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  1. U would love them not just "like" if you where playing alongside them and hate them with a passion if you had to play against them . On Ennis the commentator - every NRL game I watch on Premier stands head and shoulders above Sky in terms of commentary. I love the way they commentate "positively" and deliver it will passion.
  2. He can secure a first team place in champ one next year when Bradford get relegated......I'm still not sure why Widnes or Ed would think he needs to play for a particular team to secure a first team place back at Widnes. a rugby field is a rugby field and if he isn't standing out against the likes of Oxford , Hemel etc then hes going to struggle in the championship . Strange decision
  3. Ed is off to Bradford
  4. He is not Key - off playing for Bradford !!! I;m a fan of Ed's but not a fan of playing for different teams on loan in a season . hope he doesn't come back
  5. the number of times Callum has been smashed off the ball and nothing !! drives me mad this ... anyone who went to Oldham last year and seen the punishment he got unprotected for nothing will see my point
  6. What the heck has Callum got two games for ?
  7. Need to move forward as a club not backwards - Had his chance and was good for large parts , Shadow of himself last year ( although plenty where). Gutts galore but a wasted talent for mine
  8. Just leave the beer alone and you be right marra and I promise we wont be watering the pitch to a quagmire
  9. Not so sure on your info from work marra . Jordan moved to Swinton last year and has been full time with them until he left a month ago and joined Rochdale? Good luck to the two new lads , run hard and tackle harder and you will do for me
  10. Good to see you back Keith - check your messages
  11. Nobody will have a weeks notice to play Toronto in Canada. Their 4 home fixtures have already been decided ? they start midway through August for 4 weeks
  12. Would love to see the club rip up the plastic and stick some turf down . This game deserves to be played on grass and when the comp gets tougher you could struggle with Injuries related to the pitch . The stadium itself looks great on the TV and more than enough for the next few years
  13. Have you learnt to shout " get em onside ref " every 2 minutes yet
  14. Scott


    Ive seen your comments on the thread. I was also there yesterday and was appalled at their behaviour. Although Town fans can sometimes be a bit over the top also.


    Can you confirm when you thought you heard the chants ? If it was toward the end of the first half when Hamberley was injured then its as clear as day on the match DVD - 38mins 10 seconds in to the first half you can clearly hear what could be described as a "monkey chant"

  15. hopefully with the extended break they wont be ruled out for Doncaster