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  1. redditchbulldog

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    is that the one against oldham schools which a certain Kevin Sinfield played in?
  2. redditchbulldog

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    and win both
  3. redditchbulldog

    Steve Lingard RIP

    RIP and condolences to his family , remember Steve playing for Batley
  4. redditchbulldog

    Reditch bulldog

    Tyke that went south with my job and spend time trying to convert unionites to league
  5. redditchbulldog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    aye go on then twisted my arm
  6. redditchbulldog

    Gaz Hock

    where has all the brass come from as it was only a few months ago that they set a just giving page as they only had £20 in the bank
  7. redditchbulldog

    London Gazette

    You should know that Kevin won't spend more than we have which i know 99% of Bulldogs supporters respect him for that
  8. redditchbulldog

    Toronto 2019

    thats the way it is nowadays with some big companies, i know from experience as company i work for , we had an email to get a server checked based in the UK as only 1 person had logon details for it who lived in the U.S but had been involved in an RTA and was in hospital in a coma on a ventilator, had a leg amputated and took nearly 2 weeks to get this server sorted... its the way now as big companies cut costs to the bare bones
  9. redditchbulldog

    Toronto 2019

    more than likely but will be short break this time fly out thursday and fly back on the monday, hopefully will be May or June so would be slightly cheaper
  10. redditchbulldog

    Forum MOM 2018

    thats what i'm hoping for
  11. redditchbulldog

    Forum MOM 2018

    yep will do
  12. redditchbulldog

    Forum MOM 2018

    points from shield game v Swinton 1) Louis Jouffret 3 pts 2) Dave Scott 2 pts 3) Dom Brambrani 1 pt ongoing totaliser 1) Dane Manning 19 pts 2) James Brown 16 pts 3) Michael Ward 15 pts 3) Dom Brambrani 15 pts 5) Alex Rowe 13 pts 5) James Harrison 13pts 5) Louis Jouffret 13 pts 8 ) Dave Scott 11 pts 9 ) Brad Day 10 pts 10 ) Isaak Farrell 9 pts 10 ) Alistair Leak 9 pts 12) Johnny Campbell 7 pts 12) Joel Farrell 7 pts 12 ) James Davey 7 pts 15) Jason Crookes 6 pts 15 ) Patch Walker 6 pts 15) Adam Gledhill 6 pts 15) Lewis Galbraith 6 pts 19) Keenan Tomlinson 4 pts 19) Danny Sowerby 3 pts 21) Alex Bretherton 2 pts 21) Reiss Butterworth 2 pts 21) Sam Smeaton 2 pts 24) Tom Holland 1 pt WINNER FOR 2018 SEASON - DANE MANNING
  13. redditchbulldog

    Bulldogs V Lions shield game MOM thread

    Voting is now closed for the final time this season and thanks to all that took part, off now to get trophy sorted and will present to the winner at shirt presentation night. 1) Louis Jouffret 44 pts 2) Dave Scott 40 pts 3) Dom Brambrani 15 pts 4) James Brown 3 pts 4) Lewis Galbraith 3 pts 4) Brad Day 3 pts 7) Alex Rowe 2 pts 7) Alex bretherton 2 pts 9) Adam Gledhill 1 pt 9) Johnny Campbell 1 pt so points for player of the season 1) Louis Jouffret 3 pts 2) Dave Scott 2 pts 3) Dom Brambrani 1 pt
  14. redditchbulldog

    Batley Bulldogs

    Niall Walker from hunslet has now been officially announced utility back
  15. redditchbulldog

    The player stats continue into the Shield

    Cheers Roger