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  1. How many more?

    League one is a big step up from Barla and any kid that doesn't get a SL scholarship plays for Lancs . Prior is one for the future either here or elsewhere . SS - judging a young lad out of the amateur game in just a few games is ridiculous . Wherever he was born !!!
  2. 2018 Squad

    He was in the local rag pictures at pre-season training
  3. If Sinfield was any kind of decent kicker he would have re-bounded it of the upright into Burrows bread basket. never rated him me
  4. First game-Whitehaven away.

    I'm aware of the new structure . I'm also aware that Oldham could find 7 teams as competitive as them this year hence my comments
  5. First game-Whitehaven away.

    Best get used to it and pray the scholars and Coventry don't continue to improve at the same rate as the last few years . You could end not making the top eight
  6. How many more?

    Bigger average attendance most likely compared to 2017
  7. How many more?

    The difference between paying win money for 24 games compared to around 14 needed to stay up could be as much as £3500 per player - That's a good chunk of money to throw around at that level. Add to that the additional funding and increase in crowd revenue and they well have the finances to compete. I hope they do and we go and join them next year. Not sure what they need in terms of players , only really watched them on the league downloads when i'm bored in the cab. There is a local kid there called Ryan Johnstone , we should look at him if he doesn't sign this year..
  8. How many more?

    Maybe so Wonky. Let's hope so . But I have feeling Glen will want to test himself further in the champ as he needs to kick start what was a promising career when he started at Warrington . Barrow on the other hand will be much , much stronger than last year . They just haven't started announcing yet. Will be delighted if true won't be too disappointed if not , we are coming along nicely anyway
  9. How many more?

    I heard two weeks ago that he had gone to barrow , same source who told me about wilks and Dawson . If the BOD have managed to lure him here well what a coup and what a statement from them . Fingers &Toes crossed the jambos must be skint
  10. Big loss

    don't believe everything you read in the rags. Money talks ... Wilkes will do well at Town and i'm sure Barra will find adequate replacement. Leon will attract but I wouldn't underestimate Cresta.
  11. Ike southward trophy

    I'm not sure what you expect for your £15 every two weeks. That's if you actually attend the game
  12. How many more?

    I thought that you said "hope not" when Miller was touted for FB. Do you think he's a better winger ? I think he's lost a couple of yards of pace since he topped the try scoring charts
  13. Brad Brennan

    Yes I have also heard that's he gone. He's a cracking young player with plenty of speed around the PTB . Surprised Barra let him go Ashall and mossop are very similar players although I believe they are making room for another hooker coming in. Forster will know Abram from his time at St Helens academy
  14. How many more?

    Did hambley not come as a centre from Barrow ? We could also play Elliot there . I think we have plenty of options In the back line . Experienced 2nd rower and another prop first on my list
  15. I'm not sure what went on last night ? I put the NZ v Tonga can on record before work . Come home from driving nights and got NZ V Peru on the recording . Then after trying to stay away from the result they announced it half way through my recording of Samoa & Scotland . Utter ###### .Although I must say the coverage and commentary I get from premier for £10 a month is far superior to the £40 a month I pay to listen to Clarke , hemming , terry & baz