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  1. 12 loan players signed up ?? whats going on at Oldham guys
  2. It benefits both sets of players , having a referee as good as Mr Hewer must be appealing to both teams and im sure the coaches appreciate it. At least you know you will get someone who knows what they are doing ..... have you seen some of the clowns dressed as ref's in this league. Good appointment and both sets of players will be able to get on with it
  3. So it's a done deal then Gaz peace xX
  4. I think a little bit of recognition for the opponent wouldn't go a miss. Haven have championship standard quality all around the park , scattered with some young guys and some amateurs keen to impress. They may not have put the points on the lesser sides that Barrow have but they certainly know how to grind out a win against the teams in the top half of the table. I don't think Barrow showed them enough respect on Sunday and weren't prepared to go set for set . I have the privilegde to watch most games through DVD and there has been a step change in Barrows performances since young Abraham has been out of the side. Mossop and Ashall are to alike, Dan strikes fear into tired forwards with his pace.....
  5. Wish we could play them the week after they come back from Toronto , sadly they will be playing either York or Thunder that week
  6. don't get carried away Georgeyboy , the very inconsistent Barrow have still only lost to Toronto and Haven....... I think we may see them step it up again when they hit the 8's and they have the benefit of resting a few , losing a couple of games and still finish in the playoffs
  7. York was my tip at the start of the year and what a fantastic story it would be if you could make it. Crowds big enough to compete in the champ and a place every away supporter loves to go for a day of watching rugby. Whats the crack with DR in the 8's have the guys played enough games to qualify ?
  8. equally as good as Betts and Cassidy's over the last four years. Brett will be missed , especially by the young men he has been coaching and improving beyond recognition
  9. they haven't been published yet but you definitely go to Haven first
  10. Jamie was only making sure Greg was okay
  11. And next time will be Barrows next game
  12. not a chance Morty , I went the game and the lad who bagged three tries last week was carrying water, Cresta dropped him to bring Hulme back. Stack should be in the 2nd row , hes wasted centre, and Declan's elbow is fine now , was chatting with him last week. And for what is worth Westizbiz, Hulme completing 22 games already this year with the full 80 in 20 of them and bagging 15 and his winger bagging 14 isn't to bad a return marra. Wish Mossop and rooke had that sort of return
  13. its like comparing apples with oranges in this league - Barrow travel well and boost attendances - whereas Hemel, Oxford , Gloucester tend not to and affect home gates. Look at Sunday , 1500 on at the rec ? best gate since Bradford 18 months ago
  14. Grant wont play rugby again
  15. Bit harsh to just pick out dalimore. Don't think any Barrow player got more than a 5 today . Whereas every haven player where above 8 with Dion and Riley the pick of the bunch . Score line flattered Barrow. Should have been 24down at half time . Havens line speed was excellent all game