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  1. Great performance from the team today; they held their nerve at 16-16 after a series of individual errors on our part kept Bradford in the game. Unfortunately, probably due to their current circumstances, the Bulls have just become a team of spoilers and apart from their last try (which was superb, TBF) they benefitted from our mistakes to keep them in the hunt. Probably the most predictable team we've had at the Mount this season ... five drives and a hopeful kick. I'm sure the RFL will find a way to keep them up (again), but on that performance there's no way they are avoiding relegation under the current structure ... On a more positive note, great to see a decent away following today and a good atmosphere.
  2. Manning Day Scott
  3. Aye, we all know how that ended previously!!
  4. As Bulldog Days has intimated, I suspect the club's backing might be due to the possibility it might not be financially savvy to pay up a 3 year (?) contract so early? Just guesswork, of course!
  5. Humiliating. He needs to go I'm afraid. We've gone from heroes to zeros overnight.
  6. I think some comment on our alarming slide, some potentially damaging departures, and very apparent discontent amongst the squad would be useful, if not mandatory. Our chairman, who has always been very vocal until recent events on this forum (and I'm not saying that's a bad thing), has been conspicuous by his absence recently. However, I do concede that the club are well within their rights to close ranks and not comment on what has been a shocking loss of form and, on recent evidence, confidence.
  7. It has been apparent for some time there has been a rift between Brown and Diskin. From a personal perspective, I know which one I'd rather was leaving. As for getting drawn into a relegation battle, I suspect we already are. Where the hell is our next win coming from?
  8. I despair. I really do. How about some comment from a club source?
  9. Bulldogs 16 Hull KR 50. Until he stops p1ss1ng about changing the side round I really can't see where the next win is coming from. Dismal times.
  10. That's not the call of the supporters though is it? There are appointed representatives to make those decisions. If they don't review the current situation (and soon) we'll be down amongst the deadmen. It doesn't take Einstein to see that one coming.
  11. Every week it's no steps forward and 3 steps backward. We have now lost twice in 9 days to a side that previously had a 0% league record. Simply put, nowhere near good enough.
  12. I am firmly in the BTJ camp on this one. From what I read, Diskin has the mentality that we will score more than them (which we are not doing anyway). I spoke to Rhino and JK on many occasions during my previous life at the club and they always extolled the theory "defence wins matches" and they were right. What also wins matches is not titting about with the starting line-up every week. We have moved from shockingly inconsistent to just shocking and the players do not look like they have a gameplan to work to (painfully obvious on Friday). We need a solid, experienced coach at this level and fast. If not, we could still end up looking over our shoulder this season rather than striving for the top 4.
  13. The referee wasn't bent. We were rubbish. 1. Manning 2. Farrell 3. Lilycrop. The rest ... nowhere.
  14. Absolute madness. Getting really fed up with our "rotation" policy.
  15. Not sure you can blame the referee when you conceded 50 points. LOL!!