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  1. Stupidity in my book

    These things have happened forever, just that social media gets it out in the open a bit easier It’ll never stop
  2. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Castleton station isn’t far from mayfields ground
  3. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Last year I watched from the BBC Sport app on my tv (which is really a front end to the website) all the games last year. As the rounds progressed I think it was opened up to the iPlayer also I think the announcement for this years game is due any day now
  4. Our new position in the EU

    Wonder what people’s attitudes would be if aliens actually arrived 😜
  5. 2018 Kits

    If you’re going down the Marvel route you need to at least match club colours Warrington could have been Wolverine for instance. The whole Thor thing was a bit daft especially as Simms ended up banned for the game
  6. Rant thread

    I think they made a brief return before “merging” into Salford City Roosters (Eccles). At the time both were struggling at Open Age and made sense to pool their resources
  7. I’d guess TV games are announced to begin with, then the week before crew get in touch accordingly to sort out logistics. Beaumont is implying that premier need to have 11 conversations before anything is agreed, that’s not the case at all, they deal with RFL as governing body. Contact with individual clubs would be purely from a logistical point of view
  8. In the context of the owner whinging about stuff, he should be be more focussed on issues closer to home
  9. League Restructure 2019

    I don’t think many RL clubs in their current set ups. They would all have to change their business model if without SKY money
  10. We must be well off in Warrington as most pubss still have it on draught. 😜 By your logic there’s no money in Wigan or St Helens - that’s exactly the reason why we should be broadening our horizons
  11. Toronto Away Game Coverage

    SL clubs forgo some of their central funding for a pot of money that’s then distributed around depending on how many times they are on TV Championship teams could do the same, however as it’s one game each it would be a pointless exercise as however much they give up would then be paid back Championship clubs are already getting a chunk of TV money even though Sky don’t even show the games SL clubs may turn around and say sod this, we’re keeping the money in the future, championship clubs you go alone. Result would be less money for those clubs. Chairman need to have a serious think before these rants
  12. As covered before Championship clubs are getting a big chunk of the SKY TV money already (some more than others) Would they swap this for any money that’s part of the Premier Deal?
  13. The problem with the championship crowds was more the timing of the games on a Thursday evening. Torontos opponents for this coverage aren’t being asked to move their kick offs to another day, Premier are just covering whenever the games are scheduled afaik
  14. NcL website

    Yep. I think all the data was always there just needed some databases linking from the online portal
  15. I bet they all own a smartphone and use apps, which more often than not need an email address