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  1. If Rob get's you 20 tries a season, he'll cost you 20 tries a season. Nice bloke but that's where he's at.
  2. This topic is almost a carbon copy of the one on't Fax forum after our, totally deserved, hammering by Barrow. Makes for an interesting game next Sunday.
  3. Barrow absolutely the best team yesterday. Well done and hopefully you stay up for next season.
  4. Some clubs actually voted for itTurkeys and Christmas come to mind.
  5. Personally I would rather lose with our own players than win with DR. It is a disgraceful sop to SL teams who must be laughing their socks off at clubs allowing theirselves to be used to keep their players fit.
  6. We're stopping up in Barrow for the weekend. Can anyone recommend the best places for real ale in Barrow/Ulverston?
  7. Correct. Also, when did you last see a linesman flag for an offside?
  8. 2nd half on't Batley line, ref stood no more than 2 yards away. Got a taxi £2.70.
  9. Batley were well deserved winners. They were well up for it and beat Fax on all aspects of the game. From a Fax point of view I can only hope that we had one eye on the cup game next week as since Grix took over we've been a lot better than that. Just slightly surprised that no one on here has mentioned the knock on decision, not that it would have made any difference to the result. Up The Fax
  10. Can anyone tell me the time/number of buses from the bus station up to the ground please? I seem to recall getting one about 2.30 last season.
  11. Fax by 14 but I'd take any win here and now.
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