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  1. RayCee

    The NFL Route

    It would be ideal if the next TV deal makes allowance for the growth in the number of teams. If more teams are added, the tv deal improves. The issue is would the value of the product increase with more teams? I guess that would depend on where the expansion took place and if the rights holder could benefit from it.
  2. Seems very positive. Not a word I always use in relation to RL.
  3. RayCee

    Turkey RL reports major increase in participation

    Good to see. Everything the man at the top said seems Treu.
  4. Thanks for that insight.
  5. RayCee

    Wales U16s ‘A’ and ‘B’

    The future is in the youth.
  6. I never had Carolina in my mind either. It has a ring to it though.
  7. When my Baby, When my baby plays da league I go to Rio De Janeiro.
  8. RayCee

    Season ticket sales

    I wonder how many fans fancy a weekend game but with no SL game available , instead go to a lower division game in their vicinity?
  9. The difference Dave is you seemed to think they were playing a game over it. I don’t think so. What winning the cup meant for the club, RL in France and Catalonia in Spain was huge. This is a decision that would have been made with a heavy heart, causing the delay. Of course, the significance of all of this is lost on he RFL, who still seemed surprised that they now have declined the opportunity to defend their title.
  10. The Millom pound game had to be the one they'd pick.
  11. Perhaps the bones need to meet.
  12. Another possibility is they were contemplating as the cup holders to put up the bond and were working on it, only to decide rather late not to.
  13. RayCee


    I'm not sure he's lost interest. It could be he sees how much it's going to cost and wants to spread that over multiple investors. We can only speculate.
  14. Anyone hoping for any common sense from the RFL should look away now: The RFL confirmed issues about Catalans' cup defence were raised in December. "We have been surprised and disappointed by the uncertainty over the Catalans Dragons participation in the 2019 Challenge Cup, which surfaced just before Christmas," a statement said. "We have been in discussions with the club since then, and will continue those discussions to search for a solution." (BBC) If they are surprised, then they live in cuckoo land.