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  1. The Voodooguru

    Sean Penkywicz commits to Town

    Excellent news, he has been fantastic for us so far this season. UTT.
  2. The Voodooguru

    Border News

    The atmosphere at a derby game was spine tingling back then, even the roof on the old stand at the wreck used to help generate the noise. Sadly those days are gone, and the attitude between the fans is getting more like a football crowd atmosphere.
  3. The Voodooguru

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    Thanks Donald.
  4. The Voodooguru

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    That is 100% untrue. I have personally witnessed the Haven fans singing it on my last two visits to the wreck. The town fans wouldn't sing to shoot the town #### would they? Now you have come out with that rhubarb i know that you are on just a wind up. Enjoy yourself if that's what floats you boat.
  5. The Voodooguru

    Moving forward from haven defeat

    Give it a rest Marrafan, you go on like our lass only without the benefits! I realise you think you are upholding the dignity and virtues from a much superior club than the waste of time that is Workington, but if you want somebody to tell you you are right then you ain't gonna get it on here pal. If you are arguing to wind folk up for your own enjoyment then that's called something else. Can we please leave it that you are going to agree to disagree with some of the Town fans and vice versa. BOTH sets of fans say stuff I don't agree with ( can anything be worse than the " go get your fathers gun" song the Haven fans still sing even after the Derek Bird event in their home town in which an ex Town & Haven player was killed?) but I don't feel the need to go on to keep reminding our neighbours of it.
  6. The Voodooguru

    Haven reaction

    No, you are right and I am more than happy to have Karl back at the club. But his commitment and workrate doesn't excuse that they were two dumb things to do, one of which marched them down the field for the decisive try. Jamie should have had a bit of protection for him to kick or stood deeper, and in a split second he maybe made the wrong call on the break, but Forber was covered by defenders and Elliott maybe needed a kick through to reach him if JD could even see him past Forber. It's OK Elliott flinging his arms around but its hard to be that critical of him.
  7. The Voodooguru

    Haven reaction

    Waited until this morning to post as I was so gutted. Yesterday's first half was pathetic, topped by Karl being sent to the bin ( unfortunately we saw it coming) We got drawn into a brawl and paid the price. Leon must have gave them a rocket at half time and we were by far the better team in the second half. We score to get 10 in front with 7 mins left, they kick off and we decide to walk the ball in for a set and only get to the thirty - why? This leaves JD with a lot to do on the kick, they get lucky with the charge down and it's game on. We kick off, Karl gives a pen away, then gets another ten yards for backchat. Their kick to the corner was inch perfect as was the conversion and game over. How to lose a game that's in the bag yet again. Then to top it all Karl gets MOM!!! When we played rugby we were by far the better team, but credit to the Haven players they did it again to us. As for the two clubs tweets, all I can say is well done to our club for keeping their dignity. Did anyone from the Haven club stop back to support our charity efforts with team Evie?
  8. The Voodooguru

    Town v jam part 2

    It's just because both the other two have played for the Jam recently. Has Stevie got a short fuse? I don't think he's a 1 amp like Elliott. Nervous already! Come on lads lets get this game won. UTT.
  9. The Voodooguru

    Town v jam part 2

    The handicap means very little in these games, I'm keeping my money in my pocket. Just let's hope it's a good old fashioned derby. Hopefully the ref doesn't lose the plot and spoil it, for that matter I hope the players keep their heads. I'm sure Karl and Elliott will get extra special attention given their short fuses.
  10. The Voodooguru

    Professional rugby in Cumbria

    Surely you can't spend all that money GT, how about donating to your favourite rugby league club as I'm sure they would spend it wisely!!
  11. The Voodooguru

    Town v jam part 2

    He will still be better than Mr Crashley then!
  12. The Voodooguru

    Promoting and communication

    Good highlights, we got away with a forward pass in the build up to Ollies try which makes a change.
  13. The Voodooguru

    Town V Haven predictions

    Back to the rugby, I heard we are getting some quality players from the giants to help the squad out, how true this is I've no idea. Going off the GF game it will be very close, we know how they will play and I'm sure Leon will have learned alot. I know it's a long shot but just keep fingers crossed we get a half decent ref. Please don't let it be Crashley!! It should be a cracker with two teams on good form, just hope the fans turn out to see it.
  14. The Voodooguru

    Town V Haven predictions

    You seem to have omitted that 56k doesn't equal 60k, and they pulled out because the debt was significantly higher than first thought. 33k - aye training gear must be the top of everyone's list when the club is losing money hand over fist. 😂😂
  15. The Voodooguru

    Town V Haven predictions

    What a load of rhubarb! So now 90+k was raised by the fans? They were only at 56k when the consortium pulled the plug.