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  1. He will be in a Leigh shirt at Blackpool
  2. Jazz got a knee ligament injury against Castleford . That’s why he’s not played .. four to six weeks Tom Gilmore from Widnes on loan could be with a punt
  3. Lets hope the Physio is spot on, could do with a few more back.
  4. Not a chance - 6 weeks at least. Waiting on a NHS appointment. Why they don't have private medical cover to get it sorted earlier is beyond me. Charnock last year waited an age for his op. I understand it can be expensive for a club but they should make the players contribute out of their contract money. It can be the difference between being back in 2 months compared to 4/5 months. Dec's not played competitively for 10 months and you need the experience and defensive quality he has brought to the right edge over the last two years. Its the hardest position to defend , especially when they are up against a favoured attacking edge. Missed him badly IMHO
  5. Charnock didn't play for most of last year and is having to find his feet in the championship. I've just watched the game back and Barrows half backs got caught with the ball in hand 9 time sin the second half. I cant recall seeing Harry Smith getting tackled !! They may be struggling for form or trying to hard and It isn't going to get any easier , the one time Creswell got decent ball and he put cross in at the corner !!. some of the younger men coming into teams from SL academys are a level above, they are fitter , quicker and stronger. Its going to be a long season for you guys
  6. Think you might have used the 4 interchanges to cover the four injured ?
  7. Lost 4 players in the first half due to injury . Heard Smith has fractured his jaw !! Your squad is again looking threadbear
  8. Declan had his operation on the 14th Feb and all went well . Mossop has the same injury and took 8-10 weeks . I know through speaking to his grandad he is hopeful to be back in 8 weeks
  9. Scrum down to the team which had possession . Unfortunately he gave it to Toronto !! What ###### me off more was Higson planting the ball on the floor , walking forward and having a go at Annakin . The ref just let him go back and play the ball?
  10. Have you seen hornets squad !! Four in from wire , Flynn back fit and Moore still pulling the strings . Will be a big ask this one ...
  11. Heard today that you’ve lost Ritson for 6weeks
  12. 8 point start for York with Bet365 was the value of the day - well down the Kneets
  13. Your first choice halves are mediocre and their stand ins are only learning ... won’t get the best out of the back line , especially Ritson if they aren’t directing the game and creating space for him
  14. Free entry to Widnes stronghold ticket holders , 3000 of them at a loose end tomorrow and they might like a day out in the lakes , watch some rugby and drown their sorrows . And the away support does like a good drink . And they could bring Brad Walker & Jordan Johnstone with them for some game time
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