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  1. World Cup predictions

    I'm going to set my jib for an England win. I would love it just love it.
  2. New Badge

    I don't get it
  3. Proud moments

    I hope he enjoyed himself and sticks with it.
  4. New Badge

    Well I hope it's a success, sells lots of merchandise and helps raise the profile of the club.
  5. Our new position in the EU

    I'm given to understand that come the day we won't be sending any of the bug gers back. Doesn't this defeat the object in the eyes of many if not all brexiters?
  6. New Badge

    Do you think it will prove popular with the fans, particularly the younger ones?
  7. Jon Sharp to London Broncos

    Sharp had two spells coaching at Featherstone, the first on a temporary basis until a permanent appointment was made. This turned out to be Daryl Powell. He and Stuart Sheard put a disorganised club back on course. In his second spell at Featherstone he was sacked on the whim of the chair after again taking over the club when things were chaotic. You might be right, but fair dos
  8. New Badge

    Everything to do with the topic.
  9. New Badge

    Unos Dabs, Purston White Horse, Featherstone Red Star. That's going back to the early days of the northern union
  10. New Badge

    I never knew giants were only found in the still haven't explained why they are stupid. Hull dolphins don't exist, apart from the humber estuary, which would presumably validate the name.
  11. New Badge

    They're badges. What's American about them, what's stupid about them? They aren't even aimed at you, assuming you are not a young person, although older people like to wear stuff with these designs on them as well: just check out any rugby league crowd, or indeed any high street. Presumably Featherstone shouldn't be allowed to call themselves Rovers, and rochdale shouldn't be allowed to call themselves hornets, and St Helens shouldn't be allowed to call themselves Saints, not to mention Swinton not being allowed to call themselves Lions.
  12. New Badge

    Guilty of what?
  13. New Badge

    As in Brisbane Broncos? It was their connection with them that led to them acquiring the name. Brisbane is in Australia.
  14. There are people who would actually get off on that happening
  15. New Badge

    The red devil not only has historic relevance to the club but to rugby league as a whole. I'm not sure of anything American in connection with the names of rugby league clubs since the blue sox were confined to history.