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  1. Spidey

    Dear Diary

    Doesn’t surprise me that at all, can’t believe people accept those rates 😳
  2. Spidey

    Dear Diary

    Thing is you can easily pre-order online at okay rates for pickup at airports. That’s what I isually do anyway when going to one of the counters. Would never just purchase there
  3. Spidey

    Golden Point ?

    My dad calls it “The LMS”
  4. Now, who do I want Widnes to be relegated against, Toronto this week or Hull KR next week... choices, choices, choices
  5. Spidey

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    I don’t believe those organisations are on the Community Board yet, which the other voting parties are
  6. Spidey

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Toronto & Toulouse don’t get votes as they are not RFL members I’m not sure of why Catalans did get a vote, I’m assuming that by being in SL that overrides the RFL membership issue. So would then assume if Toronto and/or Toulouse made it to SL they’d have the same voting privileges
  7. Either scenario ends up with a ban, probably of similar length so that’s why I said it doesn’t really matter for the final outcome
  8. The other day I was waiting patiently for a lift at the multi story in Warrington. There was a couple in front of me who were ahead of me in the queue, so when it arrived they went in, but from my right hand side a lady walked straight in front of me to go in the lift to get the last place (it was pretty full). I didn’t say anything in the end (more due to my hangover, that lead to bit of apathy) just gave her the “look” and she turned back to look into the crowded lift Not all bad as the next lift was completely empty 😜
  9. Either way it doesn’t really matter for the outcome. In either scenario he’s still questioning the referees integrity/competence or at least trying to be clever by implying it. He deserves to be banned
  10. The fact that The RFL copied this system from Swiss football has apparently been quickly forgotten 😳
  11. Spidey

    New league structure revealed

    Hopefully all will be spent on the products of Widnes’ academy
  12. Spidey

    New league structure revealed

    It really helped Leigh this year 😳
  13. Spidey

    New league structure revealed

    Parachute payment confirmed if SL team relegated:
  14. Yep. I really don’t know what the controversy is
  15. Spidey

    Dear Diary

    Just home from a mates funeral. Been going Widnes matches with him for as long as a remember, he’s about the same age as my dad. He like me lived in Warrington. It was great to see all his mates from his local pub wearing Widnes polo shirts with his name on, even though the majority are Wire fans. Forget all the guff about structures, money etc. That’s what RL is all about 👍🏼