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  1. Gene Ormsby

    Been training with Salford to keep fit but not their player. Got released from hudds earlier this year
  2. Gene Ormsby

    If Gene can re- capture the form he shown as a younger player at Warrington then it's an excellent signing . Got real pace and size . Can play centre /wing or fullback

    New recruit heading to Barrow... Outside back I believe
  4. West Wales Raiders predictions

    Putting 70 on any team takes some doing. No negatives about Sunday , apart from Bailey being possibly injured? Looking forward to seeing us against London next week . Be a tough one with nothing to lose.
  5. 11 Mar: Betfred Championship Match Thread

    Have we all forgot that Leigh got beat again !!!!

    Declan wont be three months. Couple of weeks at most according to his grandad. He will get strapped up and crack on. Spent his last three months at workington playing with a fractured shoulder bone because they were short in the backs. You definately need some cover in the halves and backs though its a tough legaue this one.
  7. Most competitive

    Sometimes you just cant' win. We moan about SL clubs drafting in overpaid, end of career aussies who block our own youngster development and then winge when the standard drops when clubs give them them experience. The standard may have dropped but the competition across all three leagues is great and has never been so exciting. Embrace the entertainment , standards will rise eventually but it will rise across all teams not just the fortunate few
  8. Halves?

    Pity you dont have more cover in the centres , Hulme played all of his amateur and academy rugby at Widnes playing stand off , including when he made the England setup. suppose he could fill in if needed. What about Fieldhouse ? With Cresswell filling in at fullback.
  9. Black players in Rugby League

    Frano Botica - he was deadly with the boot this fella
  10. Eddie Hearn’s six?

    what a great idea
  11. Eddie Hearn’s six?

    Unfortunately the supporters who used to put their hand in their pockets on match day and reminisce about RL like you are either dead or close to it !! The RFL have been in need of a "marketeer" for years and they are talking to one of the best in the buisness
  12. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    shorts and tee-shirt weather
  13. Announcement Today

    If they are then they will be your backline next year
  14. Announcement Today

    That wouldn't of surprise would it ? they both fit Rowleys player profile - ones retiring and the other is over the hill and as ugly as ######
  15. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    as good as a summer's day on Sunday in Barrow will you be watering the pitch on Saturday ?