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  1. crowd for opener

    So is there just one ticket price? Is that the lowest, average, great seat price? Without more info....
  2. Yeah, but did he understand it? I know what it means..just. The argument is if you use local players only, you don't even make the WC and no one in the country knows it even happened. Use heritage players and get there, it lifts the profile and earns some money for the sport back home. The best solution is what the US and Wales have done, use enough heritage players to get to the WC but also enough local players to develop them and they in turn take that experience back to the clubs they play in.
  3. Challenge 1000

    So the scheme will work if they go some way over the 1,000 tickets sold. I'm presuming that is the goal as the stadium holds 15,000 I believe. It will create a better atmosphere with a larger crowd, assuming ticket holders turn up regularly.
  4. That's true and the reason I wondered what the average RL follower in France thought.
  5. I didn't even know RL existed until 2 weeks ago. Is there a WC?
  6. The other side of Wayne Bennett

    Over the years he's enjoyed tremendous loyalty from his players. You only get that from being a caring, down to earth leader.
  7. Error

    As a NZ visitor to your site, Australians have always used underhand (or is that underarm) tactics. It is much better than it was with cameras srutinising official's every decision. There is more accountability and hopefully fair officiating with that.
  8. It is good for Villeneuve plus moving the English and French game closer together, which I think is good for both countries. The UK public seem to be happy. I'm unsure what the average French fan thinks of this trend. Maybe some of the French based contributors can let us know what the general attitude is across the channel.
  9. I did a google search on the name and struggled to find anything. I too wonder who he is as I've never heard of him. Unfortunately I clicked on the link and wish I hadn't as I wouldn't otherwise go to an article with a click bait title like that. I wouldn't want to support such negativity with advertising money that every viewing provides.
  10. Error

    To err is human, to forgive divine. You are forgiven Hvy wg....whatever it was you did.
  11. Larroyer to Leigh

    I checked Kevin on Wiki to get an idea of his history and his move to Leigh is already mentioned on there. He's had a few clubs so hopefully he will be able to spend some time at Leigh.
  12. A Clash of Cultures: A Canadian Persepective

    It comes down to respect. When playing, respect your opponent whether good or otherwise. With opposition fans, the same applies. In my world anyway. I was raised that way. If I ever displayed traits of a poor loser, I was corrected immediately. I have much to thank my parents for, R.I.P.
  13. New York Look at Hayne

    Players like Hayne can add interest and help with public awareness to a new venture but it's the backroom people that are crucial. Perez has done a fine job at Toronto. NA sport has a different culture but he's cottoned on to what's needed to succeed. Patience has been shown too in coming in at League 1 level. The NY bid coming in at Championship level is more risky. If the team doesn’t hit the ground running and takes some heavy losses, then it could put fans off. I'm not saying it wouldn't work but sometimes more haste equals less speed. I would have been happier if Eric had been involved with the bid. A botched effort could put things back. That said, they now have a blueprint to work off, the Wolfpack. That can be a template for others that follow.
  14. The thing is you look for a 'big picture' and that's good. Whether it all comes off or not, you are thinking of ways to go forward.