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  1. Only one outcome here ... Rams 32 Bulldogs 10 This is the furthest they have been ahead of us in absolutely ages.
  2. I would imagine there will be a financial cost attached to removing the first team coach, as he is currently under contract? If so, doubtful he'll be going anywhere until the end of his contract.
  3. Although it pains me to say it, well done today. Looks like the balance of power in the Heavy Woollen is swinging your way.
  4. The bottom of the league will soon be ours ... ?
  5. Nail on head. It's great having spirit, but that needs underpinning with a game plan. It's also worth noting we aren't really testing Toronto here - I suspect they are playing well within themselves and could step up a couple of gears if they needed to.
  6. The squad has really gone backwards over the last 3 years. The class of 2015 would have annihilated this lot, I'm afraid. Too many errors. Far too many errors. I fear for our survival this year as everyone seems to have improved apart from us. Dark days indeed.
  7. This is predictably depressing. Toronto aren't even out of second gear here and they are looking set to steamroller us.
  8. I have no particular axe to grind with Matt Diskin as a person. He just seems to be a rather poor RL coach based on his tenure at Batley. In 38 years of going to the Mount, this is the first season I've actually thought "I've got better things to do with my Sundays than watch this", because, frankly, our rugby has been pretty poor for some time now. I never thought it would get to this, but if a supporter of 38 years is switching off (and many more like me, by the sounds of it), that should be ringing alarm bells to anyone at the club still listening.
  9. The warning signs have been there for a while. We need an experienced coach. The Championship is no place for a head coach cutting his teeth. We seem a mile away in quality from the days under Harrison and JK. Sad. And the die-hard supporters continue to drift away. Supported this club for 38 years but the distractions on a Sunday have never been more attractive based on the current regime.
  10. On current form, fully expect Swinton to turn us over; they seem to up their game at the Mount.
  11. I doubt anybody at the club cares, but I've stopped going temporarily after 37 years of support. The standard of football is abject and we seem to be coaching ability out of the players at the moment. The product just isn't good enough anymore. We need to change before all the support is killed off; it's hard enough to attract fans to the sport as it is but when it's played this poorly it's virtually impossible.
  12. ... and I repeat my question. The answer is probably Championship 1 at this rate.
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