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  1. ...or perhaps not. I hear it's an 8.00 k.o. on the Friday night.
  2. I would think Fax will bring at least that number over.
  3. Ainley Top


    Shepherd's Boy
  4. Aye, Hunslet will feel pretty aggrieved that they're not in the hat for the next round. You look to have a team there that will easily hold it's own in the championship. A good match yesterday and a good day out in Leeds, expensive, pubs. ???✔
  5. Spot on. Everyone can see where Fax's problems are. Everyone that is bar Marshall. ?
  6. We've already made the decision. ?? Up The Fax!
  7. Injured as is Butler, two big absentees there hence Maher in, unfortunately.
  8. Integrity of the competition? What about Dual Reg/Summer Bash? ??
  9. Our away support is not what it used to be but this game has captured the imagination. I would expect at least 400 from Halifax.
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