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  1. Statement regarding Head Coach

    3-5year plan starts again then - Chris Baxter anyone??
  2. derby game

    the season was over last week
  3. Sunday

    No stack will be a loss . Hope the idiots settle down before the semis .
  4. derby game

    Your right they are different. sadly this weekends game doesn't have the same feel. Anyhow we hope to see you next year when Oldham visit DP
  5. Thanks for that. How come? Are you full of injuries or is it something else
  6. Wolfpacks new signings

    I cant wait to see Dave Taylor , Fui Fui and the rest of the Wolves play at Rochdale next year. Its fantastic for the championship
  7. I wouldn't worry Weighman, Donny will beat the Wolfpack - I have it on good authority they have all been on a five day bender and will rest a good few this weekend
  8. derby game

    Congratulations to Big Phil on his vice captain award for the world cup - amazing performance considering his game time this year. Will he make an appearance on Sunday ?
  9. Newcastle game.

    I think Haven will rest a few for the derby and Barrow will do the same against Keighley. Both teams have nothing to gain from putting out a full roster and risk injury or suspension. Barrow coming back from Toronto will be interesting given the travel.
  10. So do you think they will elevate to Championship this year

    Great Post CanaBull , you have hit the nail on the head. Hopefully TWP can attract some younger men . I think they need to improve their cover in the outside backs for next year. Forwards look okay to me and will cope with the Championship . Alternatives at fullback,centre and wing will be needed over a much heavier schedule. Do you guys know what will happened with the fixtures next year ? I know you are selling season tickets any info on what the schedule looks like ? is it one home one away or will the fixtures be grouped again.
  11. Jake re-signs

    Good news for the club , lets hope he can have a proper hard pre-season and push to make the first 17 . Watched this kid as a 18/19year old and he has all the potential to be a proper fans favourite
  12. Barrow Game .

    The proof in the pudding will be how many of this years team we manage to retain for next year. Its okay having a 3/5 year plan provided that plan includes a nucleus of players who are staying at the club and not a merry-go wheel of loans/DR. Otherwise it will be a 3/5 year plan which starts again each year as the local talent waits in the wings , getting older and not gaining any experience. Its a difficult position to be in granted but I would like to hear what the BOD feel about this season positive or negative ? Surely with the signings of Howarth & Joesph , the retention of Tee and the partnership with Wigan they would have expected more ?
  13. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    read you post again . You claim a team who play if safe in a dead rubber game don't belong in this league if that isn't criticism then i don't know what is !! I never said they would get thrashed I said they would want to keep the score under 60 and come away with no injuries .... and you are so far off the mark its untrue , but then again sitting supporting a team with a huge budget playing in a league far below what they believe their standard is I wouldn't expect anything less. In fact , if anything I would be ashamed of the defeat against York and the draw at the cougars.
  14. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    The guys which will take to the pitch will give 100% , if you play this game giving anything less then your more likely to get injured. However trying to compare this Saturday with a game at Bootham Crescent ,as opposed to a round trip to Canada , for a dead rubber game ,especially with the Barrow clubs efforts over the last three years dependant on the three games after Toronto is ridiculous and shows you are really out of touch with this league. Toronto is great for the game and hopefully will be a success but don't for one minute criticise clubs with their own agenda , operating on tight budgets trying to produce a product for the fans. and for what its worth I was at Bootham Crescent that day and there was a good deal of skill , speed, structure and technique that won the day for York. Barrows M.O for Saturday will be to get out of there with no injuries and less than a 60 point turnaround just the same as when they played Leeds in the cup. Then its down to the important part of the season for them.
  15. Barrow Game .

    Vievers may very well have had the most success in his first couple of seasons but we must not forget he had the most expensive Town squad for some time ? Its like comparing apples and pears where we are now. Ollie , Verlinden , Sammut & the elusive boot man would have cost 80% of our current playing budget