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  1. RayCee

    South Sydney in strife

    One possible exception to a long standing rule? Clutching at straws I think you call it.
  2. RayCee

    ‘League 1 South’

    A few years ago that would have been the case but today as soon as someone hears something, it’s put on social media. The RFL could have asked for a sm embargo until it was officially announced but presumably didn’t mind it getting into the public arena this way.
  3. At least Wellington lost by a small margin so hope there Frank. The South Is seems well run generally. All regions are represented in this zonal system. The Aroraki team is the rural area between Christchurch and Dunedin, which I didn’t realise played RL. They did OK too. Above there is a link in a previous post of mine where I have all the match results. I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet where all that info could be found in one place. Well now there is. I had to gather it from news sources bit by bit. I think it deserves some recognition as it is an important part of the RL scene in NZ.
  4. The winner of the Northern Zone played the Central Zone winner, with the Northern Swords victorious 16-14 against the Wellington Orcas. Wellington host the Southern Zone winners Otago Whalers next week and the week after that, Otago host Northern. The winner from the three teams above play the 4th placed Premiership side on Oct 6th. For a summary of the zone competition: https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2018/09/nz-national-comp-2018-zone-results.html
  5. Results for the first round of the premiership: Counties-Manukau (South Auckland) 18 - 20 Canterbury Bulls (South Is) Akarana Falcons (Auckland) 46 - 6 Waikato (Central North Is)
  6. RayCee

    Toulouse - 15 septembre - Stade Lamport

    How many do you think travelled from France? Would any have travelled from Quebec due to the team being French? I’m picking the answer to the second one is no.
  7. RayCee

    Friends in high places?

    Are the Pylons current? I'm shocked if they are.
  8. RayCee

    NRL Women's League - Round 2

    I thought women's RL was too physical at the outset and that often determined the winner. However, with experience skills are improving and becoming the deciding factor as to who wins.
  9. Anyone know any details about this game? The winner enters the next round played during the October/November period so obviously before then.
  10. True, although I can't see Toronto winning that one.
  11. No prob. The points differences between TWP, TO and LB isn't much at all. They could change quite quickly.
  12. Were you at a cash machine? You have to be careful around them, keep your eyes peeled.
  13. Thank you it did help Yosser. I do go to Sky to see clips and more often than not I'm denied due to my location. However, it is random and this one worked. Yes, I agree having seem the try in normal speed it looked good. I could see how the officials would allow it.
  14. I'm not overly into conspiracy theories (OK, JFK was fishy), but if the TWP enter SL and do their own funding, I could see the RFL and SL clubs being more than happy with that. Just kidding. The touchie made a poor decision looking at that pic. I didn't see the game so will hold back saying more until I can hopefully see it on video.
  15. My sentiments exactly. I wonder if JT could be enticed out of retirement for one more season. He still has plenty to offer.