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  1. Gerrumonside ref

    Barrow (a)...cigar!

    A 33-26 win over Barrow after trailing 18-12 at halftime. Sounded like a bit of a rollercoaster of a game! Swinton up to 11th now in the table.
  2. Barrow 26-33 Swinton FT The Lions claim their first league win of the season after pushing so closely recently
  3. Barrow 26-33 Swinton (76 mins) Oscar Thomas slots a drop goal for the Lions in a frantic finish.
  4. Barrow 26-32 Swinton (73 mins) Forsyth is tackled into touch from the restart and the Raiders capitalise moments later through Cross who gets over for a try. The extras are over.
  5. Barrow 20-32 Swinton (71 mins) Another try for the Lions this time through Paisley who crashes over. Conversion is added.
  6. Barrow 20-26 Swinton (68 mins) Bennion scores a try near the sticks after a pass from Harry Smith. The extras are added.
  7. Barrow 20-20 Swinton (66 mins) The Raiders withstanding waves of attacks now by the Lions who are trying to retake the lead.
  8. Barrow 20-20 Swinton (59 mins) Barrow kick for two after a penalty and convert despite Dallimore losing his footing.
  9. Barrow 18-20 Swinton (52 mins) Lions fullback Jack Hansen outruns the defence to score a try and give Swinton the lead. Conversion is waved away.
  10. Barrow 18-16 Swinton (46 mins) Mike Butt gets over after a low kick by Harry Smith The conversion was missed.
  11. Barrow 18-12 Swinton HT
  12. Barrow 18-12 Swinton (36 mins) Swinton make a mistake at the restart and are punished with a try for Mossop. The conversion is made by the home side.
  13. Barrow 12-12 Swinton (35 mins) Smith puts in a grubber kick that Forsyth pounces on for his second try today for the Lions. Harry Smith slots home a tricky conversion.
  14. Barrow 12-6 Swinton (24 mins) The Raiders kick for goal after a penalty and add another two to their lead.
  15. Barrow 10-6 Swinton (18 mins) Walne gets in for the home side and the extras are added.