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  1. I can't even pick a hooker never mind a full team and I'm 'lucky' that I've only been watching since the 80's. Phil was a different type of hooker to Shaun, then there's Johnny and Matty to consider and that's just from the 90's onwards. Phil was in a fantastic team, imagine any of the other 3 in that team - Impossible!
  2. Gary put the Callum crack to bed though marra. A loan to the end of the season will do nicely, we need big Kris back in our own pack ASAP. I'm sure that will be Forsters preferred option too then he doesn't have to play against him and get beasted.
  3. Players? As in more than one?? Ha aye right with our huge squad I'm sure that will be a no brainer.
  4. Can we do that now we are in the super 8's?
  5. So you don't like the loans then? I would never have guessed.... Maybe you should suggest a realistic alternative to the BOD. Gary seems open to good ideas.
  6. Maybe things have changed from when I used to travel to away games ( late 80's to mid 90's) or maybe I have selective memory. But apart from the vile Hull fans I can't remember any animosity or abuse directed to away fans by Town fans or vice versa. Ok well maybe the pantomime villains of Haven, singing "get your twits out" to the lass off Corry at Rochdale, and a pie fight at the old fartown could be exceptions. But even then it's never really been any more than banter. But I honestly don't get why certain current fans get seriously upset with opposition fans etc. There's loads of things to chant, sing etc without resorting to bad swearing and abuse. My toes curl every time the "mams your dad" comes out. It's not football ffs, RL fans always had a deep rooted kinship and had light hearted banter then wished the away fans a good trip back. Of course there are always exceptions when folk get too much drink, and as i cant travel away anymore maybe its blown up a bit more on here. But is it turning that way now in general?
  7. Yeah good luck to the lads today, I hope our first half team can play for both halves today and sneak a win.
  8. Well it's all been said but here we go. First half it was good, we were dealing with their tactics and the ref. We were playing to a game plan and looking good. Come out in the 2nd half, they score off a stupid mistake, then after the red card we decide the game is done and go to sleep. Start kicking to wingers with big overlaps - twice, cut out risky passes - twice, no dummy half at the ptb -twice. It is beyond belief, and we nearly lost the game to top it off. WTF was going on? I was so mad I didn't wait to clap the lads off the pitch. The highs and lows of being a town fan eh? If I was a Keighley fan I would be disgusted with how their team is coached. They have some real nice players but play the game like it's bonus pay for who is the dirtiest. The second half showed they didn't need it in their game. The officials stank the place out nearly as much as our second half performance.
  9. Aye fair play Donald, my excuse is I was still half cut and didn't look at the other teams above us - doh!
  10. Looking forward to today's game, if we play as good as we did in patches against the skolars we should win this one. Concentration in defence is the key for me as we don't half let some soft tries in. Then if we can get the result today there is no reason why we can't go to York and win to finish 4th. UTT.
  11. Young lads make mistakes and I'd much rather they had a bit of fire in their belly and get upset about being subbed. If he has that much desire to do well for the team that will do for me.
  12. His asre was bigger than his heart but nowhere near as big as his ego......
  13. Storm in a teacup, just let them get on with it and "bring back the biff!" Its getting more like football every day.
  14. Only in Rugby League could this happen.
  15. Excellent performance today from the lads. As has already been said JD was outstanding again, I'll give him 70 yards for his try, it looked like he'd never make it but he just kept going. I think Holty was the last player I saw kick a 100 yard drop out against Haven. Tee took all of his tries really well, their full back never had a chance when he pinned his ears back. Howarth & Buffer had good games too. They can't switch off with 20 to go next week but if they play like they did in patches today there's no reason why they can't beat them. Still conceding soft ties too but on the whole it was a great performance. UTT