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  1. Its great that the game is taking off in Canada, or at least I hope it will but a lot depends on how the Wolfpack go this season and if the Canadian public take it on board or not - Does anyone know how many season tickets they have sold to date? (if indeed they sell season tickets in Canadian sport) For me though the logistics for part time teams are bad enough especially with the geographical spread in league one without having 2 trips to Canada to contend with - I would much rather see a professional Canadian / North American league set up eventually and maybe a trans Atlantic cup or similar concept. The proof is in the pudding though I guess, but this whole concept to me seems like it is based around Toronto going up to Super League ASAP, and if they are still having to travel thousands of miles to play in front of 150 people at Hemel or South Wales (no disrespect to those clubs) in 3 years time i'm wondering if the novelty will have then reached its expiration date.
  2. I think the guy is missing the overall point, there is too much change in the game, what the game in this country needs is stability, which since inception of super league and summer rugby the game hasn't had.
  3. I saw on twitter that we are splitting the gate with the Bulls players and staff - does this mean the game is going ahead? I'm assuming we will already have match sponsor etc in place - Is there a plan B opponent if we don't play the Bulls? Would have thought we would have made a decision by now on the game given the uncertainty.
  4. Have to agree Harold, The Gallant Youths was and is a really iconic and unique nickname, it seems such a shame that we dropped it altogether.Everyone saw how popular the retro shirt was that BISSA did, the idea sells itself IMO. The tribute to the first ever cup winning team is a nice touch though, id have liked to have seen the gallant youths written across the shoulders though like the 93-94 kit.
  5. There's no club anymore though, the new club will be free of all that and presumably get some form of bail out from the RFL to get going again.
  6. Complete farce, any new club should start in C1, they'll start on -12 and be cannon fodder anyway in the Championship. Fairest way would be to reinstate you guys and relegate Bradford. The RFL is corrupt and a complete joke.
  7. Would have thought that any new club starting on -12 with no doubt a thrown together part time squad of amateurs / floaters would be cannon fodder at this level, they may as well start in League 1 and reinstate one of the Cumbrian sides relegated last season. The whole things a mess and once again highlights what a joke this sport has become.
  8. According to radio Leeds just now. Assume thats it for them then and 2 blank dates in the caledndar for us. Sad day for the sport but you reap what you sow I guess.
  9. Terrific to win such an award and congratulations to John Kear too. Caps off a great 2016 for the Bulldogs.
  10. Fair play Kev, just feel it should be offered across the board not just at Batley boys.
  11. They bought Odsal and more or less helped to stop Bradford dissapearing altogether twice - how much more pro active can they be?
  12. I apprecoate that Kevin.As you say though, you can see differing points of view so I hope within the board you will maybe all look into this and see if it is viable to keep doing it, as by the looks of it all it is doing is losing the club money on ticket sales and a small club like ours can ill afford to do that as you know - its also irritated quite a few of the diehard fans, who similarly we cannot afford to alienate either. There is one prime example in my post above of £60 lost on a ticket - how many more of those are there versus new fans paying £130? Would be very interesting to find out. If it does prove to be viable, id suggest offering it to other local amatuer clubs, in particulat Dewsbury Moor as we could have great success there with the Diskin, Maun & Manning link.
  13. Sounds like it applies to the open age team too if you read what this fella has put? Surely that isnt right? All the club are doing is giving discounts to people like him who come anyway? As a paying supporter I dont mind paying the going rate, but I feel it should be fair across the board and id be interested to know how many are taking up this offer who come anyway and who would pay full price. Surely the offer should only be a one off to fans who havent been before? Otherwise all we are doing is losing £60 per ticket!
  14. Can we all say we support them and get them cheap? I would have thought BISSA, supporters club, war chest members and all the volunteers should get a similar discount? What makes any Tom Dick and Harry at Batley Boys entited to a discount and not the loyal band of supporters mentioned above? Kids go free anyway, so why not extend it to all fans with kids? What makes the parents / families of Batley Boys players so special? Can someone in the know please explain as im baffled by this.
  15. Ignore me (most do) just seen on another thread its open this Saturday.