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  1. Bang on...excatly what i thought earlier.
  2. It may well be an opinion piece and I see what your getting at but....dont you think its a bit concerning that there is a possibility of this happening? Its not some random group putting it out!
  3. Gray1967

    Have you started stockpiling yet?

    Nope, but the only thing that does concern me slightly is Im a double Ostomite, so i hope my bags supply dosent get interuppted...not just for me but for the general public obviously :-)
  4. My god...ive just generally agreed with a saintslass post :-) :-) In all seriousness, many good posts and valid points on here and is a difficult one and I wasnt aware about her father. Personaly I would let her rot, doubt she would be wanting to rush back to the delights of Bethnal green if the caliphate was still in full swing(?) and thats the way she comes across. Also no remorse and i dont buy the" She didnt know what she was doing at 15" as all evidence shows that she did to me.
  5. Sums everything up perfectly....depressing but true!
  6. Well Yvonne deserves all she gets then dosent she, for being an that to harsh to say??
  7. "Jezza’s mob not to play tribal party politics with a major National issue" couldnt make it up could you!!!!
  8. Want a Broncos win obviously but can Salford winning this.
  9. Sorry couldnt resist!
  10. So Grayling piping up today, saying it will all be that nast EU's fault if we leave with no deal!
  11. Gray1967

    NFL season 2018/19

    New league starts next week Alliance of American Football I shall be following San Antonio...come on the Commanders!
  12. Gray1967

    NFL season 2018/19

    Rams would of won I think if Goff hadnt bottled much I dislike em, fair play to the Pats and Brady..6 wins cant be sniffed at!
  13. FMOB..was out so didnt know the score...get in London...coming back from 18 points and scoring over 40, make sit all the more impressive! Top 3 clash next weekend then :-)
  14. I see what you did there :-)