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  1. Weird to think it's 20 years since we changed; doesn't seem that long ago to an old-timer like me! I do like what Hunslet and Wakefield have done though - appeals to the traditionalist in me, I guess.
  2. Just noticed Hunslet have (very nicely) rebranded and dropped the Hawks moniker (a la Wakefield). Wonder if any other clubs are getting fed up of the 1996 rebrand? Are we all too used to Bulldogs now or would anyone like to return to the Batley RLFC/Gallant Youths era? Would be interested what people think!
  3. From the Fax RL Fans forum: ‚Äč"What a joke. You know times are bad when we are losing our best players to batley" They never change.
  4. Something the club could possibly consider in future is a "50/50" ticket - allows entry to half the games (of the ticket holder's choice) at a reduced price in comparison to a full season ticket, for those that can't get there every week. Just a thought ...
  5. Good to hear of plenty of positive developments. Strange to have such a rousing call to buy a particular newspaper.
  6. Yeah, GFDU was always a welcome poster. Condolences to all who knew him.
  7. Grim. But did you really expect anything else? Arguably the most-poorly run governing body in sport (FIFA excepted, obviously).
  8. Sounds like you should volunteer your services. Spot on post.
  9. Like any club, pre-season fixtures only really excite if it's a big club or a local clash. It would be nice to see a game against Leeds, Castleford or Wakefield, or even a team from further afield like Warrington or Wigan, but at the end of the day they do generally draw poor attendances no matter who's in town, so I kind of see the chairman's point here.
  10. Would it not make sense to go by previous seasons' standings, pairing by adjacent position? So ... Hull KR v London Batley v Featherstone Bradford v Halifax Sheffield v Dewsbury Swinton v Oldham Toulouse v Rochdale They look quite attractive (and well-balanced) fixtures.
  11. Disappointing we've not been able to hang onto Ulugia. If he had been going to SL, could have understood. But Featherstone is a sideways move (at best) these days. Knowles is an absolute beast at this level. Would always be the first player on my Championship shopping list.
  12. So ... if London beat Featherstone and we beat Salford ... it's bye-bye Marwan. Big ask but you never know ...
  13. We have seen a lot of bad refereeing performances down the Mount over the years but you'd have to go a long way to top the ineptitude on display today. And, for a change, it's nice to say that from a winning position so that it doesn't sound like sour grapes. Cobb = disgrace.
  14. Very sad and stunning news. Only in his mid 50s. He was a Gallant Youth through and through and a RL man. And a pretty decent photographer. RIP Coyley and condolences to his family and friends.
  15. That is an absolute disgrace of a score. Are we suddenly believing we just need to turn up now to win games? That scoreline suggests so. We only beat them a few weeks ago. Shocking.