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  1. Shamelessly nicked from another contributor from another thread: Is the there any chance Toronto could play Toulouse in Quebec next year to test the water for a possible Montreal expansion club? Is this the kind of match-up that would go down well with a Francophile part of the world? Or is the relationship between the French new world and the French old world a bit more complex and nuanced than that?
  2. Blueprint for SL

    Good post and thanks for the detailed reply. There are no simple answers in my view, so don't worry if you don't come up with one! 😉 I agree with you that conferences are coming although it is not a popular idea over here. In fact it will actually unite some people who are bitterly divided on the licensing vs p and r debate!
  3. Blueprint for SL

    Fair enough. It is true that I advocated conferences (and still do) with p and r to a championship level of conferences. I have learned though through reading these pages and from elsewhere that my personal vision would rely upon a major cash injection brought most probably from increasing the number of our broadcasting partners in the U.K. In this debate, I believe the Super 8s are a fudge between those that want a licensing system and those who want more promotion and relegation. I think for Toronto the question is academic as I believe they will make the top flight (Super League) regardless of whichever system is brought in to coincide with negotiations towards a new structure to suit TV. However, and this is where passions arise, there are a number of clubs who would probably prefer to keep any element of p and r ahead of a licensing system which (and this is the perception) will keep their clubs out of the top flight and facing the real risk of long term damage with no hope of a return under that system.
  4. Last ever super league game in France ?

    Yes, that was an embarrassing thread really, but I think it's a tiny minority.
  5. Last ever super league game in France ?

    I've only read a couple of things where people are celebrating (wrongly in my opinion) the possible relegation of another club. I think all that is left now is to build this game into the biggest money-maker it can be.
  6. Last ever super league game in France ?

    Which people do you believe are crowing?
  7. Last ever super league game in France ?

    It should be marketed as this to get as big a crowd as possible down at LSV. The New World vs Old World Grand Final Expansionist vs Heartlander! Beret vs Flat Cap!! 😉 Be great if we could sell out the game.
  8. Last ever super league game in France ?

    There aren't as many RL fans as soccer fans, I agree with that. I think though they're really just as dedicated (if not more so) as few soccer fans I know would attend a showpiece event as a neutral. Also what about the example of Wigan RL who got relegated in 1980 and would later come back stronger than ever to literally take on the world. I would wager with you that if soccer was to make itself a closed shop at the top in England that those outside like Leeds and Birmingham would see a decline in attendance. The reason they have maintained large hardcores is they know there is always the chance to come back to the top flight. Getting back to Catalans, if they have planned properly, then a single season in the Championship needn't be as catastrophic as is being made out. In fact we should be as worried really on the effect their presence, along with Toulouse and Toronto in the Championship will have on the clubs where finances are tight and player pool numbers are smaller. Just from a logistical point of view things are going to be difficult.
  9. Last ever super league game in France ?

    I know what you're getting at, but it might only be for one season that Catalans are playing outside the top flight. Think of it in soccer terms: Blackburn Rovers potential and infrastructure is much greater than say Burton Albion who are one division higher in their league system. Yet soccer fans aren't calling for the scrapping of promotion and relegation or even a Super 8s model where it's easier to escape the point of jeopardy. Instead, they're just getting on with and accepting that it is part and parcel of the sport. If the Catalans business model wasn't robust enough to stomach relegation then it raises questions as to whether they're that stronger institution in the first place. They need to get on with it and the last thing anyone should do is in somehow blame Leigh or anybody else if Catalans indeed go down.
  10. Blueprint for SL

    Ah right, cheers, probably.
  11. Last ever super league game in France ?

    I don't remember calling for automatic relegation and promotion between Super League and the Championship. Catalans or Leigh have had plenty of opportunity this season to save themselves, yet one must go. Next year the situation might be entirely different - which will certainly keep things interesting for everybody!
  12. Last ever super league game in France ?

    Is that the structure you want to go back to?
  13. Last ever super league game in France ?

    Haven't Hull KR proved during the 8s that they are a better side than Catalans this season (might be different next season)? After all this is a sport not the FTSE 100 index.
  14. Last ever super league game in France ?

    I think you need some form of p and r between Super League and the Championship and under the current system we have that even if it's not automatic. If you have it, then every club everywhere has something to play for - some form of hope for the future and the chance to have a dream.
  15. Last ever super league game in France ?

    Hull KR have proved themselves to be better than Catalans and Leigh in the mini competition that is the 8s. It might not be the case next year, but as far as this year goes they deserve their chance again in the top flight.