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  1. wonderofwood


    Jesus tonight .. The man in the middle on Sunday had very little to do , apart from blow his whistle for Barrow to kick off again and again . Even a flowing , beautiful 60metre try from Toulouse was deemed the refs fault from the terraces ... I didn't realise Scott was from Cumbria . He's one of the better ones coming through and God doesn't our game need a few. I prefer to concentrate on the dropped balls and missed tackles than blame a ref
  2. Maybe the RFL should distribute funding more equally so teams in the bottom end of the championship can afford to run with larger squads.
  3. wonderofwood

    Liam Harrison

    Heard barrow are trying to get a 2nd row forward and outside back in from Catalan
  4. wonderofwood

    Club Statement

    Why don't the club consider selling the DVD or email a video file for all the away games to spectators for a small fee ? you have 1200 home spectators and only a small % go away , surely there is a market there for very little expenditure as I know all matches have to be videoed?
  5. wonderofwood


    Well done Town , fantastic win
  6. When the Wolfpack finish top and the leythers finish 4th we're will the middle eight game be played ? Toronto or Leigh ??
  7. And playing like Ryland Sharks
  8. wonderofwood

    Barrow Saturday

    And unfortunately CR you will see how big a mis match it will be when SL full time outfits visit Toronto
  9. wonderofwood

    Barrow Saturday

    That wasn't the same semi pro side who put the team of NRL & SL rejects to the sword at Craven park in the wet !!! and after the cry's by the "professional team" about the conditions Barrow repeated the performance in the cup in the dry !!!, and that very same bunch of amateurs SHOULD have won that day other than for a really poor game changing decision..... So I would suggest you show the teams & clubs in the competition the respect they deserve.You will see how far Toronto have come when the whipping boys of Super League visit.
  10. wonderofwood

    Sandow back to Wire?

    Not sure Widnes have the depth in their squad to loan out any more players so they could afford his wages.
  11. wonderofwood

    Match Thread: Featherstone Rovers v Barrow Sunday 17th June 2018

    Bare Bones will be easily good enough....this could be a cricket score. At least Fev will be able to field 17 fit players !! Creary is on the bench for Barrow
  12. wonderofwood

    Question for "wonderofwood"

    Not at all Bearman. should be confirmed soon enough
  13. wonderofwood

    The Quinadian

    Burroughs & Pownall are on there way to Barrow on loan
  14. wonderofwood


    Glen riley was mom by a country mile . 65 minutes in that heat and still going at the end was a tremendous effort