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  1. wonderofwood

    Gareth Hock

    How come he wasn’t at the game today ? You introduce 3 PNG players but don’t bother with probably the biggest signing for Barrow for years.....
  2. wonderofwood

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    And equally as important to add to the above - 4 new signings to gel in the team today , one coming back from a season out and the other coming back from 5 months out . I’d expect a bit more desire when you face haven next week
  3. wonderofwood

    Squad numbers and name.

    I see the top try scorer from the last two years has lost his number!!!
  4. wonderofwood

    Gareth Hock

    Not unless he decided to throw haymakers at Duffy 🤣🤣
  5. wonderofwood

    Gareth Hock

    Because the young hungry props need a leader who has been there, seen it & got the t shirt. Hock will be a big influence in the dressing room and equally when he gets back on the field .
  6. wonderofwood

    Gareth Hock

    No panic , there will be a couple of young Hungry props on their way from Wigan on loan .....
  7. wonderofwood

    Brett Carter drunken high jinks

    I can’t beleive he did get to the top ... the bloody ‘FAIRY’ 😂
  8. wonderofwood

    Big Grin

    Get real !! The players who are in negotiations want it to be leaked !! How else do you think they get better deals . It’s nothing to do with fans forum s
  9. wonderofwood


    I’m not sure it’s in Jarrods make up to not want to be in the first 17 .. or even first choice half. The talk from Lam has been about playing a more expansive game. JS really fits that strategy. He far from lacking in defence and in his prime . I expect a big season of proving all the doubters wrong . Pity we won’t see him BUT it was a massive coup when he came in the first place
  10. wonderofwood

    Big Grin

    I was joking about the loan bit. Sorry
  11. wonderofwood

    Big Grin

    You will when they announce the signing 👍
  12. wonderofwood

    Big Grin

    Jarrod Sammut on loan from Wigan would make you grin 😧
  13. wonderofwood


    I hope Widnes and Bradford stay fancied by the bookies . We will make a killing on the handicap when they meet the likes of Batley , Barrow , Sheffield and York
  14. wonderofwood

    Big Grin

    Could be anyone with the funding Town have got for this season. It’s great you are able to attract quailty and more importantly tie them down for next year as well . This latest recruit will add real quailty to the back line . He ain’t come cheap but i think he will be a star in the making . No wonder there’s grins all over their faces. There will be a few visitors on here from another forum with gurns🤗
  15. wonderofwood

    While in the making

    The signing of Wildie would not break the bank . He’s was a young squad player at Barrow .good bit of business if he gets his head down and loses a bit of timber pre season