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  1. Good signing going by what the lads at work say. Welcome to Town marra.
  2. I'm with the over reaction opinion. I understand and agree with most of the points but we have to cut our coach a bit of slack and trust he knows what he wants where ever they live. We aren't loaded with travellers so hopefully the balance is right. I'm sure with a few training sessions & games under his belt Fell will repay the trust shown in him.
  3. Well Westwood was sin binned and still got banned so there's no reason why not.
  4. Yes. I thought it was funny the haven fans were singing our old song for him at the end but they weren't bright enough to change the words even though he doesn't run down the wing for them as he's their full back.
  5. Just what a director said to my marra. I stand corrected.
  6. On reflection as has been said we were awful first half. Our defence was out muscled for most of their tries. But I have to say that the ref must have had something said to him at half time because in the second half he completely changed his principles and let everything go that he blew for in the first. Inconsistency again but I guess that's what we have to accept at this level. We did well to get our noses back in front but sadly wasn't enough. Curwen had a dead leg. JP was a last minute call up and injured. We haven't any money for any more forwards so if anyone wants to put their hand in their pockets!
  7. All the more reason for our lads to get stuck into them and come away with the points. I hate derbies lol, I get way too nervous. They will undoubtedly try the same tactics with crash balls to their big lads on the fringes and Newton from dummy half as that's where we have been weak. Elliot will take stopping too wherever he pops up. Massively important on our pitch for a good kicking game. So I just hope our lads bring their kicking boots. Big congrats to Buffer on his 300th game. He has proved myself and plenty of others wrong and is one of our most important players now. Right I'm off for a beer to calm myself down UTT!!
  8. But they chose to wear the shirt of the jameaters. Can we dispense with all the sentiment and support the lads that want to wear the Town shirt. Miller & Shacks will celebrate in front of us with Newts & squarepants if they win. I'd rather be talking of the pride Jason will be feeling taking the field in his testimonial shirt. Here is a lad who's been with us in more thin times than thick and still gives his all. I'm sure today's victory will be as sweet as any if we can sneak it. UTT
  9. Game highlights are on the NWEM website. Some poor tackling on show with missed tackles resulting in nearly all their tries. After having two tries chalked of for forward passes ourselves their second try looks a bit suspicious. But those are the breaks I suppose.
  10. It depends which team turns up for me. Hopefully the Gloucester game was a one off and it's the attitude from the other games will be there which I'm sure it will. Haven will be different again from the pre season games when they just played in the middle of the pitch. I'm sure the lads can get the job done in a tight game. 22-18 for me and I never thought I'd be predicting a win at the beginning of the year. UTT.
  11. Theres always one isnt there!!! Thanks for your pearls of wisdom however arrogant they read. So you scored more or less every time you were our 20 did you? We must have played fantastically well to limit you to playing in the rest of the pitch for 80 mins if you only got in our 20 half a dozen times. I love the irony of the last couple of sentences , probably not intentionally wrote but it still made me smile. I'm pleased the rest of the Barrow lads can have a craic.
  12. Good effort from the lads by the sound of it. After last week's debacle I feared the worst so although we didn't win it should give the lads a confidence boost for Friday. IMO Howarth will play if fit because of the way he leads the team, and he has put some really good performances in so far. His kicking game isn't the best but I think he offers way more all round than JD.
  13. Sounds like they are playing well enough. Just gotta keep the penalty count down and keep the pressure on them. Come on lads!
  14. Match at Derwent park with New Zealand as the home team?
  15. Depends if we show the same attitude as last week for me. 48 - 4 although i fear it could be worse. I really hope the lads prove me wrong though.