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  1. RayCee

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    I would like to see them qualify too Tex. it would lift the profile of RL hugely there too.
  2. There are a few people that come on here to comment and you have to wonder what their agenda is. The ignore feature is too often overlooked, but is an effective tool in avoiding a fruitless debate.
  3. So what standard are Barla Lions? I take it that the team is drawn from amateur clubs. That was a close game going by the score line.
  4. Shame, as they would be useful in 2019.
  5. Your use of the word 'strong' is ambiguous. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make but strong is not so much the number of players but the standard played, the experience and skill sets the players have. Chile is a new country to the game so they are here for the experience, but are not a strong RL nation. Canada has a stronger national team due to the reasons already mentioned. If for example two nations had the same number of clubs and players, yet internationally one would beat the other easily, then who would have the stronger domestic competition?
  6. There will be others that will now go because of the change. Swings and roundabouts.
  7. RayCee

    McDermott In As New Coach

    Both the Brians know each other well which should help the new coach settle in quicker. I think it’s a good move by the WP.
  8. I have to say I didn't expect that scoreline. The local team played with enthusiasm and purpose. Less penalties would help but the way modern players are trying to milk them in the tackle you really have to dominate in the tackle to minimise that problem.
  9. To me the French side looked a bit tired after a long season and so did enough to win. Winning Group A and qualification to the WC is what they set out to achieve. England want a 2019 mid season test against a SH side but that is unlikely. In that case France is the obvious replacement. If the RFL is serious about the international game and helping NH RL, then it has to happen. It should be played in France too, or Toronto.
  10. RayCee

    Paul Rowley

    It seems circumstances have caught up with this post. He has gone of his own volition. He was popular in Canada among the RL fraternity.
  11. RayCee

    Pre-match drinks in Leeds?

    To the other post.
  12. RayCee

    Whinging Aussies just don't get it

    I read the article and comments below. A few didn’t understand the change in criteria but those that did felt he was a worthy winner.
  13. RayCee

    The Money Chain

    That has merit. That way, regardless of the media deal, all get something from it and the game below SL doesn't wither.
  14. Tommy may disagree. At least it judges players who, providing there are enough test matches, are going head to head. I personally think the previous award was an NRL award with the odd SL player. At least now players at the highest level competing together will be compared. In that sense I like it. The negative is how few matches they will be judged on, because TV deals insist on long domestic seasons and there is little time to play anything else.
  15. I think trying to compare top players in the NRL with those in SL is not easy anyway. The NRL is played at a higher standard. I know when Sinfield won it, some in Australia scoffed at his selection. His exploits for Leeds didn't get him much credit down under.