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  1. Jim Prendle

    Ben Barba signs for the North Queensland Cowboys

    Well, I'm certainly more miserable because we don't do it any longer. I guess the fact the seasons run at the same time kind of prohibits that kind of player movement, but I wouldn't have any issue emplying some of the real stars for a short period.
  2. Jim Prendle

    Ben Barba signs for the North Queensland Cowboys

    Some of my best memories are from stints like that. Brett Kenny, John Ferguson, Greg Dowling, Steve Ella and Gene Miles for instance. None of them stayed very long, but all are fondly remembered by those that saw them.
  3. Oh no, not the comfy chair!!!!
  4. When did Saint Tom sign for Hull? Connor is a good player, but best player in SL? I don't think so. How close do you think he will come to the MOS? I doubt he will get 5 votes.
  5. Dear God. If you were made of chocolate, you would eat yourself.
  6. They only favour Wigan. Get with the program.
  7. Jim Prendle

    Lions tour 2019

    Fine, but why does that mean England has to carry on? We never play them anyway.
  8. Jim Prendle

    Lions tour 2019

    Here you go mate. £35, plus free postage. https://www.lovell-rugby.co.uk/Rugby-Shirts/Great-Britain-Rugby-League/Great-Britain-Rugby-League-Heritage-L-or-S-Shirt-White
  9. Another incisive contribution to another pointless ongoing debate. Thanks.
  10. C'mon Wakefield. Saint Tom to put Cas to the sword, and send the arrogant tossers on this thread to bed in floods of tears.
  11. Jim Prendle

    Lions tour 2019

    If we can't have a "proper" GB team because none of the other nations have any players of enough quality to be included, what is the point of continuing with teams such as Wales & Scotland?
  12. Jim Prendle

    Sam Burgess cleared

    Cleared of something that none of us should have heard about in the first place. Whomever accused them of whatever, and then made it public, should have the book thrown at them.
  13. Best to just put him on ignore. If a message pops up telling you that someone you have on ignore has just posted, you pretty much know what he will have posted without actually reading it anyway. To be fair, he's not the only one though is he? There are a fair few posters on here that seem to have been damaged in some way by WRLFC early on in their lives, and continue to carry the horrific scars with them to this day.