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  1. Yes they do. Whenever European championships are played or WC Qualifiers they play in their own countries. The internationals scheduled for this Autumn will be played in their own countries
  2. I think we need to leave it up to individual nations to work out what’s best for them, if this is Ireland’s long term strategy fair play to them. I don’t think it’s a one rule suits all. After all there’s never criticism aimed at Samoa or Tonga for not fielding “home grown” players
  3. France & Wales have hindered themselves by not being very good
  4. Spidey

    Surviving on Two Quid an Hour

    Not in the slightest. £2 an hour wasn’t even in reference to an RL contract. Why not read it and get educated
  5. That’s about standard for Widnes. We’re our own worst enemy
  6. Spidey

    Transfers, Is there a system?

    It was brought in initially to stop Andrew Johns / Adrian Morley type signings at the end of the year. I think it was brought earlier forward due to the 8s
  7. Spidey

    Transfers, Is there a system?

    Signing deadline is 27th July 5pm
  8. Spidey

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    The whole point of the return to GB was to go on tour not host wasn’t it? If the Aussies come over here no doubt they’ll be playing England
  9. Spidey

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    NRL has no place doing this. It’s just another exercise to undermine the RLIF and trying to get rid of anything that competes with with SOO
  10. Go for the NCL. The clubs will be more than welcoming, it’ll be great to have a Midlands club in the league again
  11. Surely they’d take in the oppositions travel arrangements. I’d expect Toulouse would have an interest in the game as France are playing in the Final. However the RL comes first and their preparations shouldn’t be compromised. What we don’t know is Toulouse’s exact travel itinerary. We don’t know where they are flying in to, where they are staying the night before. It’s not like they’re on a direct flight to Barrow is it
  12. I guess that’s reasonable for Toulouse, I wouldn’t expect the RFL to order a kick off time change
  13. Spidey

    league one

    Giving up would be folding mid-season I guess 😜