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  1. Newcastle Thunder dropped the tweet below about what they're wearing for their January friendlies against Barrow and Wigan, but it appears their 2022 strips are still nowhere to be seen . Also there doesn't appear to be a Macron badge on this.
  2. Thunder just announced season long loan deals of a couple Wigan youngsters
  3. Thunder announce Lewis Peachey on season long loan from Castleford
  4. Still waiting on Newcastle thunder, can't imagine that there won't be new tops coming as last year's home and away tops were kept over from the lost covid season, although they did introduce the black and white striped 3rd top
  5. Looks like Thunder actually set up Minns' trial with Wakefield https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/article/229/minns-moves-on-from-newcastle-thunder
  6. Thunder have announced a dual reg partnership with Wigan
  7. Today's Thunder announcement, resigning of Nathan Wilde
  8. Today's Thunder signing announcement, Brad Gallagher from Bradford
  9. Thunder announce permanent signing of Connor Bailey who was on loan from Wakefield last season
  10. Sam Hallas signed from Bradford
  11. Jake Shorrocks signed on for another year at Newcastle
  12. The reality is that for Newcastle you are pulling from the whole Tyneside conurbation, so North of the Tyne that's Newcastle all the way down the river to the coast and Tynemouth then up the coast to Whitley Bay and south of the Tyne Gateshead all the way down the river to South Shields. That takes the population up to nearly 900,000 and is the 8th most populous urban area in the UK.
  13. Thunders signing announcement today is Pat Moran from the Broncos again
  14. Jack Johnson signed on for a second year
  15. Jack Johnson resigns for another year at the Thunder.
  16. Thunders next new signing Gideon Boafo from London Broncos
  17. Thunder just confirmed the resigning of Josh Wood and a centre from MacCay Cutters called Jesse Dee
  18. Fourth player announced by the Thunder tonight was Academy player Jake Anderson stepping up to first team.
  19. Ahead of sarting to announce the new signings from next Thursday the Thunder have confirmed the 13 players who have left the club: Bob Beswick, Alex Clegg, Reece Dean, Kieran Gill, Ollie Gowing, Kieran Hudson, Liam McAvoy, Cole Oakley, Calum Turner, Cian Tyrer, Sam Wilde, Matty Wright and Lewis Young
  20. Should start to get an idea of what the full time Newcastle Thunder squad are going to look like a week on Thursday.
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