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  1. At least it wasn't too far to walk over here, was it Futtocks?
  2. Well I remember back in the 50's.... I opened a thread a bit back about the chance of Catalan going down. There seemed genuine concern that this was a real possibility. It was also heartening to feel how concerned the UK RL fan was about their plight. Getting turned over that easily at home by Leigh is a concern, good on Leigh as they needed the points badly, but it's not looking good for the Perpignan side. As someone who saw the NZ Warriors side come, promise, then under perform, I can see similarities. I'm not sure it is for the same reasons but not having relegation in the NRL makes the scenario in SL so much more challenging for struggling teams.
  3. I see merit in that. I guess once all hope is gone, that's what will happen.
  4. I admire what has been done with the Crusaders. It could have gone pear shaped after pulling out of SL, but the supporters have been fantastic and the club seems to be doing well. More Catalan fans come over than I realised. For what is a modest sized supporter base, nice you can utilise a coach. It would be good times enjoying a coach ride with fellow supporters.
  5. Come on, be charitable. A trip to the North of England - rich in culture and quaint scenery - is well worth a trip over. A summer's day in Leeds, the fans, the atmosphere, the game day experience cannot be beaten. Mushy peas with tasty fish 'n chips, Yorkshire puddings with your roast beef, highly underrated. Sand and sun? Highly overrated. It would be a great idea to take in a vacation with a trip to Perpignan.
  6. I get that, it was something I was trying to understand. The expense is the issue rather than desire.
  7. It was a spiritual moment.
  8. That's a fair assessment. I'm sure for many who try to eke out a living do well to even support their local team each home match day. I noticed when the Lions Rugby team recently toured, there were many from the UK and Ireland travelling with them.
  9. For me, the issue is broader, prejudice. That can be racist, but it can be shown in other ways too. I still recall being an immigrant child and often getting told I wasn't welcome in that country, that I should go home where I came from. My mother said they were just repeating what they heard at home from their parents. The thing is had any of those parents met my parents, they would have been polite and friendly...outwardly. Adults are good at hiding prejudice, not so much children. All I had to do was lose my accent and I would look like everyone else. I try to be especially nice to immigrants because I know they are not always treated well. I also understand we all have some prejudice of some sort, even if we would like to deny it. I think prejudice is a way of dealing with frustration, insecurity or the like. Blaming others or trying to feel superior to others is an easy out to cover our own inadequacies. So being comfortable within ourselves and seeing others in a kindly way regardless of who they are is a way forward.
  10. I understand the Catalan situation but it seems to me one UK club would have more travelling fans to France on one trip than the total travelling Catalan fans all year coming the other way. That's a perception I have anyway. Do fans use mainly coaches to travel or do most go by car?
  11. I have been to the UK a few times but missed Bradford, something I now regret.
  12. I have noticed the UK fans are great travellers. They turn up in numbers when their team plays away, but it goes further than that. I recall many moons ago going to watch the Bradford Bulls play the Auckland Warriors at Auckland and being amazed at how many BB fans were there. I recall waving to them and they too in return as we entered the ground. I don't think many Aucklanders went over to watch their team in the UK when they went over. I don't see as many Catalan fans coming to the UK, but quite a few from the UK go over there. The UK sports fan is quite a nomadic one. What is it that makes the British that way?
  13. The season ends at the grand final. The league leaders shield can be handed out at any time the RFL deems that the league has concluded. If the the super 8's are considered part of the playoffs, then the shield can be awarded after 23 rounds.
  14. The thing is the winner of the league comp is judged after 30 games, not 23. For any tinkering with the points for the top 8s would require the league leaders shield to be awarded after 23 rounds, something I favour anyway. Another alternative would be keep the points from the 23 previous rounds and make double points for the final seven. That would give the team finishing eighth a chance, if it could string a run of wins together in the top eights. In most cases it wouldn't change much but add some hope for the lowest sides in the top 8.
  15. I think this is running before walking. Southern H: The NRL isn't even doing anything about expanding in Australia. Surely a wider base in Australia first, then selected Pacific nations such as PNG and Fiji. Then perhaps Asia should be investigated. Northern H: North America has huge untapped potential. Europe is growing but needs much work done. Getting wealthy Euro and NA investors involved could see cities across those areas coming on board. That in itself will require hard work. If each hemisphere works the untapped potential they have, that's plenty of work to do without adding the complication of going global. Once each hemisphere has done what it can, surely then would be the time to look at it. I think going global too soon could actually hinder development.