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  1. Spidey

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    All makes sense now Toronto playing Widnes in Newcastle 😜
  2. Spidey

    Fitness Thread

    Joined a gym. Not doing too much but aim to go 6/7 days each week. Achieved that last week. Just debating which day off to have this week.
  3. Spidey

    Dear Diary

    Coffee, in bags? Will have to give that a try
  4. Yep that structure is correct - its the only way to get to two finalists now the first round has been scheduled with 26 games. I still expect Catalans to play as, as you say a bye in that round would just look silly
  5. Spidey


    Looks as though Vegetarianism and Vegetarians are different things, some Vegetarians follow Vegetarianism beliefs some do not
  6. No but the draw is now structured for 12 champ clubs to enter against the remaining amateur/league1 teams, so if 13 enter instead it messes up the structure of the draw that needs to finish with two teams in the final: Detailed below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Challenge_Cup Once first round fixtures are announced it can't really be changed (unless a team entering at the same scheduled round drops out)
  7. Spidey


    My Aunt & Uncle have recently become vegetarians due to a health choice, nothing about animals being killed
  8. Too late now... First Round draw has been made and will be played in a couple of Weeks, the only way to get in now is for somebody else to drop out...
  9. Visit to my kidney clinic yesterday, I left with this conversation Doc "Any new year's resolutions this year" Me "No, don't do that stuff" Doc: "Well this year you need to - best lose some weight"
  10. Spidey

    The TV Thread

    I quite enjoyed The Man in the High Castle on Prime, not got around to Jack Ryan yet
  11. Spidey

    The TV Thread

    Watched the latest Black Mirror last night - Bandersnatch - quite enjoyed it, an interactive TV show. After chatting with a few wor colleagues now knows there's a couple of extra endings which I'll need to navigate to at some point
  12. Spidey

    Job hunting

    I've had to do "formal" interviews before, but I think the rapport built in that time is better than if their answers were precise
  13. Me too. But I’ll leave you too it 😜
  14. Its doubling the amount of time in winter - Don't like watching in February either - a March-October season is perfectly fine
  15. 20 years of Summer Rugby has converted me. I have no desire to go sitting or standing in the cold and rain anymore for weeks on end