to the senior kit, then its all a bit"Meh" to me. White kit with a couple of red bands would be good or chevrons.