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  1. Anyone have any idea? It looked very empty. Suppose that's what we all expect after moving it from Newcastle. Hope it's back there next year (Newcastle)
  2. Great to see you and the cricket club continuing our partnership. We all appreciate it at the cricket club!
  3. Be positive for once mate
  4. Great win frkm the boys. Poor game from both teams. What's going on with buffers kicking and why doesn't Danny Tickle get a chance? Anyway utt
  5. Nice to hear from you big yawn pal!
  6. Spike


    Do yourself a favour and shut up
  7. Spike


    Whose kicking goal for Town?
  8. Oh god. The Town will be a complete state of he's in charge of the council. Doesn't have the town's best interest at heart and would rather see the town in the dark ages. Absolute clown
  9. Spike


    Enlighten us all on why he isn't going and how you know that?
  10. That would be the end of the sport. Stupid ideas
  11. You need to enter your email address and when it asks to share and chip in there is a small skip button at the bottom. Don't pay but try and share
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