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  1. Anything you have will be well received for sure
  2. Thanks for all those stats you got to my dad for Crosfields he's enjoying reviewing them at the moment impeccible records as ever 👍
  3. I think that's what triggered alterations to the rules to sanction clubs who went into admin or were insolvent. Before then there were no guidelines as such
  4. Many thanks. That's what I was looking for 👍
  5. Any idea on what the £50k RL related debts that the RFL have asked about in their requirement document?
  6. I'm struggling a bit with navigation (on mobile version). I used to be able to click on a topic and it'd jump to the latest unread note on that thread. Now I'm having to remember what page I was on and search accordingly? Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Whitehaven or anybody else could politely decline any invite of its in their interest. The fact they've not been approached at all with everybody else answering for them is the bigger travesty I understand the reasons why a Newco can be admitted to championship. But there were other alternatives and they don't seem to have been explored fully
  8. They do have junior sides. If I was Aberdeen I'd be investigating any competition that would give regular meaningful opposition instead of what they have nowUltimately it's down to the clubs to accept or reject new applicant and the distance would put plenty off But that shouldn't stop Abderdeen investigating the possibility - as it stands it doesn't even seem to have been considered Once upon a time Skolars were in the NCL. Egremont to Skolars is similar distance as Crosfields to Aberdeen
  9. Who's to say that many bulls fans are still going to turn up for the newco club? I sincerely hope that a clubs budget is not hanging on to one clubs away fans. That is a recipe for disaster. They should be concentrating on getting 100-200 extra fans on other fixtures than the 1000-2000 that the Bulls MAY bring
  10. The point being surely Whitehaven would be in the best position to decline the invite. Instead the RFL and the rest of the game it seems are speaking for them (Know your place Whitehaven)
  11. There's a case that the teams that should have been consulted: Whitehaven Workington Barrow In that order (rankings at end of '16). Only after that is when a newco should have been considered. That would have at least alleviated some of the "integrity" claims being banded about It just looks like RFL are trying to save their income from Odsal
  12. The latest proposed version with bottom level funding and -12 is a similar recipe for disaster albeit it different terms
  13. I'm in that camp also
  14. Technically Bradford don't exist anymore but Toronto do. That in itself says Toronto are more ready