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  1. I am firmly in the BTJ camp on this one. From what I read, Diskin has the mentality that we will score more than them (which we are not doing anyway). I spoke to Rhino and JK on many occasions during my previous life at the club and they always extolled the theory "defence wins matches" and they were right. What also wins matches is not titting about with the starting line-up every week. We have moved from shockingly inconsistent to just shocking and the players do not look like they have a gameplan to work to (painfully obvious on Friday). We need a solid, experienced coach at this level and fast. If not, we could still end up looking over our shoulder this season rather than striving for the top 4.
  2. The referee wasn't bent. We were rubbish. 1. Manning 2. Farrell 3. Lilycrop. The rest ... nowhere.
  3. Absolute madness. Getting really fed up with our "rotation" policy.
  4. Not sure you can blame the referee when you conceded 50 points. LOL!!
  5. Based on recent performances and the fact we seem to be travelling with half a team, this is only going to go one way. Toulouse 46 Batley 12.
  6. Just illustrates what an outstanding coach and motivator we had in JK. Our current incumbent is not in the same league yet.
  7. Weird to think it's 20 years since we changed; doesn't seem that long ago to an old-timer like me! I do like what Hunslet and Wakefield have done though - appeals to the traditionalist in me, I guess.
  8. Just noticed Hunslet have (very nicely) rebranded and dropped the Hawks moniker (a la Wakefield). Wonder if any other clubs are getting fed up of the 1996 rebrand? Are we all too used to Bulldogs now or would anyone like to return to the Batley RLFC/Gallant Youths era? Would be interested what people think!
  9. From the Fax RL Fans forum: ‚Äč"What a joke. You know times are bad when we are losing our best players to batley" They never change.
  10. Something the club could possibly consider in future is a "50/50" ticket - allows entry to half the games (of the ticket holder's choice) at a reduced price in comparison to a full season ticket, for those that can't get there every week. Just a thought ...
  11. Good to hear of plenty of positive developments. Strange to have such a rousing call to buy a particular newspaper.
  12. Yeah, GFDU was always a welcome poster. Condolences to all who knew him.
  13. Grim. But did you really expect anything else? Arguably the most-poorly run governing body in sport (FIFA excepted, obviously).
  14. Sounds like you should volunteer your services. Spot on post.
  15. Like any club, pre-season fixtures only really excite if it's a big club or a local clash. It would be nice to see a game against Leeds, Castleford or Wakefield, or even a team from further afield like Warrington or Wigan, but at the end of the day they do generally draw poor attendances no matter who's in town, so I kind of see the chairman's point here.