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  1. Good to hear they have been accepted. Ottawa would be first, surely.
  2. RL is an easy game to understand the basics of. You can see what's going on too, unlike another game I can think of. The Toronto fans have shown this, with a good insight into RL in a short space of time.
  3. That would put the present Toulouse team well off SL in that case. As you say, in pro sport, smart buying can fix that for both sides.
  4. According to Wiki, 15,070 attended both days, up 28% on 2018. Admittedly, last season was a poor effort, but at least the crowd is back to being close to where it was in 2017 and before.
  5. Human nature is if it’s a success there is a queue lining up to take the credit. If it goes wrong, fingers are pointing everywhere and everyone saying “Not me”. So if MW is a success, you all thank me. Otherwise, my finger is at the ready.
  6. Which goes to show that unless you are a soccer team in the UK, for many you will be flying under the radar and not be noticed by them.
  7. Yes, I do. I have to go by released figures though as I personally find counting each attendee somewhat tedious. Of course any sports team, be it franchised or otherwise has be fiscally responsible. However, poorly attended clubs, even if they do pay their way, aren’t a positive as it sends out a negative message on TV. The perception of a full stadium with raucous fans comes over well in any media it is shown. RL needs to fight the small Northern towns image it has, so expansion and well supported venues are a way to do that. Any franchise system would do well to consider that as well as its financial situation, important as that is too.
  8. I think we need to be thankful that despite his waving an object, he still has his top on.
  9. You got me there M of K. I was sure you were going to say derrières on seats.
  10. All teams have played seven or eight home games except Huddersfield on nine and Leeds six.
  11. If SL keeps reducing the number of teams, MW could eventually be a one day affair. At least the matches will feature teams of “Super League quality”.
  12. Another bucket list wish Ken? I could see the merit of one, certainly over some of the questionable ones that are available.
  13. You sound familiar with a farming waste product. I lived most of my life in Auckland, where I got to know and play RL but more recently on the mainland.
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