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  1. What is the uk ko time for this?
  2. National Interest, National Interest, National Interest!!!!!! 🙂
  3. Leave em waiting! Isnt it exciting 🙂
  4. Gray1967

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Im a contrary so and so, so I,ll go against the grain and say i would welcome a PROPER, WELL ORGANISED GB an old(ish) git, and GB was the reason myself and many other people from the non heartlands got in to the game(I lived in the RL hot bed of East London, just as an example). Speak to people who may have had just a passing interest back in the day, and they are likely to remember the iconic GB strip/brand(I hate that word) more then the latest England effort. Dont get me wrong, I can see the pros and cons certainly. Just seen Mr Rimmer after the NZ game, and why oh why cant someone in our sport, just for a refreshing change, come out and go "Yep its happening, details to be released in the next few days, its all sorted etc", instead of all the time "We are just waiting(insert excuse here) for etc etc"!!!! Annoys the swear filter out of me...I mean how hard is it....really?
  5. Gray1967


    Was actualy amazed that my good lady knew he was a rugby player!!
  6. Gray1967

    The Photography Thread

    A few from a recent trip to Catalonia....roll up and see more at flickr HerandMe2018 If you do say hello 🙂
  7. Gray1967

    Health update.

    Morphine is nasty stuff. Was on it for a couple of weeks or so after having an 11 hour cancer op. Apparently told my Mrs I could see Darth Vader standing next to the bed opposite 🙂 Turned me into a right grumpy so and so(to say the least) aswell when i went home...didnt know I was doing it!!
  8. Its a fair cop guvnor....get the grammar police round 🙂 Fiendish and swarthy...I like it* * Takes a swig of his Singapore Sling and twiddles rakish moustache whilst relaxing in smoking jacket
  9. May I be contreversial and say" Quite right"! PNG centre's coming over here taking good English centre's jobs.....shocking. Send him and his non English family back post haste....Sajid and May, do your jobs!!
  10. Gray1967

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    There was at least one there 🙂
  11. Got to work today, so gonna do a Likely Lads and avoid the score(which lets face it prob wont be hard) and watch tommorow when I get home. Enjoy the game people...oh and England to win by a few.
  12. So not on live then I take it anywhere?
  13. Gray1967

    Australia vs Tonga

    What time does this actualy kick off? I know coverage starts at 7am on sky, but dont wanna get up till it actualy starts 🙂
  14. Does anyone know if this is gonna be shown anywhere over here?
  15. Logged in on my laptop(still logged in from yesterday) but cant log in via google on my telly! Also cant find any link on the website to where you actualy watch it 😞 You couldnt make it up could you....still ages to kick off!!