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  1. Smart sponsorship. Sharks supporters need all the comfort they can get.
  2. I recall watching an Australian RL TV show that would show video highlights requested for matches gone by. Someone requested a match where the Kangaroos beat France by something like 70-0, in France. All the tries were shown and the commentators were waxing lyrical about the quality of the demolition job. Do you find the total indifference to the plight of the game in France at that time by those commentators and the one requesting it weird? I did. Fans that want to see international thrashings aren't interested in international RL flourishing, many residing in Australia falling into that category. People who want to see a competitive French team are interested in a competitive international scene and a prospering game in France. Mainly UK residents fell that way but also some broadminded antipodeans.
  3. The modern RL game is far away from the game I first used to play and watch. Rule changes have made the middle third prime real estate, which doesn't allow the stars to shine out wide to the same degree. I have thought of changes the game needs but any new rules seem to favour the status quo rather than taking any risk in opening up the game to create a more expansive spectacle. If TV deals are to be improved, something needs to be done but I think the modern world is more risk averse than it's been in a long time. I guess the more important money is, the more fear of doing something wrong and losing it.
  4. I couldn't agree France would be second but your England rating sounds about right.
  5. In NZ we are always being reminded in advertising and through supportive media how good RU is. Yet when Sky NZ rang me and offered a free channel for a month the guy on the phone was trying to talk me into taking the dedicated RU channel but I declined and took something else. For me at least the product has everything to do with it. I don’t know what Pot Noodles are but that must be an amazing advertising campaign to make people think it’s gourmet food. Perhaps that advertising company could be used at the next Sky TV deal.
  6. BBC game summary here: https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/59022672
  7. The last tour down under and results this year make me think England will not go very far at the next WC, whenever that takes place. Southern Hemisphere teams are now clearly above recent England performances, even allowing for availability. Not good at one level but a positive in that a Northern Hemisphere international series could include a full England siide and with some competitive games.
  8. Credit to France for the heads not going down and showing this should be an ongoing, yearly fixture.
  9. If Toronto failed and now Ottawa, why would anyone thing a team in Alabama is a goer?
  10. I get your point and yes, the Dolphins would have been the choice based in part at least on TV ratings. How would translate to the UK? Would a Newcastle side help TV ratings? Will Toulouse do so? I guess it’s hard to quantify.
  11. I wonder on what basis Sky lowered its latest TV deal to RL. Was it times are harder and we all have to tighten our belt? Or did they tell RL the sport isn’t worth the price anymore? If which teams are in SL.matters not a jot, then there are other reasons for the reduced deal. I don’t know and maybe that’s commercially sensitive so they don’t publicly give a reason for the enlightenment of the great unwashed.
  12. If the Catalan Dragons had never been, would this game even be going ahead? I think the French team would have been so weak by now, the mis-match would have been embarrassing. Thanks to the existence of the Dragons, there is enough quality in the French squad to look forward to the encounter.
  13. A popular option but one that reduces the individual payout to clubs already feeling the pinch. Of course, if Sky felt that was adding value....
  14. When Toulouse and Featherstone made the final I wondered if it mattered to Sky which team won. The general consensus seems to be no. The other thing I pondered when the new TV deal was offered by Sky at a reduced rate was the reason(s) given.
  15. I don't know what Sky UK expect from RL in return for a TV deal. A minimum 12 teams I assume. Do they care if there are teams outside of the UK. Toronto's arrival and departure didn't seem to matter. With two sides now based in France, do they have anything to gain as opposed to a London team or one in Featherstone?
  16. A big reason why RL has to be more proactive than other sports. It's not going to get a hand up. Some years back I used to subscribe to SkyNZ and whenever I watched a RL match, upcoming RU matches were always being featured in any break they could be slotted in. I wondered if RL was promoted during RU matches but never watched the code so didn't know. Then I read in a TV Guide comments section where a man who watched both sports asked why does SkyNZ promote RU during every RL games but never the other way around. Yet RL is a very popular sport for Sky TV NZ. RL has to work harder than other codes as it's working class roots means people in higher places usually have no connection with RL. That on top of it being seen as a regional game as well. The lack of forward planning often exhibited by the RL hierarchy doesn't help it sell the product, despite it coming across well as a media sport.
  17. Funny maybe but the first thing I thought of when I saw it was Ned Kelly.
  18. I get what you're saying but regardless of what constitutes a mistake, there will be times when a clear mistake is made. Of course, those fans affected will at the time will be unhappy but to then go to a media site and harshly criticise must be disheartening. No wonder it's hard to attract people to take on the role. How many of us would put up with a job where everything we did was scrutinised and we were then verbally and harshly attacked for any error we made? I also think the more referees are treated this way, the less certain they become of their decision making and that will only exacerbate things. That was the angle I was coming from.
  19. If there is no remuneration for playing other than some expenses, you would think that would lessen player movement. I was reading about this at the BBC website which had a whole (but brief) article on the subject. Georgia stated she sees this move as a chance to progress to a higher level in the sport. She was quoted as saying: "The team has really high ambitions and expectations and I am looking forward to trying to meet them." If only a few clubs are perceived as ambitious and attract the best players, this could - as you say - create an imbalanced competition with two or three quality clubs and the rest just making up the numbers.
  20. Everyone makes mistakes, but only referees are not allowed to. This attitude blights every code. Even on this forum, debates raged after the GF on the officiating. I took the ref's side as much to give them a break as anything else. We all make mistakes! They are not cheats, just human.
  21. I know nothing of what women RL players get paid, if anything, in the UK. I did look around the 'net and found this out about minimum payments in Australia: Domestic: Rugby League $8,500 Aussie rules $16,600, Football $16,350, Rugby 15s Unpaid. International: Rugby League $2,000 per match, Aussie Rules (N/A), Rugby Union 7s $44,500 Rugby Union 15s $1,000 per match.
  22. I don’t get the part about Leigh Minors being proud about possibly losing players to another code, unless they expect them to come back after benefiting from the experience.
  23. I posted a brief review here. I haven't seen the game like some here but avoided creating a match summary beyond the minimum anyway. A little more was about the background instead: https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2021/10/womens-international-wales-vs-ireland.html
  24. Are you of the opinion that the grand final result could have been very different? I ask because from my admitted limited knowledge of squad details felt that Saints were the best team in Women's SL 2021.
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