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  1. I thought the same about the FA finances, however most of the money in Football is kept by the Premier League and it’s clubs. Very much the same as Super League, albeit on vastly differing scales
  2. How would you improve the game

    Yep. That’s how I see it, if you watch games from the 80s you see those deep lines. But the speed of the games is much slower. It simply wouldn’t work in today’s games where the players are quicker and more powerful.
  3. Yep. There has been a shift in recent years to this which is well received. I’ve said it on Twitter a few times, but we are in an age where we are spoiled for televised RL, there’s more games than ever being shown. People still slag off the last TV deal, but without it we wouldn’t have this
  4. I’m very disappointed in myself that it went over my head. Well played sir well played 👍🏼 😂😂
  5. Transplants

    Thanks for all your well wishes. Just a quick update. Today I had my PD Cannula (used for dialysis) and stent removed. Just waiting at hospital for my wife to pick me up to go home, nice quick procedure really, no pain to speak of, glad they did a general as the method of removing a stent made me wince. Just need to have a quiet day tomorrow, to make sure everything is okay. Considering the Widnes-Wigan match in the evening if still okay, there’s plenty of empty seats at the minute so can keep away from the crowd 😜 All going well so far. The measure that the doctors are using to assess success is createnine clearance, which mine is currently at 131, which is the top end of the “normal” scale with my kidney function at 53% up from 8% pre dialysis. Everybody is saying a look well. I do feel great (I must have looked like #### before 😜 - I think most of this was in my head as I hated dialysis) Still getting my stamina back for walking around, but have been into town a couple of times and did manage it, sunshine last week was not helping.
  6. Not going anywhere at the moment, even if deal goes through:
  7. I’m with you on that. I don’t have any loyalty to Wembley as such. On the road I think would work, but think it would need to change each year to keep it fresh. A cycle between Cardiff, Edinburgh & London (a different stadium) would be attractive to me. You could add in Manchester at the Etihad if needed. Go back to Wembley for one off anniversaries if needs be but make a very big deal of it and get 90K in there
  8. How would you improve the game

    Players are too quick in the modern game for 5m. Referees would be under even more scrutiny to enforce it, and it would be mire difficult to do so, it’s just not a practical change to implement. Is it me or does it come across as a nostalgia thing - “back in my day”
  9. Done deal according to Sports Illustrated: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/04/26/jacksonville-jaguars-shad-khan-buys-wembley-stadium Probably jumped the gun...
  10. He played on it last year for the first time. Wane has history resting players at Widnes. Widnes have picked up a few wins over Wigan at home, and a few close defeats also. Not expecting a win this week. But wouldn’t be overly surprised if we nicked one
  11. Heresay currently. Nobody has published any evidence to the contrary
  12. The RFL was an established partner in the new Wembley project. Do they have any sort of stake in it? Would some of the purchase price be on its way to Rugby League?
  13. How would you improve the game

    Yes that was always the case, however on the last the defending team got the head and feed
  14. As long as you know how to switch it off and on again you won’t go wrong