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  1. One win in seven with the team conceding on average 27 points per game is bound to get people moaning . Do you seriously expect people to express positive opinions with this kind of playing record ? I reckon that those fans that pay their money to watch Batley are entitled to express their opinions whether we agree with it or not ! Even the most ardent Batley fan should recognise that there is not a lot to shout about as things stand . If you think it is only half a dozen supporters who are dissatisfied with things then I suggest that on Saturday you go and ask people on the terraces what they think . I think that you will get more than half a dozen negative views !! In reality , as Batley supporters , we are already reduced to hoping that all we need to do is to beat Swinton , Rochdale and Dewsbury to maintain our Championship status which seems to be the extent of our falling ambitions for this season . I think it is fair to say that most fans were expecting a little bit more for 2019 ! It seems a long time since those heady days of 3 years ago . At home , this squad should also be capable of beating Halifax and Sheffield plus Featherstone (if their "guest" players are absent ) but will they ? For what it is worth I think that we can easily avoid relegation trouble but that does not make it a good season ! If that's moaning then so be it !!!!
  2. If you do not know the answer to your own question - look at the video of the game !!!!
  3. It was not all doom and gloom today despite a lousy first half and the continued strange selection policy which I will leave for others to discuss . Batley could have buckled in the second half but didn't . OK the rain changed the style of the game in the second half but after all , it did rain on both sides not just Toronto !!! I know McDermott was moaning about the rain in the second half but hey , it rains in this country , and I think he was just hiding from the fact that his team couldn't steamroller little Batley in the second half ! We were not going to win BUT when you look at the game there were 3 pivotal incidents which impacted hugely on the scoreline:- 1. Take away the Toronto Try from the HUGE forward pass that only 3 blokes on the ground didn't see ( i.e. The Officials ). 2.Take away the Try from the interception ( our fault of course ) . You are now in a 24-12 game 3. With a bit of luck we could have sneaked a Try when the Ref pulled back when we were over the line and suddenly the gap has closed to 24-18 . I know it is fanciful but it is those small margins in the decision making abilities of the Ref or the players that make a such huge difference to the score. Maybe in the return fixture Kevin should get the groundsman to leave the hosepipe on the pitch overnight and secondly get our players contact lenses so the can see the opposition when passing the ball to cut out these damaging interception Tries ! !! By the way , Dane Manning was immense today which baffles me all the more as to why you would contemplate voluntarily playing a game without him !!
  4. On this theme it seems that Toronto have only really battered one side this year i.e. Rochdale 58-6 . Their other victories have been York 14-0 ; Widnes 30-6 ; Leigh 14-8 ; Dewsbury 22-17. Maybe we should judge our performance on Sunday by these scores i.e. if we do not get battered by 50 (e.g. like Rochdale did ) then maybe things are not so bad . Who knows !!!
  5. Me too BUT not as a winger fgs !!! The lad is being wasted !!
  6. You are bang on !! He started "bagging" his players in public as soon as he arrived . Half of a coach's job is "man-management" and it is woefully clear that this man is a rotten "man-manager". If you have issues with any player then keep it in the dressing room where it belongs ! By all means criticise individuals on a "one to one" basis but slagging off players in public is merely diverting attention away from himself . If you are the boss in any organisation the buck stops with you !! Do not blame others when you are in charge ! I believe he dropped Dane Manning for "poor discipline" which is fine but if you did it with every player we would only have 10 starting each game !! I believe Manning made 44 tackles in the Sheffield game which is a pretty good "shift" to say he had an enforced rest for around 20 minutes during the game !! Coaches must stand or fall by their decisions and currently his decisions have been less than satisfactory !
  8. How did Patch Walker and James Davey perform ?
  9. I am a regular Season Ticket holder and I have been watching Batley for 60 years and I consider this to be really poor PR by the club!! We are expected to turn up and buy a Season Ticket without prior knowledge of the price !! I am not really bothered what the price is as I know it will not be excessive BUT I do want to know the price beforehand as I do with any purchase I make in life ! What value has being amongst "one of the first to know" - ZERO !!! It is not an incentive to turn up on the night because sooner or later everyone who wants a ticket will have to know so why not tell us now !!
  10. We have just let a very good Hooker go - doesn't make sense to me because I do not think we will get a replacement as good as Davey , IMO of course ! If you are going to voluntarily release players you should make sure that you are "trading up" or at least maintaining the "status quo" !
  11. Harrison's Try up the hill just after half time
  12. It just shows that if you are going to spend a lot of money you had better be sure that you are going to be successful ! The old saying is "speculate to accumulate" but if you do not "accumulate" (i.e. win) then you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle because you have spent lots of brass without any return !! You can tempt a player with pots of money to join you but if he doesn't put his body on the line for the cause or gel with the rest of the team then he is no good to you !! I wonder what the thinking will be at Featherstone if they do not make the top 4 !!
  13. That seems to hit the nail on the head !!!
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