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  1. Thanks lads. I can't decide what to make of today. Most of it was ordinary with a few bright glimpses. But then are the Widnes under 19s a decent team or a poor team in comparison to who we will be facing in the league? Some of our lads looked younger than theirs!
  2. I turned up just before kick off so I didn't have a clue who was who. It didn't help that those with names on their back weren't even in the right shirts, and the announcer didn't say who was being subbed. Who was the full back and in the 14 shirt? They both played well.
  3. Yep I'd agree with all of that Wonky.
  4. Ok pal I get that, I thought Haven were better equipped having played in the higher division. Just to me success is to achieve aim that is set, and I think Barrow failed to do that when they didnt gain promotion just as much as Haven did. Matters not a jot anyway as the RFL are making it up as they go along as usual.
  5. Although I have no problem at all if it was Barrow, can you remind me what success they achieved? As far as I can remember they won nowt.
  6. That just proves it is already a done deal before they were even liquidated otherwise the RFL would be trying to cover their bases and contacting the likes of Haven. Shocking.
  7. Although I can kind of understand what Wood says in the RFL statement, it doesn't mean that because it's only four weeks to the start of the season they should ignore their own rules and keep Bradford in the championship. This is fundamentally wrong as it shows that the RFL continue to treat Bradford differently than any other club, but once they bought the ground there was no turning back and the consequence is that they are once again not being even handed with every club in the league. What should happen although I hate to say it is that Whitehaven should take their place and fixtures in the champ and vice versa, they have improved on last years squad so are more than ready to compete. The RFL didn't help us out in our recent financial troubles, and they relegated Oldham to the bottom tier for the same reason. To say the that we need Bradford is a joke, it should read that the RFL need them because of the past commitment they made. By the way I have no axe to grind with Bradford as such and feel for their supporters. But that doesn't change what is the RFL's obligation to all its member clubs. Rangers were one of the biggest clubs in Scottish football but were they protected? No, they were relegated to the bottom tier and started again. The RFL should be investigated for it's role in this over the last five years as something doesn't smell right to me.
  8. I've decided to have very low expectations this season then if anything surprises me it can only be good. That's nothing against the players we have its really just because we have so many unknown quantities and the squad is so small. Of course a few signings could change all that but I'm not getting myself too excited. When the panic button needs pressed I suppose depends on your expectations. On a positive note the gypsies have vacated the old training pitch!!
  9. I think Havens odds will shorten as they should be in front of Barra IMO, I think if they didn't have the unknown factor of the coach they probably would be as let's face it the squad is strong.
  10. A good signing according to my jam work mates. Welcome aboard Ed and hopefully a few more to be announced soon.
  11. Thanks marra
  12. What happened to Brad Lawrence from Seaton who was at Wigan? My marra who watches a bit of amateur thought he had a lot of potential a couple of seasons ago.
  13. Was there not a competition run to design the away shirt?
  14. Yeah of course it is, I was talking the other night to a fellow Townie who is a bit underwhelmed up to press. His question to me was 'OK so say we blood these young kids and we get a couple of diamonds, at the same time Havens mega squad get promoted. What's stopping Haven luring our better players into the league above on better money and we have to start all over again?' To be honest I just said that hopefully we have them tied into long contracts, and if we haven't then nothing. I hadn't thought that far ahead but I can certainly see his point. I suppose the who got it right may take a couple of seasons to be proved one way or another. I agree wholeheartedly that this is the correct way to go both financially and morally, I'm just worried how anorexic the squad currently is where most clubs have almost or have completed them and are all training and preparing for the new season.
  15. If these 4 sign will that make 20? To me the article reads as though behind these four whoever they are there doesn't appear to be anymore definite targets. That scares the siht out of me after we have struggled with injuries for the last few seasons and we are nearly in 2017 now.