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  1. nineoil

    New shirt launch

    I am a regular Season Ticket holder and I have been watching Batley for 60 years and I consider this to be really poor PR by the club!! We are expected to turn up and buy a Season Ticket without prior knowledge of the price !! I am not really bothered what the price is as I know it will not be excessive BUT I do want to know the price beforehand as I do with any purchase I make in life ! What value has being amongst "one of the first to know" - ZERO !!! It is not an incentive to turn up on the night because sooner or later everyone who wants a ticket will have to know so why not tell us now !!
  2. nineoil

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    We have just let a very good Hooker go - doesn't make sense to me because I do not think we will get a replacement as good as Davey , IMO of course ! If you are going to voluntarily release players you should make sure that you are "trading up" or at least maintaining the "status quo" !
  3. nineoil

    Champagne moment

    Harrison's Try up the hill just after half time
  4. nineoil

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    It just shows that if you are going to spend a lot of money you had better be sure that you are going to be successful ! The old saying is "speculate to accumulate" but if you do not "accumulate" (i.e. win) then you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle because you have spent lots of brass without any return !! You can tempt a player with pots of money to join you but if he doesn't put his body on the line for the cause or gel with the rest of the team then he is no good to you !! I wonder what the thinking will be at Featherstone if they do not make the top 4 !!
  5. nineoil

    Enough is enough

    That seems to hit the nail on the head !!!
  6. nineoil

    London @ home

    It does indeed say "free drink" for Season Ticket holders but it ain't free really is it because all you season ticket holders have paid for it in advance !!!
  7. nineoil

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    DAVEY ( He made so much difference to our attack ) FARRELL ( for me ,his best game yet ) DAY ( as usual , he never stopped taking it to the opposition )
  8. nineoil

    Batley Bulldogs V Rochdale Hornets MOM

    1.Davey 2. Brambani 3. Bretherton
  9. nineoil

    Rochdale v Batley MOM thread

    1. DAY 2. WARD 3. ROWE
  10. nineoil

    Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

  11. nineoil


    Why would naming the victim(s) impede any Police investigation ?? We already know from local radio that there were 2 victims . Obviously naming an alleged attacker could be detrimental to the legal process as it is "innocent until proven guilty" in a Court but knowing who the victim is has no bearing on the process , surely ?
  12. nineoil

    Bulldogs V Barrow MOM

  13. nineoil

    Izaac Farrell

    We could not afford the Bar Bill
  14. nineoil

    Why did we spend £10k......

    Here's a thought - leave the new scoreboard where it is and bring the old scoreboard back into use as well ! Mind you , you might have to give a youngster a couple of quid to keep the score up to date !!! I know the old scoreboard doesn't have the time on it but why not just look at your watch !!! Just imagine , little old Batley with two scoreboards !
  15. nineoil

    Semi final

    Regarding the "unused" season ticket. Personally , I want nothing for it . I do not want free entry to a game , I do not want a free pint or anything like that . It's gone , it's done. The ticket entitled me entry to 15 games ( 11 League and 4 Play Off ) and so I missed one through the free entry policy for that game against Sheffield , so what !! I would suggest that Kevin takes one Fifteenth of the cost of all season tickets for 2017 and puts it towards something for the club e.g. repairing the recent damage OR donate it to the Cancer charity which the club supports . Either way , I think we should give Kevin a free hand on this occasion !!