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  1. Toulouse run up 50 points against Sheffield Eagles

    Toronto have nothing 'to lose'.
  2. Halifax Feb 18th

    The three top teams outside the northern heartland.
  3. Newcastle Thunder Academy

    After the Gateshead Thunder was ‘merged’ it could have died. Obviously some good administrators have patiently worked to get NT going, then succeed.
  4. Q @ A with John Kear

    Hope he and the Bulls go well.
  5. Crowd for home opener

    One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
  6. Quality of Rugby League

    Give the season a chance. Last year the RL in SL was entertaining.I recall the 1997 SL World Club Challenge an embarrassment for NH RL. But guess what? It still exists and NH teams have done better lately. Last year the NH teams beat their southern counterparts but let's not let that get in the way of a good moan. I notice you're new here. I hope this isn't another troll starting up on this site.
  7. Whitehaven History

    Thanks for that. I found this article vague about what happened before 1948. http://www.whitehavenrl.co.uk/club/history Anyway, the club now known by that name was founded in 1948 it seems.
  8. Whitehaven History

    Hello. I am a member of this site and recently started a RL blog. I just did an article on the League One for 2018. When entering each team's origin date, I had trouble finding out when it was for Whitehaven. 1948 is the more recent date but also 1895 too. Is anyone able to furnish me with the date the club started' whether that is a a RU club or not? Thanks. A link is provided to the article for you to see what I mean. https://rugbyl.blogspot.co.nz/2018/02/uk-league-one-competition-2018-preview.html
  9. Well I signed up and will use it through the season. A great initiative. Thanks for the tip Krzzy.
  10. I don't know enough to tip but the York v Bradford is the pick of the round for me. Thunder fans have a fair drive if they will actually make the trip. I hope Crusaders have a good season.
  11. Toulouse 20 Leigh 14 Toronto 16 London 6 Dewsbury 10 Batley 4
  12. Barrow game sunday 11th feb

    You have tried. It’s a shame because Parky has much to offer the forum, if only he accepted things change and time will tell if that change works. We are all on the same side, sharing a love of RL. We can disagree but hobby horses are not constructive.
  13. Barrow game sunday 11th feb

    I agree you are picking up the game quickly Kayakman. Parky will be glad to know Canadians are quick learners. His fears are unfounded.
  14. No wonder Wigan were more adapted to a seaside game. They have a pier after all, don't they?
  15. Merchandise Sell Off

    We have a tv series over in NZ regarding border security in Canada. They are diligent in pursuing duty.