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  1. Is that a club statement or one mans rant? 😳
  2. Flattered Leigh. Should have been 40 or 50 by Widnes
  3. Currently in Spain drinking Cruzcampo which bad spelling aside translates to Crosfields, my club 👍
  4. Man U never get clashes with the Grand Final. Just a case of the right people not knowing the right information to fix before the fixtures were released
  5. The RFL are not there to micro manage clubs. Certainly not to tell owners what they should do with their own money
  6. This is very true. Thwaites outsourced a chunk of heir brewing to Marstons a few years back and Lancaster Bomber hasn't tasted the same since 😡
  7. Toronto have been around for 5 mins that's why those things don't exist for them yet - when the rest of the SL clubs were around for 5 minutes those things didn't exist either Why do Toronto have differing requirements (according to you) than the rest of SL?
  8. There's entry criteria? 😜😜
  9. Just be thankful the ground isn't the original design of 20k 😜
  10. Great another structure debate. Aren't there already threads in place for this?
  11. The game was abandoned because of injury not the sending off
  12. Two poor teams in a penalty fest - or so it felt Widnes dominated the first 20 mins of the game with set after set in Saints half but couldn't score. Two good tries from Saints down left edge later on in half put them in command Second half wasn't much better. Widnes got a couple of decent tries but never looked the team of the last few weeks Saints did enough to win but a better opposition could have sneaked it or got closer
  13. To be fair it's probably the other way round 😜
  14. Thankfully his high five skills are not under scrutiny 😜😂😂
  15. Greg Knight and his jingles have got him re-elected 😂😂😂