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  1. Turnout doesn't prove who is voting but this thread is interesting if you want a hint of how tomorrow night will unfold -
  2. Exactly this. It's about whether SL is without its best rating team going into contract negotiations.
  3. The hotel I'm staying at had this on in the background this morning. I wasn't paying proper attention as it seemed to be a lot of shouting people playing the victim but did someone at some stage refer to "whistling Dixie"? A loaded term to say the least but I didn't get the context.
  4. They're not "high interest" but they're not free. The arrangement meant the borrowing was measured against LCC's credit rating rather than against a technically insolvent cricket club and an RL club which, albeit liquid and very profitable, operates in a rather unstable sporting environment. If Leeds, directly or via the new joint venture set up to operate the shared stand owe half or probably more than half the £45m cost, repaying even the capital bit (dressed up as a lease) over 30 years or whatever it is is a big chunk of cashflow. Fortunately Headingley generates lots of cash, and will generate more now, but it won't be easy when the RL side is demanding more spending than Hetherington was ever willing to budget for in years past.
  5. Oh well, one for next time maybe. It would have been interesting to try and re-insert myself into a party which my parents were members of and which I used to vote for every election. Alas they left me (and the centrist pro European constituency I grew up in) far behind.
  6. Leeds aren't likely to go bust with relegation, as long as we make a speedy return (and even if we don't the owner would have to put some money in, which they would do to at the very least protect the value of their investment). Don't know about "a Whinos fan in the world" but I know a few Leeds fans and being saved by off field machinations is not palatable.
  7. The only reason other SL clubs would look to save Leeds is the impact them not being there could have on the value of the upcoming TV deal negotiations. I don't think there are any Leeds fans who would welcome such a move, and I'm not sure even some at the club would want it.
  8. Lib Dem members who join in the next couple of weeks get to vote in the upcoming leadership election. So is it possible to sign up to become a Conservative member and try and elect the least fruitcakey of the MPs who gets through to the public ballot?
  9. Like it or not the Lib Dem coalition was an effective government which advanced some liberal causes in line with their position in a coalition and acted as a brake on the nutter wing of the Tory party. Since 2015 the nutters have run rampant (and are still whinging about everything/denying any responsibility) and have brought this country to its knees.
  10. The Leeds management didn't "pocket millions". However they certainly did well in the good years however with Hetherington and Oates getting some decent bonuses plus some favourable directors loans being fired their way through the holding company (these are still owed back by them). Most of the club's profits were put away as savings for the stadium rebuild. Caddick also benefited whilst he was still owner of the RU club of a certain amount of cross subsidising from the Rhinos, reducing the amounts he needed to put into the union club to prop it up. Despite last year being chaotic on and off field Leeds expect to report only a small loss for the year when they file their accounts. It will be more tricky going forward with the size of the interest charges.
  11. We need to be very clear - this is now an SL event, not an RFL one. I don't often agree with Gledhill but Elstone was brought in on the basis of some high profile SL chairmen saying how badly the RFL was running things. Therefore there should be a bigger spotlight than normal when it turns out they make a mess of the first big event they get a chance to run which has been pretty popular and succesful in recent years.
  12. Yeah it was bad timing for him at Leeds - he was never going to shift some of the best players in the club's history from the half back positions. I'd welcome him back, but I'd love to see just what Sinfield's done to the wage structure Hetherington lovingly slaved over which squeezed so much into the pre-marquee cap.
  13. Elland Road is a poor stadium and having sampled both, its corporate facilities are nowhere near those of Headingley in quality (and that's before the new development). I have no desire to go to a half empty stadium which is a pain to get to from almost anywhere in the north of Leeds, which remains the club's base. The opposition would need to be Cas, Wigan, Saints or Wire to make me even think about going there again and those are the games Headingley will generate the most income at. The experiences last year with access and quality of experience were awful and the economics don't come close to stacking up.
  14. They've sacked the head coach. I know you have agendas aplenty when it comes to RL's most succesful modern administrator but accusing them of not taking action is a bit of a stretch.
  15. Who are "the Hetheringtons"? There's only one of them, and with his No. 2 they've already acted. FWIW I don't hold out too much hope from this game for Leeds. They need a couple of lucky breaks if they are to start getting the confidence together to win games.
  16. TBH it would need to be a very good game to get me to go and watch Leeds at Elland Road again. It's an awful ground, in the wrong place for Leeds with terrible access and an average atmosphere. OK for internationals, I suppose, but Leeds haven't spent £45m on Headingley to spend more money renting a ground south of the river.
  17. What exactly is YK trying to distract from with his latest posts? What is the relevance of someone who died 50 years ago to the current issues of the current Republican party? 50 years ago Nelson Rockefeller was a Republican, the Dixiecrats hadn't yet fully switched en-masse from the Democratic party to the Republican party and through the '70s most Republicans were pro choice. A lot has changed since then. One thing is that the far right is now fully enmeshed in the Republican party where before it was outside it.
  18. If you're going to keep the conferences local you can't split up Leeds and Cas!
  19. First GOP congressman to agree Trump has "engaged in impeachable conduct".
  20. Brexit summed up. Facts aren't facts in this parallel world.
  21. You've had so many facts presented to you and you've dismissed them all. As you say, being presented with the facts makes you more determined to not believe them. It's not really worth going through them all again when there is no chance of the truth ever getting through. And it's nothing at all to do with "standing on our own two feet", what an absurd way to even begin to try and understand international relations and the reality of modern trade. It's this sort of relentless attempt to try and overlay childish simplicity to profoundly complicated issues that helps get Brexiteers that reputation for not being the brightest tools in the box.
  22. Because their careless (putting it politely), actions are bringing this country to its knees. And they will never, ever, ever accept the consequences. It will seemingly always be someone else's fault and they will seemingly always be the victims whilst smearing others for caring too much, knowing too much or empathising too much.
  23. Douchebag, corrupt Republicans keep popping up in my non-American politics reading. Rep Sam Graves (R-MO), a fully paid up spokesman for the Boeing Corporation, decides that foreign pilots were responsible for the 737 Max crashes, that American pilots would have been just fine, setting the stage for Boeing's legal defence. The newly-elected governor of Alaska has decided that the remote communities of Alaska's south east no longer need the services of the state-operated ferry service which is their only means of transport and has defunded the system in its entirity from October, suggesting modern transportation methods be used instead. Like roads. (There are no roads).
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