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  1. Bradford Rumors

    How about moving them to Afghanistan and calling them the Kabul Bulls?
  2. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    Something has gone wrong down the years with promotion of RL. As a sport that has always appealed to families and women as well as men in my lifetime, RL should have been cashing in more in the modern climate where women are being encouraged to play and follow sport more than ever.
  3. Fantasy League

    Cheers! D’oh!
  4. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

  5. Various super league predictions

    1. Regan Grace 2. Mark Percival 3. St Helens
  6. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Did Jack Owens play for Leigh? Is he likely to start the season?
  7. Limoux v Lezignan Live Stream

    Only caught the last 25 minutes, but it was a decent enough watch. Am I right in thinking that Limoux are last year’s champions and are the team we watched beat Carcassonne last week? Looking at the league table it seems like Avignon are the early frontrunners in Elite 1 so it’ll be great to see them in action.
  8. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    There’s a guide to Fantasy wingers and fullbacks on this link.
  9. Fantasy League

    Whereabouts on the website is it mate?
  10. Fantasy League Here you go fellas, a few hints and tips regarding Championship players. Although you may have mainly considered players at Toronto, Leigh, Toulouse and Featherstone as your main picks - there’s plenty of value to be had looking at the clubs battling it out to avoid relegation too.
  11. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship A few tips above for our Canadian friends who might be unfamiliar with the Championship.
  12. Success in North America

    Are we really going to be expanding the game by disbanding all the leading clubs in the northern hemisphere? Sounds like a rubbish idea.
  13. SL announce new commercial partner

    I know what you’re saying pal, but we took that morally dubious cash right through the 1990s and into 2001.
  14. SL announce new commercial partner

    It was probably worse news for the NHS when we were promoting smoking via the Silk Cut Challenge Cup and Regal trophy.
  15. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I think the idea of RL heavily going into Liverpool probably has a number of factors behind it with timing being the main one. I think you may have to gear things up over time with internationals, a Magic weekend and on the road club games from local Super League teams. Certainly at the moment the biggest sporting thing they seem to concentrating on in that city is a new stadium for Everton which in itself could present opportunities for RL as a site for big events.