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  1. England Team for the Semi

    Roby Wan Kenobi has to start.
  2. In cricket and RU there are teams and players representing a challenge to Australia in those competitions.
  3. So how would you have persuaded Australians to fill stadiums to watch an inferior product?
  4. I think the problem is that no amount of brilliant marketing in Australia can get around this: Australians know that northern hemisphere rugby league is of a lower standard than what they’re used to watching. Selling a ‘World Cup’ over there is much more difficult then selling one over here in the UK, where it is a rare chance to see the best players (i.e. those playing in the NRL) in the flesh. The solution is not more concrete men wearing northern hemisphere shirts in cities in Australia, it is increasing the standard and reputation of northern hemisphere rugby in Australia. We need to start beating them.
  5. How should it have been done differently?
  6. I think there’s a few different factors behind the poor crowds we’re seeing in Australia generally. The issues about location and ticket prices have been fairly well covered over a number of threads and there’s not much point me repeating them here. I do sympathise though with Australians who may view this as a situation where they are being ‘milked’ to watch an inferior product to SOO or NRL in terms of playing standard (with the possible exception of the Kangeroos). They are bound to have a different perspective to us for whom the chance to watch the best players in the world up close is much more of a novelty, if not a privilege. Until we can lift the reputation of the Northern Hemisphere players to that of a level where the Australian sporting public have some appetite to watch them compete again, I fear that we will continue to see disappointing crowds at this stage of the competition.
  7. NFL 2017/18 season

    The playoff picture is wide open with plenty of the contenders facing off in the next few weeks. Could have the first ever UK born Super Bowl winner in a skill position should Jay Ajayi help break the Eagles duck too.
  8. NFL 2017/18 season

    My predictions: AFC East: New England (7-2) have 5 away matches out of their next 6 which is tough, but I think they’re still looking most likely to pip the Steelers to homefield advantage. AFC North: The good news for Pittsburgh (7-2) is they have a week 15 home game with the Patriots which could be handy as a potential tie breaker in their favour should they win that match. AFC West: Kansas City (6-3) have been in and out in recent weeks, but they should have enough to be the best in the West as they hit the easier part of their schedule. AFC South: Jacksonville (6-3) are the surprise package in the AFC this year and with their favourable run-in, they should clinch their division. AFC wildcards: Tennessee (6-3) are hitting form at the right time and have a potential winner takes all game with the Jaguars for the divisional title - they could be the dangerous floater in the AFC playoffs. Oakland (4-5) some tough games before the end of the season, but I think they’ll edge out the competition to go in as 6th seed. NFC East Philadelphia (8-1) have put themselves in a great position to not only to clinch their division, but also homefield advantage throughout the playoffs in the NFC. NFC North Minnesota (7-2) should be king of the north despite a run of consecutive testing games against conference opposition in the Rams, Lions, Falcons and Panthers. NFC South New Orleans (7-2) will be pushed all the way by Carolina and Atlanta, but they seem to have found the essential NFL formula of good defense, good running game and good quarterback. NFC West The Los Angeles Rams (7-2) will have to answer a few questions about being ‘for real’ during the stretch as their run in is tough and Seattle hold the advantage so far in the head to head match-up. NFC wildcards: Carolina (7-3) should make the playoffs and they could be the dark horse in the NFC play-off picture. Detroit (5-4) are coming in under the radar, but they have an easier remaining set of games than the other wildcard contenders.
  9. I must admit I’ve never liked the system of ‘super groups’ in Rugby League World Cup formats. Hopefully if the next World Cup is 16 teams then the top four seeds will be spread evenly across the four groups.
  10. favourite paintings

    It’s what they call a ‘tronie’ rather than a portrait per se. Typical of it’s genre in many ways with a very expressive facial expression imposed on the subject by the artist. Possibly why it has become so popular in modern culture.
  11. NFL 2017/18 season

    Nice to see Colonel Saunders from KFC fame helping to present this week’s NFL action on Sky.
  12. favourite paintings

    Sorry, I’m not following.
  13. England have been rubbish for 10 mins or so.
  14. Nice handling for McG to get in at the corner.
  15. A good clinical performance that tailed off in the last ten minutes. Need to grind the opposition into the ground until they are fully defeated and broken.