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  1. 200 club draw

    Now I'm really getting suspicious Scott!!
  2. Reevaluate Havens Form

    Ok if you say so pal, but it doesn't read like a looking forward to a tight season ahead in league 1. Why not just quote one of these quotes you found so offensive and challenge them on it instead of starting a whole new thread on the apparent injustice you felt? As I've already said it was a fantastic result and the club will benefit financially, good luck with the draw.
  3. Reevaluate Havens Form

    Fair enough marra but it's obviously a wind up that a brand new member starts a new Haven topic looking for a bit of reaction, and guess what he got a few bites. Not quite as subtle as certain others.
  4. Sunday

    Unfortunately it seems we are going back to the bad old days with information and news. We at least had twitter pics from Gordon on his account after his injury which kickstarted a report. Hopefully Scott is OK but it looks like we now rely on players for snippets of info if somebody is injured with Foster & Penky two prime examples. What is wrong with saying they are out through injury and maybe short or long term? Surely as the squad is announced the opposition coach will have an idea who's playing and make adjustments to the prep work already done anyway. We are not having any luck with injuries again thats for sure.
  5. Squad for NWC

    What cracks are they that reminds you of PV?
  6. Leon's radio interview

    Did he?
  7. Squad for NWC

    Firstly and most important i hope Scott's injury isn't as bad as it looked and he has a speedy recovery. We are doing it tough with bad injuries this season. But on a positive it was awesome to see Scott Rooke back out there. NWC are a decent team aren't they? Very well drilled although I didn't understand their last play kicks either. We made hard work of it but a win none the less. Olstrum my MOM but Patrick wasn't far behind. Way too slow from the PTB and it killed us time and time again, we hit a ten min purple patch and got on the front foot that swung the game. Crashley has taken McGregors crown as the worst referee I've ever seen. We got some go for and against us, the JD one was ridiculous. Last gotta give credit where it's due to the noisy neighbours that was a superb result. Should pull them out of the mire financially too.
  8. Squad for NWC

    Looking forward to today, fingers crossed Crashley doesnt spoil it and we can put in a big performance to cap a lot of the negative stuff on here. I'll be in the Shaun Weaver stand hunting for mice....
  9. Amateur RL in Allerdale

    Don't think they will come on here to give an answer, and as I genuinely don't know can somebody please answer why?
  10. Sunday

    By evading the question he just deepens suspicions of those who already question that he/she is a town fan. He never uses "we" or "us" when posting either.
  11. New signings

    Did Leon really say all that? FFS cut the lad some slack, yes he has a languid style but I can remember screaming at Brett Carter to run back quicker. If we had a nailed on superstar fullback being kept out of the side I'd probably agree with you, but I think both Sam & Ell are doing just fine and Jordan has that bit of magic in him. Can you see either of the other two nailing DG's in the last minute or executing a chip, regather and kick to the corner? Judge him come the end of the season not 5 games in.
  12. New signings

    Erm a big hole in that argument is how does he get match fit if you don't play him?
  13. Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    Just one of them things I suppose, disappointed to see him go but we move on.
  14. Hunslet reaction

    Is there a smash myself in the head with a claw hammer emoji on here?
  15. 200 club winners this week

    Sorry Scott I'm joking I know what the numbers are and I was referring to the numbers drawn out. I've been doing the flyer since it's inception and won once last year, and the half time draw for over 25 years and never won. So I'm just desperately trying to twine one in. One day eh......