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  1. Just back from Newcastle thunders SPARC festival that my son was playing in. It seemed to go really well, kids were enjoying it and having good fun despite the pouring rain. By the end all teams were taking full advantage of the power plays, rewinding a play, doubling up points etc. For a first ever running was really impressed.
  2. Here's the thunder squad, Aston straight in in place of Jy-Mel Coleman and a first appearance of Kieran Gill who we have on a season long loan from Cas but hasn't played yet this season, no DR's from Wakefield this week as with cup game. Check out @ThunderRugby’s Tweet:
  3. My eldest will be there, should be an interesting morning.
  4. NERugbyDad

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    It's about a 2 hour drive each way, that shouldn't be a problem .... just ask Liam Finn 🤣
  5. NERugbyDad

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    Round trip
  6. NERugbyDad

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    Apparently not ... more likely though, what on paper looked doable, in reality was a completely different kettle of fish
  7. NERugbyDad

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    Thunder club statement linked below:
  8. NERugbyDad

    Liam Finn quits Newcastle

    Aparently it's due to the travelling, he coaches at Wakefield academy so hadn't moved to NE and was struggling balancing family life and 4 hour's travel to train in Newcastle. Newcastle agreed to let him move to a club nearer to his home.
  9. Would we not need a new head in place first
  10. This weeks Thunder squad just announced with 3 dual regs from Wakefield included, so I guess the agreement swings in to action after a poor start and a change of coach.
  11. I few changes to the Thunder squad for Saturday against Skolars including new signing Carne Doyle Manga who only arrived in the UK on Wednesday and our first 3 dual regs from Wakefield.
  12. NERugbyDad

    Newcastle Thunder - Payne out, Thorman in?

    Not saying it's right either, but 2 games in League 1 this year is a tenth of the season gone already.
  13. NERugbyDad

    jason payne

    My first thoughts were they'll try to get Finn to step up but then I read the 'Newcastle Thunder - Payne out, Thorman in?' topic on the General Rugby League forum and it sounds interesting. He announced last month that he has been told he is no longer facing police charges so he would probably be available for a return to coaching.
  14. NERugbyDad

    The Golden Point

    I've always thought whats wrong with a draw for regular season games, but if your going to force a win I think the NHL do it quite well. For them both teams get a point for the draw then they play sudden death over time for a period of up to 10 minutes to win the extra point but with reduced skaters on the ice (3 instead of 5) to try and open things up a bit. At the end of the 10 minutes if there's been no score it goes to penalty shots.
  15. Sorry for any misunderstanding, I was commenting on what the Thunder's definition of a 'fantastic dual reg' agreement was not yours. Jordan Robinson was quoted in the article you linked saying "We’ve got a fantastic dual-registration agreement with Wakefield and we’re going to utilise it" yet so far that utilisation has been to have Zero dual reg players in the first 2 rounds.