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  1. Stunned !!! What a quailty signing , he would grace a SL team never mind champ 1 , well done BOD
  2. Bookies don't often get things wrong . And I'm not sure how your neighbours believe they have a stronger squad than last year ? I wonder how long it will be till they start to turn on their locals
  3. I'm not to sure we do have the correct skill set running the game . They make enemy of the people who bring serious money into the game and add little to the commercial side. The SL sky money is the end all and be all for this team of so called executives. They maybe rugby league through and through but the game needs cash from serious sponsors and investors who and can have a voice in the games future. The game is on its ###### and no better than 20years ago because then it didn't pretend to be something it wasnt
  4. The new club was already decided before they went into liquidation. Who in their right mind would take over a club riddled in debt when they can wait a week and own a club debt free with a guaranteed 1000 season ticket holders and a prospective weekly gate of circa 1700? the wage bill will be slashed when players leave but they will be replaced with decent juniors/academy players on the sort of wage others pick up in the mid tier of the championship. They will live rent free and will undoubtedly get in an abundance of loan players from SL teams. Their new name will be Bradford Wood and all for a minus 12 point start
  5. Unfortunately there has been no lessons learned from the last time it happened? Where were the RFL when your own clubs was struggling at the back end of last season to pay players. The RFL are heavily invested in the Bradford Bulls and everything else is a smoke screen. The governing body needs a good shake and the supporters who make the game work should be pushing for a vote of no confidence in this shower. A new club will be formed in Bradford free of debt ( apart from what the RFL are taking on rent) they will be allowed to compete with a subsided squad that out-ways most other champs side with the smokescreen that they will only get the same funding as what you guys did last year . Whats changed from when Widnes & Crusaders went into receivership ? how the heck does Mr wood think this is balancing the competitions integrity and protecting the reputation of our sport . And furthermore why does he think they need to use the money distributed to Bradford to close down the company they have been bankrolling them for years and allowed them to get back into this position whilst keeping a strong squad ? does he think we are stupid - pay the supporters back their hard earned money ( circa £25000) and let the creditors go whistle. Plenty of money left in the pot for them to put a relegated or even a team which missed out on promotion into the champ with no points deduction on the same funding as Rochdale & Toulouse.
  6. No mate - the whole of the league ha ha
  7. There is some quality in the Widnes squad which are just over 19 . Combine that with what you have it it could work in this league . They certainly helped your neighbours out last year Young Walker is the pick of the bunch and I heard Brooks turned a season long loan down ?
  8. I reckon so David , season long loans are fine by me to bolster the squad
  9. Your right they would AM, I bet GG is mortified. I tell you what though, I've seen a young kid get a friar tuck and had to wear it till it grew back. Id sooner upset 300 spectators from Whitehaven
  10. Decent signing if he comes for the season. Ryan Ince and Danny Walker for the season as well please
  11. From what I've been told , he had to roll the dice at training and his punishment was handing his phone over to teammates with the proviso he couldn't delete anything they sent , tweeted ,posted - the result of this is what your are all talking about.
  12. Exactly the point mate .....
  13. And if you all really knew the truth surrounding why that tweet got out you would laugh . I'm 100% sure Forster and all the other haven players will know the circumstances and even appreciate the humour . I suppose it's better than having to dye ginger hair black. Roll the dice boys
  14. David , Have a look at the promotional picture , who is there from Worky. I've tried my best but for the life of me I cant recognise our representative. doing my head in
  15. We are in real trouble when the forum has resorted to talking about the price and temperature of beer and rock festivals !!! Some players news please I miss troutys training ground news