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  1. Why do RL clubs fold?

    get yersen up to Mount Pleasant then, quality pies from local farm shop and decent ale in bars
  2. Shirt launch / keighley game

    he only said it was scott as he heard the match announcer, and he didnt have a scooby who got sin binned
  3. Shirt launch / keighley game

    if you cant see twitter updates due to phone data, how you going to see updates on here??
  4. Toronto

    just got my trip booked with Canadian affairs and done me a good deal including 5 days in Chicago as well...

    me too as well Kevin and please e-,mail me what i still owe from 2017 season
  6. Players past and present

    1) Eddie Cunningham for sure 2) Mcgillvray,Carl Gibson 3) cardoza, or Mike Kuiti
  7. Toronto Wolfpack

    i'm sure when Cov played them last year it was about £200 less for same package
  8. Marketing

    I know going off topic a bit, which club in Nottinghamshire?
  9. Toronto away

    already registered , cheers Rog
  10. World Cup talent

    maybe the lack of announcements could be due to players that are involved in the world cup... one can only dream also the club tend to drip feed signing announcements rather than all in one hit in the hope of keeping us on tenterhooks
  11. League Express this week

    please bin DR totally as never works in favour of the championship club, its a rubbish concept which does the game no favours what so ever
  12. New season shirts

    i've not seen them in blue and white hoops in my 49 years of watching them
  13. Shirt Sponsorship

    goes without saying....I'm in again
  14. 2018 Squad.

    See Jack Owens has left Sheffield with 7 other players as they been offered more brass elsewhere ..sounds familar
  15. Presentation night

    as far as i know there was no ban on children as Iro had his bin lids with him, but stand to be corrected