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  1. Liam Watts

    Scott Taylor? If so then the stories about his time at Wigan could indicate that he might be the common denominator here.
  2. Best fullback of his generation?

    Eadie also played at a much higher level than the one he was playing at by the time he got to Halifax. He was a super player, and shouldn't be defined by the time he spent in the UK at the end of his career.
  3. Correct. Leeds showed tonight that the flashy stuff might get you some way down the track, but it won't get you home. Great performance from Leeds, but very much helped by a Saints team that were starting to believe what everyone was saying about them.
  4. Now you know how we feel about Tompkins. Connor is the show pony that needs to start living up to the hype.
  5. So, by all accounts, Saints were by far the better side, but were robbed by the referee. Deary me.
  6. Maybe that's how you beat the Chumps Elect?
  7. Holbrook looks like somebody just shitt on his laptop.
  8. Oh dear. Shall I start the "Saints are chumps" thread?
  9. Looks like the Mighty Plastics might get away with this after all. They don't look invincible all of a sudden though.
  10. Not long enough. A really nice guy.
  11. I don't know who is going to win but, all together now................. "Marching on together.........."
  12. DJB TS2 Interview -Top 4 or he's out

    Maybe the problem is that Derek's profile is becoming bigger than that of the players? To be honest, i'm bored to tears with his pointless public posturing.
  13. Best fullback of his generation?

    I agree, he is, without doubt, the best of the new generation of Hooker Referees.
  14. Best fullback of his generation?

    Not a patch on George Fairbarn.