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  1. Ratchford replaces Widdop in the squad
  2. So because he conceded a few penalties you believe he was out to get referee through an assault? 😂😂😂
  3. Carney was viewed as deliberate contact as he raised his arm Houston was viewed as accidental contact Even though he hit the ref with much more force There are differences with every case so always open to interpretation.
  4. It's a 9s tournament played every year, and he played in 2012 at 21
  5. He wasn't 16 in 2012, he was 21
  6. Another player who treats representing a country a joke: Austin represented Portugal at the 2012 Cabramatta International Nines. Austin has said, however, that he does not have Portuguese ancestry.[16]The Sydney Morning Herald joked that he qualified "because he had eaten a Portuguese chicken burger".[17]
  7. Or WB doesn't watch enough of SL to make the right decisions. Also as he's only gone to that limit with Cas I'd say it's not been a hinderance
  8. SL clubs agreed to have a second double weekend of fixtures in 2017 for WB's training camp. So I think they've been very generous to the International game - but If WB simply looks to NRL first what's the point in the English clubs trying to help England RL if decent players are just getting snubbed
  9. Only Castleford are affected by the 3 player rule so there would be options elsewhere. The rule was a concession by the SL clubs as there's no free weekend - it could have actually been fitted in but the free weekend was built in for the Dubai training camp that didn't happen
  10. He's Scottish 😘
  11. Maybe he just wasn't offended. Not that it should matter. If true Carney should receive a very long ban
  12. He has an English father as well. But he's only worked this out at 29. That's the issue for me
  13. Just saw the attached from Instagram (retweeted on Twitter) by our newest English player 😳
  14. I don't think manly is the right term. Lockwood has shown himself up on that. I've been to plenty of ladies matches where the language was equally corse by the players
  15. This is just about an England squad announcement. If you want to debate heritage/World Cup etc please feel free to open a threead my point still stands England have enough players without needing to pick other countries cast offs especially in the back row Start a thread about the Samoan squad when it's announced if it's of that much interest to you