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  1. GOOD LUCK Gordon , hope your a huge success .
  2. Dalimore will be free to play in the Final ( if you get there)
  3. Radford should ban him for an extra two for pulling out of the tackle - unbelievable decision , the games turning into a game for tarts.
  4. It will be the biggest gate receipts Barrow will enjoy this year and a hell of a lot better than having to go to Fev or Halifax.
  5. Dewsbury play their feeder team
  6. The Rhinos in the "Bin"
  7. He wont worry they will have already given him his 4th EGP!!
  8. Wonderofwood has watched the video and after 60minutes a York player ran straight into a Barrow defender in the line and denied York what would have been a perfectly executed try... however its best to blame the man in the middle who was stood 3 foot from the player. Was it a bit pedantic - YES , was he right YES. Iv'e seen some poor refereeing performances in the lower leagues over the years this was not one of them and for what its worth I though York deserved a lot better and where never 22 points worse than Barrow.
  9. a full strength side will have to significantly improve the defence George. Conceding 11 tries in any game is not good enough on your home patch and worse than the 28 points conceded at Craven park. The missing players have a lot to do
  10. Referee was brilliant today , let the game flow , got all the big decisions correct and made for an excellent cup tie. Barrow where good for the win but at 28-20 got out of jail.... Haynes try was ruled out for one of York's players making contact in the line and knocking over a barrow defender ( although he made the most of it) you just cant do that in front of the ref, especially when there was no need. There was no obstruction when Hulme made the break, he didn't run around anyone and the pass was spot on looking at the markings and didn't he know it !!! As for the passes on the far side of the pitch !!! well you need really good eyes from the stands to be able to comment.Apart from Creswells 4th which was a mile forward of the centre. If you get chance to watch the video back you will see how good the ref was today, they get enough stick when they are bad but today wasn't one of them days and made for a really entertaining cup tie. If York can step it up in defence then they will be really competitive.
  11. They should let Rinder chair the RFL disciplinary panel... cant do any worse than the current clowns
  12. Football and RU have a governing body who look after the marketing of the game extremely well. We have the RFL - This is tongue in cheek and any publicity for our game on daytime TV is all good in my book.
  13. Lad should appeal - got nothing to lose after 6 games. Grade D 3-5 ???
  14. Looks like Dallimore will be on the sidelines for the same amount of time , miss a possible final and a trip to toronto - 6 games for an accident seems pretty harsh but typical of the RFL. Houston gets way with nothing and Karl got 7 games for the same thing last year
  15. Karl got 7 after the Sheffield game, Houstons contact on Bentham was exactly the same as Karl's on the clown at Sheffield. Lets see if there is any consistency