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  1. I think Saints will win the GF and Warrington the LLS. Can see it being a Saints-Warrington final. My dark horse would be Leeds.
  2. Gerrumonside ref

    Who will win the NRL 2019?

    Backed Sydney Roosters in a preseason double with St Helens last year and might have won £250 off a tenner if Saints hadn’t let me down. Unsure who to back this year in Australia. The Roosters are the obvious choice, but aren’t great value at the bookies at 3/1 in a wide open competition. Might take a punt on the Bunnies - any others come to mind?
  3. What are your Super League 2019 predictions on who will win the Grand Final, LLS and who will make the playoffs?
  4. Who will win the NRL in 2019 and why?
  5. Gerrumonside ref

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    May suffered the biggest defeat for a government in Parliament since the 1920’s. I would suggest the emphasis is fully on her to find concessions.
  6. Gerrumonside ref

    The NFL Route

    I’m broadly in favour of the conference format, but I do have concerns over spreading the money pot too thinly by increasing the number of top flight clubs too quickly. There’s also the question of the available player pool. I’d be in favour of shortening the regular season and placing greater emphasis on the Grand Final and the playoffs leading up to it especially. As others have mentioned the NFL isn’t restricted by alignment on pure geographical lines although I would start with Western (including N America) and Eastern (including France) at the beginning. There’s certainly a lot of good ideas to be borrowed from the NFL and their format is one part of the success story over there.
  7. No worries, I’m not hostile to any change as I think the game is crying out for more big investment. If that means the ‘retirement’ of the Skolars name then so be it.
  8. Let’s face it, it’s going to be a pretty easy choice for the Skolars to rebrand if there’s a chance of becoming a big player in U.K. RL via new investment.
  9. I meant literally the name ‘Skolars’ itself would go.
  10. Sounds like the end of the Skolars identity in exchange for an ambitious stab at being a bigger club.
  11. Gerrumonside ref

    Who would you like to see replace Rimmer at the RFL?

    Who are the best NRL administrators? Any chance we can persuade someone of sufficient calibre to have a prolonged jaunt in the UK reorganising and reenergising the governing body? Then you’d have the ideal candidate who is both an outsider AND an insider.
  12. Thanks for the personal recommendations! We’ve got 2 full days and 1 night in St Petersburg and no exact detail over the night visit to the Hermitage as of yet. I think we will be doing the three day visa free cruise thing you have mentioned.
  13. I think I started to enjoy art more when I tried to read and understand the iconography or concepts behind some of it. That said, art criticism is very subjective so it pays to read from more than one source. When I was younger, I too had an attitude of hating what I didn’t understand, particularly when it came to modern art. I think most of it was borne out of the fear of looking stupid amongst intellectual peers. I also believe I bought into the state of mind that I was in some way the wrong ‘class’ to enjoy certain types of art.
  14. I like Van Gogh’s self portrait in felt hat at that gallery.
  15. Art is for everyone in my opinion. There’s just a preconceived notion that it can only be enjoyed by certain social groups.