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  1. Last day in work after an incredibly busy week. Catching a plane in the morning, really can’t wait to get away for a few weeks ?
  2. Reading the thread apparently they have Posters of VIP for exercises, should be for protecting them not aiming at them
  3. Think I watched this late night on Channel 4 in the late nineties. Weird is one word for it ?
  4. And there lies the problem. Each leaver has a different version of leave. At some point they may acknowledge this
  5. I’d expect it was just down to the Jon Clarke connection more than anything
  6. Good stuff. Will get through that next week ??
  7. My local MP voted against it. Voted for her since I was able to vote, don't think I can again now
  8. Been reported the same at Warrington Central today
  9. Dammit Jim.... the cartoons are the best on Swear Trek on Twitter My actual 5 would probably be: Star Trek (All) Highlander Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes Family Guy Fawlty Towers (Could've easily been Red Dwarf / Blackadder)
  10. Star Trek Star Trek TNG Star Trek DS9 Star Trek Voyager Star Trek Discovery ….Pausing for abuse
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