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  1. RayCee

    A great gesture by The Doc

    His relatively short sojourn in RL cost him millions. For someone who started with nothing, it can be a challenge to ever get that start out of your psyche. Often the self made wealthy are not that generous (I'm not saying never, but as a generalisation). In that sense his generosity is the more meritorious.
  2. RayCee

    Blackpool...last regular season away game.

    I've tipped the WP in the tipping comp so I expect them to deliver. Leigh have more to play for and are in fine form, but I'm picking the WP have a slightly better squad. Could go either way.
  3. RayCee


    RL isn't missing any boat. NY is a huge market and another day is fine if other bids are preferable at this point.
  4. I'm sure some on this forum would have no problem ☺️ , but I'm with you on that point.
  5. Because of the way the games are organised for the Summer Bash, they are hard to predict. There are some one sided games in the Championship but there are not any that you would pick as a landslide here. I hope people get along as there should be some close games here.
  6. Barrow Raiders by 4 points Featherstone by 8 points Toronto Wolfpack by 6 points London Broncos by 6 points Rochdale Hornets by 2 points Batley Bulldogs by 4 points
  7. RayCee

    TO Derby 2.0!

    The TWP aren’t playing up to SL standard for the whole game. However, sometimes better opposition lifts your game. Some teams thrash lesser sides then stumble when they hit better teams. I think the TWP has a stronger case they will lift when the tougher games come than say London. However, your concern is valid. We will find out in the 8's.
  8. RayCee

    Magic weekend

    The first step is understanding it.
  9. RayCee

    New Rugby League Conference

    If RL tries to reignite the RLC, It hasn’t the resources to carry it out properly. Surely it would be better to target one or two areas, get them on their feet and self sustaining before moving on progressively.
  10. RayCee

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    You know more about such things than myself, sitting on the other side of the world. The Ireland one crossed my mind but the question I had was how many fans would cross over?
  11. RayCee

    Magic Weekend Crowd

    Over the years the attendances have been quite similar, despite the variances of where they have been held. Newcastle has worked well but three times seams the maximum any place has had it. I would rather see a 9's tournament taken to places like NY than the Magic Weekend. How would a city like Bristol be for the Magic Weekend?
  12. RayCee

    Magic weekend

    Are you sure?
  13. RayCee

    Magic weekend

    I went for a brief read. The usual RU apologists saying RL is dying. They also talked about RL's poor showing on development. That the TWP will be gone in not too may years etc. The middle one we all agree on. The other two are borne out of hope, driven by fear. RL has the product, it just needs more exposure. RU folk know that and want to kill it off. There will be behind the scenes action too, trying to stifle the game. It's happened everywhere else.
  14. RayCee

    Magic weekend

    I think most are pro TWP but a vocal minorty aren’t, for reasons I still haven’t worked out. Raise any subject in the main forum and there will be plenty of naysayers. It is part of English culture to disagree.
  15. No problem! Just give us your address and no more vill be said. Ve don't need lawyers. I just wish the likes of Abramovich realised the value for money proposition RL is. To win trophies you need to win ugly (when you are not at your best). I just thing Warrington need to master that.