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  1. New signing

    Yeah I agree he's too good a player for that after all the fanfare we've had for the others.
  2. New signing

    Great signing, one of those players you always notice when he's on the opposition team which is a big complement.
  3. Predictions

    Bradford are awful value at 4/7, they are rightly favourites but if you think about their sqaud compared to Toronto's last season I think Toronto had the stronger squad and yet Barrow held on to their coat tails and were only a few points adrift. Probably the 5 teams under Bradford will each think they have a shot at second and luck with injuries will have a big say in it over the season. If we get the players in we are supposed to be in for I think we have definitely have a shot at 2nd if Leon gets the team playing some good rugby. An exciting season is ahead without a doubt.
  4. Match off

    Brilliant - I can't make saturday.
  5. Season launch 19th Jan

    Buffer or Wilkes for me.

    Is it certain Jason will play again after his illness?
  7. New Facebook group

    One of the waverly buses full of arabs broke down en route too.
  8. New Facebook group

    Well done on the Facebook group Richard it's a fantastic read and watch, especially with the likes of Big James, Buck, Walshy etc commenting on many of the posts. Oh if only those brilliant times would roll round again!!!

    With that argument the popular side would never be open apart from the Haven games!
  10. Away shirt

    Eh?? Bigotry and ignorance - really? It's a sad state of affairs when somebody can't have a sly pop at the Jambos without being called a bigot over a bloomin replica shirt or baby grow. GT and myself have crossed swords in the past on here and I don't always share his opinion, but surely we are all townies on the same side aren't we? If you can't have banter at your local rivals expense then I give up with all this PC sihte. If a man is considered guilty of what goes on in his mind then give me the electric chair for all my future crimes.
  11. Away shirt

    Great idea in theory recognising club legends but it looked like a 6 year old had designed it. One of the worst ever for any team, and I include the Keighley shirts from a few years ago in that! 😁
  12. Away shirt

    I really like it. Should look good with a pair of jeans and refreshingly different. Best one since the Queensland maroon one for me. I think it looks a bit like a black and white image of a pitch with the crowd behind, but maybe it is the green bits or the image behind that make me think that!
  13. Town website

    Oh aye good memories of ice cream floats, toasted teacakes, hot vimto in toggies, and a Wimpy knickerbockerglory ( is it all one word?) before going to see a picture at the Ritz with the huge draped curtain in front of the screen and everyone clapped cheered and whistled when the certificate screen came up! Talk about getting a kid excited. Feeling old now....
  14. Town website

    Have they shut one down? The $#@&£€₩&!
  15. Town website

    I think that point was highlighted perfectly in the world cup as Luke Gale's kicking often spoiled a promising set from the forwards. Those little differences are massive in tight games. To be fair he improved a bit in the final but not enough for me. I think Holty was an absolute master at last tackle kicking ( well all kicking really) and always found grass when he wanted to.