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  1. Err, no it didn't escape me, hence my observation. What does escape me is what this thread is about.
  2. How can anything be derailed when there's no train going there anyway?
  3. The 1954 WC Kangaroos didn’t make the final with just four sides competing. That probably was the worst side. The 1995 WC team was ordinary but did enough to lift the trophy. As for this one, it’s been adversely affected by defections but still has quality.. I don’t think opponents will be underestimating them. It all goes to make it by far the most unpredictable RL WC ever.
  4. Liverpool's defending this season hasn't been a good but I'm not sure why. I only see highlights clips.
  5. It was hard to support Batley, given they rarely supply attendance figures. Leigh on the other hand always do. Joking aside, well done Batley for a gallant effort. Leigh looked good for a SL return for much of the season.
  6. You may say I'm not a real RL supporter after this but I'm feeling positive about much of what has been proposed. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2022/09/img-proposals.html
  7. I got my birds mixed up. Which raises a question as to how many comps have two teams with the same nickname.
  8. It's a basic summary from yours truly: https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2022/09/queensland-rl-2022-season.html
  9. England lose to Italy. That's now five games without scoring a goal!
  10. If I was playing up: “You're narking me”. Meaning I was getting him angry. The word seems to have a different meaning today.
  11. Wow, there are some fascinating sayings out there. I wonder why humans create sayings. Perhaps we don't have the vocabulary to fully express ourselves or maybe it's just a fun thing.
  12. The West Coast of the South Island lost it's employers such as mining as those of the 'verde persuasion' got greater clout. The region has wilted as the population dwindled. It was a nursery for RL players when things were more prosperous there. Perhaps one of the last if the West Coasters to make his name at the elite of the sport is 20 year old Griffin Neame. He's playing for the Cowboys and will go with the Kiwis to the World Cup. The locals are made up and there was nice piece tonight in the TV national news sports segment about his rise in the game. For a country that hasn't always recognised RL success, that's nice to see. Here's an article going back a few weeks about him: https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/126077721/nrl-young-west-coaster-griffin-neame-hailed-after-try-assist-on-cowboys-debut#comments
  13. Shouldn’t this thread be moved to the conspiracy theory one?
  14. This won’t buy the child a frock. - Meaning she had to get on with things. You cheeky little monkey. - My mother often called me that.
  15. I'm not an expert with all that is going on in the USA but I do have some depth of knowledge of the AMNRL and USARL. They were not as bad as you portray them, the USARL in particular. I'm not sure where your perspective comes from but your put down of some decent seasons in the USA for RL doesn't me much confidence in what you say about things I know less about. I think we should agree to disagree. All the best for things RL in Turkey.
  16. I put these two blog articles out for the season just gone. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2022/09/uk-womens-2022-season-group-1.html https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2022/09/uk-womens-2022-season-group-2.html or you could just go to https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/ to see both. Any feedback most welcome.
  17. I have been impressed by the Warrington women's side without knowing much about it apart from excellent results.
  18. I decided to extend my coverage to a history of the game based around the eastern seaboard of the USA. Any insights welcome in the comments below. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2022/09/rl-in-usa-has-been-mainly-based-along.html
  19. The USA RL was the cornerstone of the code in the USA and it's in poor shape. There are initiatives elsewhere but they are still to prove they will do well or even survive. How you come with it being stronger than ever seems based more on potential than reality.
  20. I think that last sentence could become a classic quote one day.
  21. Nice to know you and Gomersall are mates.
  22. I wonder how much longer Brendan Rodgers will last if this poor run continues.
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