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  1. i'm sure Kev put in another thread that he was hoping a decision would be made today re the game going ahead
  2. i'm in the Novotel Toulouse center Compans caffarelli which is where most teams stay when they play Toulouse, it was recommended by Cov Bears president
  3. nor have i, last update on friday was that talks would continue with new bidder on tuesday after the holidays
  4. The pigeon mustn't have forgot his passport to get ower the border plus warmer climes down the midlands so headed their first for a bit of a warmer
  5. I had my letter on saturday and filled back in and sent back off
  6. you will be coming back on same flight as me and my lad then, flying out friday from brum
  7. never seen that before
  8. are good and also try badger in dudley which is who supplies NEW Ravens RLFC
  9. and only 7 a side and he had replaced ex bulldog fav Sean Richardson as coach who had to relinquish the position due to his mothers illness
  10. and goes without saying moi as well
  11. Batleys 2017 home and away kit
  12. are you on some kind of mushrooms??? Millenium magic in Bradford as stated not enough seats and if you are one of those that stay for all the matches its a long time to be standing up and if weather is a bit inclement not enough cover a big NO from me
  13. according to Toulouse website its 15;30 ko
  14. +1 as i work shifts and know i cant make every home game
  15. a website that is run by the RFL and lucky that its updated properly.... And yes i do know what is happening in the midlands and you are getting info of someone who hasn't really got a clue whats going on except with Coventry Bears maybe as that is who he goes watches and he has posted a few things in the community forum which were totally wrong.which he has had to be corrected on but what do i know about RL in the midlands as only been secretary for last 12 years of one of the midlands clubs and yes it has been a struggle at times and wonder if we are going to survive ... completion rate of my own club has been over 98% for last 3 seasons at open age... well over 60 juniors from u-7 to u16 training every sunday during the summer , a successful touch and pass session run every wednesday night all year catering for all ages and genders ( good bit is that its funded by RFU as a joint initative with our host club ... a masters team that has been running for 2 years now allowing us oldies past our best to be able to play this great game... have 8 qulaified level 2 coaches ..... not saying that everything is rosy in the garden but looking a lot better than it did a few years ago and i know several midlands clubs are in the same position ... but i know nowt No one is saying pump thosands of £'s into the area, but having a showcase game in the area may help in creating interest in the sport and since saturdays game i have had 4 emails re wanting to try the game 2 from parents re kids and 2 adults wanting to try the game after watching games at cov.. so it has created interest no idea about the other midlands clubs but little acorns etc