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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Two complacent, arrogant bores chatting in the golf club bar
  2. Leigh receive parachute payment

  3. It's nothing like that. Is this the new version of Godwin's law?
  4. Super League restructure coming

    For what seems like and could well be the thousandth time, UK rugby league isn't soccer. It doesn't have the national and global profile, the wealth, or the power of soccer. The issues that rugby league has to deal with bear not the slightest resemblance to anything in soccer. None of the leagues in professional rugby league are 'closed shops'. None of the leagues in UK pro soccer have automatic access to them either. It's just that the sport is so wealthy and widespread in the UK that any requirements are easily fulfilled.
  5. Super League restructure coming

    That is exactly what I do, and I really enjoy myself.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    If only we could join the euro and schengen
  7. Leigh receive parachute payment

    This could be the future for Leigh. They, as per tradition, go down and get half a million The half million helps finance promotion straight back up as per tradition As per tradition, they go straight back down and trouser another half mil. And so on forever.
  8. Take the forthcoming royal wedding for instance. The mail will dedicate most of its issue to it on the day. At the most the morning star might report it as man marries woman , or ignore it completely. Go the of course will provide comment pieces, both will be accurate. The agenda of a newspaper, or other media outlet is that of its readers, and it is reflected in everything it does.
  9. It is impossible to obey that first rule, and you can easily disobey that rule without being inaccurate or even lying; By not running the story in the first place By giving it greater or lesser prominence in your publication/programme/blog or whatever. By use of vocabulary: this doesn't even have to be a conscious effort By the selective use of genuine images. By the use of context. By the use of style. The media, and that includes the BBC, is a business. It exists to sell advertising. The BBC has to fulfil its charter or be seen to be doing so in the eyes of those who provide the finance. Different aspects of the media are aimed at different demographics and therefore have to give those demographics what they want. That includes not just comment, features, and editorial but the way it reports news. The rugby league comics, and the trade press are similar, but don't depend as much on advertising. There is very little of it, but they seem to be able to carry on. They seem to depend directly on readership, but the principle is the same.
  10. Playing in the snow

    Plenty of opportunity. Check out when the season starts. Personally I hate it.
  11. Licensing

    I dream of owning a 1959 Gibson Les Paul. That doesn't mean I should be entitled to one, especially since I couldn't afford one or do justice to one.
  12. Our new position in the EU

    I will, but like you, I won't take any pleasure in it
  13. Our new position in the EU

    The UK automotive industry was the go to riposte to anyone who said we don't make things in the UK any more. You have to wonder about the thought processes of an area dependant on the European Union for its industrial regeneration, and which has been a symbol of that regeneration. What do they think they were voting for?