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    I hope this succeeds in bringing Swinton what they want. I went to a couple of games there last year against Dewsbury and then Oldham when the battle was on to avoid the drop and also get out of the financial crisis. Thought it was a good little setup at Heywood Rd and keeping tabs on their website I think the club are making all the right noises regarding direction. They’re not really local to me in any sense, but there’s something about all that history and tradition that to me should be cherished and safeguarded. Am planning to go back later in the season.
  2. Video Games

    My PS4 usually sits packed away in a laptop bag most of the year with occasional rare outings for the odd indoor ‘lads’ nights when people can get away. It tends to be used for local multiplayer games for playing mates like Worms (a silly 3rd person perspective shooting game), Rocket League (think Top Gear car football episode) and Star Wars Battlefront (a serious first person perspective shooting game). Can’t really get too much into online gaming as my reactions aren’t what they used to be. There’s limited fun to be had from looking at your name on a 32 player scoreboard at the end of a battle and giving it a Henman-style fistpump as you finish second from bottom of it. “Not last! Not last!”, we say amongst my circle of friends as we pass the controller over to someone else! 😃
  3. Cricket.

    How do you feel about Yorkshire competing as Leeds? l know personally I won’t be supporting Manchester instead of Lancashire. Then again, I guess I’m maybe not the target audience.
  4. Boxing

    Been to a couple of fight nights in Manchester and Newcastle following Amir Khan on his bid to prove himself at world level. Great handspeed and good boxing skills, but never the chin or durability to show he belonged amongst the best. Not sure about this latest comeback unless he’s trying to set himself up later for a biggish pay day against Kell Brook.
  5. Cricket.

    What do people think of ECB plans for the 8 team city league (with Manchester replacing Lancashire for example)? It’ll be limited overs with 100 balls per innings and a novelty 10 ball over as the last over. I like Test cricket and Twenty20, believe One Day is a bit ‘meh’ these days, but find this latest offering a bit dubious. Will it take off?
  6. Cricket.

    No Test Match Special for the tours of the West Indies and Sri Lanka. Talksport have grabbed the rights. The chance for cricket on the radio to reinvent itself somewhat or a minor national tragedy?
  7. Russia

    Seems to be part time of a worrying development where European defence spending isn’t high enough to ensure an edge in the balance of power with Russia. Particularly concerning in terms of the increasing pressure on the USA to keep pace with China’s evergrowing military capabilities on the other side of the world.
  8. Russia

    How is a country with an economy smaller than the size of Italy managing to act with such reckless abandon on the international stage? Of course they’ve got nuclear weapons and some natural resources, but what I’m getting at is how are they managing to keep their conventional forces relevant to US and NATO levels of modernisation? At what point in the future is it possible that the US military will render the Russian military obsolete? Looking at the recent skirmish in Syria there are claims (and counter claims) of the effectiveness of Western missile weapons against presumably Russian bought defences.
  9. NRL 2018 Round 6 Match Thread

    Crucial period in this game - especially for those of us who took the Cowboys at (-10) as part of our bet!
  10. Some drop goal that after an otherwise forgettable match.
  11. Video Games

    Do you mean a shift in terms of people playing computer games into adulthood? Or a shift in terms of the content of the more popular games having a greater emphasis on adult themes like violence as in Grand Theft Auto 5?
  12. Is there a Rugby League World cover curse?

    Haha! 😁 I’ve not consciously duplicated the thread, so there must be a sub-conscious thing at work here. Great minds think alike!
  13. Just been looking at the front cover of the last few Rugby League World magazines and it seems to me there is a curse: February: Hull, Leeds and Wigan all lost to the Aussies March: Saints lose to Leeds April: Wakefield lose to, well, pretty much everyone! Has this been going on for a while now, have I uncovered some deeper truth or is it all just nonsense? 😃 P.S. John D. can you arrange for Wigan to go on the next cover? 😉
  14. York City Knights vs Catalans Dragons

    Good luck York!