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  1. Bit like Bradford, 20k used to turn up, how many nowadays? đŸ˜œ
  2. At the end of the day he's a 17 year old. Doesn't deserve some of the comments coming out by Heatherington or on here
  3. We recommend to all our players to take out individual insurance. We wouldn't be able to afford this on top of other costs Not sure what you mean about Woolston. But they are up and running and quite strong through the ages plus two open age teams Also. What do you mean about payments to players? Not many community clubs can afford to do that either
  4. Isn't that what Lenighan is trying to do at the minute?
  5. Nope. They were all in the 19-man squad
  6. Different rules for Wigan/Tomkins regarding blood bin?
  7. There are some clubs doing okay and some struggling. Before sweeping changes we need to understand the size of the problem.
  8. We regularly have a ref assessor at games that's about it
  9. I don't mind saying his opinion is flawed then
  10. I was saying he hasn't accepted that Acton was wrong.
  11. Not seen the list so can't answer đŸ˜œ
  12. That's a completely different can of worms that I will avoid đŸ˜œ
  13. Hope it's not a Parky Fact, they're not that reliable
  14. Which teams are pushing for it?
  15. It was probably seen as a rival concept from the programmes they had in place. Not defending that of course. RFL need to learn how to play with others