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  1. How will Wigan go this season?

    Worry not mate, he has a few thousand others to help him carry that burden.
  2. How will Wigan go this season?

    What a charming chap you are. Maybe you need to get relegated, again, to teach you the humility you are so obviously lacking. Let’s hope it is so.
  3. How will Wigan go this season?

    And there will still be more of them in the stadium at the end than most clubs have at the start,
  4. How will Wigan go this season?

    Not a chance, but I don’t think they wil be anywhere near as bad as some are predicting.
  5. How will Wigan go this season?

    I’ll take a bad year next year, if they win the GF this year.
  6. Giants

  7. Tom Johnstone

    I've never mentioned Tom Briscoe in any of my posts. Have a lie down, and check your FACTS.
  8. Tom Johnstone

    22 is young. He is, therefore, a young player coming back from a serious injury. My facts are 100% valid thanks. You need to take a step back mate, because you are coming across as a deranged fanboy.
  9. Tom Johnstone

    He's a good player, but he's a young player just coming back from a bad injury. One friendly game does not make him Greg Inglis. Give the lad a minute, lower your expectations, and let's see what happens.
  10. Northern & Pariochal

    Wow!!! Let's hope they never turn the camera on your big fat toothless body then.
  11. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    So that's all he gets remembered for, for the rest of his life? Shame on you.
  12. Did Woods even put in a CV to get the job in the first place?
  13. Please stop quoting him. I put the inane Aussie on ignore so long ago I had actually forgotten he existed.
  14. I wondered how long it would take for you to turn up. Get a new Cas Post Detector for Christmas?
  15. Catalans signing?

    I'm sad to see Wigan let a player like McIlorum go. It's not that I think Mickey is he best hooker I have ever seen play for the club, it's just that it looks like WIgan's plot loss issues are gathering pace. Just like all WIgan fans, I want to see a mixture of local players, and strong players from outside the area, but Wigan seem to have taken the decision to have a huge number of local players in the team, regardless of how good they are. If you look at the state of WIgan's player recruitment over the last few years, can anyone actually tell me what the plan was, or is? I know Wigan fans that are losing patience with the club over this, and the lack of any "top" signings over the last few years. The message from the club just seems to be, "Give us your season ticket money guys. We won't be signing any exciting players to increase your enjoyment, so you can sit back in your DW seat, relax, and content yourself that at least the dross we are serving up for you is consistent".